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An Ethereal World is a community bringing all types of people together and creating a virtual happy little world. AEW includes a variety of different things for everyone to do in this server e.g. talk, call, anime, movies, music, media and definitely gaming :D
4 minutes ago
Community 139
A server for non-binary and trans folk! We welcome cis allies with a connection to the community!
19 minutes ago
We're a 18+ server for queer folks who are looking for friends and dating! You must be at least 18 to use this server. THIS IS NOT A PORN/BDSM SERVER!
1 hours ago
Community 807
LGBTQ+ Lounge is a community that welcomes all, regardless of gender or sexuality, come to our server to enjoy yourself and make new friends and involve yourself with some of the events and activities that the staff will organise.

Here's what we have to offer:

• We partner/affiliate with other servers and communities!

• We aim to have events, giveaways, polls, qotds, and high quality freebies here frequently, and we allow members of the community to help make polls, so you can always help with that!

• We have unique channels for unique games and "major" topics for y'all to talk in!

• We have self-assignable roles for all different topics, genders, sexualities and everything else, some of them also bring you some extra channels and colours!

• We have a point system that's in place, which also allows YOU to gain some sweet perks!

So, what are you waiting for? Join LGBTQ+ Lounge!
4 hours ago
This is an LGBTQIA+ server for meeting and talking to people in our community. The server is quite active with a group of regulars who support each other when needed. The server is a place for people to talk to people who have similar experiences and meet more of the LGBT community. We have a lot of general channels in order to facilitate conversation about whatever topic you choose (within reason of course)
5 hours ago
Community 30
We're a friendly mix of hoomans. Artists, musicians, gamers, writers, roleplayers, everyone is welcome, as long as you aren't an asshole. We even try to be the funny sometimes, rarely succeeds, but we try! So if you like making the arts, the music, and just chatting, join Panda Pop!
5 hours ago
Pure Chaos is a community server for content creators and those who’d like to show off their work. We offer extensive categories and channels where you can keep others updated and further improve upon your skills as artists, devs, or content creators.
1 days ago
Community 62
General chat room server that is mostly lgbt+ members but we are open to everyone.
1 days ago
Better shitposting through superior fire power
2 days ago
Other 41
An OC RP server for anyone looking to roleplay their OCs somewhere. Non-fandom, fandom, random, no problem. You've got an OC and we love to hear about them! (LGBT friendly)
3 days ago
Community 18
We are a new LGBT server. We are here to provide a safe and loving server to LGBT members. ^^ Also we are all pretty cool people
4 days ago
All Games 12
This discord is to have fun regardless of your gender or sexuality. Come hang out with us.
7 days ago
Community 121
LGBTeens is a Discord community for LGBT teenagers
19 days ago
chill server, come join and have fun
25 days ago
Welcome to PlebVerse, the land of dweebs, nerds, and losers were EVERYONE is accepted, make sure to introduces yourself and check out the rules!
25 days ago
Community 1620
Welcoming community, Youth Server (16-24)
2000+ Users
Weekly Events, Games, and Friendly conversations
25 days ago
We are a server where Transgenders finally can relax without being surrounded by overly offended, SJW, LGBT types and have fun and suport eachother.
29 days ago
Community 123
PARADISO is your paradise! Be yourself, we welcome everyone!

We have color roles, giveaways, personality roles, and more! We also are LGBT friendly!
40 days ago
Our community!is dedicated to all lesbians (or others identifying within the feminine spectrum; cis, trans or non-binary), who are attracted to others within the feminine spectrum!

Join our mature community to seek advice and support, or just chill out with like-minded people. This server has plenty to offer. Hope you'll help our family grow, and that I'll see you there soon^
47 days ago
We trynna get big again so please
Join :D
59 days ago
Community 3
This server is for Transgenders gays lesbian and bisexual we are safe place where you can be your self and hangout with others like you The server is run by and for transgenders
66 days ago
Small and friendly Trans server to hang out, all trans peeps are invited and people that support LGBT too.
67 days ago
All Games 8
A small, quaint sever for making friends! We all have vastly different interests so you can definitely find your niche here! A chill place.
76 days ago
Community 10
!The LGBT+ lobby is a place where everyone is accepted regardless of sexuality, gender, etc. we are here to help in whatever way possible and make sure everyone has a place to hang out.
79 days ago