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A fun server that has less policing as other Ace servers. Just be cool and not an ass and you should have fun in this server.
Tyranny Of The Majority is a democratically-governed server where each member has equal say over server rules and changes.
We have lots of fun text and voice channels for politics memes and art so come join today!
A Fictional Nation in the Fictional world, With communism Falling and Democracy Rising, The Nation still lives on. With a Leader who is known for many things, the Nation could be one of the most Notorious in the Fictional World.

What we Have:
- Roleplay
- Hunting
- Economy
- Politics
- Cities
- Hunting
- Border Offices (Verification System. This makes the server safe from Raids)
- Allies
- Jobs

Come on and join the Community!
Are you tired of servers where all the admins are megalomaniacs who don’t care about their members nor their opinions? Well, you’re in luck because we are strong believers of utilitarianism. We strive to create an environment that all of our members are satisfied with. We guarantee that all our members will have a say in how the server should be run. In this server, everyone is treated equally. Join now!
Do you want to find a place with a functioning economy, active mock government and your very own political party? Then join the Free Caucasus Territory!
We have Included:
1. Mock government elections and debates
2. Anarchist and socialist interactions
3. Functioning economy
4. Dedicated Admin team
5. A Fresh New Minecraft Server!
We value democracy and freedom above all else and will stop at nothing to let the people have that!
So what're you waiting for? Join the link below!
Logic: Politics Community

"Logic, the reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity. History, Science, Politics."

We welcome all types of Communism, Anarchism and Democrats, whether you are Centrist, Left-Wing or Right Wing. Over 20 different types of Communism, Democracy and Anarchism ranks available, ranked by you yourself, as a member of our server.

Do not take advantage of the system above.

New Server - Formation on the 16th of October, 2019.
Join the Mobela-Carpathian Union today!
We are a unique micronation based in several places all over the US.
Fully functioning government!
Irl economy in progress!
Join today and help us build a new future!
(100+ Members Strong) | Welcome to the United Democracy of Memeria! We are a community server simulating a country--with tons of rooms to chat and discuss! Uniquely, our admins and moderators are elected by the people in free and fair elections! We have a unique job-system via one of our bots that allows members who chat and participate to get the recognition they need to run for public office (staff). We're a growing community!

A server by and for social democrats! We accept socialists and liberals, but the server's main focus is social democracy. If you are a socialist or liberal joining the server only to antagonize, don't forget where the exit door is. Also, NO HATE SPEECH.
Join Trumar, a recent nation with lots of potencial and ways to grow. Help build a great trans-national country, we're looking for active people who wish to enroll in the development of this micronation.
There's vacant political positions waiting for you!

first channel thats like rl politics, just less corrupt and a bit more fun, THIS IS NOT A DEBATE CHANNEL, its just a server to have a bit of fun and stuff,
Duchy of Nirige is not a ordinary server-state, unlike a majority of other server states we offer a system which makes everybody's opinion count, as well as a dogecoin server investment system, which allows you to buy and sell shares like it's a company. Along with experimenting with this new ways of operating we have a small and friendly community. We also offer a system to nitro boosters which can give them a small amount of dogecoin to repay a small bit of their nitro, just as a thanks. At the moment the server is rather quiet so feel free to join and chat wih us, it would greatly help!
Welcome to the nation of Altearn! We are a democratically run server with a vast community. Here, you can socialise with others, take part in the government, and become integrated with the community. We even have a functioning economy! If you are interested in politics, responsible, or just want to socialize, then this server is for you. We now have a Music Bot with a dedicated channel, a meme channel, loads of areas to talk in about various topics, and responsible admin staff. Come in and join our server.
Welcome to a democracy better than those boring “a servers.”
We have elections, a voting system, and more.
Also the server houses UDN (United Discord Nations).
So enjoy your stay!
Welcome to our democracy server! This is like a normal server, but we elect presidents regularly and rules are made democratically.
Welcome Friend!
We are the portuguese republic. A democratic server representing a mock government where you can create a party, participate in assembly and concur elections. Come in you have nothing to lose!
Ocastio brings online democracy to your citizens!
Our mission is to make voting easy, secure, and automated.

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Hello, welcome to !nvite! A democracy where the people hold power! The citizens could run as president, mayor, leader of a committee, and much more! Your decision will shape the server. If the government becomes corrupt or you dislike your president you could overthrow the government and impeach the president! The Owner of the server will not be able to use his power until he is president. That means whoever is president runs the server.
United States of the Northern Republic
Begin your Freedom
Get into congress and Pass bills and/or acts!

Philanthropy, Raise public awareness and increase popularity! Be a Citizen!

Vote your President and/or Congress!

Make our economic well-being better.

Serve as a Justice/Judge or even become a Prosecutor!

Greetings reader, today I will explain this factual evidence and providence to you.
This is a alternate history of America If america were to change there flag and name. Barely anything thus has changed, but maybe some of things in our revised code. We here at the American Republic believe that not only members matter, our citizens matter even more. Your rights and your right to express freedom and anywhere you go, maybe even set up a broadcasting center? serve on our grand judicial or even process criminals by being a Prosecutor. Come today! Why wait?
Welcome to Chill-Zone! We are very glad to have you here! The goal of our server is to connect people together to talk about various topics, and to just have a good time! ^-^ This server is still a work in progress, because I'm in the 8th grade, so I have a lot of school work. And studying, for that matter. We allow members of all ages, as long as they are 13 or older. We also offer NSFW (currently being worked on), friendly staff, non toxic members, and, soon, once everything gets situated, memes! Join Chill-Zone today, and if you like it here, don't forget to tell your friends! ^-^
**Hello,this is the irish empire! We are a mock-nation that competes with the british empire and spanish empire and so and so.We have:
💵 a economy
🗳 elections
A army
A emperor
And a prime minister!
Join today,be part of something bigger!**