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A sever where Hearts of Iron 4 players can hang out and play together on the base game or in a modded game. We enjoy cracking jokes but also having a serious good ol Hoi4 game! Come and join us
Welcome! This is a 1.5 year old map game server. Basically, we all select countries and partake in a simulation of world politics. This tends to be more lighthearted and fun-oriented than your average map game. We also occasionally play eu4 and hoi4. However, you don’t have to play anything to be in the server, so join and become part of the community today!
Hey. Our server is a HOI4 centered community in which we play casual games and talk to each other between them. The server has a lot of variety from playing Vanilla to playing mods such as Kaiserreich, RT56, OWB and The Great War among other things. And if you want to host your own games on our server feel free to do so as we can give you privileges and roles to host games with.
Welcome to the Unofficial Paradox Interactive Multiplayer Discord Server! In this server we host games daily and we are always looking for new and active members on our server to host and play games daily!
Daily EU4 multiplayer hosts (around 2 PM EST on weekdays; 7 PM EST on weekends). Also a great place to ask for help in regards to EU4.
Just a simple server of hoi4. We only accept Europeans in order to host properly.
We host:
Meme games
Alternative history games(or semi-historical games)
Historical games

(this is a new server)
Mimo iż serwer nie jest jakiś spory, to dzięki Tobie stanie się większy i będzie łatwiej znaleźć jakąś duszę do towarzystwa ^.^
Group for anyone who wants to play multiplayer Paradox games, like CK2 or HOI4. Even if you don't have any of the games and just want some friends, feel free to join! We host games over the weekends, normally in the afternoon. Hope you can join!
a small server about mapping games with its own original mapping game, we are currently seeking active and reliable staff and active members, we also enjoy discussing about history and like to have a good time
Мы сидим веселимся играем в Hearts of Iron IV! сетевые партии можешь найти себе друга или друзей! Заходи и общайся! (Hearts of Iron IV пиратка)
Играем Тупо Веселимся ждет вас!
This server contains people who enjoy garrys mod, hoi4, and other games. I am also trying to make this a debating community, i myself am always up for a debate. Feel free to join a very friendly and welcoming community (no power crazy admins) and we arnt politically correct. We also have a easy to use dating section.
We are a community of HOI4 Players. Join if you play HOI4 and have no friends to play it with.
Where a small group of Gamers looking to have a great time on some of our favorite games like HOI4, Hell let loose and Verdun and more.
This is the official Discord server of TheR3dRebel’s Twitch and YouTube Channels! Primarily English-speaking server focused on a variety of Video games.

We offer:
📌Earnable Ranks
📌Meme channel
📌Multiple Voice channels for one's needs
📌Excellent Staff
📌VIP Channles

This server is a gaming server, mostly revolving around strategy games. We play Europa Universalis 4 twice weekly, on Friday and Saturday nights. We also play other strategy games, like hoi4, stellaris, civ5, etc. We have a large pool of active players to play these games and more with.

Regular games of hoi4, eu4, and imperator to come this summer!
Hello I am Josh Now let me tell you about this Server, this Server is Based Of Of EU4 and HO4 You can Create Your Own Nation and Rule Over your Continent or You can Be A Real life nation Do what ever you please with your Nations
This is a strategy server for multiplayer games made by Paradox Interactive and even more others! Such games like Civilization 5, Age of Empires and every one you can think of!
Hearts Of Iron IV oynamakmı istedin? Bu gelişmekte olan serverda daima birileriyle oynayabilirsin ayrıca herzaman etkinliklere katılabilirsin sen olmadan bu server olmaz. Gel ve bize katıl