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In an age of technology and modern ideology, the gods are all but unknown. Their existence is made aware only to cults hiding in shadows or madmen raving in sanitariums. A strange occurrence or two is dismissed with a half-convincing scientific explanation that will ease fears of something more supernatural and those who have made contacts with the gods desire to tell the world of their existence, no matter what.

The cults wish to end this age of supernatural secrecy, to show mankind that the gods do exist. And the only thing that can stop them is the gods themselves, as man is ultimately their creation, living and dying by their whims.
Hey! You there! Aerilon Clan needs a demigod like you! Join us and help Aerilon clan Thrive! Welcome to the strongest clan of demigods to ever exist!
This server is based on Egyptian gods/goddesses. You get to choose from 5 different residences. There are tons of open spots right now, just for you! Join now for some fun and exciting events!
This is a role play server based on Rick Riordan books. Hope you can cime and enjoy~
A Percy Jackson based rp server for greek mythology fans! Welcome to Camp Greek! Make your own half blood or full blood boy or girl! Also, powers from other things are possable to include! Now, welcome to Camp greek!
Of mortals and Gods is a modern day fantasy rp server
Before there was gods, now none remain. No one knows what happened to the gods but what we do know is that the city is attacked almost daily by corrupted Mythical creatures. Perhaps you are a chosen one, handed a small amount of power by the gods to help defend the city and find out the source of the corruption? Perhaps you are mortal, just trying to help as best they can against impossible odds? Or maybe you're a mythical creature, trying its best to not only help protect the city you once built in harmony but also to help your corrupted brothers and sisters?
The choice is yours what you believe. But Gloria needs your help, that is certain
Revilon Clan

Join Revilon and help our clan grow and thrive. Join our clan of cursed hybrid godlings and enjoy a new perspective on roleplay!
Revilon clan is based off of the hybrid offspring of gods/goddesses from different cultures, cursed to live in the mortal world for the rest of eternity. Want to find out more about our roleplay server? Join Revilon Clan!

We Have:

-- Active and friendly staff willing to answer any questions you have
-- Revilon Clan is based on a never before seen lore
-- Constantly changing plot lines
-- Willing partner ships
-- MEE6 leveling as well as our own, brand-new, achievements system
-- A creative, semi-literate, rp-ing community that we hope you'll be a part of soon!

Join Revilon for an all-new role-play experience
Welcome to Camp Mythofaction! the camp for those chosen by the Patron Gods to be blessed with powers beyond that of the humans. we have Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse, and Hindu! feel free to join :)))
Welcome to The Marked, this is a role play wolf server where wolves Aline with gods and goddesses of Greece. Here you can roleplay, join packs, make friends, and create lovable characters!

The story-

Long ago, a goddesses soul feel to earth after she was killed for a crime she did not commit. On Earth her body lay where Artemis found her. Feeling bad for the now dead goddess, she aligned the goddesses with an animal. Wolves. That species of animal would then go on to worship that goddess. Because the goddess was being worshiped, she gained power and returned to the living, granting some wolves the powers of other gods. However, there was a side effect to this, as all wolves who held the power of a god would have a marking. A marking that made them different.

Because they looked, and were different, other wolves began to fear the wolves with the gods powers, or *The Marked* as they are more commonly known.

Packs were formed, and The Marked became hated in most packs, oppressed, and distant...

After the marked had been forced to stay silent for so many years, they are now ready to fight back. Ready to die. Ready to *rebel.*
Long ago, there was magic in the world. Lots of it. There were fantastical creatures, and mages, beings that looked and behaved (for the most part) like humans, but possessed powerful magic. There also, of course, were humans. The humans didn't recognise their own power, and grew jealous of the mages. A war broke out, humans with their might and wrath on one side, and the mages on the other.
The gods were horrified and angered by this, and resigned to taking away magic, and hiding it away from the vengeful humans.
Eventually, all memories of the times when magic had reigned had faded away to simply fairy tales, and that's all they are now.
Slowly, however, it seems a small magical society has risen. They (the magical society) call it Alentia's Sanctuary, after the goddess of magic. Young people who haven't realized their potential for the craft find their way there to study. Over the years it's become almost like a school, where students go for eight years to be educated. Humans mustn't find out about it.
But will they?
This server is a roleplay based on an idea I had for a book long ago, but never was quite able to piece together. I hope you'll join!

