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A friendly and inclusive Left Hand Path / Satanism focused server that is welcome to all, regardless of ethnicity/race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious practice, etc. and does not tolerate discrimination, bigotry, or harassment.
⚖️Welcome to Abysmal Rift⚖️

⚖️This server is primarily dedicated to Left Hand Path (LHP) practices and belief systems.

⚖️Our goal is to create a community in which our members can discuss occult matters and practices free of restraints.

⚖️We are a close knit circle which values serious discussions as well as loose off-topic ramblings.

⚖️ We offer an archive of many sources to educate less experienced practitioners, as well as a wide selection of self assignable roles and many bots

⚖️This server is merely a rift in the something of nothing, join us if you will.⚖️
⚖️Solve et Coagula⚖️
This server is an unofficial server for people of Ohio who wish to learn about Satanism or just be a part of the community.
This server is based off of The Temple Of Satan, which is an atheistic Satanism. We do not believe in god, devils, or magic here. This is also a non-profit server. we will not require anyone to give us any money but donations are appreciated. We are here to make a space for open and healthy discussion.

Everyone is welcome as long as the rules are followed.
Main Objective We Strive For
- We hope this server will be different from other Occult servers. We have built this server not kin to the social Occult like servers you see littering disboard and other applications. We have built this server on maturity and helping others. We have not placed an age limit (Besides TOS 13+) but we do expect maturity and respect from all members. (We do encourage people of about 15+)

What we can offer
- A safe environment for all creeds and backgrounds.
- A true larp free place of learning.
- A reasonable staff who don't run a discord server for power and control over others.
- Being banned for breaking rules not being yourself.

What we can't offer
- We can't offer an environment with dating roles
- We can't offer an environment where people will be banned for personal reasons
- We can't offer an environment where dangerous behavior is rewarded

If you desperately need these traits in a server made for the Occult your looking in the wrong place.
This is SatanicBabies!
This is a new server focused on satanism!
𖤐We are lgbtq friendly
𖤐Any religion is welcome!
𖤐Fun bots and chatting!
(Server is a work in progress so suggestions are welcome)
Please enjoy your stay <3
Nox Atrum is an 18+ community, created by and for practioners of the left hand path, though we welcome those of other paths as well, providing they are here to learn and follow the rules of our community.

🌹・✧・ Features ・✧・🌹

👁┊ Numerous opt-in categories, allowing you to choose what you desire to see (or not see)

👁┊ Channels related to magic, divination, energy work and more

👁┊ Dozens of social channels

👁┊ Server Lecture Hall, consisting of member's collected and personal writings

💜┊ LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC friendly


⛔・✧・ What is NOT permitted in this server ・✧・⛔️

✧・Alt Right Ideology
✧・Toxic Masculinity
✧・ Bullying
✧・ Racial Slurs
✧・ LARPers
✧・ Trolls

🌹・✧・ We look forward to getting to know you! ・✧・🌹
~Welcome to Pagan's Pentagram!~
We're a fun and friendly server for satanists, wiccans, pagans, and witches alike! We welcome everyone who is part of one of those practices or anyone who wants to learn! Here at Pagan's Pentagram we hope to design a large community for satanists, pagans, wiccans, and witches to feel comfortable, and a community for new people to learn.
Nobody is discriminated against here, not for their race, their sexuality, their gender, their religion, or anything else. We take all the steps needed to be a safe place for everyone.
Here are some things you'll experience at Pagan's Pentagram
- Friendly staff
- Self-assignable roles
- A wonderful community of people just like you
- Acceptance
Please consider joining, we'd love to meet you!
This is an 18+ literate gothic fantasy roleplay server focusing on vampirism, satanism and aristocracy a la Downton Abbey!

The year is 1890 in the kingdom of Prussia.
Within a deep pocket of dense, dark wood, connected to the rest of the nation by a single rail and one train, is the town of Rosenthal, a very Catholic town with a rich and unsavory history. In isolation, the town seems to have regressed rather than progressed, untouched by the prosperity the rest of the kingdom experiences except through day-late newspaper articles and visitors. Rosenthal is a large town in a larger Duchy, holding on the outskirts the looming castle of the Duchess and Duke themselves.

Rosenthal is well noted in occult circles for her rumours; rumours of vampires living in the Hesse castle, missing people, satanic rituals, exhumed graves, mauled corpses and wild cackling from the hills are all commonplace within this town, marked by dull streetlamps and dark houses.

Witches covens, werewolf packs and vampire houses have come and gone from Rosenthal over the past centuries, but some of these groups still remain. With a thriving mine in the hills behind the town, it often attracts immigrant workers searching for a piece of Germany's flourishing economy. Civilians workers are, of course, not the only sort of travellers Rosenthal attracts.
Hunters of all sorts flock to it, either to investigate the supernatural phenomena of the town, or to chase beasts in the great forest.

Our server includes:
- Literate to Novella style posts
- A large variety of character possibilities from the upper echelons of aristocrats to lowly illiterate vampire hunters
- Verification to ensure writing quality
- A friendly environment without discrimination!

