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Efsanevi Discord Sunucusu! Aile ortamı ile meşhur, eğlence ve saygı odaklı birlik kuvveti!
We are a curated clan of Indian gamers ,we like to keep it clean ,minimize bullying and concentrate on the fun parts ,our shared passion ;gaming. No matter what game you play we have a place for you .Make new friends and enjoy at YO!O India. Cheers!!
The 'Wolf Pack' Discord Server is a small pc gaming community based in the U.S. although we accept EU members as well. We primarily play Siege and PUBG. Our only rule is to eliminate background noise from your mic. Other than that, just be cool. Plenty of bots and ranks to help enhance the experience. Stop by and say hi.
We have

•Active/friendly members/staffs 👌

•Self assignable roles 📋

•Active voice chat
-Gaming chat(pubg, Minecraft, scrib.lio, etc) 🎮
-General talk💬
-Music Rooms🎹
-1to1 Private speech🙏

•Leveling up system based on your server exp.
-Level up and get new perms.
-Lots of bots💻

•Interactive Giveaways
-Riddles 🔤
-Questionnaires ❓
-Singing battles 🎼
-Drawing contests🌻
more coming up

-No matter how big or small your sever is, we don’t discriminate.

•Dank memer obsessed

•We have a very tight and secure police staff where so u can feel safe while having fun!😎

If have anymore more enquires you are welcome to talk to our amazing staff!

We also have Anonymous Chat🕶 , Plato channel🌎 and Polls📋 !

You can also recommend pfps to other people

So what r u waiting for! Join us and become one with the Broke(n) WORLD!😃

custom and nitro Emojis included
Join our pubg server for more fun and excitement! Make new friends, Role colors, etc...

Have fun in our server!
----------------TĦɆ Ⲙ₳ɈɆ$₮Ɨ€$ -----------------
Hello our server is more about Pokéverse & Pokécord
👇 __This what we have__ 👇
**⭐ We have 300+ members 👬
⭐ Friendly environment 💑
⭐ Active staff 💂
⭐ Many other fun bots ⭐
⭐ we also have pokécord,karagon etc
⭐ music channel 🎼🎶
⭐ pubg channels & voice channels
⭐ Mentions : @everyone and @here
🌟If need any help contact :ᴵᴬᴹŢһє ɢoԀ oғ Ԁєѧţһ#9084(owner)
⭐ what are you waiting for join our server ⭐
in our server you can prove your skills to the world please join our server our members will help you if you need any help
Hey! are you a gamer? do you like Pubg? Well do i have a server for you!

Come join PUBG-D a Server full of people who engoy pubg and more we have alot to offer

⚫ 20+ People
⚫ Party Chat
⚫ Active members
⚫ Normal & Slowmode Chat
⚫ Nice & Polite Staff
⚫ Selectable Roles

Join us today to meet some awesome people!
We are a growing gaming Discord server that has been around since late 2017.
Indonesia Discord Community. Buat gamer yang dari Indonesia mana nih! Game apa aja bro! PC, Android, dll.
Welcome to Dark Shadow Discord Server,
Lots of Bots
Over 250+ Members
Active Voice Chats
Friendly Community
Friendly and Active Staff

Come join us we are waiting
The "United Gaming Network" also known as "UGN" is an online non-profit gaming community founded by Ali Vongsathian, a former professional esports athlete in 2015. He dedicated a large majority of his childhood into creating a community for all players around the world.

2017 Ranked #45 of 50,000 Public Discord Servers by

2018 Ranked #20 of 50,000 Public Discord Servers by

- We have an active and helpful administrative team, constant new non-members, and existing members.
- We have all the latest and popular Discord Bots installed
- Steamers, Membership and Ranking System
- Spam Secured Verification Process
we sale apex/pubg/fortnite cheats now.
and tested ervey cheats at least 7days before selling.
all cheats are powerful and safe.
there is NO detected.
Looking for content creators and moderators to kick start this esports organization
Welcome To Our Server Feel Free To Join And Make New Friends We Talk In Chat Both Languages Arabic And English
There Is Also A Giveaway Of 20$ Worth Every 2 weeks
Welcome to The Virtual Zone! This is a server for artists and gamers to come together! We have channels for sharing your art, talking about games, probably something else I dunno. Come join!

This Server if a Fan Server of GiantSpleef He Hosts Events and Stuff and Has Over 100+ Subscribers , He plays games like Fortnite, Roblox and many more!
Here at Gaming Conversation, we provide many channels to talk about an assortment of popular games! Our goal for the server is for it to become a chill place where you can hop on to chat with cool people with the same interests as you for a while!
Here's what we offer:
*An arcade bot which has many cool, multiplayer games!
*Level role rewards!
*Reaction roles for choosing which games you want to be involved in!
*Meme channel!
*Swearing is allowed!
*NSWF channel!
*Fact of the day!
*Raid Response bot!
We take any game suggestions you have into consideration to add. Many more features will be added soon!
We are a small community looking to expand and get active members. We play mostly Pubg and Identity V on mobile, but we are also willing to try any game anyone recommends us.
If u want to play or just want to have fun and talk feel free to join
A fun server with self assignable roles and various games with bots for most of the games to track your stats and show them off to your friends.
GameOut Discord Server
Hey you! Yeah you! Are you looking for a server that is full of games, enjoyment and cool members? If so join us at GameOut!
We have got some great bots and people to make friends with here!

Our server features:

Friendly Members 👥
Self Roles 🏏
General gaming chat 🎮
Off topic channel 🧩
Memes 🐸
Self advertisement 📬
Bot spam channel 🤖
And clan battles! ⚔️

And more....! 🎉