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Are you looking for a relationship? Or maybe just looking for a place to meet new people? Then Cupid’s Lounge is perfect for you!!!

» G I V E - A W A Y S
» D A T I N G
» S E L F - R O L E S
» I N T E R A C T I V E - C H A N N E L S
» L G B T - F R I E N D L Y
» 18+ - C H A N N E L S
» N S F W
» S E L F I E S

Why not stop by?
LGBTPLUS.FR est le premier Discord LGBT Français ! Il est ouvert à tous ! Que vous soyez gay, bi, lesbienne, trans, ou vous-même tout simplement, tout le monde est le bienvenu !

👦 Rôles assignables
🎮 Catégorie gaming
🎲 Événements + Giveaways
📹 Channels webcam
🌈 Réseaux sociaux + Site internet
🗺️ Meetups dans toute la France !

Rejoins-nous dès maintenant ! :) C'est bientôt la !toussaint
⭐ LGBT+ Frenchy Community ⭐

LGBT+ Frenchy Community est un serveur francophone réunissant les personnes LGBT+ ! On a crée un petit nuage de convivialité et de joie sur Discord ! Rejoignez-nous, on n'attend que vous ! Même si le serveur est connoté « LGBT+ », on ne rejette pas tous les gens sympas qui voudrait nous rejoindre !
In The Moonlight is a new server that welcomes everyone! Feel free to join and meet some cool new people.

Here are a couple of things that we have to offer:
» You can make friends!
» Listen to music!
» Friendly community!
» Memes!
» Self-promotion channel!
» Voice channels!
» Open to everyone from anywhere!
» Dedicated LGBT+ channel!
» You can get custom roles and make an introduction!
hello ladies, no gents, and my nonbinary friends!
we're a new trans inclusive WLW/NBLW-only server for 15 - 20 year olds. ♡

we have :
☆ a verification/intro system for safety and comfort
☆ a wide variety of channels for you to talk in, including interest channels
☆ self-assignable roles
☆ friendly staff
☆ non-toxic community
☆ activity nights
☆ waifubot
☆ userphone
☆ cute emojis (very anime)

we'd be very happy to have you ♡
Welcome to LGBTeen Café! This is a community-based server focused on teens part of the LGBT community.Our server offers:
~an active community
~many bots to fiddle around with
~self roles
~a leveling system
~a fun theme
And much more!
Made by Heisenberg, Huell.
》 Stoners
》 Memers
》 Everyone is welcome
Welcome to anti drama, where drama is not allowed.
hang out with your friends make new friends and have fun.
send memes,watch movies,chill with friends,meet new people
This server is brand new and looking for members so why not join today?
and have a good time (420 FRIENDLY) STONERS COME ON IN weed/chill/gaming server all of the above help us grow and become the most liked server!!! we will always put members first!
staff apps will be added soon
This server is cgl community based
We have things for cgl,ddlg,ddlb,mdlb,mdlg and just bdsm. This server is nontoxic and open to everyone ages 13+ for your safety we keep ages separate :D and we also have multiple fun roles! Although this server is still in the making we are also looking for admins!
Tops & Bottoms is a Discord server dedicated to the gay community to help tops find bottoms, and bottoms find tops, hence the name ;3

This server offers many unique aspects which other gay community servers may not offer:

- Gaming specific channels, such as league of legends

- Roles which reach a variety of different subjects

- A friendly and toxic free environment

So, if you're a top or bottom and you want to find your perfect top or bottom, or if you're just looking to make more friends in the gay community then join now!

I hope to see you there!
💙 Furry Legacy 💜 A community for Furries / LGBT / Weebs / Gamers! ♦️ Active Voice Channels ♦️ Text Chats ♦️ Fun Bots ♦️ Events ♦️ Role Play ♦️ Active Staff ♦️ Fun People♦️ Lewd Posts♦️ Naughty People♦️

Furry Legacy is a server that gets all its functionality from the users them selves and the active staff! The server is made for literally anyone! Especially those who to role play and other fun naughty things!

Femboys especially welcome!
Welcome to BL Paradise! We are a yaoi based server with yuri appreciation.

Here is what you can expect by joining!