If any or all of this interests you, feel free to join and have a look around! Whether you decide to write with us or not, you're welcome to have a peek :P
━━━━━━━━ ● Welcome to The Pit! ● ━━━━━━━━
✘-We welcome those of all beliefs who are 13-25 and interested in the occult and respect those involved.
✘-We have many different roles to choose from and we are always adding more.
✘-Our goal is to create a safe learning environment for those who cannot find one.
✘-We are free of judgement, hate and discrimination and will accept all who wish to learn as long as there is mutual respect.
✘-This is a new, small community and we appreciate all the support we can get.
✘-We are open to partnering!
✘-We offer perks that come alongside levelling up!
✘-We host regular movie nights and game nights!
✘-We have our very own Java Minecraft SMP server and channels dedicated to helping the community, such as vent and homework help!
Dedicated to breaking the stigma of our religion, and providing a safe place for Satanists to be themselves. 

This discord is a place where Satanists and Non-Satanists alike can come together and chat in a friendly, non-hostile environment.

Currently working toward becoming a legitimate Satanic organization!

- LGBT, BIPOC friendly
- Friendly community
- Self-Assignable roles
- Lots of memes

⛧ Ave Satanas ⛧
Regular Among Us Game Nights!

Super relaxed rules, allowing for debate on any topic! Highly active daily users! Multiple servers into one big community! Self-selected roles unlock different sections of the server!

Current sections include:

💬General Chat
👹Church of Satan
🎮Gaming e.g Among Us, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, Valorant etc

...more are coming!

Join now, connect with members and bring your friends along!
Welcome to UMBRA MORTIS!

We are a Left Hand Path oriented server where we focus on improving our practice and building a friendly, occult interested community. We are a place where rituals and spirituality come first.

⛧Focused on practice
⛧Special interest channels
⛧In depth occult discussions
⛧Weekly topic
⛧Custom occult emojis
⛧Amazing library
-] Come to share in the curse of knowledge. Open community of atheistic, philosophic thinkers. This is not a server for children.

[-Looking for members who are active
[-Looking for members who can handle contrasting opinions
[-Currently low on staff, please be patient in the #Entry Channel
[-Music Bot

-] Come on in lil fella, join us if you're interested in learning about Satanism, Philosophy, Share in the curse of knowledge.

-] Join us:

Dont forget to SMILES
Ave Satanas is a returning Satanism server focused on community and Satanic learning. We welcome all Satanists, and those with an interest in learning about Satanism.
Welcome Satan's Playground!
We are an up and coming discord server dedicated to the pursuit of free expression, justice, knowledge, and self improvement. This server is primarily dedicated to non-theistic Satanists, although anyone from Christians to Occultist are welcome. This is a place to freely express your self and your beliefs as well as learn from others and have some fun! Join us and be part of a new community dedicated to the "spooky" and other-worldly. And of course,

Hail Satan!

*18+ server
---------------------------🔥 Welcome to the Garden of Ashes 🔥-----------------------
☮️ We accept everyone in this community that want peace and that are active and engaging within the community!

ℹ️ We are looking for active enthusiastic members who will engage and help better each other.

📕 We want members that are able to abide the rules and don't break them and also don't break Discord's Guidelines.

📚 We have fun channels and resources for witches and otherkins and people who are interested!

💨 We want you to have fun! Welcome to the 🔥Garden of Ashes 🔥
Free IV Int. Believers in Mammel ("The Invaders"), the Dagon path ("Milkweed Orders"), & of the transmissions of 77AD (Dianetic/Posadist)
Sizi toplumun ve dogma dinlerinin sizlere koyduğu prangalardan kurtulmaya, özgürlüğe davet ediyorum.Çağlar boyu adı lekelenmeye çalışmış Efendi Şeytan' ın güzel öğretisini öğretmeye, ve ön yargılarınızı yıkmaya davet ediyorum
Welcome to Hell house!
A server for your dose of guaranteed chaos!

What do we have to offer?
-Many custom emotes, including GIF emotes
-A Minecraft realm
-Many talented artists
-A variety of channels to discuss things related to Satanism, paranormal experiences, dreams, and much more!

See you in H E L L ! !
welcome, This server is about teaching Left hand path occultism which is about finding ways in both existence and "nonexistence" to essentially find a way to ascend and empower the self through their will and intent combined with the relationships they make along the way, whether it is people, deities, or energies, systems etc. This server will be focusing on how to do so in a way that is informative but also intriguing. anything From learning traditional Satanism and paganism to the use of more modern systems and techniques and anything inbetween. Besides teaching of course this server is meant to be a community among friends and colleagues. Anything from sharing art to having a workout regiment in place.Anyone at any level is allowed to join. there will be a balance of essentially professional behavior when it comes down to teaching to being able to relax and communicate in ways that arent tightly constricted. there will be sections im this server for those who would like to be more relaxed to those that prefer to be more rowdy and brutal to one another. I feel that what is different from this server from the average occult server is the versatility of its functions. overall. i hope with your help if one decides to join that we as a community make a sound and strong tribe.
A friendly satanist server where we hail Satan and Elmo, more specifically Elmo Satan, and our mascot is Toilet Elmo. We may seem weird but we are actually really nice and fun so yeah u should defo join uwu