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Привет, друг. На сервере Ты можешь найти людей, интересных ботов. А также здесь публикуются новости из игровой индустрии. Надеюсь Тебе будет интересно проводить на сервере время, так как нас "много".
51 minutes ago
Hello, :wave: we are very active in (FPS) games but we are very well rounded: we are looking for a non toxic community, our goal is to reach 300 members by the end of the year!
1 hours ago
a gaming/chill server filled with immature but enjoyable kids. join at your own disposure
2 hours ago
Multiplatform Gaming! A community for gamer's and those alike! We do a variety of games, platforms and creative talents. The goal is to have everyone accepted no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. We are a growing community and always seeking more family to grow with! We have recently got partnered so we are rocking the VIP servers! We have many interests and we do tons of neat activities, including Giveaway's! If you want in on the fun then join us! Hope to see you there! Below are just some of our activities…

.Looking For Players
.Community Servers
.Stream Team
.Fuzzy Friends
.Food Porn
.Setup & Collections
.Gamer News
.Movie Night

3 hours ago
A large community server revolving around the Steam gaming platform where players from around the world unite, join parties, play games, and meet hundreds of new friends. We're looking for new people who are active and like to chat. Need help with something? We can provide support for you!
11 hours ago
We are the central server that manages sub-servers of verse.
We are also a central server for gamers to talk and discuss all of their favourite games!
Such as:
• Fortnite
• Call of Duty
• League of Legends
• Battlefield
• Rust
and more!
14 hours ago
Está procurando por pessoas para jogar? Que coincidência, pois nós também estamos procurando por pessoas!
15 hours ago
Earn points by completing tasks, watching videos & more. Use your points to withdraw skins, cryptocurrency, games & gift cards!
17 hours ago
A discord gaming server with for every game. Mainly made for Fortnite, don't miss any news, keep your stats tracked with our bot and a local leaderboard that sends a message in the server every time you get a win.
17 hours ago
• Weekly Events
• 27 Clan Members
• Friendly Community
1 days ago
we are a small server hoping to grow and create a community of peope who love games just as much as we do and are hpppy to talk and make new friends
2 days ago
Welcome to Crimson Network! The gaming community revolved around the members! We act with the community so we have what you want! We don't discriminate by age, race, or look so everyone is welcome! The only real rules we have are no NSFW content, racism or spamming. But, we do have a channel if you feel like spamming. Hope to see you on the server!

-Server Co-Owner Aushy
2 days ago
Chill listening to music, requesting your favourite!
Chat with people and earn experience !
Automated rank system with permissions based on your rank!
Chill rooms to play with your friends!
Youtuber/Twitch Streamer badges to share everyone when you're streaming! Beatbox battles and a lot more! JOIN NOW!

Community incentrata su BEATBOX e VIDEOGAME!
Il server offre oltre che la possibilità di conoscere nuove persone, anche un sistema di ranking automatico!
Inoltre anche la possibilità di ascoltare musica con il nostro semplice e intuitivo musicbot!
Groups: Youtuber/Streamer where you can ask to an admin for a simple "sponsor" for all the members that are in the discord!
2 days ago
Casual Gaming Community/Clan Server
So what is this? A server orientated around gaming.
What happens here? We talk, we post memes, play games together and do events that usually consists of playing games together.
What else? We have a flexible rules system as we are a casual community, multiple bots so that one guy will struggle to use them all, game specific chats when we have enough members associated with them and a member only zone you can get access to.
4 days ago
A community gaming channel where we bring in all forms of gamers an groups into a single community or server and have fun! Feel free to join us, mingle with us, and play some games with us!
4 days ago
Serveur Discord strict, nous vous demandons de vous présenter pour devenir membre du serveur, une présentation donnant votre âge, jeux et passion est obligatoire.

Sinon pour parler du serveur en lui même.. Ce serveur Discord est conçu par des fans de mangas en tout genre et de jeux vidéos, qu'importe les genres. Nous recherchons à nous faire des amis sympathique pour nous accompagner lors de nos discussions ou partie de jeux.

Merci à vous de respecter ce serveur ! ^.^
5 days ago
🍊 Peel Paridisel 🍊
😄 We're an active Discord server of fun people! 😄
✨ We have an awesome leveling system! (no mee6) ✨
:👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Here you can find people to play with you and have fun 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
🤖 useful and non spam bots that prevent rule breakers and spam 🤖
🏆 Friendly staff team! 🏆
🎮 Awesome Community! 🎮
✅ Over 170 Chill Members! ✅
💻 Gaming chats!💻
🔴Advertising Channel🔴
💵 and not to mention a shop where you can buy more roles! 💵
🎟 Don't forget the awsome lottery, where you can test your luck and get rich!!! 💵
🔷Tons of more features🔷
6 days ago
We are a gaming community that aims to provide the best social experience to gamers of all kind ! This server is a place for adult (18+) gamers from all around the world to gather and have a fun time together, regardless of whether you are a casual player that only plays every so often, or a hardcore gamer that aims to get to the top of the leaderboards. On The Nebula, you will be able to meet new people that may share your passion for videos games, you will be able to look for groups to play with, but most importantly, you will get to have a good time with good people !
6 days ago
:video_game: ⌘ Horizontal Gaming ⌘ :video_game:

This server is a gaming community server where you can hangout and make new friends while playing and listening to music and having fun, the main focus of the server is League of legends, but, we also play alot of other games including but not limited to: PUBG, Fortnite, CSGO, Paladins, Rust, Hurtworld etc.

:large_blue_diamond: ⁂What we have⁂ :large_blue_diamond:

✪ A Gaming Community
✪ Fast Growing Community
✪ Friendly and Joyous Community
✪ Fun events
✪ Memes
✪ Music
✪ Contests and Giveaways
✪ Active and Dedicated Staff
✪ Assignable Roles
✪ Partnerships available
▬▬▬ ▬»»————-————-««▬ ▬▬▬ 
8 days ago
this is a fun and friendly discord server that focuses on gaming and roleplay so join up and have some conversations with some of our members all are welcome so please feel free to come check us out.
8 days ago
A dank server where you can play games and play games while cracking a cold one with the boys. (Old meme I know) This server has the perfect mix of having a legit conversation and laughing at memes.
9 days ago
Hello everyone! Do you like relaxing servers that support gamers and streamers to otakus and artists? Fixed in Place is a public clan discord server for all people! Whether you are a gamer, an otaku, or just like to socialize, you are welcome here! We are a growing community and I do take suggestions on what the server should have! So come in and help our community grow!!
We are accepting applicants for the clan, moderation, and admin! Just pm MrMarki (the owner) for more information! (Also, please say hi when you do enter the server, it's okay we don't bite!)
9 days ago