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Welcome to SF!

This is a community of people who want to play games together (cracked and legit), or just chat and chill in general.
The original purpose of this server was to organize multiplayer parties for cracked games, though we are open to all types of games.
Although our most played games are grand strategy, we welcome all players and games. Because of the nature of the games we play, expect a lot of political extremism or heavy banter.

We also have a server-exclusive bot!
Hello! Welcome to ScriProj, this is a server in which you can interact with others and also make new friends!

We accept a variety of people, all opinions are accepted, but all we ask is that you don't use them to disrespect others. And also keep your nsfw comments to the nsfw channels provided!
Enjoy your time chatting with gamers and streamers here. We play multiple games, Rules of survival, pubg lite, pubg, pubg mobile, csgo, counter strike global offense, cyber hunter, realm royale, minecraft, fornite, call of duty, COD modern warfare, codm, apex legend,league of legends, brawl star, critical ops, valorant, war of warships, star wars, identity V, other netease games, escape from tarkov, creative destruction, gta grand Thief auto, animal crossing, roblox, clash royale, overwatch, rocket league,rust, sea of thieves, Dota 2 , clash of clans, team fortress, uno, asmr, osu!, vr chat ,grounded, dead by daylight, hearthstone, Tom clancy rainbow 16, path of exile, war craft, NBA 2k, red dead redemption 2,mirror, nekopara, H1Z1,,,, temple run, angry birds, crash ahead, pay day, Diablo 4, LabyMod, free fire, knives out,crossfire, modern combat, hitman snipers, hungry sharks, mobile legends, candy crash, stickman, star wars the old republic, star wars Lego saga, dream league, fifa 2020, Halo infinite, resident evil 3, doom eternal doom, final fantasy, half life, dying light, Conan exile, fall out, Mario kart, Pokémon Go, azur Laine, re dive princess connect

Chinese games
三國無雙,三國殺,狼人殺, 和平精英, 賽爾號, 洛克王國, 4399,7k7k, 3366, support everyone who follows me by dropping an auto host!! We also are anime lovers, weebs, senpai sensei. Sword art online is the best!! Partner discord server allowed. YouTubers, streamer from twitch, mixer, dlive, tiktok,,periscope,facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, omlet arcade, trovo, douyu, 4am, huya are welcome. Social media users are welcome too (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, tiktok, reddit, meme)
Invite rewards Free followers, subscribers, twitch follows, youtube subscribers, mixer follows, Twitter follows, Instagram follows
Chat for current topics
Drdisrespect ban/Corona virus covid19 /Blue whale challenge /Momo challenge
Spectifity is een Nederlandse Gaming community waar je gezellig met elkaar kunt gamen en lachen in een sfeervolle omgeving. Wij zijn een community waar elk member telt. Naast het gamen doen we af en toe events en Real Life meetingen of Uitjes. Het blijft bij Spectifity niet alleen bij een game. Ons visie is om te willen groeien naar een groot gaming community waar iedereen elkaar respecteert en gezellig met elkaar om kan gaan. Wij helpen daarnaast graag met technische zaken. Ons doel is om mensen die graag online willen gamen in contact te brengen met anderen dat ook willen.
. Welcome To The Continental .
We are a small community of avid gamers and anime enthusiasts. To add, we are pretty much open to anything and anyone. We promise you a pleasant time in this server; given that you follow the rules and not overstay your welcome.

☆A welcoming and growing community
☆Active chat
☆Roles scaling with level (permissions unlocked with roles achieved)
☆Livestreams of movies, shows and gameplay
☆Channels for a variety of games of every platform
and more!

Note: to fully access the whole server, please read the rules and react to the given message . Thank You !

Witajcie przyjaciele! Gracie może w CS:GO lub jesteście jak kolwiek z nim związani? Jeśli tak to świetnie się składa.

Krótko i na temat co mamy wam do zaoferowania:

① 💨 Rangi za aktywność
② 😘 Ciągły rozwój serwera
③ 🗡️ Miejsce do wymiany przedmiotów z cs'a
④ 🎉 Giveaway'e
⑤ 🎨 Strefa dla cs'owych artystów i wybór artysty miesiąca
⑥ 🔎 Miejsce zarówno dla osób szukających teamu jak i teamów szukających graczy
⑦ ☁️ Wyjątkowy desing
⑧ ⛔ Unikalny system kar
⑨ ♥️ (zazwyczaj) miła atmosfera
⑩ 🎗️ Współpraca od 10 osób
⑪ 🎬 Wspieranie Youtuberów
⑫ 🏆 Kanały do pochwalenia się swoim skinem, rangą lub akcją
⑬ 💡 Otwarcie na nowe pomysły użytkowników
⑭ 🍹 Zdobywanie własnych kanałów itd dzięki ekonomii
⑮ 🏓 Mało pingów

I inne...

