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Only Stans is an international, vibrant, and relaxed LGBTQ+ server. We welcome new members with open arms. Start out as an Extra and climb your way to Intergalactic Sensation!

Let's get famous together! 📸

⭐ Gain star points based upon text and voice chat activity
⭐ Active voice channels
⭐ 16+ age limit
⭐ More self assignable colors than you can imagine
Hello! We welcome LGBT and all the supporters! Our server is filled with fun, funny, loveable, and respectful members. We will treat everybody equally. We'll always give you a warm welcome everyday!
-Main Rules-
•Must be 12 or over
•No drp
•No fighting with others
•No nudes
Everybody is welcomed but don't flirt that's like the main thing. But if they do and send...that just dm me.
Welcome to LoL Confessions! A casual, non toxic League of Legends server. We welcome members from all servers and all ages. This is a great place to meet some new friends to take to the Rift! Please message a mod with your region upon joining otherwise you will not be able to see the channels. We do this to help cut back on trolls.

*Events for League of Legends with prizes, such as skins, RP, Steam Credit, and Art.
*Channel to advertise your streams/channels.
*Channels for anime, manga, TV shows, books, music, comics, and movies.
*Channel for memes.
*Channel for discussing the pro scene. (LCS/LCK/etc;)
*NSFW Channel. (Have to ask a mod for the role!~)
*Channel for other games and finding people to play those with.
*Lots of Discord bots, like Orianna Bot, Ayana, Tatsumaki, and Mantaro.
*Special role for being pinged for finding games.
*1k members+, with members from lots of different regions.
*Cute custom League of Legends emotes made specifically for this server.
This is a server dedicated to transmed views and beliefs, while keeping a polite and civil environment. We do accept anybody even without transmed views, so long as they can be civil and respectful; which is the most important rule. This server is for people questioning their gender identity, transgender people, and other members of the LGBT community. We aim to create a safe place where people can be helped on making transition decisions, figuring out if they're trans, debating lgbt topics in a civil manner, and just hanging out! (we are also friendly to those who have detransitioned)
This discord is for verified 18+
Non verified may still join the sfw rooms
Voice Channels
Join now for fun
Dans ce petit serveur créé pour la discussion nous vous proposons :

- Des membres ouverts à la communauté LGBTQIA +
- Un respect mutuel entre les membres
- Un thème sympathique
- Un staff agréable et actif
- Des bots divers.
- Des sélections de centre d'intérêt
- Des nouveautés à venir !

"Spe" signifie "espoir" en latin. Spe est un serveur ayant pour simple but le partage entre les membres de la communauté LGBTQIA +, que ce soit à propos d'art, de musique, de jeux vidéos ou de cuisine par exemple.

Les partenariats sont acceptés et des événements sont organisés de temps à autre.

Nous espérons vous voir bientôt sur Spe !
The 𝓗𝓲𝓭𝓭𝓮𝓷 𝓛𝓪𝓰𝓸𝓸𝓷 is a newly made 18+ SFW server!
This server was created with the idea of having a place to unwind and relax in mind. Be it from life or the other parts of online life.
We're LGBTQ+ friendly, have self assignable roles, a level system and most importantly a group of people who would love to get to know you!
So what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a drink, pull up a chair and enjoy this 𝓗𝓲𝓭𝓭𝓮𝓷 𝓛𝓪𝓰𝓸𝓸𝓷!
Ever wanted to be in a nice, loving community that just happens to be furry? Well do we have a server for you! Welcome to Fur Love, a loving furry community for anyone ages 15+. We've got great, open staff, server events to come, and a phenomenal owner! Come on and join in the fun, you wont regret it ;3
✨Welcome to AvesMC!✨
We are a friendly Minecraft Server Community that's been running for a little over 3 years we developed a server that catches the eyes of players and is suitable for all ages we support everyone, no matter their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything a lot of friendships have been made on Aves. As long as you are not rude to others, you are accepted here! Starting off we are a survival server with a few special perks, in-game you can find custom shops and towns made by other players make your own, join one or play solo. We are looking for players who not only enjoy playing on our server but also wish to help it grow as well. We encourage you to leave us suggestions for plugins you would like us to have that will enhance the player's experience as well as bugs we need to work out. We look forward to seeing you in-game!!

✨Be In The Know✨
Discord: ,
We are online 24/7, expect staff members to be on when players are.
Friendly Community, Staff Included
LGBTQ+ Friendly
The Oasis is a community server which provides a fun, friendly and safe environment for people of all ages and backgrounds.

