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A fun animal crossing and general server for people who want a nice and cozy space to make friends! The server is mostly Sherb based as it comes from the twitter account @sherblovesu ! Come in and make some friends and have fun!
Welcome to AMAIKO! We're a new SFW welcoming and accepting community! Our goal is to be the best we can be and make everyone feel safe here.

୨୧╏Welcoming Community
୨୧╏Friendly Staff
୨୧╏Ranked Roles
୨୧╏Self-Roles, as well as colour roles
୨୧╏Giveaways and more!
୨୧╏We're planning much more for the server, such as custom bots, waifu system, and a shop! Stay tuned. ^.^
We’re a safe new server for everyone who joins!

🍃everyone is welcome no matter the age
🍃Active chat (depends)
🍃self assignable roles + colors
🍃Tatsumaki Bot
🍃Cute Emotes
🍃Art and Gaming channels

we're looking for friendly, long lasting members to come and join
*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚ about us ˚•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚*

the starship is a safe, spacey-aesthetic, lgbtq+ friendly zone for all trans and non-binary folks! we welcome you and hope you have a great time!
we are judgement free and non-toxic, so please make sure to stick to the rules! we will try our best to make your stay a fun one!

✩ trans and nonbi only / no cis-allies
✩ warm and friendly!
✩ judgment-free
✩ non-toxic
✩ level 1
✩ tons of bots to play with
hi there! we're an lgbt-based server, mainly for art. but theres a few more things you can expect here, such as-

♡ self-assignable roles
♡ art contests
♡ art channels
♡ accepting community
♡ music bots
♡ memes

we hope to see you here soon!~
Active, bASEd discord server! Friendly group of people, come join :D you won't be disappointed. ALSO BIWEEKLY NITRO GIVEAWAYS. REALLY COOL EMOJIS
This server is for trans people and allies, mainly teens^-^ a safe space for all things lgbt and trans. Everyone here is very friendly and we'd love to have you :>

Now with level 2 boosting <3

Tired of other servers bullshit? Tired of petty drama between Staff, servers full of toxic children, or anything down right nasty? Here at 🌸 Sweet Revenge 🌸 we're dedicated to having a "safe space" without being overly sensitive or being full of trolls.
Come join the Cult! The Bacchanalia is a celebration for stoners, pseudointellectuals, queers, and proud degenerates of culture to enjoy what life has to offer. Fascists and other joy killers need not apply.
If you think this sounds like something for you, then come on in!

🌻Well hello there guys, ladies, and non-binary daisies!🌻
Welcome to Self-care™, a SFW, all inclusive server where you can vent, unwind, and be in a judgment free zone.
We will do our very best to make sure you feel safe and loved.
Some things we offer here at Self-Care™:
Daily questions
🌷Fun bots!
🌸New music recommendations!
🌷Hydration reminders
🌸Daily motivation
🌷Lots of color roles
🌸a list of hotlines
🌷TONS of emotes!!
🌸 venting channels
🌷An attentive staff!
🌺The owner has experience with Age-regressors and is an experienced caregiver as well! 🌺
🌼Come join our tiny for now support group and let us take care of you! 🌼
Owner: 593067678134960138
Happy Pride month! Join our server to share your pride with everyone and have a safe space to call home!

Somethings you can find in our server are:
- Security, raid protection & stability
- Many roles for you to express yourself
- Many channels to peak & fuel your interests
- Game & economy bots
- A family to call your own
Qt 18+ server where people don't support meanies nor israel ^-^
we have chill, casual discussions
and Cyberia Café !!!!!!
lets all love lain <33333333
A modern set roleplay server in which gangs run the streets, running drug cartels and circling prostitution. Whether you join a gang and take rise to power or fight against it is in your hands.

𝙎𝙀𝙇𝘾𝙊𝙐𝙏𝙃 - unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvellous.

𝙎𝙀𝙇𝘾𝙊𝙐𝙏𝙃 𝘾𝙄𝙏𝙔 is the next New York; every section radiates in neon lights and laughter that carries through the wind. Despite its alluring and busy life, there's a lot more to it than just expensive wine and jazz clubs.

Gangs primarily run the city compared to police forces and as more drugs get out on the street, the more corrupt the city becomes. Separate groups with their own beliefs and sections that belong to them govern Selcouth City, their own kingdom built upon piles of drug cartels, prostitutes, and tag art.

Choose your gang or try to stop the immense push of crime; the choice is up to you.

✨ 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑺𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒊𝒕𝒆𝒔' 𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒕 ✨ (15 and up!♡!)

Welcome to the Satellites Network. Enjoy your stay

Here's what we offer
🛰️ Voice chat heavy server with a focus on creating a personal community.

🛰️ Incredible staff and moderation dedicated to making a chill environment.

🛰️ Superb Collection of Events: Weekly Art Prompts, Movie Watching, Contests, Karaoke, Giveaways, and that's just the surface.