Wejdź i się przekonaj 😄
Welcome to AutoBot.
We feature a bot in development with upcoming features, such as auto withdraw, auto rain claimer, auto depositor and much more.
join to learn more, and maximize your profits as a trader!

Looking for something new, fun, and fresh? This server always has something going on! We are friendly, love to hang out, and play a wide variety of games! Even server party games! If you're looking to make some new, kind, and funny friends come check it out!
Welcome to the Cøre Community!

We are a community of a bunch of gamers that play a variety of games, most of the gamers however play Valorant and we are mainly a Valorant based server.

We have:
-66 members currently and are looking to grow
-gaming channels and queueing voice calls
-friendly community

We need:
-more members
-more staff to moderate and help make our server better
Want a full team in cs and wanted to go pro need 4 more players needed IGL Awper Entry fragger strategist if wanna be in the team join us skill group can be silver to gn 4 to have good fps for all players we accept Asians only and can speak english
Do you need a server for trading your CS:GO items? We've got you covered!

Although this server is brand new with no members, you can help it out to make it into something big!

We have:
CS:GO stats bot;
Dank Memer;
Active Owner;
Trading Channels.

We want:
More members;
A respectful and active community;
CS:GO players;
You to have fun!


⌜Server About ⌟
Hello 👋, my server is about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & I’m looking to grow it by asking for chill & active players to come play, chat, & join the community! All are welcome to join, hope to see you in the community soon!

⌜ Server Link ⌟

⌜ Server Owner ⌟

⌜ Server Features ⌟
🙌 Overall neat/fun server interface! (Well organized for easy access to all channels, with a nice look and feel.)

🥇 Rank up roles for active users! (As active users on the server rank up, new fun roles will get assigned.)

💬 Community text/voice channels! (Chill & chat with others from the community via text or voice.)

🎮 Gaming text/voice channels! (Find teammates to queue up with & play competitive CS: GO.)

👥 Trading text/voice channels! (You can send trade offers, post your items up for trade, etc.)

🎵 Music text/voice channels! (You want to listen to music & play at same time? I got you.)

🐸 Meme’s text channel! (Text channel for all the memers, post all kinds of memes here.)

🎬 Clips text channel! (Advertise Twitch stream clips, YouTube videos, etc. here.)

🖥 Screen share text/voice channels! (Easily share your screen with two clicks)

🤖 Server consists of multiple bots! (Music, updates, ranks, etc.)

➕ Server is still in the works! (More features coming soon.)
JOIN FAST!!!Fortnite, Valorant And CSGO!!! Never Loss Clan Wars!!!
We Accept:
•Content Creators-Must Upload Once A Week.
•Competitive Player-Must Have 3k+ Points In Arena.
•Creative Warrior-Must Have Fast Builds And Retakes. Must Play Creative A Lot.
•Gfx/Vfx Designer-Must Make Thumbnails And Intros.
We Also Have Youtube And Instagram.!
«──── « ⋅AR CS:GO TRADING COMMUNITY⋅ » ────»


★➜ Active discord server welcoming new people.
★➜ Active and reliable PRICE CHECKERS
★➜ Easy and fast way to trade your CS:GO ITEMS
★➜ Friendly community
★➜ Active admins
★➜ Taking suggestions from community members
★➜ Giveaways
★➜ Plus a lot more!
• Carl's Crib is a place to trade your CS:GO items with other players.
• We have active staff that can reduce the amount of scammers in the community.
• Good for beginner traders
• We host giveaways the more we grow!
Play FACEIT PUG's with Level 10 and A+ ESEA players who will help you improve. We want to play with people who are low levels because, as a result, we end up facing lower-skilled opponents, and it is a free win for us, and it helps you teach the game.

Please post your FACEIT link and type .csgo <username> in #role-request to receive a role.
Welcome to ㄒ𝐻E ㄥㄖSㄒ Sㄖㄩ𝕃S! A fun chill server with nice staff members! We do giveaways,events and more!
We like gaming and making new friends.
Why don't you join us? UwU

💎New HvH community
💎 Active staff
💎 Configs for OT,AW,OTC and more
💎 Marketplace
💎 Memes and Nsfw
💎 media share
💎 friendcodes to find mates
we just here to vibe and talk about anime, games and music. we are trying to expand the server count as it is a newly formed server