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Welcome to Durag's Disciples a new server that started in November. We are destined to grow our server untill we have over 1,000 members. Will you join this upcoming server? or will you regret it later in your life and look back and join. JOIN TODAY TO HELP SHAPE A COMMUNITY
Like ROBLOX catalog leaks and limiteds? Well then, you can join this server as we find new, unreleased item leaks for ROBLOX.
Roblox club for chatting and having fun. We provide vip servers, robux/game giveaways, and frequent events. New group created in November 2017 already up to 1000 members and looking for more active members.
»Daily Giveaways
»Nice Staff Greetings!
»Chatting Rewards!
»Your lovely Giveaways!
»We need Staff!!Taking Staff Applications!!
»Showing your creation!
»Every Robux Giveaways must be 60 robux or above!
»Few pings~

Partnerships? Sure! Join now!
ROBLOX CHAT is a server where people talk about roblox play games together and have a lot of fun.
All reddit feeds which are coming in "/r/roblox" are coming in discord server.
Verification is highly necessary in server to know that you use roblox.

🌎 Roblox Verification 🌎

😮 Few Pings 😮

🎉 Robux Giveaways 🎉

🕵 Active Supporters 🕵

👪 Friendly People 👪
Welcome to my ROBLOX server! Here we thrive on ROBLOX, and we would love it if you would join us! We have tons of members, nice staff, and so much more! Come by and have a great time!

Owned by Fuchzzia
Member Count: 250+
Member Goal: 300

Also don’t join and then leave and make a threatening or rude comments, it isn’t cool.
Here at roblox limited investment, we organise massive "pumps" where all of us by and sell a specific limited at the same time. This allows you to make huge quantities of robux. You can also buy and sell roblox items here.
Smol but growing community that mostly revolves around roblox with GAMENIGHTS, GIVEAWAYS and FUN INTERACTIVE CHANNELS!
We have:

robuxplace is a group for people who do not have robux. we do daily giveaways of 10-100 robux (occasionally a big giveaway) I hope you join us soon in our comminuty
Want to earn free robux? Want to find friends to play roblox with? Well you can do both in this server. This is a hangout server that shows you WORKING websites to get free robux or giveaway servers.
Welcome to Roblox Giveaways! We host giveaways for robux/items all day everyday! We also have level and invite rewards and gamenights! We give out codes, and even stuff for other games too!
Earn Robux by installing mobile apps, watching videos, completing surveys, and enjoying offers for your favorite products and services.
Chat with people on Roblox Market and Sell stuffs too!

Don't trust other Middle Mans except the ones with Middle Man Rank!

We also giveaway Robux and do invites rewards and level rewards for robux!!!! Join now!
Roblox jailbreak cash too expensive? Want a account with good Phantom Forces Guns? Then this is the server for you! Create your own 'shop' and sell roblox in game cash , accounts and more for robux!
Here you can bot your ROBLOX followers for FREE...
Roblox related discord community server/giveaway
-nsfw channel
-music bots
Buy cheep robux here from other users or make money off selling cheep robux sell or buy cool accounts and more!
Hi what's up. In this discord server we have fun playing games, post memes, and we do daily giveaways!! Join in the fun now!
Smol but growing community,
This is a Roblox Discord Server. We do lots of giveaways for Robux, and lots more! Join the fun.
this is a server where we give out accounts for free on roblox and spotify some times even other stuff like minecraft we have private servers for roblox