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We sell products and accounts in our discord server.
SMS/call verification, Accounts, giftcards
Feel free to take a look and advertise in our channels.

💥 Big M4rketplace Server! 💥

👉 Sale your product on👈
💯Active Lounge💯
🛒Buy, Sell, Trade & More!🛒
💯 Trusted staff and a friendly community 💯
🏆Reputation Bot🏆
💎 Friendly server, no toxicity allowed! 💎
💯 We don't tolerate scammers 💯
The #1 Friendly Market
Do you play GTA V?
Are you tired of farming money?
Do you want to get a lot of money for cheap ?

GTAMarketplace, the world's first GTA marketplace!

- We sell GTA Accounts
- Buy modded GTA Accounts
- Free Money Drops
- Paid Money Drops
- Promote your shop
- Trade
- Cheapest Price
- Have your account modded

Don't wait and join us!
-Welcome to 𝙎𝙮𝙥𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙠𝙚𝙩𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙘𝙚!
ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴡᴇ ᴏꜰꜰᴇʀ?
• Giveaways & Drops
• Marketplace/WTS/WTB
• Friendly Staff
• Friendly Members
• Chill people
• Partnerships
• Trusted People & Sellers
• Active Members
• And more !
𝕁𝕠𝕚𝕟 ℕ𝕠𝕨!
[ Shinxy - Discord Market ]
Shinxy Market adalah sebuah server Trading Market dan Keperluan Discord dengan harga yang sangat terjangkau.

[ Products Virtual ]
• Discord Nitro : Rp 75.000
• Discord Games : Rp 150.000
• Paypal Saldo : Rp 15.000
• VCC Paypal : Rp 50.000 - 70.000

[ Discord Bot ]
• Tatsumaki Credits & Reputasi : Rp 5.000 - 150.000
• Mantaro Balance & Reputasi : Rp 5.000 - 150.000
• Discord Autopost [New] : Rp 25.000 - 150.000
• Farmbot : Rp 50.000 - 150.000

[ Fasilitas ]
• Room Chat & Room Bot Aktif
• Events
• Giveaway Setiap Minggu
• Music Bots
• Games Bots
• Leveled Roles
• Share Link Discord
----Small Community Server----
💲 Buying,Selling,Trade & More 💲
💯 Trusted Staff And Friends 💯
⛔ Random Giveaway[Every Week] ⛔
🖐Games Accounts,Medias & A Lot More! 🖐
The Midnight Tea Club is a global marketplace-centric server with a completly in-house built bot named Matcha, and a user point market!

We are a predominantly furry-based server, although not specifically for furries. We accommodate for anyone and everything, so feel free to join no matter who you are or what you identify as!

Are you looking for safe platform to trade? then look no more! the new Atlantis marketplace brings back safety to trading! join us not for giveaways and more!
💥 Small Community Server! 💥
(We Will Become Big With Your Help)
👉 Chill Server👈
💯Active Lounge💯
🛒Buy, Sell, Trade & More!🛒
💯 Trusted staff and a friendly community 💯
🏆Reputation Bot🏆
💎 Friendly server, no toxicity allowed! 💎
💯 We don't tolerate scammers 💯
The #1 Friendly Market
Perfectly legal marketplace! Good for all ages. for the rest of our stuff! ;)
Shift Marketplace is a server where people associated with cracking, gaming, or wanting to sell services and accounts can come together.

Shift Marketplace has many giveaways and events that take place.
Our server has friendly staff, a helping community and friendly users.
Haxx's marketplace is a great place where people can buy, sell, and advertise listings for Counter Strike items, or fortnite accounts/items.
Trusted Refund Service!
Join & Check out the server to see what stores can be refunded!
Cheapest Refund service on Discord!
💯 For learning new things, trading configs, selling accounts, getting pastes and injectors, and making a non-toxic hvh community. We sell cracked/legit accounts, keys, and we have very regular generous giveaways. This is a growing community that has no desire for toxicity. We hope to get a market of programs and custom applications in the future. 💯
50% off doordash, Uber, and items on amazon! We have multiple vouches from various customers and are hoping you join us! Feel free to check us out and see for yourself.
A discord server where you can find every type of service and accounts. Also here are located middlemans that can be used for your trades
We are a new CSGO-Marketplace server where you can buy, sell and trade csgo skins.
We hope u have a lot of fun!
150+ users
You can sell anything here, buy anything and also trade anything! Join to boost your sales with reliable staff!

✅ Selling
✅ Trading
✅ Active staff
✅Liable buyers and sellers
✅ Premium advertising (buy slots to boost your sales for cheap!)
✅ More!
CPlusPlus's Shop is a friendly marketplace on Discord.

Our goal is to make CPlusPlus's Shop a safe and friendly marketplace on Discord.
🔥 Paradox Hub 🔥

You can sell, trade, and buy all types of stuff here in Paradox Hub. We strive to provide the highest quality marketplace for you to find the most affordable prices on accounts, and whatnot. Our server is highly strict on rules and scamming, if anything is violated you will face serious consequences. Join Today and trade, sell, buy whatever you want!
Best MarketPlace Ever!You won’t regret Joining!
Best place to spend money safe and to buy and what ever you need! We have middlemen for safety and a chance to have your own store!
At this discord, you can invest your money so you can get more money! Is not this beautiful? With a small investment, you can earn up to 8 times more than when you give me cash. Are you interested in how it works? Write to me in a private message or join my discord -
The Marketplace

You can sell your stuff in the marketplace but there is a cooldown

There is trusted people for selling and buying you stuff are allowed to trade with other people. Giveaways happen often even drops. Join now to The Marketplace