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Welcome, Traveler. You have arrived at the gates of Ultima !

Within you will climb the ranks and ascend through the layers, discovering new realities beyond the veil

Through the favor of the higher denizens of the upper layers, you may seek initiation, climbing the ladder ever higher - Until you yourself attain the role of initiator!

​How deep do the layer descend, and what secrets are to be found within?

We wish you all the luck on the journey, Traveler.
New server, no rules except global, most permissions granted to everyone, no tyrannical moderation!

> This server was inspired by tyrannical moderators and aims to provide a centralized location for fun posting and open discussion with minimal mod-interference.

> Anyone can change your nickname, you can change anyones nickname, use text-to-speech (/tts) announcements (you can mute this if it annoys you), add or remove emojis, kidnap people in most voice chats by dragging them between channels, and more.

> Anyone can rename the 6 "user-defined" channels to whatever they want and alter their permissions. Popular channels will be immortalized and others will be reset periodically.

> No "EXP" or dance is required to earn roles since everyone here is treated as equals. If you want a vanity role created simply message me or any of the Enforcers, or use the "role-requests" channel.

> M4F Sex Chat is where a man waits for a female to chat with them one-on-one

> F4M Sex Chat is where a woman waits for a man to chat with them one-on-one

> F4F and M4M are lesbian/gay one-on-one chats respectively

> Music + Mics allows voice chat over music

> Music - Mics is for people who want to hear music only

> "safe-space" is the only comfy/SFW channel, permissions are restricted there and it's moderated more like other servers.
Looking for a server where you can promote your servers and people will help you in everything
In my server you can share your
Game play
YouTube link
And lots more
Ask other to play games with you
Make frends
In over freedom server
Welcome to Roleplay century, we have:
-NSFW Roleplay for the lewd
-SFW Roleplay for fun
-NSFW bots
-And much more freedom to create than most servers

But please respect the rules, we don't want anything to ruin this, and we hope you don't as well
•are you tired of the ammount of chaos found in big servers? want a server to relax a bit before you go back to making epic memes?

•if you said yes then join "The Meme Crusaders" to get an epic victory royale!

•we got two nsfw channels

•mods tell you some Facts of the day (eh)

•if you make an epic comment we save it in the top comments channel (yeah!)

•you can flip your lid in our spam channel! (epic)

•we have minecraft servers (so we back in the mine...)

•self advertise channel (for everyone who wants new members)

•weekly movie nights (woo!)

etc (oh)
Hwy everyone. We are a active community based on memes. Nudes. Fetishes and all your perverted and kinky fantasies
We have
- nudes
- memes
- 1:1 female male ratio staff to make it fairer
-spamming area
And are generally relaxed with our power usage so you won't be punished for something minor like swears
Welcome to The Lagoon surfers! We are a new server looking to grow a community! If you're interested in a server that promotes positively and free speech this is your place! We have a music bot and a few other bots to have fun with here. More will be added soon! Enjoy your stay at The Lagoon!
welp we are a friendly bunch lots of memes hentai the usual stuff u probs be asking...what can i do in here? the answer is
EVERYTHING! nothings taboo or forbidden.
u can be whoever u want whenever u want.
u have the complete freedom.
join us cuz we only 40 yknow?
note:the freedom u get doesnt mean u can annoy others just mind ur own business!
A welcoming small community where you can chat with like-minded people, learn about foreign culture and practice language skills! Welcoming staff and owner. We are planning to have an electoral system when we get enough members. So why not drop in and say hi. Inclusive for English speakers and non-English speakers alike.
Kixa High School is a roleplaying server, and as the name implies, that setting is a high school in the center of a bustling city known as Eiridius City. (server coming soon!!!) In this server, you may roleplay as either a student or a teacher if you wish. Any species is allowed, and i've done my best to allow for a decent amount of OC freedom.

