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Like the name is called, this is the Mental Healing Centre where we try to keep a friendly, supportive and safe community for everyone together.
This server contains:
~ Clear Rules And Guidelines (for everyone, including Staff)
~ Self-assignable roles (including @Support roles for public/group Support sessions)
~ Private one-one Coaching Sessions (with specially chosen Coaches who ever only began as a Supporter)
~ Various (creative) events
~ You need to get a specific role to get access to some of the extra features like posting images/links in the server, just by being active in chat
~ Hidden private channels if you can’t talk publicly about something with someone
~ 18+ only-channels
~ And more~

Just come and join us today to discover it~! ^~^

💠We are a group of players looking to coach some people, and we are looking for coaches. You can also share your game clips in here too :)

❗️We do:
Hello, I'm Hex. The owner of 'Clan Of Oni' from which this server is branching out from. My primary server is a gaming community for games like overwatch rainbow and for honor except this server is ONLY for overwatch. This server will feature unique teams, organized by assigned captains and compatible SR and skill. We're also looking for Staff members, Graphic designers, and Coaches to help us grow. We accept all ranks, and if you desire to join the main server, you may do that on our about page. Only join if you're looking to stay active and kick ass. Thanks, have a good one.
Hello, welcome to our Rocket League Boosting Service. If you have struggle with rank, contact us. We can help you!
This is the lobby to our main group, you will be interviewed for authenticity before you're accepted into the server. We are a strict proana coaching server. TW: If you are recovering do not join.
A server dedicated to helping players become better at smash while growing the community. (We are brand new)
League of Mentoring is a server based around the game League of Legends that brings together a bunch of resources to help you improve your gameplay. We offer free as well as paid coaching to our members and there's a great community in casual chat as well!
We are an Overwatch community looking to improve our gameplay in every way possible!
We are looking for members that have a desire to be the best they can be! :)
If you're looking for tips, coaching, or to have fun, join our discord! :D
Have you ever wonder why you suck at rocket league? Believe me, we were all there at some point. Our community is just not like any other community. We provide the option to be taught in rotation and mechanic skills for almost any skill level with group sessions weekly. Don't really care about coaching? Join our starting server and help us grow; to become an alpha member and be apart of a new and growing rocket league community. Best of Luck! ~Coach XTerMANatorX

Welcome to Abraxas Esports team! We are a brand new esports team that focuses on League of Legends. We hope to become bigger in the future, and be apart of the esports community more. We strive to become one of the best teams. A small spark led us to the starting of this esports team, and a lot of admiring and playing of the game League of Legends.
Rising Power eSports Club is looking for players who are searching for an [NA] League of Legends club to collaborate and work on season goals with. We understand the rigorous challenges that lay ahead for many players. Whether you’re new to the game and looking to meet others willing to help show you the ropes and teach you the basics or you’re an active rank player seeking advice from seasoned players hoping to improve your knowledge and skill. Either way, Rising Power is a great club to join!
We are a League of Legends coaching server wanting to help out the community by matching up pro players who are willing to coach with players who'd like to improve.
-Get answers for any League questions you may have from our coaches!
-Chill with us in our community!
-Get your VODs reviewed with the help of our partner!
Anyone is welcome! (Leave your toxicity at the door)
A community for psychologists,psychotherapists,philosophers,medical professionals,cancer survivors.