# Ages 13+
# LGBT+ Friendly
# Self Assigned Roles
# Custom Bot with Casino/Music/Levelling System
# Chilled & Relaxed Vibes
# Super Friendly Members & Staff

Join us today, we look forward to meeting you!
Welcome to "Chilly's"!
[Looking for active people!]
Do you want to get a lot of positive emotions and have a good time? Then this server is for you! The server is mainly for chatting with other people, and if you are having a bad time in life, we'll try to make sure you'll be more positive in life! Love, dream, and act! Join the server and don't forget to take a cookie with you! <3

On this server you can find things about:
and more!
All are welcome! Come one come all to a server for anime, memes, music and general chatting. We hope you join the family!
⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰

Welcome to L.O.V.E!!
This sever is a safe space for
between the ages of 13 and 21!!

we are a system friendly,agere friendly
community server with a
multitude of fun bots and roles
to mess around with!!

⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰


to join this server you MUST
be WLW or NBLW!
We have NOTHING against
other sexualities,
But this is made to be a safe space for


⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰

the server is currently very new
and we are looking to gain more
members and grow it into a nice community
we hope to see you there! 💕

⊱ ──────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────── ⊰
Toplumsal dayanışma, hak ve adalet platformu.
LGBT & Heteroseksüel ortak hareketi.
Resmi God Complex oluşumu.
____»〔Femboy Kingdom〕«____

✨Join the Femboy Kingdom!✨
We have everything from the little lovable femboys we all know & love to the wonderful chads of the server who will protect you!
____»〔About us〕«____

✨- Fun and friendly members of the community
✨- Great staff!
✨-Amazing level system
✨-Super cute femboys and traps

whats in this server [also hidden] ?
- Feeds - Dating - [Nudes]
- Friends - Chill - [Gore]
- Bot spam - Pokemon - [Deepweb link]
- Cache - Userphone - [SQ35]
- Selfie. -Meme. - Introduction
- Porn. - Hentai. -Weird
- Anime. - Clown. - [Mental illness]
- [Secret] - Games. -[Server Invites]

Also a feeds from our friend
- Zaira 🚺 - Aba 🚹 - Pugca 🚺
- Tsuyu 🚺 - Sidejoker 🚹 - Conkuvar🚹
- Fluffy 🚹 - Zephy 🚺 - Cypher 🚹
- Baggy 🚺 - Chris 🚹 - Work 🚹
- Acar 🚹 - Kanna 🚺 - Bee 🚺

Currently there is overal - 50 channel
- 15 public - 15 feeds - 8vc - [17 hidden]
Hello, and welcome everybody to Yua high!

Yua high is a highschool where kids of all backgrounds alike can get together, and be friends. Yua is for kids with Advanced Natural Talents, such as: Photography, Music, Sports, and arts. All students in Yua were recognized by somebody, and got in through that, or they were rich?

Every student in Yua is unique, and has a rare or advanced talent. Here, students can learn how to use their talents, and control what’s at their fingertips
Welcome to the hentai hotel, we hope your enjoy your stay if you decide to spend your time with us. Here at the hotel we have many features that may make your experience here a lot more fun.
This includes:
•Many roleplay chats
•bots such ad mudae and notsobot
•Self promotion
•pet chat
•Roles (kinks,gender etc)
•We are LGBTQ+ friendly
•A character template that brings your character to life
•Frequent mod interviews to help keep the server fun and exciting for our stayers.
These are just a few things we have to offer at this hotel and we hope to see you soon with everyone else here.
Discover est un réseau social et de rencontre destiné à toute la communauté LGBTQI+. Le serveur fait correspondre les utilisateurs en ligne en fonction de leurs préférences. Nous développons notre plateforme pour vous et avec vous, tout ce dont vous avez besoin est sur Discover.

⚠️ Le serveur n'est accessible qu'aux personnes majeures.

— Discover offre:
✅ - Des fonctionnalités les plus optimales pour te décrire.
✅ - Une expérience unique pour trouver ce que tu cherches.
✅ - Une sécurité, sûreté et l'authenticité de ses utilisateurs.
✅ - Un accès réservé aux personnes qui ne cherchent rien de sérieux.
✅ - Des groupes dans lesquels tu pourras t'intégrer.
✅ - Un vocal bondé de personnes comme toi.
et bien plus encore...

Inscrivez-vous et venez en profiter.

➡️ ⬅️
Hello! Welcome to The LGBT Lounge!
We are currently a small server that consists of friendly chatrooms you can explore. Roles are self-assigned, some open up chatrooms, like Gaming or Creator!
We would love for this server to grow into a lovely community, hope that you'll enjoy it too ^^
Come join us if you like, see ya!
Welcome to oof eggs 2!, this server is a recently re-opened community for people looking to make friends and have a casual chat. This server features the following:
- A semi-active and diverse community for people of all corners of the earth
- Multiple discord bots, whether it be fun, music, or multipurpose!
- Various channels suited to active users' interests
- An active and relaxed moderation team
We'd love to see you here! So, what are you waiting for~?