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Welcome to TheLesbianaJones' uHaul of Doom. An extremely queer-friendly social gathering place for building friendships and hanging out.
Queercraft is a gaming community and online support network for LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies.
Alphabet Soup: LGBTQIA+ inclusive BDSM! We are an all inclusive, full spectrum BDSM server that welcomes people of any experience level in the community! Drop in, make some friends, maybe even find a partner!
Queer Castle is an LGBTQ+ friendly community! Have fun and make new friends!
This is a safe space for queer people of all ages. TTRPGs are often restricted to white cishet men. This is a place where you can find a d&d group and meet friend. People of the ages between 13-18 are welcome (this server is brand new and doesn't have a lot going on yet) {Currently looking for admins}
UK Gaymers is a welcoming community with a diverse and inclusive membership. We run an SFW and 18+ server, with regular group events. We aim to run a Safe Space environment with a focus on chat and socialising.

Although we are a UK based server, membership is open to all, so feel free to pop in and we'll make you a lovely cup of tea!
Queer as f*ck was born with the purpose of growing a fun, safe community for socialising, support and open minded discussions, with a good dose of humour and glitter on top!

Get in to know more about our:
▶Cinema Streamings;
▶Casino (no real money required);
▶Custom Emotes;
▶Self-assignable Roles;
▶Friendly Community;
▶(Monitored) NSFW;
▶And much more!

👉 New exciting features coming very soon! 🎉

Help us grow this community and make it better, together, day by day!
Come chat with us! Get in!
Fab is the hottest server on Discord with spectacular staff. We're very LGBTQ friendly. Join for the queerest Discord community with the spiciest chats!
Welcome to the SOL! A place for those who are strange and unusual. We are intelligent queer punks and their allies. We are fans of MST3k, drag, Star Trek, and film. 30+ ONLY
We are an LGBTQ+ server that provide support and a warm, welcome place to be! Consider joining!
Queer Positive Porn. Everyone is welcome. No Hate. No Cancer. No Kink Shaming.
The Leftist Vanguard is a leftist server that allows leftists to converse and educate themselves along with others as well as have fun. Anyone from the LGBTQ+ community is welcome here, and can seek help if needed! We invite you to join a fun community! We also have a Queer studies section that offers explanations and lessons on Queer Theory.
A small community for LGBTQ+ individuals to come together, game, and be social. League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, Pokécord and more.
A chat for artists and writers alike! Here we are very LGBTQ friendly, do not tolerate trolls or hate, and are way too obsessed with our crafts! Come join in!
Safe space for all !

- LGBTQ+ inclusive !
- Now with self-assignable roles.
- Currently looking for Moderators to become leaders of our team.
- Many different channels to cover interests ~ gaming, artistry, pets, music & more.

Join us now !
Welcome to Prideful®! This is a safe community for LGBTQ+ people! Even if you are not LGBTQ+, you are still welcome here! But please be supportive! <3

What Prideful® offers~~

- Caring people to talk to.
- Supportive people.
- Vents
- Rank colour and personal roles.
- Safe, kind, and active community.
- Partnerships.

- Question-of-the-Day questions.
- Game nights.
- More text and chat channels.
- Special roles.

"Out-going pride is beautiful pride!"
We host drag rushes and talk about Drag Race
Are a friendly community full of lgbtqa+ love
a casual and positive space for queer folks to chat and hang!! not specifically NSFW, however there are NSFW channels for 18+ users.
A cool place to chill out, play games, listen to music, and make cool friends! More will be added with member suggestions!
There is also a special VIP role for those who are very active!
Come check us out!
Mod applications are open always! They are chosen every so often.
A server for all LGBT+ folks to hang out. We have custom emojis, fun levels, cool bots, group events, and more.
looking for new friends, don't be a dickhead and i won't do shit.
Queer Planet is a brand new server exclusively for LGBT+ people to hang out and make friends. It's one of countless queer servers, but this community is still small and everyone has a chance to be heard and contribute to the conversation. Join us if you want a place to have fun and to be yourself!
Welcome! We are an all inclusive, new server for those that fall on the Asexual and Aromantic Spectrum!

We offer: Monthly and Weekly Events such as Movie Nights and Game Nights, Self-assignable roles, Channels for all your interests, A Safe for Work Environment and a great place to meet new peeps!

Join us, for now we are a small, but friendly safe group of people. Our main goal is to gather those on the spectrum into a friendly group.
Berry Tea is a small, fresh and new LGBTQ+ supporting server that support everyone! Join our server and meet new people, make friends and join events that will be hosted as we grow!