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A fun new server based on the principle of freedom of speech
Tired of all those pesky servers with mod abuse the minute you say something they dont like? well we have
only 4 rules
- no spam
- no targetted harassment
- no server inviting in any form
- use the proper channels
And that is all! you can say whatever you want apart from that! So why not join us and be part of our free and wild community
This is a self-governing server. Anyone can make their own roles, create new channels, change their nickname/color, change other peoples nicknames, add or remove server emojis, use text-to-speech (/tts) announcements, bot commands, (mass) delete messages messages using bots, drag people between most voice chats and more. There are plenty of fun bots to play with as well as channels to explore which include topics such as Videogames, Anime, Politics, Music, Porn/ERP, and many random user-made ones as well.
Psst! Hey kids!
We got a really cool tree house
We have candies, gameboys, pc, and a lot of lube and tissues
Come join us
Post memes, talk about the things you like, create anything you want. We will have a custom bot that can RPG T^T
= + Welcome to Headpats Only! + =

We are a small community who really love cute lolis, anime stuff and gaming!

Rules are very relaxed here, as long as you don't break TOS.
Hwy everyone. We are a active community based on memes. Nudes. Fetishes and all your perverted and kinky fantasies
We have
- nudes
- memes
- 1:1 female male ratio staff to make it fairer
-spamming area
And are generally relaxed with our power usage so you won't be punished for something minor like swears
The Corrupt of The Past is a Rp server of freedom, where Creativity is more valued than a set of rules. We allow Role-players to make their own Categories and Channels, as well as make any character they want. We let the creative Minds of others flow in Roleplay, as we believe that the creators are entitled to a Story that best suits them. Our admins are Chill, Our community is friendly, Drama within the server is handled with care, and we are very open towards new ideas and concepts. For a Roleplay Experience you can shape, Join our server......

The Corrupt Awaits.

And yes, There is Lore.
Named in honor of the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence by the United States of America to Great Britain, 1776 is a political debate server centered around YOU the user and restraining moderator tyranny. Join the revolution!
Now with Color Roles!

The Silicon Road is a server revolving around the principle right of freedom of expression. We enjoy offensive, dank, and cursed humor with memes posted almost more often than chats themselves.

We do not prohibit types of opinions in our rules directly. You are free to share whatever you feel that abides by the aformentioned rules.

However - we also do not "break up" fights unless it's just annoying to the majority. If you wish to discuss something, you may do so. We may only step in after a large bit of the community requests for it.

"Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us."

That's a lot of "we"'s, now what about you?
If you're a dank memer, 3p1c g4m3r, or just looking for a chill place to have fun...
Then join the Silicon Road today!

fuck you
1. It is purely voluntary.
2. It cannot be created or sustained with violence, aggression, or subjugation.
3. It leaves the individual to rule themselves.
4. It relies upon the idea that, if an individual is unable to care for themselves, the members of the community will voluntarily offer to help that individual.
5. It can provide social services, the only contingency being that funding for such programmes is collected through voluntary donations.
6. It has the room under the breadth of the theory to satisfy socialism, communism, marketism, primitivism, feminism, and any other -ism one can think of so long everyone partaking in that society does so on a consensual basis.
7. It ensures total freedom for the individual.
The name of the server means 'to show kindness' or 'to foster', as well as 'serenely beautiful' (the Maori name for the Department of Conservation is Te Papa Atawhai). This is a fun emote server so do what you want. this is Defalized's 2nd server introduced by Mitchronika. CHECK OUT OUR EMOJIS. You can make you're own channel roles etc anything you want just enjoy yourself. H/Rociday/271
This server is the chillest server you can find, you can talk about anything you want in the white house
Do you wanna join a server and not have to follow rule? Guess what in my server you can do just about anything. You want to make your own channels do it, you want ur own custom role, go for it. Wanna trash talk, and be a fool go ahead. This is a server where you can do what ever you want
Come join the Republic of New England! You can join the military, work, be a police officer, join parliament, etc. AND YOU CAN EVEN RUN FOR PRESIDENT AND LEAD OUR SERVER TO GREATNESS!!!!
we are a rehab server where you're free to talk about whatever you please. We don't judge. Come on in and post freely.
This is where you can do WHATEVER you wanted(as long as it’s legal),the server has every humans’ basic needs .The admins are friendly,sociable and usually active . You can help them to improve the server!
THE BIRD NATION is the best, most free, server you have ever been in! Invite your friends and tell all about your new favorite server! We appreciate all our members from new to veteran. From just your basic general chat to roleplay and memes, i'm sure you will find a place for yourself. Once again, THE BIRD NATION invites all, embraces all, and most importantly, we are sure you will enjoy your stay!
Hello there! I am a general from a far away nation in the depths of Discord. Currently we are looking for new citizens because we have few, so we're handing out nationalities for anyone who wants to join!

Join the Revetic Republics, an online Discord nation with a unique ideology based on freedom of expression and respect of ideas. You can just hang out, work for the government or make yourself a name by joining our army to spread our word. We have channels for nearly everything, or we create new ones. Idlers are pruned, so you can always expect activity once we grow up.

You can also always propose laws and vote for them, so YOU have a voice here.

Meet new people and change us now!
Become a Citizen Now!
Evermour City, a continuation of the Evermour Highschool storyline, taking place three years after the events in the highschool, leading to it's destruction. The City allows for greater heights as to what your character could accomplish and gives the possibility for almost anything. Join now to get your daily dose of awesomeness, only made better with our amazing staff 🤗🤗
A small private server goes public. Shithead Haven (a.k.a. wack wonderland) is a moderation free server where you can be free and talk about whatever you want!
Small and humble. I really don't know the purpose of this place, but it's quite fun around here.
Welcome to Apocalypso. A server where you can pretty much do just about anything you want. You can own your own land submit your own lore and there is little to what you can't do. Just respect basic rules and etiquette and have the fun of a lifetime.

Where Magic meets tech! God and Machine! Imagine the possibilities!

And YES NSFW is allowed

We are looking for staff currently

Lore Master
Game Master
Economy Master
We are the Azerbaijan SSR we have our own religion called Albanism and we are a socialist micronation. We are trying to get more people to join us so that we can help other micronations' good causes. We believe in respecting everything and everyone. We accept all beliefs and ideologies. We are extremely friendly.We are part of the USSR community which has over 300 members. We also have medals one of them being very special and is only awarded to those who are here for the 5th month of the Azeri SSR. Which is 28th of October 2019.