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The Empire - LFG and Social Community: Valorant, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Among Us, EFT, PoGO, Overwatch, CSGO, Apex, Warzone, Hyper Scape
MISFIT ESPORTS is a esports server that has competitive teams and games of all category!

We have channels to trade your CS:GO Skins.

We offer many simple ways to features, like:

┋๑˚🌸 ・ CS:GO Trading Services!
┋๑˚🍥 ・ Different channels for different server categories.
┋๑˚🌸 ・ Giveaways
┋๑˚🍥 ・ Partnerships!
┋๑˚🌸 ・ Active community with helpful staff!
┋๑˚🍥 ・ Self Promotion
┋๑˚🌸 ・ Over 30 Self Assignable Roles
┋๑˚🍥 ・ Cool Boosting Perks

Trade with 1000s of Members Today.

So Come Join and Enjoy
—𒀖 Our links:
╭┈─────────────────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-
A 13+ community discord server made for everyone to have a fun time.

The fear of being forgotten.
Hello! We are a CS:GO Trading Server owned and managed by staff with years of expertise in the CS:GO Trading Scene. We strive to provide the best environment and safest place to trade all your skins. Welcome!
Peekyboo Gaming & Giveaways!!
CS:GO + Party games inc Jackbox / Among us / TF2 Halloween nights + more
100% Always active giveaways! Weekly Daily Random + CS skins
Music quiz bots / Aki / Gamesrob + custom Peekyboo count bot +more
Advertise any of your content instantly!
Active admin/helpers/mods + suggestions
Come say hello!

Thanks for reading
Here's the reason why you should join -
1. We have the funny people here.
2. We have have-n voice + text channel
3. It's not like you have anything better to do

Csgo tournament
Csgo event
Huge role system
Great community
| Radiant Trading -- CSGO/Steam Community

**Trading Channels/Resources** -- Use !tradeguide in the server
**Chat/Media/Memes** -- Keeping every user occupied ;)
**Gaming channel** -- With Pingable roles, updates, and more

**Giveaways & Events** -- We actively make them
**Advertisement Channel** -- Anyone can use it
**Partnerships** -- It’s on the top of the channel list!

**Leveling/Invite System** -- With nice perks too
**Bots and Games** -- Suggest more if you want
**Custom Server bot!** -- Many cool features

**Updated Regularly** -- We are doing everything to keep this server modern & active
**Server Feedback** -- We are actively looking for ways to improve

**Voice channels** -- Text channel for no-mics also
**Music Centre** -- Play any song you want

**Nitro Boosting Perks:white_check_mark:**
***We are at level one boosting! -- More emoji slots!***

**Invite Link:**
**Steam Group:**
✨This is a new server and friendly community✨
✨ We also play Siege, Among-Us, GTAV, Rocket League and more!✨
✨No toxicity✨
✨Chill server✨
✨edgy humor✨
Selam arkadaşlar. Yakında yayınlara başlayacağız ve çeşitli oyunlarda turnuvalar yapacağız. Oyun arkadaşı arıyorsanız katılabilirsiniz :)
A small semi-active server with low moderation. Where u can find people to play games and chat with.

The Trademart is a CS:GO trading server with knowledgeable, active members and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
It's the perfect place to join if you're looking to find someone to trade with, price check, or get some tips on how to begin trading.

We also offer useful features, such as getting your screenshot by simply posting an inspect link in a channel.

High-value giveaways on a weekly basis, over $10,000 given away so far!

Community challenges! Draw, write poems and win prizes.
This is a server just to chill,relax and its where u can get my onetap private configs not paid so dont worry. come join and support my server pls ily uwu
Gamer's Hideout is a discord server were we mainly focus on games and software development but we also have general channels were you can chat about whatever. if you would like to be part of Gamer's Hideout join us.
This Clan is a Offical Clan and we do many things like fashion shows tournaments and we do gifting and i give vbucks but dont join and leave we need more members when we reach 100 members ill do a giveaway but come join Team Valkery
🌎This server we play games, chat, listen to music, share art, and memes. Join if you like to but if you're easily offended don't join so we wouldn't have any problems😎| new info: we need pc gamers :( csgo specially