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best community server on discord
27 minutes ago
Horizontal Gaming is an epic and international gaming community, combining experience, socializing, fun and we're inviting people from around the World to come join our community!
1 hours ago
Community 107
We are a small community hoping to grow fast! We have a variety of themed chats, and a very accepting community! We do hope to enlarge our sever, so please join us!
2 hours ago
★ PUBG Asia ★ is a community based off teamwork and respectful players coming together to compete with one another! Join us today and meet new people to play PUBG with! GG Chicken Dinner together!
5 hours ago
We are a "small" Discord Gaming Community where we discuss upcoming games and even old/new games, we do regular events, have a steam group and possibly will get into the giveaway business! We have loads of active members and tons of nice and happy to help staff
5 hours ago
All Games 15
Just a casual gaming community Discord server that love to play all sorts of games such as CS:GO, PUBG, Fortnite, ROBLOX, and PAYDAY 2.
6 hours ago
Gaming squads, channels, news, discussion, videos, memes. Playing a lot of PUBG, Squad, Battlefield, Insurgency, Overwatch, CS GO, Fortnite, Day of Infamy and More.
6 hours ago
A growing social community for gamers, streamers, youtubers, programmers and basically everyone.
8 hours ago
All Games 94
Welcome to gamers united! A server for people to talk, challenge each other, and just have fun. We love to have fun with you, by creating giveaways, new channels for games, and guess what? You can request a gaming channel too! We have 11 Bots, Friendly staff that love to joke, giveaways, a NSFW chat for those that want to... y'know what i mean, self-assignable roles and most importantly, Gaming channels! So, enough explaining. What are you waiting for? Join gamers united!
9 hours ago
A place to talk about anime and video games, as well as whatever your dear heart pleases. We also play video games together fairly regularly, often PUBG at the moment but we're open to ideas. If you want to be a part of a tight-knit community, come join us. Accepting slut/dame applications
10 hours ago
All Games 37
Hello everyone! Do you like relaxing servers that support gamers and streamers to otakus and artists? Fixed in Place is a public clan discord server for all people! Whether you are a gamer, an otaku, or just like to socialize, you are welcome here! We are a growing community and I do take suggestions on what the server should have! So come in and help our community grow!!
We are accepting applicants for the clan, moderation, and admin! Just pm MrMarki (the owner) for more information! (Also, please say hi when you do enter the server, it's okay we don't bite!)
13 hours ago
If you'd like to be anywhere but here, Another World welcomes you! A newly formed world with very little population, so how about you come fix that? Our small group of friends enjoys playing games together and watching obscure anime! We'd love for you to join us!
14 hours ago
Community 3504
~Daddy Server~ Highly active /1:1 male to female ratio / chill rules almost 3k Members movie/karaoke events Self-assignable roles 30+/ 18+ NSFW contents and more....
This server is for everyone to meet and talk to new people or others they have already met.There is no specified use for this server,it's pretty much a social server that tends to hold events.Everyone within staff will try their best to keep everything under control,solve problems and make sure you, as a member,are comfortable.
24/7 Music non-stop/Self-assignable roles 30+
1 days ago
All Games 8
Hello! and welcome to Nibba Life 69. We're an aspiring group that is striving to build a big gaming community that contains various players from around the world. In order to do that we need your help so why not join?
We have plenty of people who have lots of game.
People who you can talk to and have fun times with.
Promote your social media if you wish :D
Meet new friends!
And become a true nibba in the future legitimate government, so join us!
2 days ago
Welcome to the Arse end of the network, or as I like to call it home. This server is currently more of a PUBG / CSGO with Warframe on the side. However this does not mean that other games could not be incorporated. I am actively looking for new members, there's not many right now, to join the server to hopefully make a friendly and fun community that you can come to, to find people to play games with. Hope to see you there!
2 days ago
All Games 229
Traveler, if after a long journey or a hot battle you decide to take a break and search with whom to chat on different topics and play different games, then you need to join us | Kingdom is what you are looking for
4 days ago
All Games 27
Looking to grow our community and make new nerd friends to chill with on a regular basis, listen to music, and chat with :D Hop on in if that all sounds like your thing! I also wanna start doing events for people so please come on in! All we ask is that you be 18+ and friendly as hell
6 days ago
FPS Games 44
English speaking PUBG Community for Noobs & pros of the game!
8 days ago
All Games 43
Board and got no one to play with? Join us at Stick-O-Gaming where we welcome everyone. Main rule is no racism and if you are kind then we are kind to you as well you are welcome to join us at anytime! Through our server you can listen to music and chill while watching people post your favorite memes! not just that we also have a system where you can share your gaming stats!
12 days ago
All Games 20
Looking for people to play with? Want to share your content with hundreds of gamers? Look no further! Dreams Network is an open gaming community that has a zero-tolerance policy for troublemakers and trolls. We have many of gamers that are into different types of games. We are working very hard to make the server much better than it currently is. Gaming at its finest! With a growing gaming community!
14 days ago
All Games 19
Check Out Our Website:
We Have A Channel For All Games
We Also Have Ranks And A Point/Currency System
We Also Have Sponsors That Will GiveAway Free Things On Occasions
15 days ago
BattleSquads is a community based off teamwork and respectful players coming together to compete with one another! Join us today and meet new people to play PUBG with!
16 days ago
This is a awesome gaming community. We're very active and love to play with our members. Come and join as our great community continues to grow.
17 days ago
All Games 113
We're a laid-back/social gaming community that loves to have fun! The majority of us play World of Warcraft, but a lot of us also play other games together too, and we are actively looking at expanding!

World of Warcraft
And more!
19 days ago