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a server for people who enjoy history to chat, as well as RP as a citizen of the kingdom!
Retard Center 2.0 is a great server looking for more people to play games with.
The games we play the most are: Paradox games, Civilization games, Coh2, Lfd2, Gmod, Golf with you friends, Csgo, Minecraft, War thunder and MB Warband,
Group for anyone who wants to play multiplayer Paradox games, like CK2 or HOI4. Even if you don't have any of the games and just want some friends, feel free to join! We host games over the weekends, normally in the afternoon. Hope you can join!
Hey. Our server is a HOI4 centered community in which we play casual games and talk to each other between them. The server has a lot of variety from playing Vanilla to playing mods such as Kaiserreich, RT56, OWB and The Great War among other things. And if you want to host your own games on our server feel free to do so as we can give you privileges and roles to host games with.
Bastard Gaming is a gaming discord where people can have a say in tournaments and events through titles such as Total War and Paradox.
Bastard Gaming has 40 members too. Our member count grow everyday. Come join Bastard Gaming Today!!
A sever where Hearts of Iron 4 players can hang out and play together on the base game or in a modded game. We enjoy cracking jokes but also having a serious good ol Hoi4 game! Come and join us
Welcome! This server is where you can come and make friends!

- Organized Channels
- Looking for staff
- Memes
- Talk about your fav twitch streamers
-and more!
Bakıp çıkacaksanız girmeyin ! aktif olmıyacaksanızda girmeyin sonra boş beleş insanlar oluyor !

Hearts of iron, RP, EU4 CK2...
Main Liberty
Daily EU4 multiplayer hosts (around 2 PM EST on weekdays; 7 PM EST on weekends). Also a great place to ask for help in regards to EU4.
New opened hoi4 server. We want to play with u guys and we hope u enjoy ur stay here. we host every day.
Hi, hoi4, eu4, Stellaris and ck2 MP hosts games multiple times a week, joining would help a lot, and grow this community, if want to host on our server just ask one of our admins and they will give you the role, we play casual games mostly RT56. We play from Vanilla to playing mods such as Kaiserreich, RT56, millennium dawn, The Great War ect
Witaj! Jest to serwer głownie gamingowy ale znajdą się tam rzeczy takie jak Ukladanie histori , cleverbot , liczadlo itp. poprostu zobacz :) UwU 🎮💎🤠🤺
This is season 1, the Eve of Destruction. It's a cold war country rp. If you would like to join go ahead. Become whatever country you want, as long as it follows the rules.
Just a simple server of hoi4. We only accept Europeans in order to host properly.
We host:
Meme games
Alternative history games(or semi-historical games)
Historical games
Road to 56 modded games
Old world blues games
We have an active community, even if small. We always seek hosts, but we already have 5 active hosts
Oh hey! Have you heard of the real UN? If so, you probably noticed that there are alot of countries. Well this server is trying to do the same! We also have alternative future of the world chat roleplay! As well as a world map minecraft servers! Join! Conquer, fight, destroy and MORE!
This is a friendly International Community server, focusing on Paradox games. We schedule HoI4 games every week. We also have an EU4 campaign for those people who love painting the map.
Also now we have Ck2, and later in the future we'll add Vic2 aswell.
Also If you need help about mods or other problems you can ask to our helpers... they'll help you.
Remember to choose your roles when you join so you can see everything
This server is a place for you to connect to other players like yourself! Feel free to invite as many people as you want!
Jesteśmy nowym serverem typu Gaming!
Sama nasza struktura sięga już od ponad 2.5 lat - Od momentu założenia głównego servera!
Chcesz poznać na prawdę przyjacielską atmosferę, wziąć udział w turniejach, zagrać na autorskim serverze Survival Minecraft i brać udział w demokratycznych głosowaniach? Wbijaj do nas!
We are a empire located
somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
We are trying to become stronger,
and build up a big army. We like to joke around
and have fun, feel free to join in.

- WW1/WW2
- VC and talk to new peps
- Very Active
- Looking for new government members- Ranking system
- Region, and nationality roles
- HOI4 players needed!
Welcome to the Kingdom of Prussia! In our group we play minecraft, hearts of iron 4, and other games! Join us, and if you leave the King of Prussia will find you!