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If your looking for a server where you can find random strangers to play a quick game/have a meaningless conversation and never meet them again than you might not want to join although if you want to hangout with us every day and meet some people who will talk/have fun with you every night than JOIN!!
How to join Hyper Esports:
Pro Team
-Be minimum pro 3 or above to get into our professional team!
-You must be active atleast 4 times a week.
-16-17 years of age minimum
-understand how to play objective!
-Have previous gaming experience: E.G Counter strike, black ops, pubG.

The next team we have here at Hyper Esports is:
Comp Team
-Be minimum pro 2 or above to get into our competitive team, where you’ll take part in scrims and the occasional tournament!
-You must be active atleast 4 times a week.
-15 years of age or older.
-understand how to play objective!
-have a previous gaming background.

Last but not least, we have:
Sniping Team
-Minimum rank of pro 1
-Any age as long as your mature.
-Be able to screen record.
-Active atleast 2-3 times a week!
-Know how to quickscope to a high standard.
Feel Free To join Casually too‼️
Are you not a competitive gamer? Well don’t worry, we have something called ranked matchmaking where you can match up with some of the best mobile gamers out there!
Motion 3 is a all gaming channel where you can ask questions on games and other stuff like that. We have currently one bot that is being co-developed with the owner, kaguya. I'd tou have any problems with anything, or if there is any arguing dm the owner
CKS-Gaming has been around since 2004, our current main games are Battlefield V, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege & soon to be Call of Duty Modern Warefare. We run weekly events for BFV currently and are on the lookout for gamers who want to have a laugh communicate and enjoy playing the games we support. Feel free to drop by our discord - its quite unique with Dynamic and Custom voice channels.
18+ and Mic required.
We are a gaming community for people to join and get to know each other and get people to play your game with if you have known one
This Is Call Of Duty Mobile Hub !
\\ Chat And Play With Players From All Over The World //
\\ You Can Post Your Mobile Clan For Other To See //
\\ Wonderful Mini Games Points To Collect //
\\ Live , Competitve, Active, //
Join Today And Meet People And Party Up Easily !
---GRAVITY 9 eSports---

Welcome to GRAVITY 9 eSports, we are a brand new CODM Clan looking to be a top tier competitive team. This is a serious clan looking for serious and active members.

What we are looking for?

Content Creators, casual players, editors, and competitive players.

Competitive Player Requirements
•Good Game Sense
•Great aim
•Must be Pro - Legendary
•Listen to Leader/Anyone else in Command
•16 or older for tournaments

Casual Player Requirements
•Decent Game Sense
•Good Aim
•Must be Elite 1 - 5 +

Content Creators
•100+ subs
•50+ views per video

•able to edit anytime
•must be quick at editing
•good at editing

If you’re not interested in joining the clan, you can join as community, bring your friends and have some fun!

Mess with the best die like the rest

Hello, we are a new CoD server! In our server we host tournaments for rewards, this can be a role in the discord to a cash prize, we are looking for sponsors to help us fund the tournaments! Our chat is very welcoming and we have great staff that will love to help you along the way.
CoD MWR for Wii. Also other CoD games.. MW3 ..BO2.. etc. and Wii u games..
We see a lot of regular players on MWR, so was hoping to form a community 🙂
If you are looking for a CoD MW Reflex Edition discord... or you have seen 2 players with ign's referring to r/Wii mwr and mwr discord... that's this server 😁 anyone is welcome to join.
Sassy community is a place for streamers on all platforms, and also youtube. its a place to make friends and chill out, we have a music station aswell. everyone is welcome! we also have a banging memes
A fun server to join! We have cool things to offer, such as gamechats, notifacations when I stream, voice chats, moderation bots, and challenges! Help us suggest more content, ideas and join to see the upcoming features in the future!
⭐• Simplified server
🤖• Own call of duty Bot
🧨• Server levelling system
🛡• Clan recruitment, Join one
⚔• Faster Matchmakings, using Timer
👥• Pro players, Add friends, Private lobbies
📽• Tracking call of duty Youtube
📷• Tracking call of duty Instagram
💎• Much & Much More Features
Hey Everyone!

ムSavage is recruiting active players!

We are a Battle Royale and Zombie clan with over 20 members! We are a clan based in NA/EU. We have a very active discord server and play with each other all the time!

With that said, we still do enjoy multiplayer and Ranked, but that is not our focus.

ムSavage is a Casual clan - this means we don’t force anyone to participate in tournaments nor do we expect you to practice every day at a certain time.

Requierments :
- Able to speak English
- Lvl 100+
- Ability to voice chat in both discord and game
- Active in the ムSavage discord channel
- Willing to add the "SVGム" clan tag to your name

Savage is a mature adult clan. If you would like to join Savage or just check out the clan join the Server :)
We're friendly group of gamers with different games within our server for our community to have fun with and enjoyment while they stay
Welcome to our server, we are a Call of duty discord and we want to find many people who wants to play Call of duty. Our discord is structured very well and maybe you want to play Call of Duty with new people too. More you can read in our Discord.
A Discord server based on the game Modern Warfare, where you can find and meet new friends play Modern warfare
Team XceL discord is a way to support or possibly join the team (XceL) we do 10s lobby’s, 8s lobby’s, 6s lobby’s, scrims gamebattles, tournament win prizes play competitive 1 life game modes such as Snd
**Modern-Warfare Germany**
- Discord-Server nur für Call of Duty Modern-Warfare
- 200+ aktive Member
- PC | PS4 | XBOX
- selbst Verifizierung + Rollenvergabe !
- Hilfsbereite Community
- Anfängerfreundlich
- Spieler für jeden Spielmodus
- Aktiv
- Aktivität wird belohnt -> Move-berechtigung
- Allgemeiner Einladungs-Link:
This Is Call of Duty Mobile Hub!
\\ Chat And Play With Players From All Over The World //
\\ You Can Post Your Mobile Clan For Other To See //
\\ Wonderful Mini Games Points To Collect //
\\ Live , Competitve, Active, //
Join Today And Meet People And Party Up Easily!
We are a small but growing community of friendly gamers with an experienced admin team that are active all the time, we host various games ranging from FPS's such as COD and siege to open world and competitive games like Rust and Fortnite with other casual games like Rocket league!
Expanding on our history as one of the largest Elite Dangerous squadrons, we have evolved into a much broader group across all platforms and across popular games. We’re looking for laid-back people who want to always have a squad/fireteam/group to play their preferred games with.
Hello welcome to MOD3RN WARFAR3 we are a new server which I started on 12/4/19 and we are looking for members.
You can chat, look for groups to play Modern Warfare with.
Send video clips etc.
Consider Joining This Server Dude!