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This server if the official server for BLM, we are growing and the more members we get, the more we will work on it, we are supporting the cause that black lives matter, we are a community and we must stand together to make world peace.
We are fighting for the rights of George Floyd. Join to leave flowers. We may consider raiding hate servers against Geore, with pictures of him and kind comments, not spreading hate. Please stay safe. We would appreciate if you joined so we can spread justice for George.
We are a server that supports those who are being oppressed and we fight against all evil of ROBLOX. We will get our justice and revenge we deserve. All people who think it’s funny to hack and look down on others in ROBLOX games...think about how people will look down on you, think about your reputation and how this will effect you, and certainly you don’t want to be defeated by one of our members who happen to be very skilful in their ways of fighting against oppressors. We also will do roleplay wars when our game is finished by our fabulous game builder and scripter. Any questions? Join the server and ask us, but make sure to read our rules first and use grammar so we look formal. Thank you and see you if you join! :)
Is there a case in your server that you want to report? Report it to this server. We are NOT a roleplay server. We want to help the victims of pedos and etc. Again we are not a roleplay server. You can sign up to be in one of our detective units. We want to get justice for the people.
Discord Police (DISCPOL) is a server devoted to rid the Discord Community of illegal servers, and users participating in illegal activity. Members are able to report other servers/users. Members within the community are able to join the force and rise through the ranks. We actively enforce ToS throughout Discord through our multiple services. Join today!
- this server is a good one if you are other people, don't bully a gay or furry and be good friends instead...
- here is it helpful to before all and no roles! not a lot of freedom, but it keeps going updates!... "UwU"
- furries, I live a hard life without you, I need you all to make this server to a safe place to others pls?
FROM: "the unknown guy, who gets banned from froyort and west haven"
A left-leaning independent server focused on justice for all who face discrimination and degradation along with those who don't and want to support those who do.

We will have a debate channel, live streams, and other events.
We also will have a website, which will be linked as soon as that is set up.
Currently, we are looking for independents who like neither major party or the two minor parties, and are looking for a party that will represent their interests without the corporate interference and donations that the major parties have.
There's a dilemma for new adults between trying to get rich so as to afford to live the way they like in the current system, and making what the Buddhists call a "Right Livelihood", where it's okay to enrich yourself, within the framework of building a better world as the primary goal.

I want to offer a solution to this in the form of the latter, as working on any one of many of the Justice Oregon projects can lead to well-paid professional employment.

The thing that differentiates Justice Oregon from the millions of other nonprofits is the willingness to surrender control.
Un server de rol para quien quiera pasar un buen rato en sus tiempos libres! da igual quien entre, admitimos a novatos en el mundillo del roleplay, te enseñamos! ^ ^
Hello there, do you feel like you've been wronged? Well look no further as we are the people of the International Court Community. But what are we exactly and what are our goals you ask? We Believe that every person on Discord should have a Fair Trial for the actions that started a Conflict. We are a Community of smart & intelligent people who put their skills up the the test with others to be the best in Law, Order and Communication. Well I'm out of time, hope to see you there
Bonjour à vous,
tout d'abord, sachez que nous sommes une organisation qui à pour but de lutter contre la
cybercriminalité en général, nous ne sommes donc pas une organisation criminelle à proprement
parler, mais simplement un groupe de citoyens comme vous et mois agissant pour de bonnes causes selon nos capacités.
Nous essayons donc de créer une communauté aussi grande que possible, personne n'est inutile, tout le monde peut se porter volontaire pour certaines actions.
Nous avons donc besoins de vous !

Nous aidons pour toutes les causes, luttons contre les mauvaises, et évoluons grâce aux nouveaux personnels.

Nous sommes très ouverts d'esprit et tolérant, mais bien évidement toutes suspicions de troll
ou encore de discrimination et autres encore sera pénaliser dans les plus bref délais et banni si besoins.

Nous pouvons être comparer à un équivalent d'une justice informatique, nous essayons d'agir simplement pour de bonnes causes et non pas dans l'illégal.

-plus d'informations sur place

Vous pourrez trouver les conditions de recrutement et autres dans ce serveur !
This server is based of the CAPCOM games of the Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney series. Were starting it in 2019, with Phoenix Wright having lost his attorney badge, and working as a pianist and professional poker player. This RP is focusing not only on the flashy "Objections!" and "Hold its!" of the court, but also the crimes committed, and things happening not relating to the legal system.
Hello we are an friendly community of vgilantes/heroes,we got an army to patrol in Roblox and other games, we fight for justice and peace! You dont need to join our milita,you can be here just for fun and get a /Member role/ or just ask us and we can create a role for you! We can chat for fun anyway we got some good memes in meme channel. If you hate bullys and injustice and you like heroes and vigilantes then this group is just for you! We fight for justice and peace,we play all kind of games not just the roblox.
We are a group looking to make a large following, preventing discord from being impure. Join our cause, and be among the righteous!
A Young Justice role play server. You dont need to be a Young Justice character, you can be who ever.
A server to bring Brexiters and Remoaners together - so that Brexiters can abuse Remoaners for 4 years of democracy denial.
This is a server for a game in ROBLOX called Greenville, WI.
Once you apply for civilian, you will be able to roleplay as a Police Officer, Firefighter, Paramedic, and much, much more.
Movement server meant to minimize and spread awareness to the toxicity online that exists. #justicemovement
The time is now! Join the Wheeze army and take down racism! Every member is valuable and can help us expand, we can reach greatness together! We get dirty so Discord can stay clean.
Welcome bullyhunters to your new HQ.

After the bullies conquered our website and struck us down we needed a new place where we can unite make the world a little more better.

Here we will gather intel on bullies and strike when they least expected it.

Your job is simple, first you ask for a mission at the mission appointment chat. Our operators will then give you a bully to track down. Once you find the harraser, neutralize it. (A knife kill is highly recommended). Once neutralized, warn the bully about that bullyhunters are always watching.

Your mission could take a long time as we are not a approved agency yet. Work discreet and dont take much attention in your mission as it could start another bully uproar.

After your mission is complete, send any high ranked hunters proof of your success (B class and up) and a rankup will be considered.

In your freetime please invite other recruits that could benefit us.
Have you seen a person that is breaking rules, raiding your server and other stuff? If so, then you have to the right place. This server helps YOU to remove the criminals of social media. So why are ya waiting? Join now!
Hello, I am Akairi, I go also by bec and I am the judge in this server
Me and friends basically help out other servers by all means, either if its relationship, raid, etc.
We can determine rights that should be put throughout discord.
Poliice force wiill have power a2well