🏳️‍🌈 Self-Assignable Roles
🏳️‍🌈 Earn able Roles
🏳️‍🌈 NSFW Chats
🏳️‍🌈 Bot Games
🏳️‍🌈 Voice Chat
🏳️‍🌈 Friendly Community

+ even more!
We hope you see you joining (:
This server is for trans people and allies ^-^ a safe space for all things lgbt and trans. Everyone here is very friendly and we'd love to have you :>

Looking for Staff too
Hey Du! Ja genau Du!
Suchst du etwa nach einem freundlichen und unterhaltsamen Server der LGBT-Community?
Du Glückspilz! HIER bist du nämlich genau richtig!
Was Dich erwartet ist, ein bunter Haufen an unterstützenden Mitgliedern, aufrichtige Moderatoren und Administratoren, welche dein Wohlbehalten garantieren und eine menge an Unterhaltung.
Bei Fragen und Problemen stehen wir Dir selbstverständlich jederzeit zur Verfügung!
Solltest du zwischen 13
und 25 Jahre alt sein und aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum kommen,
dann zögere nicht lange und tritt uns bei. Wir freuen uns auf Dich!
Welcome to "The Flower Garden"!
This server is a very welcoming server who accepts all genders, sexualities and people in general!
If you are looking to find a server to chat, make new friends or date, check out this server! You will NOT regret it! ;)
Ehhhh toi … 👋 Oui, oui toi ! 😉

« Les Exilés » est un serveur discord multi-gaming où se retrouve des personnes drôles, joyeuses, et légèrement ravagées (mais faut pas trop le dire ça … 🤐)

Le serveur n’est que joie, Tolérance, et bonne entente ! 😊

Si t’es beau/belle (je te vois derrière ton écran là, et tu l’es bébé ! 😂), et que tu as envie de jouer dans la bonne humeur permanente : bah rejoins-nous frère t’attend quoi là ? 😉

Bisous sur tes p’tites ….. chevilles ! 🙄😘
☕ Welcome to Caffeine Hub ! ☕

If you ever searched for a chill place to meet new friends , Caffeine Hub is everything you are looking for. We love everyone and we will make sure you feel as welcome and comfortable as possible!

Caffeine Hub is a new server , our objective is to grow a nice and big community .
We are really friendly and up to talk about anything .
If you're feeling lonely and want to find new friends our server is the ideal place for this.

We are super supportive and accepting of everyone so there is no need to feel like an outcast here! We are LGBT + friendly as well as an addition.

Our server is 14+ and there is a NSFW channel for those who are of the appropriate age to use it. To gain access to it you will need to ask the owner
Hellbent Art Tips Discord Server is the official Discord of @hellbent.arttips on Instagram, an account dedicated to sharing tips and drawing references for artists to use.

✦ Tons of channels to share your artwork and receive critique!
✦ A supportive, fun-loving community.
✦ Channels dedicated to special interests including LGBT, anime, video games, and more!
✦ Friendly, active staff.

Come on over and hang out with us, artists and art lovers alike!
Hiya ^^ Our lovely server got deleted at 350+ members :c
So we're looking for new amazing members and rebuilding our community :3
We are a very laid back and chill server :') with cringe to taste uwu
That being said we do not tolerate discrimination or toxic behavior ;O
Come and join bibi ! JOIN THIS INTERNET CULT >:D
Looking for partners~♥
13+ allowed! LGBT+ Family is much more than what the title says. We are a place that accepts non-LGBT people too and a place for you to be able to feel part of a true community. A family. We allow minimal to no toxicity. This is a safe place to feel safe and secure about anything. Able to make new friends etc.
We have several LGBT roles and each role comes with a channel as a main chat for everyone too. With a dating Section also. 13 and up allowed! I hope to see you there and enjoy your stay!!
18+ ONLY nsfw furry server that is dedicated to furry traps and femboys!
We also have rp/erp, artists, gaming and nsfw content channels!
Join in and have fun!
Welcome to the Blooming Furs of Society! We'd greatly appreciate if you'd join us, to hang out and to chat and to make friends and have fun!

> We have:
> - 🤖 Our own custom fun bot that’s being added to every day!
> - 🪓 Our own MINECRAFT server!
> - 🎉 Events and giveaways to come!
> - 🌈 Color roles for you to express your favorite color!
> - 🔞 NSFW channels (includes NSFW RP, must provide ID to gain access)
> - 🎨 Art/Commissioning channels
> - 🎮 Gaming channel
> - 🎵 Music channel (Where you can talk about music and share music, but we do have a music VC too!)
> - 🖐 Very active staff and community!
> - 🎭 And roleplay of course!
> - That also includes sona introductions as well as personal introductions, of course

And we are always taking any and all suggestions too!!
Gay NSFW 18+ discord server. Lots of gay / homo stuff to watch, all kinds of fetish. LGBT friendly but only for guys and trans.

We love Nintendo but we also love for all people to be important. If you've always felt left out wherever you've gone, give us a shot, we definitely like making new friends!