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A cool place to chill out, play games, listen to music, and make cool friends! More will be added with member suggestions!
There is also a special VIP role for those who are very active!
Come check us out!
Mod applications are open always! They are chosen every so often.
Open to everyone in the LGBT community as well as everyone not in the LGBT community!
Fab is the hottest server on Discord with spectacular staff. We're very LGBTQ friendly. Join for the queerest Discord community with the spiciest chats!
Berry Tea is a small, fresh and new LGBTQ+ supporting server that support everyone! Join our server and meet new people, make friends and join events that will be hosted as we grow!
This is a LGBTQ+ all inclusive server to any age.
We are creating a community for socializing, and much more.
Get in to know about our cinema streamings, and other fun games and activities such a Pokémon, Casino (No real money requierd), Uno and others!!
Good envoirement, and assignable roles!
Come over and have a nice chat with cool people!
Welcome! We are an all inclusive, new server for those that fall on the Asexual and Aromantic Spectrum!

We offer: Monthly and Weekly Events such as Movie Nights and Game Nights, Self-assignable roles, Channels for all your interests, A Safe for Work Environment and a great place to meet new peeps!

Join us, for now we are a small, but friendly safe group of people. Our main goal is to gather those on the spectrum into a friendly group.
A brand new Yaoi Server, we're striving to become an active and friendly community! We hope we can provide you with your yaoi fix ^-^
Welcome to my server! I'm your guide, your mixmaker, the boi or gurl behind everything (depends on the day). You may refer to me as >Si< and this is our story. It's ever expanding, and if you don't like it, well there's not much I can do haha.

There are ways to win my favor, and one can easily be the Lucifer to my dominion, but honestly, good luck with that :)

We're Dynasty United, and I'm going to rock this world.

Why you should or should not join:
- We're queer, or at least some of us are (however all of us are accepting - don't join if you're not?)
- We all enjoy a good plot and a good role play, so the story's constantly updating and we're always improving so we can make things as vivid as possible.
- At the moment we're all chill peoples and just want fresh blood to play with, we know each others styles yet we want something new.
- Sometimes the conversations can go a little... wacky, so there's always some weird inside joke that makes no sense unless you're in it, and then everything becomes hilarious.
- We're not an "adult" server, nsfw in nsfw channels only, and no one's required to do anything.
- Lore is under development because our writers are trying to figure out how to best immerse the rp into our world we've created.
Angry Pancakes is an LGBT+ discord server interested in providing a fun, welcoming community for females, cis and trans, and non-binary people of all ages who identify as WLW+ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, etc).
an extremely new server made for queer girls by queer girls! no boys allowed, lgbt or not.
We are a fortnite server that helps you to find teammates to play with.
We also have a chilled community and have friendly staff!
We have features like self roles and edating
A-Spec-Chatular is an all-purpose server for aces, aros, and anyone else on the a-spec (asexual, aromantic, grey-a, etc.)

We promote inclusion, acceptance, and respect within our corner of the community.
The Leftist Vanguard is a leftist server that allows leftists to converse and educate themselves along with others as well as have fun. Anyone from the LGBTQ+ community is welcome here, and can seek help if needed! We invite you to join a fun community! We also have a Queer studies section that offers explanations and lessons on Queer Theory.
A general hangout server with a pony theme. Most of the members are LGBTQ+. VERY left-leaning.

Read the rules! Is v important.
Welcome dear, this is a new LGBT all inclusive server. We aspire to create a large community for socializing, and much more.
Get in to know about our cinema streaming, and other fun games and activities!!
Diversity reigns among us!
We're a community of people in the LGBTQIA+ community who hold open arms to allies and other queer folks!
A server for all LGBT+ folks to hang out. We have custom emojis, fun levels, cool bots, group events, and more.
LGBTQ(TIES) is a new social discord server for, you guessed it, the LGBT community. We aim to be a fun for our members to make friends, socialize, access community support, participate in movie and game nights, and more! We’ve got fun bots, dedicated staff, and a little spot waiting just for you. Check it.
We're a 18+ server for queer folks who are looking for friends and dating! You must be at least 18 to use this server. THIS IS NOT A PORN/BDSM SERVER!
For queer/LGBT folk of all ages. A sister server to Queer Friends & Dating 18+
Le Discord du forum <>
Une autre vision du monde LGBT : moins de préjugés, plus d'information.
Communauté basée sur l'entre-aide et la discussion.
Venez nous raconter vos histoires !
This server isn't the server of the instagram account lgbt.love_forever but anyone can join and talk. We offer emotional support to anyone who would like it
A friendly chat for LGBT youth! We kindly ask that you be between the ages of 13-20 if you'd like to join. Any identity is welcome, including those who are questioning! We just ask that you be respectful of each other's identities. We hope you decide to join and enjoy your stay with us!