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A brand new server looking for fun, active, and caring members of any age with lots of fun things to do!
8 minutes ago
We're a multi-faceted lgbt+ server designed for socializing. We have lots of fun bots, quizzes, polls, themed events, 24/7 music, movie nights and game nights. Come chat, game, participate in the fun activities or even lurk! We can't wait to meet you!
16 minutes ago
Server for Pokémon Go players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
32 minutes ago
A server to hang out with LGBT+ buddies!
39 minutes ago
LGBTQ+ Lounge is a community that welcomes all, regardless of gender or sexuality, come to our server to enjoy yourself and make new friends and involve yourself with some of the events and activities that the staff will organise.
54 minutes ago
just a new Disney themed welcoming server for everyone to share their love for Disney/Pixar/cartoons in general and make friends

1 hours ago
We are the furthest reaching and all inclusive LGBTQ+ Geek & Gaming Community that's been established for 7+ years on Facebook! 7,000+ Members on Discord alone. Talking about anything from Anime to playing games and beyond! Wherever your geeky passion lies, and whatever letter in the LGBTQ+ spectrum you identify with (Straight Allies too), we have a place for you.
1 hours ago
+On the server there is:
-comes 100 GLOBAL emotes, that you can use anywhere without Nitro!;
-Polite administration;
-Roles with games;
-High online;
-Own bot;
-RP events;
! Pepstan is similar to the international "old / b /", for communication without language barriers, where people can talk and publish what they want, if it conforms to the laws, Discord rules and does not interfere with other citizens of Pepistan.
1 hours ago
Welcome to the Yukki's Kingdom!
Basic Information: A amazing Kingdom for furs and non furs alike!
Yukki's Kingdom includes:
-Excellent staff!
-Many assortments of channels (as mentioned above) including: A general area , Music channels, Voice channels, Roleplaying and NSFW channels, and more!
-A variety of rules and roles to help you feel safe and welcome!
-And more! Come meet some new friends and lets chat
1 hours ago
This is a new server meant for sharing Snapchat usernames and nudes.
All are welcome, if you find the server lacking please speak with Zaeragan.
2 hours ago
Welcome dear, this is a new LGBT all inclusive server. We aspire to create a large community for socializing, and much more.
Get in to know about our cinema streaming, and other fun games and activities!!
Diversity reigns among us!
2 hours ago
I don't even know where to begin. This was supposed to be a joke, a server I made on a whim to accompany my parody meme account on twitter, @EliteZavokFan. Soon enough, however, fans of my memes as well as those who made their own began to join, and now here we are. A community is certainly a word that could be used to describe us. We have plenty of cool bots to mess with and we enjoy playing and talking about video games with each other (usually Nintendo-related ones). Some channels we have include:
- Meme sharing
- Venting
- NSFW content
- Art sharing
- Bot spamming
- Music commands
- Super Smash Bros chat
We hold tournaments for games every now and then as well, and are pretty active. We welcome everybody, so please feel free to hop in if you reckon you'd be interested. (if you have any questions you may contact me on twitter)
2 hours ago
A fun and inclusive server with lots of cool people to meet. Lots of customization, roles, commands, profiles, economy, games and more. Looking for partners.
2 hours ago
This server is all about acceptance, this server is like a hideaway for the LGBT+ citizens, this server is 100% accepting and loving to all our members, the staff team will deal with any type of bullying or discrimination that has been witnessed on the server

We invite all LGBT+ citizens and allies to join our server, we love everyone and we want everyone to feel loved in this special server, we hope you all enjoy this server, as we had fun making it!
3 hours ago
Hello and welcome to the Sanctuary, we are a relaxed community that wants people to love everyone. We have events, question of the day, and a loving community. So come to join us
4 hours ago
The wank bank is a place to look at or deposit your porn and talk dirty to others
Lgbt friendly
Lots of porn
*must be 18 to access the porn
4 hours ago
just a gay server i made for gay things and gayming.
we like bois cute or lewd. 18+
5 hours ago
✛ Hello there! ✛
This is Shochi community, a discord server based around creating a safe environment for people to not only be themselves but also meet new people. Here we welcome and encourage people to join because it’s just so friendly and inviting! I honestly have never met more easy-going and affectionate people. Which is exactly why we continue to encourage you to join and see for yourself just how compassionate these amazing people are. We have many different people in the server, whether they be an artist, part of a fandom, or part of any other community, they're all welcome! But most importantly we would love to see you here too!
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
Shōchi is a community that was created as a way to bring people together. As we saw new things and people we also saw many problems people faced and we wanted to help people through them. We created a server in hopes to create a safe environment for people to be themselves and meet new people, without having to deal with heavy criticism based on who they are or what they like. Shōchi was created to bring people together no matter their race, sexuality, gender, identity, nor interests. In fact, we wanted Shōchi to be a safe-haven of sorts where people could go without having fear of being judged or made fun of for any reason. It doesn't matter how different people may be because at the end of the day we are all human. Everyone has at least one common interest or belief that could bring them together, to become at least somewhat familiar with each other. That idea is what we believe. It doesn't matter what race you are or what you choose to identify as because even the most contradicting of people could become friends over some of the smallest things.
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
Some things included in this server are:
Voice-channels, bot chats, music, spam, venting, mature content (for 18+ only), and even a roleplaying community! We also contain sponsorship for content creators and artists.
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
5 hours ago
Here you will play in London, in an alternative universe in year 2025 where nearly anyone has superpowers. You will be able to join the good, the evil or neither. The path your character will make is all on your own. Be it, not join fighting and find yourself a date or try to lead the battles to victory.

On this server, you should to take emphasis on 2 factors. One, this server is in a way about romance. You can do that. Two, this servers actions go in the way, how world sees super-humans. You shape this view.
6 hours ago
We are a small but steadily growing server looking to create an enjoyable and fun environment for individuals in the LGBT+ community to gather and hopefully find that special someone in their life, or just hang out and have a good conversation with each other!
Furry friendly.
7 hours ago
A Satanist community! All religions welcome! We have gaming/music/anime channels and more!
LGBTQ+ friendly!
Looking for staff members!
8 hours ago
this is just a little server that is a lgbtq community
9 hours ago
Welcome Home Master/Mistress!~ We've been waiting for you!
An active chat/gaming/anime community for making friends! Open and accepting community, LGBTQ+ friendly! Custom and Self assigning roles available!
9 hours ago
A laidback server with a unusual number of Canadian members. Come chat, shitpost and game with us.
10 hours ago