Please enjoy your time with us, and i hope you have fun here at Kixa High.
Have a nice day!!!
Hey There Discord Users. Want a fun server to hang out? Want to use many of our boys? Do you like memes? How about loose rules?
And do you believe that Saturdays are for the boys?
Well we've got it all at Meme Anonymous. We have:
Dank Memer
Rick Bot
Discord Miner
Many More Bots
A friendly Community
Nice Staff.
Plenty of Channels
What's not to love? Come join and have a good time.
Welcome to the Glistening Sanctuary! We are a server dedicated to gaming, anime, artwork and general conversation. We aim to bring people who think alike together into one community where everyone can discuss their interests unimpeded


What you can find on our server:
‣ A whole category dedicated to anime including news and artwork as well as new shows
‣ A category dedicated to gaming
‣ A category for artwork
‣ Self assignable roles
‣ Chat rooms for general conversation
‣ A category for bots keeping the rest of the chats clean and spam free
‣ Regional chats supporting all languages worldwide
‣ NSFW category
‣ Reliable and helpful staff

server logo credit: .: Blueness :.
by Pure-Poison89
Find your match a lot of cuties to talk to and play with :)

- Chatting
- Make new friends
- 24/7 clubbing
- kinky mingle stuff :P
THE BIRD NATION is the best, most free, server you have ever been in! Invite your friends and tell all about your new favorite server! We appreciate all our members from new to veteran. From just your basic general chat to roleplay and memes, i'm sure you will find a place for yourself. Once again, THE BIRD NATION invites all, embraces all, and most importantly, we are sure you will enjoy your stay!
If you have ever experienced tyranny from the emotional whims of a tyrannical moderator, this server is the place to come. Here, you are guaranteed protection from moderator tyranny. Come and be free in Politics Freedom!
In this server, everyone have Administrator permission.
Hello there! I am a general from a far away nation in the depths of Discord. Currently we are looking for new citizens because we have few, so we're handing out nationalities for anyone who wants to join!

Join the Revetic Republics, an online Discord nation with a unique ideology based on freedom of expression and respect of ideas. You can just hang out, work for the government or make yourself a name by joining our army to spread our word. We have channels for nearly everything, or we create new ones. Idlers are pruned, so you can always expect activity once we grow up.

You can also always propose laws and vote for them, so YOU have a voice here.

Meet new people and change us now!
Become a Citizen Now!
Discord community for a new political movement. Aiming to unite the world under one government. With technology and peace in mind.

Join us and help us make this new ideology. Created by minds of a community, instead of one individual.

Freedom of speech, heavily promoted in our server.
My server is on its fresh start and I want it to be great but I need help. If you are dedicated to the server enough you might even be able to become an admin. But anyways the server is just mainly for games but I am hoping for it to be much more than what it is now.
Centuries after the development of Intergalactic Travel, (AIT), distant Interstellar factions are within their personal peaks of development. However, as they feel a new enemy may be rising in the adamants of space, the factions are forced to set aside their prejudice and construct a super weapon; The Invictus. A massive ship with what they believe may contain the source of their problems, and the source of their salvation. The best and brightest throughout the galaxy are selected to board- all seems well for now as the Invictus is docked at a large station by the name of Base Cheyenne. Whether it be Base crew or ship staff, there is tension in the air, as you and your soon-to-be companions feel something brewing on the distant horizon.
Here, you can litterally do anything you want, as long as it follows TOS and is sfw! Our one other rule is no spamming. Channels are for the users to decide the purpose, but there is no enforcement if that purpose is broken! Yes, even advertising is allowed.
A server dedicated to libertarian politics, dank memes and discourse
In this Roleplay server, I allow utmost freedom when making an OC, with very little restriction. This server is currently brand new, so i would like some members to at least give this a try, and give me feedback.

oc freedom (like 3 rules lol)
Life in an alternate world
large amount of channels
an owner that listens to the community when possible
no mandatory events
lore barely affects roleplay
secure roleplay
somewhat interesting lore (my opinion anyway)

This is the Realm OF The Broken God.
This world was once ruled by an all powerful being known only as The Entity.
Over time, the power of this Entity died off, and it seemed to have disappeared for good. The inhabitants of this world soon took over, and made it a sanctuary for all beings of all types, under the protection of a group of gods know as the divines. The sanctuary has withheld the torture of time, but eventually all things must end. the utopia that was made, died, and the modern world took over. The once great city that was at the center of it all is now just that, a large city. All things paradise-like about it has been washed away, and its community is no different than cities like that of New York City. The only defining qualities of this city now is its extreme diversity of species, and its big-a$$ pyramid in the center.

I hope you enjoy my new server, see you there!