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Welcome to MOVO:

Selling 2 boxes (60 Pokémon) of almost any Pokémon(s) from gen 1-7 shiny. Every 2 boxes is $10, and you choose what Pokémon is in the boxes
Legends and more are included with no limit to how many you can get
Join to learn more
You want some cheap Lol smurf then you came to the right place!

-We do bulk and single sells
-Warranty: We offer 2 Month replacement if the account is banned outside of your control.
-Save money with a limited coupon code!
Next best marketplace & community friendly server ✅

Join now and start making profits ! 💰


⚡Drugs cooking & synthesis
⚡VPS For cheap
⚡Hacking Tools
Come and meet some fellow gfx artists or find someone to hire! You can show off your work, advertise, get critique, or find someone you want to work with. Hope to see you there!
This is a marketplace place where you can buy and sell, we also have public mp.
The cheapest most bestest Rebate Cards around.
Rebate cards are prepaid Visa c4rds that have a set amount of money on them.
You can obtain these here for the prices listed below:

$60 Rebate C4rd - $20 (PayPal or Cashapp) ($15 for BTC)
$70 Rebate C4rd - $30 (PayPal or Cashapp) ($25 for BTC)
$100 Rebate Card - $35 (PayPal or Cashapp ) ($30 for BTC)

We don't only offer cheap ass rebate cards, we also offer lots of other HQ methods including a paypal f&f method, a paypal hack method, roblox cookie loggers & more!
A marketplace area including a wts, wtb, and wtb area is included so JOIN UP NOW!
⚡RoMarket Server⚡️

👉 Are you tired of only finding inactive marketplace servers?

👉 Do you hate scammers?

Then fear not to join our discord server!


Welcome to RoMarket Server, a new server with active and nice staff
We have competent staffs who are mainly focusing on scammers and rule breakers.
This brings the server a nice atmosphere.

What we offer to you:

👮🏼 A fair moderation 👮🏼
🛒 A cheap shops ( 300 robuxs Lifetime) 🛒
🕴🏻 Trusted middlemen 🕴🏻
😇 Active and nice community 😇
✨ Giveaways ✨
💎 Invite Rewards 💎
❌ Not too strict rules ❌


YOU, yes you. You are always welcome to the server, aslong you don't scam and follow the rules!

Come and join us now!
Hello people! This is an instagram growth community . In this server we will help each other grow in specific ways like :
・story4story etc..
The rules are simple : Just be friendly and kind with everyone.
Welcome to King's Market!

We have opened up our very own market, to sell legitimate products to everyone here!

We offer:

Bitcoin exchange
Paypal verification
Paypal unlimit

and much more! Join today!
hello guys, we would like to introduce you a league of legends market, here you can sell/buy league accounts (middlemen included).. we also offer boosting services (cheap/quality), we are a new growing server.
Over 300 active members and a loving community!

Giveaways (Steam-Keys, PSC, Games, Ranks)
Free Nitro
Free Games
Free Designs
Marketplace for everything
do you like getting products on the low? Are you in need of cash? If so, join ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴍᴀʀᴋᴇᴛ™! We offer many ways to help you out financially!
we are a community dedicated to blackhats or any other kind of aspiring hackers, we answer all questions regardless of what its about theres also drops and a marketplace
!!!LIVE GIVEAWAY!!! The Mist Market is a friendly community to sell and buy loads of items. Come and join, we do a giveaway and have a great invitation reward system.
― low moderation
― chill n cool ppl
― self-roles / colors
― a lotta game parties (pc, ps4, xbox, switch)
― random giveaways / premium account shop (nord vpn, disney+, hulu, etc.)
― drugs
— hackers
— sell things via our server
Sell, buy, trade your roblox items here. We are a kind community that would like to grow and become larger, join to become apart of the Xenormal trade hangout!
The hangout for gamers of all games!
-Swearing is allowed don’t abuse it
-LGBTQ awareness no homophobic behavior
-no NSFW
We play many games! Such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Pokémon and more!
This server is my YouTube channel’s discord but you can always join and not sub! If you wanna check out my YT it’s Aarow XD! Here we have fun and enjoy ourselves!
STAFF APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN-JOIN AND DM ME TO APPLY! I’m Aarow XD #8700 and I hope you enjoy your time here!
🍭 Weed dispensing

🧨 Cheap prices on everything

👮‍♀️No scam zone

🌙 Cheap shit
Are you a Seller, Trader, or Buyer? If so, Gun’s Market is the perfect place for you! We provide:

-Self Shops
-Roblox Shops
-Shops to buy, sell, or trade
-Free Robux giveaways/drops!
-Free giveaways/drops!