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Ever wonder what it would be like if the US single handedly took on Russia and China, along with North Korea? Well in this WW3 RP it is all possible! We have just opened so membership is low as you can probably see, but that doesn't mean we are not active. We are all experienced RP'ers and we would love it if you joined our server! Hope to see you!

🔥 An Extensive amount of channels!

🔥 Detailed faction information, and in-depth terminology for those who are not good with military terms!

🔥 This RP is set to change, with more channels, so nothing is set in stone, as the tides of this war are always changing.

🔥 We have friendly staff, and many bots to server your needs!!

🔥 We use dice roles, but for deciding the outcome of large scale battles, pvp is to your best judgement.
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
Rhetoric is a server designed for unrestricted debate, argumentation and discussion. Virtually all topics and ideologies are accepted.
For lighthearted and serious discussion surrounding political and philosophical topics. Unlike other servers, freedom of speech and ideas exists here.
A server for politics, With the goal to share ideals and viewpoints. When ideals clash, debate shall be allowed where the debating parties seek agreement of ideals through thought experiment and credible studies divorced of personal identity or personal aliment of ideologies.

We're working to keep this server from devolving into a toxic and unhealthy community, please be respectful of others and our group.
We simply debate issues both in real life & made up, using the UK Parliamentary system.

You get the chance to create your own party & stand for elections!
Meet new people and find out your political interests!
Discord Server for all things politics! Debate on several topics, count, meme and more!
You've probably had a dozen and a half Fantasy Medieval RPs. Adventuring parties walking around, slaying dragons, with little understanding on how their part plays into the big story of things? Sound familiar?

Well, that isn’t what Somatonia is about! Somatonia is focused to create not only the ability to be an adventurer, slaying baddies, but also to create an varied political battleground.

Somatonia is a land that was abandoned by it’s monarch. Before he left, he empowered his council to rule in his stead.

He couldn’t have chosen a worse time.

With enemies all around, Houses battling for dominance, entire regions trying to revolt, and a confused and often counterproductive council, who will rise? Who will fall? Who’s going to get possessed?

Somatonia is a fairly in-depth server, so be prepared to do some reading.

We hope to see you there!
Discord Nations is a role-play/simulation server where you take up the role of the leader of a country and run it to rise to the forefront of the world. Run the economy, military, and political events while interacting with other players. Create alliances and strategize your supremacy at the forefront of your nation.

:tada:A Guest From The Nations Of Yeet Alliance Is Currently Visiting:tada:

Government Officials

Admin/Supreme Leader:Validmir Anatoly Vladislav

Mod/The Vladislav Party: Yuma Alexei Vladislav, Wellington Viktor Vladislav, Aleskei Gutor Vladislav, Karl Marx Vladislav, Ganya Frorsky Vladislav

Mod/Supreme Soviet Member:Igor Sergei Egorov,Boris Alexei Valentin,General Stalin’Comrade Boris,Elfindol,

National Guest/Cabinet Minister:Admiral Ray,Harry Baals

`A Nation Style Political role-play/community
-Government System Type:Communism
-friendly staff
-Lots Of Propaganda
-Zero Capitalists
-Lots Of Fun
-Kinda Active But We Are Getting There
-Join And Help The MotherLand Grow And Strive Too Success`
We are a diverse, active, political debate server with the goal of discussing and debating politics in a civil manner! We have 450+ members and growing.
We have self-assignable reaction roles for ideologies you endorse, exclusive ideology channels (i.e. Liberal only), and daily suggested debate topics.
We aim at having a civil server, so we try to keep the server as clean and professional as possible, without heavy uses of crude language, spam, and racist slurs.
Here at the League of Politics, we discuss a variety of political subjects, including general politics, philosophy, theology, etc. We also have off-topic channels, including gaming, memes, spam, art, and music. Enjoy! ;)
Publicz is the place to discuss politics, ethics, philosophy, and public policy. We promote open dialogue and communication, as well as free inquiry and expression with a focus on quality discussion. We have active VC with some sane left-libertarians who are tired of identity politics. We encourage members to share their views and bring up topics that matter to them.
safehaven is a community server that allows you to chat with whoever you want essentially in a small tight community, we also allow political discussions in a debate channel and the server has a lot of weebs that love anime. we have an extreme role for nsfw channels.
This server is dedicated to the discussion and calling out of SJW hipocrisy, but we can also have fun here!
An Amazing Political Server, With other Stuff, But mainly Politics


Detailed rank system with a variety of Roles.

Strict and active moderation, focused on a balance of quality and diversity of thought.

Bi-Weekly Organised events.

Access to our private library of PDFs, scholarly books and textbooks.

Meet other curious individuals who desire knowledge.

A positive environment that celebrates self improvement.

Freely listen to music.

Fun Bots to engage with.
Welcome to the official conservative and libertarian discord server.

RULE 1: Abuse of others, including harassment or personal attacks, will not be tolerated

RULE 2: Posting of personal information is forbidden, and doxxing other users will result in a discord ban and police notification

RULE 3: Do not post NSFW or non kid-friendly content.

RULE 4: Follow the Discord community guidelines.

RULE 5: Do not spam. All messages should be of substance, and do not need to be repeated. Spam will result in a mute.

RULE 6: Don't Advertise other Discord servers unless allowed to by staff.

RULE 7: The spamming of a Staff member to reduce a punishment, or circumvention of punishment by use of alternate accounts, will result in a permanent ban. (Thats an IP Ban)

RULE 8: Users shall use the channel appropriate to the subject they are speaking about. Failure to do so may result in a Warning

RULE 9: Repeat infractions will result in larger punishments.

RULE 10: Reports on other users will not be investigated without their Username and Tag, and screenshots of the offending activity.
A server for pretty much everything (but mostly debate).
-politics talk/informal debate
-formal debate
-weapons talk
-active voice chat
-politics role play
Lax rules but strictly no pornographic or gory images. Free speech supported.
Welcome to the American Corporatist Party! We at the American Corporatist Party, are committed to redefining America, and bringing the “United” back in United States!
We are a political server. We speak about politics, economics, history and current events in the world. We have many exciting things which will be explained in following points. We have limited rules, no censorship, and equal amount of moderators from each side of the political spectrum to stop bias. We have over 100 ranks to choose from as well.

~~Question of The Day
Everyday, there will be a question in the #❓question-of-the-day❓ channel and it will be discussed in the #❓qotd-discussion .

Every now and then, I'll do a Discord reaction vote between two or mulitple things regarding a random topic.

~~Weekly Serious Debates
Every Thursday, we will have a serious debate about a topic that people are getting really heated about during the week before the debate. People can offer to me that they want to have a debate slot that the entire community and join and listen to.

Thank you and we hope you stay and enjoy!
Welcome to Devil's Advocate! This server is for anyone wanting to partake in meaningful debates/discussions. All ideologies are welcome! There is little moderation and only a few simple rules to follow. Freedom of speech is top priority!
Welcome to US Politics Debate!

We are a general debate server for any kind of topic, including frontrunner issues into today's political landscape. Any beliefs or opinions are allowed, just don't be a jerk.

We're growing and we're interested to hear your opinions!
Welcome to Political Server
Here You Can Debate About Current World Politics.
Fell Free to Join.