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Spectifity is een Nederlandse Gaming community waar je gezellig met elkaar kunt gamen en lachen in een sfeervolle omgeving. Wij zijn een community waar elk member telt. Naast het gamen doen we af en toe events en Real Life meetingen of Uitjes. Het blijft bij Spectifity niet alleen bij een game. Ons visie is om te willen groeien naar een groot gaming community waar iedereen elkaar respecteert en gezellig met elkaar om kan gaan. Wij helpen daarnaast graag met technische zaken. Ons doel is om mensen die graag online willen gamen in contact te brengen met anderen dat ook willen.
╠════════ Welcome to the DarkArmy ════════╣

We are a gaming server looking for chill/ nontoxic community. We have cool bots that you can interact with and voip temp channels join and let’s get to gaming!

╠═════════════ We'll be providing... ═════════════╣
● Friendly users
● Music bots 🎶
● Self-assign roles
● Gaming channel 🎮
● Spam Safe 🚫
● Idiot safe 🚷
╠══════ We'd hope to see you guys joining our community, assuming you're interested. ══════╣

╠══════════ ══════════
Ищешь уютный сервер, где можно найти кампанию по таким играх как: RUST, CS:GO, PUBG и т.д и и просто поговорить?Тогда тебе к нам!Присоединяйся(;
A great server for anyone who just wants to hang out, make new friends or play games. Loads of different personalities and an active voice chat.
A large community server revolving around the Steam gaming platform where players from around the world unite, join parties, play games, and meet hundreds of new friends. We're looking for new people who are active and like to chat. Need help with something? We can provide support for you!
Casual Gaming Community/Clan Server
So what is this? A server orientated around gaming.
What happens here? We talk, we post memes, play games together and do events that usually consists of playing games together.
What else? We have a flexible rules system as we are a casual community, multiple bots so that one guy will struggle to use them all, game specific chats when we have enough members associated with them and a member only zone you can get access to.
━━━»»-Gamers Hangout-«« ━━━
The Gamers Hangout is a discord revolving around gaming or just even hanging out, Our discord is active and full of fun things to do when you're bored or wanna mess around with friends. Rules and guidelines are short so dont worry!

━━━:thumbsup:𝘞𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘸𝘦 𝘰𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘳!:thumbsup:━━━

⦿ Friendly and active community.
⦿ Custom commands!
⦿ Advertisement
⦿ A rapidly growing community!
⦿ Staff members needed!
⦿ Infrastructure & moderation team!
⦿ Gaming and chatting channels.
⦿ Looking for Partnerships!
⦿Many voice and text channels!

Owner: Timaye#7714

Server link:
epic ass server, only people with big dicks can join tho :/
cool people, weird traditions tho, annual toe licking competition which involves a willing asshole and big ass toe. epic!
A server where you can meet friends, new and old. We have no specific topic or theme, besides meeting new people and having a good time! We’re a chill and hangout server with over 35+ self assignable roles and all custom colour roles we also host events and giveaways pretty often. Our team of mods will always do their very best to ensure you have the best experience possible.
The best server ever ;). Join and you'll find out.
Just a chill server for people to have fun in and yeet up some fools in some video games.

Only rule is don't be too racist.

We play all types of video games, ranging from Roblax to CS:GO to Golf It.

*still a very new server*
We are a eSport clan that is looking for new active members!! We are pc and mobile and we are just complete fun!!
We're a server with chill/active staff! We play games such as Minecraft, CSGO, & Fortnite!
Join today!
Road to 100!
- plenty of bots to mess around with
- memes
- art
- bowsette (or other fanart)
- bot games
- pokecord
- advertise servers section
- random crap
-and more stuff to come
This is a semi-public community of gamers from all around the world. We're open minded and friendly.
We host csgo and dota tournaments for in-game items and naming rights.
Make you're self at home and if you haven't joined, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Tired of your private discord server? Have you gotten bored of chatting all day long about the same thing? Then Akira Online will satisfy your needs. We are an anime-based community that talks about anything nerdy, such as video games, shows, manga etc. You also can achieve custom roles based on the level you are at, which increases based on how much you type. Join the growing community with two simple clicks today.
Un serveur discord pour CS:GO et bien d'autre jeux, n'hésitez pas !
This server is a chill, gaming server which you can come hangout on, we are building up and open to suggestions, I have some things set up , but I am happy for people to gain my trust and help out with the server. Its a small English server that im building up.
Welcome To The Official Discord For The Slothy Squad!
This Discord Is New So Please Invite Your Friends!
We Are About Spreading Peace, Love, & Positivity!
Created to connect my viewers and friends together <3
Owned by a 130k Sub youtuber. We are here to play games, chat, and create amazing content!
gia sas , pera apo ton ironiko titlo ,eimaste mia poli filiki kai orea omada apo cool atoma aneksartitou filou h ilikias ,sinithos pezoume games opos Fortnite, CSGO, LoL , PUBG kai ala pola, ala genika kanoume kai ala pragmata , opos spamaroume memes , kai leme vlakies sto Voice Chat :D , exoume akoma kai NSFW channel (+18) kai eimaste anikti gia promotes/ads triton kai sinergasies :) , eimaste sxetika mikri akoma (60+ atoma),ala eimaste esiodoksi me megales prosdokies :D