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FreeGamesNotify is a server for retrieving the latest posts from /r/FreeGameFindings & /r/FreeGamesOnSteam on Reddit. Self assignable roles on the server provide notifications for each subreddit you opt in for. Allowing you to be alerted right away.
Nous donnons des Comptes Premium Pornhub / Brazzer / Spotify / Netflix / WWE / Uplay (avec jeux) / Origin ...
:newspaper: **(100+ Members = Giveaway) PLATINUM ADVERTISING (100+ Members = Giveaway)** :newspaper:

**Hello There!** I see you have stumbled across our advertisement! Well let me tell you about this server! This server is all about advertising **YOUR** stuff, ranging from discord servers, You Tube Channels and all the way to Goods and services! Here are **SOME OF THE MANY** features we have at **PLATINUM ADVERTISING**

:handshake: Partnerships

:thumbup::skin-tone-1: **ULTIMATE ADVERTSING**

:tada: Giveaways



:shield: **Find New Servers**

:busts_in_silhouette: **@ 100 members possible server mate Giveaway!**


Owner: Incognito#8276

Join Sneaky's Communtiy to meet new people or to just hang out! We are looking for staff. We help you in any situation you wish to tell us! We are the safest community out there so why not give it a try?

⭐Special Roles⭐
-V.I.P Pro
-First Class

We also do giveaways! What's a server without giveaways?

-Google Play
And more!

We also support gaming people! We do events on special games.

-(Your requests)

Everyone is welcome here! We hope to see you here and have a great time at Sneak'ys Community!
The Official Channel of the YouTuber CragMick, a discord channel for helping people grow like myself. Also if you need gfx if have a graphics designer in my server so make sure you hit him up!
An Islamic organization that tells which religions is the best for you with all proofs and evidence!
Get premium porn for free,
porn vidoes are automated posted with a full hd stream.
come join today and enjoy your fap.
We are a casino server where you can bet freely and also compeat with other players

Also we have Ranks
Mega VIP
Official website:
GA community is a 100% community giveaways based server, for community, by community. All is automatic ! You can share your keys, or try to win, every 5 mins
France supported
An online shop is also available
Here you can dump roblox accounts, Win Account giveaways and get new accounts!
Welcome to Roblox Giveaways! We host giveaways for robux/items all day everyday! We also have level and invite rewards and gamenights! We give out codes, and even stuff for other games too!
There's only one rule here and that is don't piss off the owner. Any other shit you do is acceptable whether you want to be a pedophile or a human trash. Weekend Giveaways are held whenever I, yes, I feel like it. Although Nitro (chat) will be given away to those people who invite via permanent links and reach a certain uhh savepoint.
This will be further addressed in the server~
We are finding mass game giveaways (giveaways where everyone wins) , we have a raffles bot that is dropping daily game keys.
This is a BRAND NEW server with awesome PayPal giveaways! We are a discord mostly talking about games we love! Join now!

Hey, we are a Server for Gamers, Beatboxers, Funny People and Talented People.

You expected:
-Funny Converstations with Funny People
-Beef is on this Server Allowed, so you can Beef whenever you want.
-A Weekly Giveaway up to 125€
-You will meet YouTubers, Streamers and other Gamers around the globe.
-You can write any language, but we are english and german based.
-You can get a ''Promote'' Rank, that allows you to advertise maybe your Discord Server or your YouTube Channel, or something u want

-Just stay active
-Don't Spam
-Send 18+ Content in the ''NSFW'' channel.

I would be glad if you join this Discord Server <3
Hi, I run a 630+ member fortnite save the world discord, I would love it if people could join and help us grow!
The easiest and most efficient way to advertise your discord/website and gain more invites on other discord servers

Join for join system now available!
Do you want a FREE setup discord server, or want help getting your server setup, or even just want to make friends? Well here in Discord Setup, we will fit your needs!
Free Fortnite Accounts! We give away Fortnite accounts to our members daily. Just be active so you don't miss the drops!