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Haikyuu House rp
Hello we are a new Haikyuu RP Discord Group called Haikyuu House RP. We are set after season three and are looking for new members and would love to have you join us!! We cant wait to have you join us! We hope you enjoy your time with us and we cant wait to make memories and friendships with you!
It was about 100 years ago when the first question was asked. Back then, most Betas didn't know about the existence of Alphas and Omegas. Only those who were close and got the privilege of knowing. When this rumour finally came to the right person, they started investigating - finding proof of the Alphas and Omegas existence. And that was when it all started.

- Active community
- NSFW channels (optional)
- Many open characters
The largest, most active and popular Haikyuu Discord out there. Feel free to join us. Our server includes everything such as general talking, roleplaying and many more fun features on our server.
A Haikyuu RP server where all Haikyuu related RP and chatting can take place! Come join us in a shipping and team adventure!
Hello! If you love the Nekoma volleyball team in the anime Haikyuu!!, please come and join us for interesting conversations, cool fanart, and much much more!
This is a domestic AU roleplay server in which all the Haikyuu roleplayers will gather to roleplay or establish their roleplay styles using their own words and creativity. It's called Aesthetic Tokyo because Tokyo is quite a common city amongst people and known for its aesthetics - nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art.

There are jobs that your muse is required to do for their routine daily life.

This AU might become quite boring for you guys, but I will make something different for another day.

e.g : Body Swap
: The Purge
: Kidnaping (If someone wanna or agreed to play as a villain for that day happens)

I have changed this server, about 60% from the previous one, but you guys could suggest something awesome! Don't afraid to ask me and the other admins.

Have FUN!
A Community with which you can talk about Haikyuu, Volleyball and Anime! Feel free to come by and share your thoughts on any of the above, aswell as other topics! :)
We are a Haikyuu roleplaying community that has a rolling system, special powers, giveaways and an actual season which includes Nationals! So come join us and go to Nationals!
Haikyuu University AU takes place in a world where all the characters from Haikyuu start their university life together. Our characters go stay at a big dorm; where they room with another student. They will go to class or to their club, here they can meet the other students and create bonds. There are plenty places off school grounds to meet with the others students too. Occasionally an event pops up too!
This is a small close-knit community of Haikyuu lovers that love to roleplay. If you have a passion for role-playing and a passion if Haikyuu...join us!
✿ A Haikyuu RP server ✿

✿Welcome to the Café Haikyuu!✿
This Server is an open and relaxed space to RP as your favourite , softest Volleyball boys! We have IC and OOC chats, music streams - that run lofi hiphop, jazz etc and kind, supportive staff!
This is a literate Haikyuu Rp chat. You can be in more than one rp group with more than one character. There might be NSFW content, based on what the people who join think about it. Anyone is able to join.
This is an awesome Haikyuu rp that was recently created and I hope you will join!
Welcome to Produce HQ our Idol AU for roleplayers of the wonderful Haikyuu universe.
A group for use the community of people who are in the fandoms of BNHA or Haikyuu!!