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Do you like playing strategy games? Do you want to participate in activities such as games, and so much more? Then you have found the server: Strategic Force! We have many things to offer in this server!
We have:
State of the art level up system! Doing certain things will give you bonuses, and will be recognized!
Game Mods, Help, and so much more! Feel free to show your skills! We'll soon have our Minecraft server!
We are not strict! In other words, we are very nice. Don't worry, our staff will keep you safe!
Enjoy all our bots we have, and if you want more, then tell us!
And more content here you can't wait to enjoy!
We are growing really fast, and what are we waiting for? Join the Force!
This is a small community of people who want to play games together (cracked and legit), or just chat and chill in general. Although our most played games are grand strategy, we also play other games like csgo, war thunder, league of legends, and we welcome all players and games.
Join the server, get the multiplayer crack if neccesary, and play games with us!

Any references to political extremism is purely satire.
An EU4 community based on the ideal of uniting all grand strategy gamers. Our purpose is to host daily paradox games, some with a highly competitive nature, but others with the goal to have fun and meme around. We welcome all users, whether they are new and looking for advice or tried veterans willing to share their experiences for others. With our ever growing discord, we have expanded from EU4 into other games, and have evolved from a place to play EU4 to a community for all gamers alike.
Welcome to my discord! Im a small and up-and-coming twitch streamer (soon to be famous dw). I love to support other small content creators and I also host regular multiplayers for games as well as movie nights, and many other events planned in the near future! Hope to catch y'all in there and let me know that disboard sent ya :)
Bastard Gaming is a gaming discord where people can have a say in tournaments and events through titles such as Total War and Paradox.
Our games include HOI4, Stellaris, EU4, Victoria 2 and War Thunder. We also have a tons of arcade games like Wolfpack/Company of Heroes/CIV/Rome 2/Warhammer 2 .

We host weekly and hold monthly competitions

Come Join Bastard Gaming TODAY!!
Welcome to History & HOI!

This server will soon be hosting Hearts of Iron 4 (And soon, other HOI and Victoria games) games regularly, or if you don't want to play HOI or don't have it, you can still come here, discuss the game, or discuss history! I am offering free lessons for history that stay educational but are also entertaining at the same time. This server is strictly SFW and will be constantly monitored by me to ensure you have a good experience.
We are a group of strategy gamers who want to have some fun and competition everiday playing with you guys! Main EU4 games are hosted Monday-Saturday!
We are going to start hosting new games soon too like HOI4 and War Thunder!
Just HOI4 MP server looking for active players. We're centered around a small group of active players, and people who occasionally join in for games.

You don't have to be good or experienced, we are more than happy to teach you. Don't just join and never speak or play.
There's always a game on Saturday averaging 20-30 people. There's also many smaller games individually hosted in between then. Don't be a cunt and have fun.
Active HOI4 gaming server. We are also hosting some EU4 games. Weekly Server-Games. We have an own mod. If you need help with modding you can also join the server. I will help you out.

Bruchminati HQ is the Official fan-ran Discord server for the Bruchminati YouTube Channel

We offer events and other fan things here at Bruchminati HQ, we are backed and endorsed by Bruchminati himself, we as a fan-ran server host events to the kin of Meme Contests, World War Questions Contests, and Gaming Events in the near future and many more soon to come. Winners get to be featured in the next video!

We’re a small community but steadily growing, and with the introduction of Disboard into the Youtube and Discord community these numbers, events, and giveaways are to grow soon.

We are soon to host game events in mostly strategy based games here soon, and community games!

You can check out Bruchminatis YouTube Channel Here -->
And his Twitch Channel here -->

Go ahead, join today! Be one of the over 40 thousand people who watch and love and engage in one of the most tight knit and close communities on YouTube and Discord out there.
We have a 24/7 Minecraft Earth Server!

This is a hangout server mainly for Minecraft, Hearts of Iron 4 and Anime. We have an extremely active and welcoming community, laid back admins and a lot of shitty memes.

Our MC server has a town and nation creation system as well an expansion system to keep your creations safe and to help you stand out from the rest of the server! We also feature a variety of other plugins to spice up the gameplay so come join us today and check it out!

In regards to HOI4, we usually have multiple HOI4 games a week so if you enjoy playing HOI4 a lot, whether it be serious or more laid back games, you'll almost always find someone ready to play on this server.

No matter where you're from or what your beliefs are, everyone is welcome so come and stay!
This is a friendly discord community for people who play hearts of iron 4

𝐍𝐨𝐨𝐛 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐥𝐲
𝐇𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐬
𝟏𝟎𝟎𝟎+ 𝐦𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐬
𝐎𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝟗𝟎 𝐜𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐦 𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬
Ah you're finally awake! This server is dedicated to Baron's YouTube channel and Twitch channels :) I mostly play strategy games like HOI4, War Thunder, World of Warships and more! Join to become apart of the community :)
A Hearts of Iron 4 discord that welcomes all.

We role play sometimes and sometimes we won’t

We are trying to make community for people to connect and play together
HOI4 Online Club server was founded by 2 experienced players. We had seen and played in many servers and many different people. After learning form others, both good and bad, we had decided that this is the time to open our own server.
While we are trying to be serious and formal, we are not forgetting fun! Fun is our main priority.
We play and host HOI4, but sometimes we play more Paradox games like Victoria 2 or EU4.
Every player is welcomed here, from new ones to veterans. As long as you are going to be active and friendly your place is among us.
For information about our Ranks, Rules and more please take a look at our website: ;
New server under construction

HOI4 is the main focus as well as the furry fandom uwu
A small tight-knit server located mainly in NA. We play a bunch of games usually from 3 pm to 12 am MT including games like -> (CS:GO, SoT, Basically any paradox game: ie hoi4, eu4, etc, Overwatch/Paladins, Brawlhalla and more. Many of our members are weebs so you might like that.
Looking for a new server?

Then you should definelty join Theracle. a server specificly for Cursader Kings 2 for now. we have more plans with the server in the future like adding more sections like Europa Universalis 4, Victoria 2, Hearts of Iron 4 and many more Paradox games instead of only Crusader Kings 2

We also are planning to host weekly games for Crusader Kings 2 and perhaps any other game with our growing community!

You also can join our server to just have a random chat with whoever and perhaps much more. We always welcome any kind of person in the server.

See you in Theracle!
We are a new community server based around Paradox Games, primarily Hearts of Iron IV. We are a modding community at that and offer great resources and support to those who come by. If you aren't a modder but perhaps want to enjoy a community with fellow paradox gamers, you are more than welcome in our corner of discord.
Emerald's Hangout is one of the largest most active communities based around Paradox Interactive titles.

We host Historical, Non-Historical, and Roleplay Hearts of Iron 4 games with almost a hosted game every day. We also host games for Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 4, Victoria 2, Stellaris along with acting as a hub for numerous other games.

Our community is active, friendly, and welcoming. Whether you're just getting started or you have thousands of hours, we welcome you to the hangout.
Hey guys, no bullshit server with no drama.
Games we play