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TheFutureRealm is a server where we are all a family of gamers, we play games together, we get each other free games and also we do giveaways for each other! Make sure to join today to become family and be able to get a lot of free games!
Do you want to earn robux by doing simple surveys? Say no more, Robux-Now supplies you with the easiest surveys and highest payouts.
This is the last server on discord, free speach what we stand for. Join or die today.

No Rules
Lade freunde ein und bekomme kostenlose paysafecards
A cheap selling page of a shitload of Streaming,Gaming,Vpn Accounts!
nous sommes un serveur qui donnons GRATUITEMENT des comptes Premium de différentes plateformes (Netflix, Spotify, Fornite, ADN, WWE, Pornhub, etc...) !
Gift Card Giveaways is a new, hassle free giveaway server with minimum intrusiveness. Monthly giveaways for gift cards will be hosted, with other channels enabling users to advertise their own servers and general community based chats with global emotes enabled.
You don't want to work and you need money?

This is the perfect place for you!

🎥 Watch video's for cash!
📃 Watch advertisements for cash!
✍️ Fill in surveys for cash!
📱 Download apps for cash!
🔒 HTTPS secure!
💳 100% payout guarantee
🤑 Paypal payout!
💱 Crypto payout!
💰 $5 payout minimum!

TAGS : free | paypal | payment | money | advertise
Hey, we are a Server for Gamers, Beatboxers, Funny People and Talented People.

You expected:
-Funny Converstations with Funny People
-Beef is on this Server Allowed, so you can Beef whenever you want.
-A Weekly Giveaway up to 125€
-You will meet YouTubers, Streamers and other Gamers around the globe.
-You can write any language, but we are english and german based.
-You can get a ''Promote'' Rank, that allows you to advertise maybe your Discord Server or your YouTube Channel, or something u want

-Just stay active
-Don't Spam
-Send 18+ Content in the ''NSFW'' channel.

I would be glad if you join this Discord Server <3
A war between a kingdom of magic and a kingdom of technology. Which side will you choose?
#|Hello, we are ZombZie🧟‍, a hacking team made to fight against cybercriminals, to stop malicious and corrupted systems🚫.
>🔪We made this discord server to listen to your requests and help you deal with scammers/hackers/criminals/ppl who are threatening you. (A simple request may be free, but some requests can sometimes cost you💵)
>We can make some great giveaways in our server and we also supply services and more to the community for free so be ready for everything! 🆓🎆🎉
>And you can also join us and chill with everyone, so you are all more than welcome! 👋
>💗Our main objective is to grow the community and have our names graved everywhere. 📝
>🐱‍💻If you have some hacking knowledge, you are welcome to join us and be part of the ZombZie. |
**“last a while and know the truth” **
Get premium porn for free,
porn vidoes are automated posted with a full hd stream.
come join today and enjoy your fap.
This discord pays for inviting! Join and earn money yourself!

@「✱」Inviter II > $70 > 20 invites
@「✱」Inviter III > $140 > 30 invites
@「✱」Inviter IV > $170 > 40 invites
@「✱」Inviter V > $200 > 50 invites
@「✱」Inviter VI > $230 > 60 invites
@「✱」Inviter VII > $260 > 70 invites
@「✱」Inviter VIII $295 > 80 invites
@「✱」Inviter IX > $350 > 90 invites
@「✱」Inviter X > $500 > 100 invites
Do you want gift cards with no risk? No "Credit cards" requested, just your attention required! You may back out at any time, we just ask for you to visit once.
Hello everyone, GFX HOME is a free GFX server on discord with over 800 person and we are continually in need to read 1000 and we are searching for gfx designers and we do support youtubers with gfx for free!!!!!
The Union United Of Free Countries (Союз Объединенных Свободных Стран):
Republic of Pepestan (International server) -
Molecular Support (International server) -
Zap's Winter Hypesquad (International server) -
Garmony (Russian server) -
Republic of Pepeland (International server) -
Kingdom of Deltach (Russian server) -
Regression (Russian server) -
Gachi emojis (Emojis server) -
Ricardo Milos emojis (Emojis server) -
Rainbow MEOWMOJI (Emojis server) -
HammerMOJI (Emojis server) -
Dangerous Emojis (Emojis server) -
Steam chat ->
the dankest ghetto in your nearby hood. ;)
Looking to promote your social media's such as YouTube Twitch & Twitter or your g=just a graphics DESIGNER that needs more more this server is just for you so JOIN now!
Tired of Working, to young to work?
just looking for some easy cash or awesome rewards(like paypal money)?

Then come to™, where you can get rewards by watching advertisements!

Why come to us?

🔐 HTTPS Secure.
💎 100% payout guaranteed.
📰 Advertise your Discord server section.
👍 Good support team.
🎉 Weakly giveaways.
🚀 Discord perks.
🤖 Custom discord bots.

TAGS: Free Money PayPal Loot Advertisements Payment
hi! welcome to our art commission server! everything is free, but however we do have slots, minor gore and no nsfw drawings allowed. other than that, we hope you enjoy your stay and join our server!
Free Steam Keys given away daily in #freesteamkeys - Just type !ga enter