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(100+ Members Strong) | Welcome to the United Democracy of Memeria! We are a community server simulating a country--with tons of rooms to chat and discuss! Uniquely, our admins and moderators are elected by the people in free and fair elections! We have a unique job-system via one of our bots that allows members who chat and participate to get the recognition they need to run for public office (staff). We're a growing community!
A fun server that has less policing as other Ace servers. Just be cool and not an ass and you should have fun in this server.
A server by and for social democrats! We accept socialists and liberals, but the server's main focus is social democracy.
We hold sessions for Roleplays, soon we'll be celebrating a total of 1 month! Yay! We're not the old, but are still new. We hope you come and join us in time! We expect to see you there.

We also have Overseers, who are traded out in terms. Which last a month. We will add a hall of Overseers, listing all of the Overseers in the past.
Welcome to Republic Of Diskordia

We are a democratic server that have elections and representatives. Anyone welcome!
with 100+ members
+With active text chats, voice chat, regular events and games
+You can be sure there will always be something to do. Once you join, don’t hesitate to get to know others!
+ Feel free to make yourself at home and make new friends!
+Also if you are easily offended do not join, or do at your own peril.
We’re active and we have:
ψbtw we also have no life
ψActive staff
ψFriendly users
ψMusic bots
ψEasy and fun to use bots
ψVariety of entertainments channels
ψGaming channels
ψSpam safe
ψIdiot safe....ish
And way more!
I would love for u too join! ⛧⛧⛧
Ping: @everyone @here
we are mostly active in VC in the evenings UK/USA time, so if it seems emtpy its a mostly vc active server
The capybara society is a democraticly run community for anyone to be a part of, we have rpg, Pokemon, laws, giveaways, and more!
Hey, you! Just came in at the right time! I'd love to introduce you to a server called ✰ DEDICATION™. Dedication is a server that's been around for almost a year and has recently been revamped. New people, new channels, new roles, new everything! Here in our server, we run a democracy. Anyone can vote for staff, sign up for staff, create events and clubs, and keep our community happy and alive! We hope you join us today!
Welcome to Demcord! Here we vote for moderators to ensure that only the best people get to moderate and keep the server a friendly place. We are a small and tight community of non-toxic, positive & friendly people to hang out with and befriend. We are always friendly to newcomers and try to keep the moderating away from bots as much as possible. You are welcome to chat about anything here, from venting to gaming or anime.
Basically just a country server with votes and factions, looking for new members and voters as this is a new server.
The Great Nation of Discord is your next favorite server. Enjoy the wonderful community as you run and vote for your aspiring leaders. Join parties and work together to rule the nation!
Well Hello there you are probably curious as to what this place is. well we are the TR and we are a peaceful democratic server on discord we have lots of elections, our own currency, and much much more so please come join us today. (keep in mind we are NOT a rp server we just have elections as a feature)
These are the voyages of the USS Seraph, a Dauntless class experimental science vessel assigned to a remote corner of the Alpha Quadrant in the year 2419. The Seraph will encounter new life and new civilizations on its journey well out of known space, and there is room for all sorts of roleplaying styles.

The USS Seraph is a democratically-run text based roleplaying server. This means that all active roleplayers will be able to have a say in the way the server is run, and the staff team is elected through serverwide votes. Our staff team is devoted to listening to the will of the community, and we value the input of all of our community members. There is still plenty of room in every department, and plenty of opportunities for promotion.

Come join us on our new adventure today!
The Democratic States of Lashnakia is a newly-created micronation, with the ambition of growing and giving people with political interests an intriguing experience. You can be appointed to the cabinet, win a senate seat, or be nominated to the Supreme Court. You could win the election to be Prime Minister, or be elected to the highest, mainly ceremonial role of President of the Democratic States of Lashnakia!

Come and have fun in a friendly community!
We're an average sized server, run through horizontal democracy (we're about as democratic as you can get on discord).
We hold both political and non-political discussions.
Most of our channels are SFW, but we have an NSFW one
This server has a seperate staff system that makes the server how YOU want it, not how the owner (myself) does.

Hope to see you come along 👌👌
a democratic nation in north america
The year is 1776 America just earned its independence will you help bulid the nation. Try to rise the ranks and lead the country your way
The year is 1921, Germany was devastated by the Treaty of Versailles, only the German people can fix this, the foreigns, the ones that ruined the country, the economy, the unity, and basic needs, only YOU can fix this by becoming a citizen, you can help the new German Republic by:

1 - Join the Military Corps, in which you will serve the Weimar Republic, for a better future and to protect the people and families from the foreign terrors and homeland rebellions.

2 - Join the Police Corps, which in you will protect the German families and officials, to establish German order inside the country and keep those who want to harm us away!

3 - Create your own political party, which in you will lead Germany into a new political future, by establishing your own laws and policies, which will either protect or diminish current German rights, will you lead into a European Fascist Superpower, or will you continue with the current policies and fix us diplomatically and properly?

4 - Become a government official and influence choices inside the Weimar to lead us on to a better or worse future in which Germany will prosper or fail.

So what do you say, will you join us and help the Republic prosper, gain unity between us, and destroy German opposers, or will you lead Germany into which it has harsh policies and government that will gain it’s people unity, prosperity, and gain from politics and brute force?
Server built on Democracy. No seriously. It really is. No autocracy. Anyway, we are a fun bunch that *should* be friendly. Come join if you'd like but don't forget the pizza.

**Join the Country of Vrass today!**

:ballot_box: Monthly elections!

:guardsman: Join our military!

:dollar: An Economy!

:man_in_tuxedo: Run for your state, our the Country!

:hammer: Justice department!

Oh, Just join!
This server is partially a democracy, meaning experienced players create laws. We also make our own memes, or heist them. No normie shit allowed or reposts of things recently put on the server.
The VRP is dedicated to balancing mobocracy with tyranny and establishing a economic system that works with automation to provide all with the resources they need to survive