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Find your match a lot of cuties to talk to and play with :)

- Chatting
- Make new friends
- 24/7 clubbing
❄️❄️ Freedom of Speech! ❄️❄️ Discussion and debate (LGBTQ and liberals needed!)
Welcome, Traveler. You have arrived at the gates of Ultima !

Within you will climb the ranks and ascend through the layers, discovering new realities beyond the veil

Through the favor of the higher denizens of the upper layers, you may seek initiation, climbing the ladder ever higher - Until you yourself attain the role of initiator!

​How deep do the layer descend, and what secrets are to be found within?

We wish you all the luck on the journey, Traveler.
Hi, welcome to the server! We are a NON-NSFW server that welcomes everyone! Hope you enjoy!

*Confusion*’s owner, Floof Paw#8169
We Fright For freedom against Africa. They destroyed our sever so we fight for freedom against Africa and to stop them from doing it again to anyone else.
There are no rules. Lots of profanity and racism ahead. Anarchy time.
Bring all your friends for a blastin' shitpostin' experience. Join the server for a BOOM BANGIN' time! Usually VC has faggots in it. Also, big tiddie e-gf's.
This server guarantees freedom for you debaters that others servers will not cede you: Absolute freedom from tyranny.

The goal of this server is to have a Republican system of governance, with an executive, legislative, and judicial branch to insure your rights are not trampled upon.

If all of that is not reason enough for you to join, you should join due to the crown jewel of our Constitution, enshrined in the Fourth Amendment:

“No figure of authority shall employ authority abridging the right of the people to question their actions, or to speak against their actions; nor shall a figure of authority employ authority to control the speech or behavior of those acting in a way personally, or generally, disliked.”

If you hate tyrannical mods, this is the place to come to. You the user are put before the mod's whims and emotions.
Let's start from the beginning: This server is something very personal to me, as it is the embodiment of a lot of shit that goes on in my imagination, popular fictions encountering each other, ranging from cinema, anime, video games and even books.

I wanted to share this madness of my mind with the good people of Discord, I don't count on making this very big, but rather just right for it to be comfortable, people will be allowed to do whatever they want and new channels will be created as bios are created, I'm curious to see just how far a collective mind can go using characters and places we all know and love!

If you're still reading, thank you for going all the way to the end, it means a lot that you'd put aside a few minutes of your time just to read someone rambling on about a childhood dream finally come true. Love you all, have a nice time!!
Just a simple server for people to share with others. Both nsfw and sfw channels, VC, and general chat. Come join the Club
We're a chill server so join to chill out with peeps and talk or play games with each other and do other shit, who knows.
In this server, you are free to have your own opinions on ANY topic. We have debate channels, games, anime channels, art, and more, JOIN TO OPPRESS SEVERS THAT MAKE YOU FOLLOW RULES KEEPING YOU FROM EXPRESSING YOURSELF
‍ ‍Welcome to Hentai palace
‍ ‍ Summary
A community server with barely any rules and can do as you like we have alot of bots and have a staff schedule we have events and a cash system aswell. Come stop by and have fun!!
‍ ‍ ‍Features
•🤮Self assigned roles in #🔴autoroles
•🤮Hardly any rules
•🤮Multiple Bots
•🤮Lots of voice channels
•🤮pls join my wife left me this is all i have left after the divorce
•🤮Willing to partner with almost any server 200+
An all American server for community and American history! Everyone is welcome and we permit as much free speech as Discord allows!
Be sure to check my twitter out @DaSleepingFire!

Surely just a pure fun cringy exp here
A server dedicated to libertarian politics, dank memes and discourse
This is a more allowing server where you can meet all kinds of unique people like small YouTubers, furries, Weeb trash, and even people that still like Undertale.
Welcome to Freedom Kingdom!

We are a group that strives to eliminate admin abuse and promote freedom for users. We love memes and we are very active.

We aren't very strict, but make sure you follow our rules.

Thank you for reading, and if you join, enjoy your stay. :)
Great community full of wonderful people.
Talk about anything you want and say anything you want.
Talk about drugs, anime and anime girls.
People are active in voice chat.

Free robux.
Our Ideal future is the total liberation of Ranch Dressing. We will bring word to the streets and fight for our right to enjoy Ranch Dressing
Welcome to the wonderful world of Livada, where you can make relationships, make riches , find adventures, and just have the freedom to be whoever and whatever you want a roleplay server for people who want freedom.
chill with me in FUN TOWN

free speech
state-sponsored tendies
sort of a US revolution aesthetic
we have it all folks
The universe is ever expanding and full of strange creatures and wondrous places beyond peoples wildest dreams, new races and planets are being discovered every day, wars and peace treaty’s are nothing short of common. The Astral Guards are protectors of the galaxy. They make sure to maintain order and supervise all illegal activity. If you were wanted by these people, it wouldn't be good news because you'll be broadcast-ed around the galaxy.