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Discord server.A lot of gaming rooms, fun bots, chill also a lot of games supported.Get roles for lvl uping in chat also get roles for inviting more people a lot of crazy staff as a lot of bots.
**Bonjour a tous**
Tu connais pas **TahOxy ?**

> C'est un serveur discord basé sur csgo qui regroupe une communauté française 😉

🥇- Une communauté très actif, très bien pour rechercher des mates pour jouer !

🏆- Dit moi ton rank dans le chat en arrivant pour être mis dans le bon rôle !

🤝- Un channel pour y faire sa pub ou des échanges de pub sont disponible !

> 💳 Voici ton ticket d'entrée:

Nous t'attendons avec impatience pour rejoindre nos joueurs
GR Gaming is an aspiring multi-gaming organization, who aims to be at the top of the HK / SEA eSports scene. Join us to partake on the journey of GR Gaming and watch them rise to the top of their game. You can also find some friends to play with in the meantime in our server, who share the same passion for gaming as you might think of.
Welcome to Tradestation
This discord server is made for both CS:GO Players and CSGO Traders.
We have both @Trader roles/chats and @Gamer roles/chats. Can be picked in #role-react
This server is special to others becuse we have help for both Trading and Gaming.
This server is very friendly and we of course have nice and friendly @Staff aswell!
If you have any questions please ask a @Staff and they will help you as fast as you can!
TS - Tradestation
Наш сервер для тех кто хочет хочет пообщаться или поиграть но не может найти с кем. На нашем сервере много ботов, хороший дизайн и многое другое. Сдесь вы сможите легко найти себе команду для игры или пообщаться с людьми.
🔥A [PT] MoonRise É Um Servidor Gaming Aberto A Todo O Público!🔥 ||
🚩Teams🚩═► 🔫CS:GO🔫 | 💥Apex Legends💥 | 💣Fortnite💣
Приветствую тебя на сервер "Lucky Squad"!
・Этот сервер создан для коммуникации между участниками группы в стиме (можешь вступить, ссылка на сервере).
・Сейчас у нас идёт розыгрыш 2-х стим-аккаунтов, успей принять участие!
Olá bem vindo/a ao servidor.
A comunidade foi criada com o intuito de conhecer pessoas novas e de um bom convívio. Aqui podes fazer amizades, como encontrar
o teu parceiro de jogo, formar uma equipa, ou completar mesma.
O server ainda esta no início, foi criado a 26/01/2020, por isso conto com a tua ajuda para o desenvolver, as tuas sugestões serão bem vindas, mas por enquanto só temos cs:go, fortnite.
Podes dar outro tipo de sugestões sem ser jogos. Fala com os teus amigos, conhecidos etc, e vamos tornar a Comunidade Portuguesa num servidor completo que consegue agradar a todos.
Pessoal do Brasil será bem vindo também.

Caso queiras participar na staff do servidor, manda mensagem para o Presidente do server.

Hey, this is a CS:GO related server where you can find some people to play with while messing around with some of our bots.
Hey, are you looking for an active server to play some games with? Look no further, you just found it. Welcome to Vindicators Empire, we offer our own ranking system, lots of supported games, a roast chat, our own bot, a birthday bot, active staff, and so much more! Join now and become a vindicator!
Do you need to take a break from reality, then visit "Chit Chat!" We are an iconic server full of weirdos and goofballs! It's a friendly community that participates in weekly exorcisms, CSGO matches, Dank-Memer Bot Currency, Stardew Valley tournaments, and an overall lesbian-friendly vibe. We are STRAIGHT VIBING!

🔥Friendly NON TOXIC community🔥
💯Plenty of channels !💯
🥵Dank-Memer Bot Economy🥵
💛We used to have a lesbian member💛
😊Only Active People😊

Also Help Us We Need Staff Members
Just another gaming server mainly focusing on FPS games. But trust me you will love the stay <3. Do check the server and have an awesome time with us.
TAGS (The Actual Gamer Server) is a server for everyone focused on gaming.

We at TAGS love gaming as a whole and would love you to come join us. Although our slight toxic behavior might intimidate you, we love socializing. We are more than happy to customize the server to your needs. We have roles that pushes us to speak to you instead of having an automated "member role" as we believe that it makes it easier for you to join in on the fun that way

With no strict rules (not even the basics) and a lot of people to meet. We hope we can help you meet new friends that play the same games as you and hopefully find you a squad or a gaming partner.

Our server is not focused on one game in particular. We accept every game (even Fortnite) to be played in our server. If you have any questions about our server head over to our server and ask one of our admins for help and they will help you as fast as possible.
Discord sunucumuza girerek yeni arkadaşlar edinebilir, beraber oyun oynayabiliriz.Eğlenceli sohbetler , ve oyunlar seni bekliyor. Gel ve sen de aramıza katıl !
• Global Community (members from 50+ countries)
• Rocket League, R6: Siege, CS:GO, League of Legends & More!
• Awesome & Exclusive Discord bot (IGSQbot™)
• Rank system + self-assignable roles
• Active VC, tournaments & regular events

Visit the official website for more info:
This is the best black market server. We provide Middle man services and high quality items.
Family of Elites is a server that is designed for people to meet new friends! We all know the feeling of getting online looking forward to some awesome games, and then check our friends list and nobody is online. Well that is where the discord comes in! We encourage inviting all of your friends and have members that play all different games!
Привет, ребзи, приглашаю вас посетить наш уютный уголок по программированию и играм, где ты можешь найти новых друзей!