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LGBTQ+ themed server for people 17+. Chill and active community. Come make friends and invite yours!


gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, all is welcome!
Hi! Welcome to Cinnamon Roll Cafe! We hope you enjoy your time here and make some new friends!
Here at our cafe we’ve got lots of self-assignable roles! We’ve also got color roles as well!

We’ve got lots of bots and we have friendly staff! Since were pretty small we might seem
inactive but if you stick around you’ll see that we’re very active and growing!

Our server is for anyone and everyone who is 13 years of age and up!

I hope you’ll come sit down and drink some tea or coffee at the Cinnamon Roll Cafe and make some new friends!
Safe Space
Going through a rough time? We can help! :)
Active Community
Open to everyone!
600+ Members!
Born in 2008 on Starcraft: Broodwar, Team Justice is a long-running group of friends that hangout and chill. We also support depression, anxiety, and more.

💙 Community
💙 Support (depression, anxiety, etc)
💙 Safe Haven
💙 A TON of fun bot commands!
💙 LGBTQ Friendly
💙 Roles
💙 Colours
💙 Leveling System
Planesfolk, those evolved with magick strong in their veins, have been living in hiding for several centuries after the constant hunting of their people. Having hidden in a pocket dimension with a sky that never changes, they grew tired of living in isolation. And so they came out from the pocket dimension, known as Eden, to make tight knit towns in secluded areas where they wouldn't have to worry too much about humans. Their capital, Kepler, was one of the first made. It's been going strong for over fifty years with only a few hiccups. Here recently, however, people have begun to notice.. Strange monsters popping up around town. How safe is this "safe haven" town now? How much longer before more people find themselves in severe danger? Only time will tell.

-LGBT friendly server!
-Improving lore and server!
-Small right now, so it's not as active as it could be! Join us and help make the server active!
-Small events to help keep plot going!
Hey there my LGBT people, I noticed there's not much servers like this on discord so I made this server. For people who are looking for friends with the same interests, come and join me and my friends for an adventure of friendship! LOL (edgy). Anyways, It's a new server and I'm still fixing things up. You can still join but might find it boring at first, but! I'll make sure it won't be long. ;) Welcome!
We have super friendly users and staff, along with amazing chatrooms and features.

We have over 10 chat rooms, including two lounges for people to chat in, these both also have a voice chat each. We also have a music bot, which is great for when you want to relax and unwind.

For more info visit
A server for all furries! Come and hangout and make new friends! we have a wonderful staff team who will help you with whatever you need! We hope to see you soon! WARNING: We do have anti-raid so do not spam or you will be banned automatically!
A gaming place to chill and build/strengthen friendships. A humble abode, very inclusive in voice chat. Ages 17+❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
Welcome to Normal People(Dating and friendship server)! We're a growing server that can always do with another member to join us in the fun.
⇨Helpful staff
⇨Growing Community
⇨Chill place to hangout
⇨Self Roles
⇨Drama Free Chatrooms
⇨Multiple bots
Please come and check us out!
Hope to see you soon!
(16+) Queer as f*ck was born with the purpose of growing a fun, safe community for socializing, support and open-minded discussions, with a good dose of humor and glitter on top!

🌟 You can also be part of a QAF house where you'll have exclusive access to new challenges EVERY WEEK!
How exciting is that??
Are you secretly hoping to become a Master of House Ov Haven or a Guru of Haus Majestic? Come get initiated and compete for the titles. Embark on the quest. Aim for the throne of our very finest.

Also, know more about our:
▶Bot Games;
▶Ranking system;
▶Custom interaction commands;
▶Queer Caffé - voice & music;
▶Music and Voice Chats.

Help us grow this community and make it better, together, day by day!
Come chat with us! Get in!
A server created and designed for wlw! Although this server is an LGBT safe space, men are not allowed, allies, men of the LGBT community.

We offer:
➸Dozens of Self-assignable roles!
➸Numerous Color roles to choose from!
➸Games and Events to be hosted in the future!
➸Various of bots to use!
➸A partner channel where you can plug your own server!
➸And of course a friendly and welcoming community!

Notes: This server is new but will be soon finished!
A community of LGBTQ people who are always looking to grow and improve to be the best we can be! With friendly staff, we're always trying to make your experience the best yet. We won't accept anyone who is not LGBTQ, sorry!!

Things that come with us:
― self-assignable roles
-color roles
― an interview system to prevent raids and non LGBTQ people joining
―fun events
― nonbinary + genderqueer friendly!
― LOTS of channels jsgsbnsnsbbs
― LOTS of bots
Y'all love traps?

An LGBT friendly otaku community based around anime (especially traps)and related stuffs
Primarily Transgender & LGBT+ Gaming Server! We work hard to make a fun & loving community! We have our own hosted Minecraft server, unlimited slots! A safe space to talk and be comfortable. Be respectful and kind to each other. Time is the one thing we don't get more of, use it to build long-lasting connections in quality people! We're so thankful to have you with us!
All our love!
<3 Kahlan
boys, men, fetishes and more - visit our
high quality pic server. For access to 18+ channels u need to verify.
Channel topics like:
- bulges
- undies
- speedo n shorts
- (caught on) snapchat
- candid
- nudism
Welcome to 𝕔 𝕪 𝕓 𝕖 𝕣 𝕡 𝕦 𝕟 𝕜

Cyberpunk is an active chill server for gays with kind and caring community to hang out and talk about literally anything. Feel free to join and stay with us :3

Age limit: 13 - 19.
Are you a Life is Strange fan? Or are you simply looking for a nice place to hang out? Join the Life is Strange Club! We're LGBT friendly and we have a lot of games with fun bots! We talk about telltale and other choice based games as well. See you around!
*New* server with a lot of gay porn such as regular and furry. read the rules before you do anything. make friend be nice and enjoy.
💖 〔 DATING 〕
💖 〔 L G B T - WELCOMED 〕
💖 〔 N U D E S 〕
Our server is for everyone to socialize, hangout, chill with others, and make friends. We host events, do giveaways, and have fun. People from all walks of life are welcome to our relaxed and laid back community. Our staff is always open minded and making sure that you get the utmost premium server experience.
Come join if you want lesbian parents or you like gay stuff. Some straights can join too ig
We are a brand new server, open to all LGBT folk and Allies!
We are an 18+ dating themed transgender server. We play games while discussing relationships. If that sounds interesting to you then come on in.

NOTE: This server is for Transgender/Nonbinary/ and Interxsex people only. Only 18+ members are allowed. Minors will be refused access.