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Wat is Gaming Alliance? Gaming Alliance is een Multi-Gaming community. Van nieuwe tot professionele spelers, casual tot competitief. Ranked tot E-Sport Gaming Alliance heeft plaats voor iedereen om samen van games te genieten.
18+ Gaming server

• Custom bots
• Self assignable roles
• Competent staff
• More

• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
• Dungeons and Dragons
• Final Fantasy
• Fortnite
• Grand Theft Auto V
• Guild Wars 2
• League of Legends
• More
Come join the fun owner is friendly person Also talk to The co-owner And lots of gaming Chat
Highly active Voice Channels with 1:1 male to female ratio / chill rules almost 14k Members movie/karaoke events Self-assignable roles 30+

This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other new members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out, play games, talk to new people everyday plus, we host events. Everyone is welcome in our fast-growing community as long as you're following the rules. Everyone within staff will try their best to keep everything under control, solve problems and make sure you, as a member, are comfortable.
Hope you enjoy being apart of our highly active community!
🔥Приглашаем Вас на русскоязычный сервер Darkness, полный игровой тематики и не только!🔥
У нас есть отборный прон, хентай, годное музло и тащеры. Все токсики будут или уже в бане :)
Розыгрыши на деньги, шмот, скины и подпольное казино.
Только у нас ты узнаешь как открыть в 12 лет свою наркосеть или основать новый бизнес.
This server is based heavily around meeting new people to play games with. There are lots of active players in here for you to play games with. Along with that there are several bots that can enhance your experience within our discord. They include a music bot and also a MEE6 bot which allows our moderators to ensure the server is kept enjoyable for everyone!
We regularly host free pubg mobile tournaments, solos, duos, squads, clan wars, Death race & scrims and many more. We are server with 3k members having various elite clans and more. We do live steams of custom matches hosted by us daily.
Welcome to -iNfected!!
It's a gaming server mostly a team. The name of our team is -iNfected. And we are currently recruiting black squad gamers to join us. Sooner we will have more games,giveaways and stuffs like that in our server. Our rules are made for all gamers who are 12+. We have a special NSFW channel for some NSFW stuffs. Hope you guys will have fun in our server!!

Server Information-
Server Owner: -_Mr-UnKnOwN_-.
Server Manager: -_Mr-UnKnOwN_-.
Helpers: Saif.

Clan Creator: -_Mr-UnKnOwN_-.
Clan Managers: MajZplay,ARSaif

Привет всем! Приглашаю вас на свой начинающий сервер KAEL Family, где вы найдёте:
-много интересных ботов;
-новых друзей;
-адекватную администрацию;
-кучу разных эмоджи, которые можно будет скачать обсолютно бесплатно.
Hey Gamers ! Are you looking for people to play with ? LEAGUE OF GAMERS is the best discord server talks about gaming
Welcome to the the hangout, this is where you can express yourself easily @here because we support free speech for everyone
We offer:
⋙ a toxic environment for @everyone to have fun
⋙ Special roles based on Animes such as Dragon Ball
⋙ We have a self advertising channel where you can promote your social medias @here
⋙ We have helpful staff
⋙ Huge category of channels based on Animes and games

If you're a weeb and gamer, our server is made just for you!! <3

Pings @everyone and @here
Owner: @TheAnimeGod

We are a growing discord channel offering the best experience for players by allowing them to find new users to play and communicate with and build new friends to play with. If we see you playing a game you will receive a specific rank for that game! We offer channels and users who play all games from CSGO, PUBG, to Rust.
The “Real Anime Hours” also known as “RAH”, is a community centred around competitive gaming. We are small right now, but are planning to grow and become a large and tightly knit community.

This server has:
-A wonderful, fun community.
-Gaming chats for everyone.
-Dope Memes
Тупа отдихаем под пивас
This is a server where we accept everyone, have fun, listen to music and play games. Kindly join us, don't miss out on the fun.
A community gaming channel where we bring in all forms of gamers an groups into a single community or server and have fun! Feel free to join us, mingle with us, and play some games with us!
Welcome to The Hive! A small Gaming/Technology Community looking to grow! We hope you decide to become a member of The Hive!

We are constantly striving to be a place that people can call "home". We want you to have the best experience here, so join The Hive, and make sure to show others and most importantly HAVE FUN!

On this server YOU can expect:
Free games available on steam
Links to huuuge giveaways
Bot credits giveaways
Advertise channel
Channels with notifications of new films/streams of following channels
Blob emotes to use if you have nitro
Fun Voice Channels
Active Chat
Level Ranks as you talk
Self-assignable Roles
Open partnerships
Helpful community and Staff
Open Staff Applications
Music Channels
Pokecord and Pokeverse channels! As well as many other fun bots to play with!**
Join Link
TF2.PUBG.FORTNITE These are just some of the games you can find on our server. we have a selection of games you can play with other gamers at anytime. this is why you should join us. we are about to hit 60 members so join quick we are doing a giveaway at 100
Big community with over 3700 members and growing steadily daily. Join to meet friends, join in on community fun, or conversation. Find players to team up with.
Supported Server of Anime and Manga. You're always welcome in our friendly Anime Community. 200+ Members and Counting . . . We Support Gaming Too !!
This server is the official server of 927GAMING.In this server you can talk about any game, you can trade skins.
**__HYPER FURY__**

**``⏩`` What we provide!

``⏩`` || Friendly PUBG mobile gaming community.
``⏩`` || Find your teammates.
``⏩`` || Youtube promotions.
``⏩`` || Bots to serve you.
``⏩`` || Custom emojies.

``⏩`` About the server!

``⏩`` || Active community.
``⏩`` || Friendly staff.
``⏩`` || Self Assignable roles.
``⏩`` || Leveling system.

If you need any help, Kindly DM <@435806214484393996>

Ping: @everyone, @here

Our discord server -**