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A leftist and queer community to discuss politics, philosophy, gaming, horror, art, film, music, and LGBTQ+ issues.
Left Unity Gaming is a non-partisan meeting space for anyone left-wing who enjoys gaming to find other likeminded people to share a hobby and fun times with.
This is a server focused on learning critical leftist theory, philosophy, psychoanalysis, etc. We host multiple reading groups and users are able and encouraged to make their own groups.
A diverse leftist community-driven place where we hang out, debate, discuss various topics, play games together, occasionally voice chat, and generally have fun. The USSD has a channel dedicated to our (Kerbal) space program, an anime channel, and many other active channels for different interests. There is a fully functioning government which has ran our community since 2015 and is always looking for new folks to help out. We accept leftists of all types, whether you're an anarchist, a social democrat, a communist, or even if you are not sure of your ideology, you are welcome in the United Soviet Socialist Dictatorship discord.
The people have risen up! No more people are going to be the mindless pawns of soulless system of Capitalism, nor are they going to suffer from any kind of national humiliation. Social Nationalism for everyone who are oppressed and death to those who are oppressors.
We are a leftist political server made for debates, but people with different political views can join too. We are very active.
The Socialist Server - the largest pan-tendency socialist server on Discord. Aims to provide a platform for socialists of all tendencies, anarchists included, to discuss, chat, learn, and share resources.
Leftist Geeks and Gamers is a server dedicated to building a community of leftists interested in discussions on pop culture, video games, and other forms of nerd affiliated media.

Our primary focuses are organizing gaming events and creating a positive place for those looking for a chill time.

People who are curious about leftist or left leaning positions are also welcomed to join as well.

communist shitpost server. were real communists, not memesters. all leftists are allowed. Very feminist, a bit maoist to uwu. Join and have some fun commies. Moist Maoists are in here btwwww.
Downward is a brand new server dedicated to hardcore punk music with a wizardry gimmick. Founded by trans and non-binary people, we aim to provide a welcoming and fun place for other LGBT+ and leftist folks who like heavy music. We have tons of music and chat channels, color roles, leveling, bots, and a weekly listening event anyone can join. We're even level 1 Nitro boosted! If you're into hardcore, grindcore, crust punk, metal, or like cheesy spellcasting characters, Downward is a great place to be.
Welcome to Leftie Chats. This is a server for all "Leftists" or "Anti-Capitalists", primarily, to learn, discuss, organize, and debate.
Capitalists and right-wingers are also welcome if they behave nicely and in good faith.
Have fun and enjoy our server!

This is an anarchist server primarily directed at social anarchists and leftists but ancaps are welcome too.
just be sure to verify and we'll let you in.
ALSO this is not a safe space. because slurs powers are a social construct and I don't believe constructs should have power I let ppl say them jokingly but if i catch someone bullying or harassing someone on purpose with them I will remove them pronto
A new leftist run community and political server. We are focused on healthy involvement in and discussion about politics, philosophy, history, economics, science, and other social issues. As well as keeping a higher standard of moderation, membership, and content.

The server also features a detailed list of self-assignable roles and learning resources.
The Moratorium is a mystical refuge for left wing feminists to debate and discuss the issues of the modern era in a peaceful environment. This is a primarily leftist server with a vetting process mandatory new members to join.

• Cats
• A single gif of a long nosed chimaera
• HE
• Various channels for discussions
•Server contests
minor server for chilling. Feel free to join, political stance doesn't matter, we accept everyone cuz we vibin

Maybe we will add events, maybe not, you'll have to find out
We are a tight-knit community of leftists who have come to be disillusioned with the constant lies and propaganda being spread about the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). We are Discord's largest DPRK discussion server and are looking for new members!
The Socialist Syndicalist Union Discord Server is the proud home of a leftist NationStates community, built predominantly on the principles of socialism, progressivism and of course inclusion. Talk, debate and share, there's nothing better than listening and learning from each other, and I know many talented folks out there have wondrous works to share. We accept all into our server and hope to continue building up our little slice of socialism.

For those of you interested, we also have a vibrant political scene and virtual government for those of you into roleplay. The SSU presents you with a chance to run for office, administrate and pass laws. Power is in your hands!

So regardless of your leanings come join us today. Solidarity, now and forever!
to discuss ideas, strategy, current events and everything else with a forward-looking socialist perspective
Political/Music server. We welcome anarchists and anarchism leaning individuals, other leftists and rightists are welcome as long as they remain respectful. Metalheads and punkheads are welcome as well.
- Nitro Boosted Server
- Self-Roles
- Technically Advanced
- Self-Made Bots
- Communist & Leftist Community

Hail Jacondo!
A server for Anarchx_Feminist (politigram) and any general anarchists! Just a chill place to hang out and such. We have lots of roles and server events, as well as a couple of debate channels.