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A discord server dedicated to letting conversation happen through fair moderation, structured debate and openness.
The server has functions for relaxing, like music and chill-rooms.
Just a place to come do what you want. Whether it's just make friends, just chat, or you want to find new people to play with, we have it all.
18+ server for people to hang out/play games and generally just be less anti social in. If we find out you're a minor you'll be banned though ;)
Grand Central Roleplay is a new and upcoming roleplay server, we have an anime channel, gaming channel, and a bunch of various locations for roleplay!
Welcome to the domain, a modern day online society. Enjoy all the social benefits of the world right from your own home. Join in lively conversations, vote in elections, earn roles in our social class, and help lead this democracy to greatness. With your support the domain can become everything you’ve ever dreamed.
You wan´t a server, where you can meat new peoples and play games with them? Or hear music? We wan´t a big social community!
Than join the server and you will see!
-The Owner Commanderda
Our server is a small community or friends willing to get some more to talk about random stuff that people talk about on discord and to have some fun with some bots. It is a nice community so far and we wish to keep it that way. Abide to the rules and you will be spick and span.
An SCP Roleplay/Conversation server. You may make your own SCP, as long as it is approved by the Admin.
🔹🔷Welcome to The Broken Server🔷🔹
🕯️Seeking a place to call your hang-out on Discord? Then look no further!🕯️
☁️We are a new and developing community full of wonderful people, every person is welcome!☁️
We Have:
🌦️〉A developing community of 10+ members!
💡 〉Channels to keep/further conversation!
💎〉Active and friendly people and staff!
🤖〉A selection of cool fun bots and music bots!
🎉〉Fun events
🔗〉An NSFW page (Ask an admin for access)
🌈〉A very special default role 'Noob'
💖〉Well setup server with a clean layout
⌛〉More coming soon! (Including partnerships!?!)
🌤️You are amazing! At The Broken Server, we wholeheartedly welcome amazing people like you!🌤️
If you are looking for a kind, thriving community full of love and compassion where you can truly let loose then you’ve stumbled upon the right place!
🌥️Just join already!🌥️
🎀To me, and everyone who's looking for a friend, this is never the less than a place for you!;
So it's time to ask... are you gonna join The Broken Server?🎀
A server for political and philosophical debates and discussions, and a fun community. Ran democratically.
Long posts and full sentences- channels for opinion pieces, gaming, diary entries, advice requests, and writing/art critique.

No level 30+ role grind. No bought roles and unnecessary monetization. No bot-games, intrusive welcome banners, long list of rules, or obnoxiously long list of vanity roles. Also don't expect a "Kawaii-Bot" or 1:1 male to female ratio nonsense.
✦ Seja bem-vindo(a) ao :re, um servidor brasileiro no tema "cafe". Venha bater um papo amigável sobre animes, jogos e muito mais! ✦
This is a friendly RP server and if you have any questions you can ask and we will answer,this is after order 66 so when the jedi got betrayed and you can be a canon character like anakin skywalker or your own character.
tMegle is a site for users to meet completely random strangers and have a genuine conversation!
A server for fun, conversation, and friendship! Come say hello!
its jus chill send pictures and memes pls and we say uwu hope youre ok with that lmao we got lots o bots and yeehaw sis . tea

This is a place where you can meet new people or play games with friends and really do whatever you like!
Our Discord server is mainly based on hanging out. We focus on having fun and play video games with people. It’s a home to a vast amount of people from all over the world with various different interests so you're bound to find a friend.
We also have many active members!
For General Audience Server where you can hang-out, have conversation, play and have fun with other member of the server
It's a fun server. Join the Nation of Snails. Just be active! WE ARE SNAILS.
This server is a break from toxic communities, It's made to create a positive atmosphere between people / players, a nice community of people whom can play, experience and talk among-st each other without drama, toxicity, insults, bullying, and abusive behavior. If you want to be toxic, start drama this isn't the place for it. Do it in another server, or in dms with the person you have a problem with. If you choose to go against this servers purpose, you will be banned / kicked / warned depending on the action you chose. Welcome to my server I hope it has a positive impact on you.
Hello everyone! Welcome to the Silk Moon Cafe, a recently newly created server dedicated to meet new people and have new conversations. With people, bots, and roles dedicated to spice up the server, we hope you join this newly founded place.
We are a fun server where we converse on the varying topics of DC. Whether you're a DC Cartoon Fan, an Arrowverse Fan, or a DCEU fan, we accept it all.

(Yes there is a Marvel section lol)
Geography & More

A serious but friendly community for all things related to Geography. This includes, but is not limited to, economic geography, political geography, demography, cultural geography, urban planning, real estate, environmental planning and GIS. The server is specifically intended for people either working or studying in a related field. However, other interested people are welcomed as well. Besides serious discussion, there's a meme channel for the dankest geography memes.