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꧁✯『 Critical Hit Gaming』✯꧂
gaming based community
┊꒰꒱┊A wide selection of unique and expressive emotes
┊꒰꒱┊Nitro giveaways
┊꒰꒱┊Friendly and active staff + environment
┊꒰꒱┊Very active chats
┊꒰꒱┊free fortnite stw mission help
┊꒰꒱┊Reaction Roles
┊꒰꒱┊Frequent community events and tourneys
┊꒰꒱┊Mini Games, Ticket system, Rank System + more
✧ CRITICAL HIT is a very friendly gaming server, we always try our best to make sure our members are happy with there stay here.
⋆ Welcome to iŃdestructible Gaming ⋆

Originally created in November 2018 and re-branded April 2019. We are a family oriented, North American based clan; consisting of pro, semi-pro and casual players who play FPP and TPP each season.

We participate in weekly scrimmages, leagues/tournaments and some of us also stream daily. Primarily a PUBGM clan, we are beginning to branch over to CODM.

Join our server and say what’s up. Share some victories, post some selfies, or join us for our music sessions!

If you are interested in joining our clan (for PUBGM, CODM or both), please join our server and head to #apply-to-ń

Clan Requirements:
• Must have name change card
• Use of Mic Regularly
• 16+ Age Requirement
• Active in the community
Please speak to Co-Leaders if you are interested in playing competitively!

We will not tolerate any cheating, hacking, game manipulation of any sort or toxic behavior. But if you want to see where you fit with us, we are always looking to build our family, so please reach out!
This server has been established for the purpose of furthering the experience of a small part of the COD Mobile community. Feel free to join this server and/or invite other individuals who may be looking to further their experience with the game.
Our Server Is basically Tournament Organization Server.

But U can Chat With Everyone About Every Game And Just Relax.

We Have Amazing Roles And Strict Rules So No Worries.

Just Come And Chill
I am trying to start a new gaming server thats actually active. Come hang out if you wanna help me grow the server (:
Welcome dear traveler! Sit down and relax, leave your problems at the door and start your new adventure in Babylon's garden's, a mobile players server.
You have here
-chat room
-music room
-self roles
- streamer/youtuber sharing
- fresh news about some games updated at every moment
And way more, come to speak, chill, partage music with others, or just squad with mates to show your best, don't be shy, come have some fun !
Hello, This is Clan Kalan!


Clan Kalan was Founded Tue Jul 14 2020 13:02:08 and has since been growing fast!
We have Multiple Chats to Talk in! Clan Kalan Also Plays A Vast Variety of games which you can talk and chat with on our Gamechats and VC's!

We hope to see you inside this hell hole and have fun! :)
Hey everyone, This is The Zombie Lounge. This server is dedicated to finding you other zombie players. There are daily and weekly challenges, polls, memes, and much much more!
🌐Help finding other zombie players🌐
Gaming server dedicated primarily to Among Us as well as a general nerd hangout. Have fun!
Hello fellow gamers it's the server you have been waiting for, Gamers Paradise. It is new so give time for the server to expand
Hello! I’ve never made a server so this is my first! Go easy on me. I enjoy playing Among Us, Fortnite, Minecraft, etc. I’m also into anime and horror movies so we can share good recommendations and watch them. Just open for all to come and chill out with other wacky individuals 🤗
⁺ ₊ `🌙` ˗ˋ welcome to . . .

x o ツ

🌊・sailor moon themed server

- ・community / gaming based

🎭・many active text & voice channels
💕・sailor moon emotes!
🕊・friendly community
🌑・ giveaways ୨୧ events

always looking for active pms / mods!

A server around KingSolrac's music & his friends & fans to meet and interact with new people and make their next online best friend! A fun toxic, loving community that accepts new people no matter what! We play, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Black Ops , Fortnite, Minecraft, Fall Guys, Grounded & More!
Hello, this is a new clan, we play cod, halo 5, and more, if you want to join you have to be 10-14. Once you join i will ask you some questions and then you’ll be able to join.
We have:
- a lot of memes
- some very “interesting“ conversations
- people to play games with on Xbox (and other stuff I guess)
- Occasional community games like CAH or Skribbl (maybe D&D if we get enough people)
- NSFW channel and bot
- A bot that tells you when any platform has a game become free/on sale
- You can ask for custom roles/colors
- We have an official Minecraft Realm now
Shredz is a Call of Duty gaming clan that fight together and create clips together. We play MW 2019 and Cold War when released.
COD and CODM all girl discord server.
Join the family of queens and let’s make our own kingdoms
Hello welcome to 𝔾𝕝𝕒𝕤𝕤 ℍ𝕠𝕦𝕤𝕖

We're a new laid-back, gaming community server with chill staff and a friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to help everyone make friends and always have a queue, whether your goal is to rank up or to have fun. Also memes.

We try to remain drama free so we ask everyone to neither be too toxic nor too offended <3 It is a gaming server after all ;)

*We're currently playing a lot of Valorant, but also down to play csgo, overwatch, r6, warzone, PUBG, minecraft etc.
- Chill and Friendly community
- Mainly Call of Duty and Fortnite Based
- Daily Twitch streams (come say Hi, we always like seeing new Faces)
- Most Importantly we're all Simps !
Call of Duty Cold war
Get your roles and exclusive channel to talk with community
Listen Songs
Get news, memes and so much fun join