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Here is what we offer as a server:

🏹 A Medieval/Game of Thrones Server Theme 🏹
🎮 Gaming 🎮
🎭 Role-Playing 🎭
🥇 A Levelling System 🥇
😂 Memes 😂
🔞 NSFW Channels 🔞
🎻 Music 🎻
📂 Server Advertising/Partnerships 📂
🔈 Dedicated Communication Channels 🔈
😃 A Friendly, Welcoming Bunch 😃

What are you waiting for? Join The Royal Vanguard now and become a member of The Kingdom. 🏰
Welcome to our NEO server~ We're a friendly community with people from all over the world! Don't worry though, even though we only have a few people we're all very engaging.
It started out as a substitute server from our old one but now it's independent!
- Game chats, including Apex Legends, CSGO, Paladins, PUBG and more!
- General chats, we welcome every single person!
- Custom roles~
- Music rooms: 2 rythm bots, and we might even add fredboat!
- Game chat for 2, 4, 5 or all!
- Bi-weekly game nights where we vote on a game and play together~
- Artworks, contents and edit section for you to promote yourself!
Join our community~ we're all waiting for you here :D
Serveur discord de fun et gaming principalement sur Fortnite et CS:GO pour trouver des joueurs sympatiques ! On vous attend :)
Il y a également des Giveaways , des comptes gratuits (Neflix , Spotify , CS:GO) ainsi que des Discord Nitro offerts pour 15 personnes invitées sur le serveur.
Bon jeu sur Vultura E-Sport™️ [ Team Tryhard & Fun ]
This server is a CS:GO trading server that aims to be friendly and fun for every user in it, please join and have a good time
Ищешь уютный сервер, где можно найти кампанию по таким играх как: RUST, CS:GO, PUBG и т.д и и просто поговорить?Тогда тебе к нам!Присоединяйся(;
We are a new, and active community that will soon be providing many game servers, merchandise, and more!

Hello 👋, my server is about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive & I’m looking to grow it by asking for chill & active players to come play, chat, & join the community! All are welcome to join, hope to see you in the community soon!
🙌 Overall neat/fun server interface! (Well organized for easy access to all channels, with a nice look and feel.)

🥇 Rank up roles for active users! (As active users on the server rank up, new fun roles will get assigned.)

🤝 Partnership text channels! (Possible partnerships w. large, average, & small discord communities.)

💬 Community text/voice channels! (Chill & chat with others from the community via text or voice.)

🎮 Gaming text/voice channels! (Find teammates to queue up with & play competitive CS: GO.)

👥 Trading text/voice channels! (You can send trade offers, post your items up for trade, etc.)

🎵 Music text/voice channels! (You want to listen to music & play at same time? I got you.)

🐸 Meme’s text channel! (Text channel for all the memers, post all kinds of memes here.)

🎬 Clips text channel! (Post your Twitch stream clips, YouTube videos, etc. here.)

🎥 Movies text/voice channels! (Come hang out & watch a movie together.)

🎁 Giveaways text channel! (Everyone can host their giveaways here.)

🤖 Server consists of multiple bots! (Music, updates, ranks, etc.)

➕ Server is still in the works! (More features coming soon.)
@triikz (ง'̀-'́)ง#7040
Szukałeś najlepszego gamingowego serwera w Polsce? Idelanie trafiłeś!
Społeczność serwera skupiona początkowo wokół GTA San Andreas Multiplayer, ale teraz gramy również z CS, WOTa, 7dtd i wiele innych!

Znajdziecie u nas:
-bota muzycznego
-system rang
-wiele tematycznych kanałów głosowych i tekstowych (również NSFW)
Looking for more gamers and friends? join our server ! age range 13-18 <3
Это сервер, где ты можешь найти новых друзей, пообщатся или просто порофлить. Свой бот, выращенный прямо на грядке с системой экономики и добрая администрация ждет тебя! :D
7/24 Sesli Bir Şekilde Town Of Salem Oyunları Dönecek Discord Sunucumuza Hepinizi Bekliyoruz ----->

We are a multi-national gaming community involved in a wide variety of games who strive to build a gaming environment that embraces honesty, loyalty, and camaraderie. we have gamers from diverse. games including DOTA, CSGO, Rules of Survival and OSU. we opt to build a non-toxic gaming community where gamers can share their experience and form groups to participate in professional tournaments. however we are not only limited to a gaming community.
🎮 We offer regular fun memes and jokes
🎮 We hunt through the web for new games and stories and give our reviews
🎮 We offer a tons of self roles, along with a fun level up system

everyone is welcome. join us!
Welcome, we are Coffee Land!

We are pretty chill community server that is mainly dedicated to playing games such as CSGO, Tower Unite, PUBG, Minecraft, Terraria, etc. We also do other things such as listen to music playing some random games and overall having fun. Everyone is welcome!
Multiplatform Gaming was established in 2016. The community started off as a hang out joint for a common group of friends but rapidly grew into a large home for gamer's and those alike. Everyone is accepted no matter your platform, game, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. In 2017 Our Discord server got partnered and since then we have been running VIP server regions. The community has amazing perks, game servers, tournaments, stream teams, giveaways and we are always coming up with unique ways to engage with our people to keep the entertainment flowing. Our goal is to become one of the biggest gaming communities that extends support to streamers and competitive gamers. If you want to know more then check us out!

↦ A gaming community for the most hardcore!
↦ Join for: Fun bots ♘
↦ Kind Staff ღ ღ ღ
A wonderfully made server with a good non toxic community!
Join today to help our community grow and join Gamers Hub!!! ღ
Grand Theft Auto Special Forces
"Oppresso De Libel"

This group has been published since 2012 by General Derek. We as a Special Forces always perform roleplay on every server and type of game whether it is San Andreas, V, Vice City, or IV. Also, we have many times of military Roleplay!

A server for people to meet others to play CS:GO with
Kamu ga bosen main sendiri terus?
Ayo gabung di komunitas ini, disini kita mengumpulkan player dari semua game, ga harus 1 game aja :D. Disini juga bagi2 giveaway tiap minggu dalam bentuk voucher game 100rb untuk 3 orang yang bisa kamu request untuk game apapun yang kamu mau. Tiap minggu loh sobb :D . kamu juga bisa request event apa yang diinginkan ke salah satu Content Creator :D .
`SBC Gaming Currency
`Active Chat
`Party finder
`invite friend event Weekly (steam voucher and other)
`SBC Ladies
`Games with reward
`Fun only
`All games welcome
Ayo ramaikan channel ini bersama-sama :D kita have fun bareng sobb
come and join m's palace, we have a friendly and welcoming community! Join for all your gaming needs with our marketplace! we are all happy to help with any inquiries you have with gaming, editing, designing etc.

come and be apart of our community now!!!!

- monthly give-aways!
- multiple bots to interact with
- friendly, non-toxic community
- active staff
- community events
- all platforms
- marketplace
- always looking to improve!
This is a GameForce Server

Do not attempt to
-Breaking the Rules
-Attempting to Scam or Hack
-Many More

This server is for all The Gamers only
Interested in trading? Join our discord and be connected with like minded individuals. Newbies and veterans welcomed! We also offer a custom coded bot with many features. They include:

High quality screenshots
CSGO inventory value
Automatic role for inventory value
Market price checking