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We are a leftist based community dedicated to discussing and debating world issues! We hold daily polls and host a huge online library! Currently at 275+ members!
A safe space for trans people of all ages and identities to hang out, talk about their interests, and other trans related subjects, as well as non-trans related subjects, whatever really as long as it doesn't break the rules, I can't tell you what to talk about, I'm not your mom.
The Socialist Gamers group is a safe and progressive space for all with videogame interests and intentions! We host regular game nights, events and activities, as well as an active community free from toxicity.
The Socialist Server - the largest pan-tendency socialist server on Discord. Aims to provide a platform for socialists of all tendencies, anarchists included, to discuss, chat, learn, and share resources.
This server is a safe space for leftist comic fans. We are open to all kinds of comics fans, whether they be DC, Marvel, manga, independant, European, or webcomic fans.
Memend tegen het kapitalisme, strijdt het linkse Tuig van de Richel voor volautomatisch klimaatneutraal luxecommunisme met LHBTQ+ karakteristieken!