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Group for anyone who wants to play multiplayer Paradox games, like CK2 or HOI4. Even if you don't have any of the games and just want some friends, feel free to join! We host games over the weekends, normally in the afternoon. Hope you can join!
The Fallen Eagles Server is a community run server full of dedicated hosts for a wide array of games. From Space Engineers to Hearts of Iron 4 to Arma 3, whatever you want to play you can find on this server. Our community is open to all people, suggestions are welcome, and will be taken into account when deciding the server’s policy. First and foremost in our minds, at ALL times, is how we can make this server a fun place for you. However, we are, and remain, a server run by the people, for the people. If you are interested, please click the link down below.
Almost heaven is a server where we bool. Only basic rules, so great freedom is provided. Very active server with several thousands of messages per day. We have many channels for all kinds of topics, including but not limited to nsfw, Ricardo Milos, gaming channels and several media channels.
Hearts Of Iron IV oynamakmı istedin? Bu gelişmekte olan serverda daima birileriyle oynayabilirsin ayrıca herzaman etkinliklere katılabilirsin sen olmadan bu server olmaz. Gel ve bize katıl
Emerging Hearts of Iron IV multiplayer community. We've gathered a significant amount of quality players ranging from the best skills to the best curiosity. Zero percentage of toxic behavior and merciful staff.
Play games like Hell Let Loose and Hearts of Iron 4! We all have fun, and take time from life to kick back, relax and play some games!
We are a community based mainly around strategy games!
What do we offer!?
✅World of warships players!
✅Hoi4 games that are scheduled occasionally
✅Server promoted content creators
✅Private rooms for our long term members
✅More coming soon!
This is a friendly International Community server, focusing on Paradox games. We schedule HoI4 games every week. We also have an EU4 campaign for those people who love painting the map. Like building instead? We've got our own dedicated MC server!
Also If you need help about mods or other problems you can ask to our helpers... they'll help you.
Remember to choose your roles when you join so you can see everything
Where a small group of Gamers looking to have a great time on some of our favorite games like HOI4, H and G and Verdun and more.
This is a pretty much a gaming discord but mostly use for hoi4.
Here are things you can do
1. host your own games of hoi4 or other games (must be member rank)
2. Meet new people
3. Be part of a growing community
4. Interact with the bots
This server is a gaming server, mostly revolving around strategy games. We play Europa Universalis 4 twice weekly, on Friday and Saturday nights. We also play other strategy games, like hoi4, stellaris, civ5, etc. We have a large pool of active players to play these games and more with.

Regular games of hoi4, eu4, and imperator to come this summer!
Chill community based around the game Hearts of Iron 4(Hoi4). We try and setup weekly games around twice a month.

We are a US server mainly but accept all that can speak English. We are looking forward to playing with you.
Le serveur Heart Of Iron IV de la communauté francophone, esprit familial et compétitif garantis.
Heyo! Cmon in we play hoi4 and minecraft, we're opening an earth server this weekend!
This is a HoI4 community discord. People welcome from all over the world.
1. Make new friends.
2. Become a part of a growing community.
3. Weekly scheduled games(mostly on weekends)
4. Chat room for historic memes(or memes in general)
5. Server with strict rules(disrespectful behavior is not tolerable)
a small server about mapping games with its own original mapping game, we are currently seeking active and reliable staff and active members, we also enjoy discussing about history and like to have a good time
A developing gaming community that features various platforms and games.
В Республике Триланд вы можете создавать свои партии и бороться за господство в государстве. Также здесь вы можете найти напарников для игр, смотреть мемы, слушать музыку и многое другое!
A gaming server with many chats and different things.
-General Video Games
This is a Hoi IV server with no rules and is open for anyone to join