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A brand new Yaoi Server, we're striving to become an active and friendly community! We hope we can provide you with your yaoi fix ^-^
27 minutes ago
Welcome dear, this is a new LGBT all inclusive server. We aspire to create a large community for socializing, and much more.
Get in to know about our cinema streaming, and other fun games and activities!!
Diversity reigns among us!
7 hours ago
Angry Pancakes is an LGBT+ discord server interested in providing a fun, welcoming community for females, cis and trans, and non-binary people of all ages who identify as WLW+ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, etc).
23 hours ago
We're a community of people in the LGBTQIA+ community who hold open arms to allies and other queer folks!
7 days ago
MAJESTIC is a LGBTQ+ server for +18|
Come around to meet new people and enjoy a good while!
NSFW | SFW, Cinema streaming, RuPaul streaming, Pokemon and other fun bots!
Join us!
24 days ago
A server for all LGBT+ folks to hang out. We have custom emojis, fun levels, cool bots, group events, and more.
52 days ago
LGBTQ(TIES) is a new social discord server for, you guessed it, the LGBT community. We aim to be a fun for our members to make friends, socialize, access community support, participate in movie and game nights, and more! We’ve got fun bots, dedicated staff, and a little spot waiting just for you. Check it.
66 days ago
We're a 18+ server for queer folks who are looking for friends and dating! You must be at least 18 to use this server. THIS IS NOT A PORN/BDSM SERVER!
98 days ago
For queer/LGBT folk of all ages. A sister server to Queer Friends & Dating 18+
102 days ago