🛰️ LGBTQ+ friendly community.

🛰️ Boosted 💎.

So come on over @here, click join! We will be happily waiting for you to join our community.
Welcome to the Future of FUN!!!

We are a datin' server for people into anythin' and everythin'. We don't discriminate, we have a full section from BDSM to ABDL. If you need anythin', just ask me. I am an incredible match maker, you won't regret joinin' this amazin' server, I promise.

See ya soon!!
Welcome to Rad Trans Central, an advice centered server for ||binary trans people 16-30.||

What we offer:
>An active mod team to answer any of your questions.
>Advice channels for passing, name suggestions and the healthcare side of transition.
>Specific channels for mtfs and ftms to get to know each other.
>A channel to document your medical transition.
>Many hobby channels ranging from art to dnd!
This is server is for all RWBY lovers or RWBY newbies to come and relax. You can stay around and chat about your favourite RWBY season or character. We also have lovely staff that will be able to help you around while you get yourself accomodated. This server is a roleplay server and as always, we do have rules that apply for everyone-even to our staff! So please, come and look around! Maybe stay and have fun!!

-World of Roses Admins
Aether lands is a 18+ Role play server taking place in a fantasy setting on a distant planet where cities float in the sky and culture is booming.
-18+ rp
-anime nerds
-music lovers
-self select roles
We are an lgbt+ friendly server with a welcoming staff.
We are a new discord furry we are very quaint and very fun to hang out with we play to slowly grow and do better as of now the server is being heavily modified we are always open to suggestions! We have art, memes, gaming plenty of stuff and most importantly a friendly (and hopefully growing community) we call ourselves the Floofers and we use that name with pride hehe good joke anyways come and be a floofer too I promise you wont regret it :3 (oh and expect some verification questions)
Hey! Just a chill less-is-more style server for DID/OSDD systems and allies.

We have:
- Friendly open chats
- PluralKit and SystemTime bots
- Custom color roles
- Mediated chat room for inner system conflicts
- Very short banned topic list and chats where you can talk about those things if needed
- Occasional challenges and story time events

Hey there. Are you queer and looking for friends? Well then please join this server as nearly everyone here is not cis/het and we all need more people to talk to (cis/het people are welcome as long as they are not trolls). This server spans a wide variety of topics, and pretty much all of the categories that you are not interested in can be blocked using self assignable roles.

Furrys are welcome.

There are many ways that this server could be sold, but for now I shall just go through all the different categories

The first three categories are mainly for information and stuff about the server and getting verified.

Here you will find general chat, along with channels for sending photos of your pets (mandatory). There are channels for different levels of ranting, and also some for talking about food, clothing styles, and politics. You can talk about dungeons and dragons.

Here you shall find a variety of channels for talking about different things like Animal Crossing, games, anime, movies, books, memes, comics, music, theater, YouTube, writing/books, and television.

We have a lot of bots on the server, including but not limited to Yag, Dank Memer, OwO, Avrae, Letterboxt, and Tupperbox. They have their own channels to reduce spam. If you enjoy Cards Against Humanity, Yag has a function to play the game and new players are always appreciated.

Several channels here for talking about various nsfw topics (and sending pics if you like.

There is a text channel here for if you don't have a mic. There are also a variety of voice channels for if you are involved in other server activities like playing games or just chatting together.

For channels that lasted a while before they became inactive.

I hope something here sounds fun and that you join. Remember that all categories you are not interested in can be blocked.
Come join our Server! You Welcome to the chill people!
This is a server that is dedicated to being a safe space for all LGBTQIA+ people and also for supporters of the community. We are a very friendly and accepting community, with friendly and easy to approach moderators, we are also a very diverse community, so pop in and say hello, make new friends and perhaps stay a while.

As a part of our community you will have access to lots of exciting events, games and bots which include:

Movie nights
Question of the day
Taco shack
And many more!

We have numerous text channels such as:

Dm requests
Show and tell
Emotional support
And more!

We also have reaction roles so we can get to know you better, the more you talk in the text channels the faster you level up so come see if you can be the highest level!

We are a community of 300+ members and we’re still growing so why not come be a part of our community today, we’d be happy to have you!
【 This server is 18+ ONLY, minors will be banned. 】

Welcome to Darkwood Mansion, the spookiest dating server on Discord!

❥ Reliable verification system - no need to worry about kids or catfish!
❥ Dating and matchmaking!
❥ Non-toxic social server, you don't have to date to enjoy it here!
❥ Lots of roles to fully express yourself!
❥ Accommodating towards any sexuality and very transgender friendly!
❥ NSFW - nudes, teases, lewd art, kink roles, and porn bots for age verified users!
❥ Seller friendly! We have a selection of beautiful women for you to buy lewd content from.
❥ All of the above provided with a spooky / occult-themed atmosphere!

*· Enter at your own risk ;) ·*