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✨ Marketplace
✨Sell and buy your desired services!
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📢 📢 Join Dark plug Market!
🔔 Last server got banned at 1600 members
➡️ ✅ Friendly and helpful staff
➡️ ✅ Selling, buying and trading channels
➡️ ✅Trusted marketplace
➡️ 🏪 Shops
➡️ ⛔️ No scammers
💲 Twitch & Spotify Services - Earn easy money by streaming. 💲

Our Bot-Service gives you the chance to earn money easily by streaming. Our private AdBots see the advertising before your stream on Twitch or hear your songs on spotify and you get paid for it. 🤑

✔️ professional support
✔️ fast processing
✔️ trusted service
✔️ access to our members only discord category
✔️ HQ service
✔️ 24/7 Support
Worth joining , best instagram community server.
Just be respectful with each-others.
Have fun !

💎Diamond Market
💰 Buy, Sell, & Trade
🛒 Custom Shops
✔️Verified Sellers
Server espanglish.


Boost Rewards OP

Among us


Minecraft plugins, schematics, servers, etc.
〚⚡Thunder offers:〛
《🌎Active Community | ActiveSellers》
《❄️ Active Admins》
《❌Keeping Scammers out》
《🍾 Giveaways》
this is a market place where you can sell all sorts!
:party_rainbow: Connex Market Server:party_rainbow:
:seizurediscord: - Invite Rewards!
:VerifyWhite~1: - Sell/Trade/Buy
:8321_discord_partner: - Shops
:rainbow_sheep: - Buy a Shop (Increase Sales)
:redcircle: - Daily Giveaways
Defiance Market:

-Number 1 online marketplace
-Sell and buy from our communnity
-TOS Friendly
-Free Middleman services
-Anti Scam
-Trusted roles

Join up⬇️
monthly deals and discounts 💯
We are TeamEA, providing you the best YouTube Premium Service available. We will upgrade your Account to the best prices to free you from those annoying ads while watching beloved content. 🍿🎬
• Always here for you! Just open a ticket. ✔️
• Get your products in minutes ⌚
• Worldwide available 🌎
• all legal, without any shady terms or conditions 🚨
• No account information needed! ❌
• Absolutely risk-free for your account. Promise! 🤝

See you on our Server! 👋

- A friendly server where you can make some many and chill too.
- Buying / selling
-Daily giveaways
-24/7 staff support
-Dank memer
⭐ Welcome to Phase's Social Media Store! You can purchase high quality followers, likes, etc for several social media platforms here. You can also sell your own products or buy from others!

⚡ | No Scammers
➕ | High Quality Products
🌙 | Experienced Owner
🛒 | Public Marketplace

Join now!
📢 📢 Join Drama Market!
🔔 Last server got banned at 1600 members
➡️ ✅ Friendly and helpful staff
➡️ ✅ Selling, buying and trading channels
➡️ ✅Trusted marketplace
➡️ 🏪 Shops
➡️ 🤖 Vouch Bot
➡️ ⛔️ No scammers
«───────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ─────────»

⌠🛒 Buy, Sell, & Trade⌡
⌠🏬 Cheap Shops⌡
⌠🤝 Partners⌡
⌠✅ Verified Sellers⌡
⌠✏️ Homework Help⌡
⌠🎉 Giveaways⌡

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Welcome To Homies Marketplace this server have:
2 Boosts and a lot of Good things.
Buying/Selling systems.
A lot of bots.
Free Drops And Giveaways.
You can buy shops and sell your programs and things here.
If you get scammed you will get back 50% From what you got scammed.
Invite rewards that are Based on fake or real invites.

everyone is accepted here!

Welcome to Indigo's Marketplace!

We're a new, and upcoming marketplace on Discord. We're a community full of sellers, buyers, and traders.

What does "Indigo's Marketplace" provide?

- Active community
- Giveaways
- Trusted Marketplace
- Willing to work together
- Experienced Founders in the marketing section:
- A professional team
- Minimal limitations on what you can sell/buy/trade

What is "Indigo's Marketplace?

Indigo's Marketplace is a Discord Server Marketplace. It's a place for people who are trying to sell, buy, or trade whatever they may have. The word "Indigo" is just a name we came up with, as we have multiple servers, but with different concepts.

Come join, and check it out:
The server used to have 800ppl but got banned and we are trying to remake it
Join if you are looking for a place to buy sell trade ur items with free middlemans and trusted members <3

Why should you join Lilth ?

No scammers

Fun Games with Bots!

WTB, WTS, WTT Marketplace area


Cheapest shops out here


So...what are you waiting for?
We sell anything and everything
Active Staff
No scamming
Free Stuff given out
Shops available for purchase
And partnering