We've just started out, and don't have many members yet!
Here is a server that's very unlike many other rp servers, with a sense of community, as well as the freedom to do anything you want, just about everyone is welcome here. For the freedom part- let me explain... You can be anything, a god, fallen angel, whatever you desire, you may be powerful, and omnipotent. Rp how you want to!
A friendly place of gods and demons who need new members and are looking for long time companions in our small yet active community.
We are a made up rp. You can be The god of your choice, and you can make new friends
The Realm Of Xenozen-
The Realm Of Xenozen is a supernatural/gods roleplay. You create a character, level up as you play and your character strengthens. Come join us.
This is an early Iron Age roleplay where you can make a tribe or be an adventurer or explorer or anything really! This server takes place on three different islands; Walak' Zerun, Zamba' Talib, and Wai' Haw. We offer tons of different places to roleplay in, new people to meet and much more!! Join A New Beginning for a fun-filled time!
This server is a roleplaying server. We are a small server starting to build up and hoping you will come help. Here you create your OC and go round the world fighting other empires and the demon king. During this time you will come across mythical beasts, untold mysteries and the all powerful gods of the world. You will choose between the Russian empire, English empire, American or the lone wolves.

The universe was created by the gods who created every emotion, sin, elements and creature. The gods made a world of life which was their greatest acomplishment but with everything,darkness seeped into the world and dangerous creatures came which forever changed the world. The three empires threw the world into turmoil when they started to wage war over the gate to hell. During this war the inhabitants of hell took notice and saw this chaos as a good time, so with the help of the god of death, Lord darkend brought an army of dragons and demons alike who live in the world to cause havoc and kill mankind. Who will stop this crisis? With the help of the gods it could be you!
We're a chill server with a catch- everyone is a God or a Worshipper! Active members can choose to be gods, and we're just a server for chilling, having fun, making friends and gaming!
in a world where the gods have fallen and left their belongings to magical creatures and humans who co-exist in almost constant war a fighting college attended by multiple species (demons angels bakeneko and more) was created after a giant war won by midworld between species followed by a peace treaty. the school was founded with the goal of improving the relationship between the species from the overworld mid world and underworld
Let's reach 100 members! ☆ This is a post-modern roleplaying server with a great community, diverse styles of roleplay, unlimited characters, high quality and extensive lore, as well as lots of character freedom! A class Heaven vs. Hell story, with a new and growing pantheon that is invading this universe! There is plenty to do here with tons of areas to explore, quests to do and characters to meet, come join us. ♡

Our perks include:
-High quality template
-over 70 rp channels, 5 countries
-2 divine realms
-Friendly staff and members
-Generous power scaling, diverse power levels
-Open for partnerships, we do everyone pings if asked
-Detailed lore, literate roleplayers
-Casual players welcome as well!
-Those who don't roleplay may have special channels in which they can share their characters and writing!
It's a Greek mythology world pretty much, in the ancient times. However with different gods. You can become a god, or be a demigod, be a king, or be a citizen, be a warrior, commander, and
whatever you desire. This is ancient times.
We have:
~Many places!
~Gods, demi-gods, and creatures!
This server is just about getting Old Gods to rule the world again because the New Gods are bad at it! This will likely contain things from sexual to disgusting and death is permanent! The staff is very nice, I think so please check it out! The lore contains more information.
--- Welcome to the Cosmos ---
The world of greek mythology, join in and become a god/demigod/titan/human/monster we do have rules on how this works but they are fair and good, have kids, control your own realm roleplay, chat and make friends.
What if the Greek Gods did not exist? Instead, there were new Gods and Goddesses. Welcome to Camp Blarion! Join and dive headfirst into a familiar yet new world. Filled with new Gods that have never been seen before! This is Camp Blarion.
What happens when someones decides to mess with the forces of nature and open the portal to a new realm?

Come join Realms of Deities, A roleplay server inspired by Greek mythology! We have
✧Multiple bots to play with
✧Multiple NSFW channels/roleplay channels
✧Friendly atmosphere
✧Experienced admin and staff
✧Experienced rolelayers
✧And people to help you feel at home!!
The perks of being in this server are
✧Being able to be part of a family
✧Having tons of fun
✧Feeling like you belong
✧Games and roleplays to not make you bored
Some of the bots we have include
✧Mee6 (for leveling up)
✧Mantaro (for daily quests and music)
✧Fredboat (for music)
✧Dyno (for automated replies to certain phrases like "uwu")
✧Pokecord (for Pokemon fun!)
Once we grow big enough, we will have
✧Games and trivia for points to earn your own custom role!
The Deities are waiting for you, hurry up and join!!
For thousands of years the races of the middle realm have lived in peace in harmony abiding the code of the Articles, but a dangerous thing has happened. The Militibus mors Est have stolen the Articles. Now the clans of the middle realm have come together to fight one final war who will you join and how will you fight.

Choose your faith and fight for your story