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A fun and friendly server featuring karaoke, a lottery, a colored role shop, events and more! 1,000 members and counting, join today!
This is a community of people who want to duel, role play, and chill for fun. the story takes place a little after the end of 5ds in a alternate universe where XYZ where just starting to be more in production starting printing for 2 years at this point. what left of Industrial illusion then merged with what's left of kaiba crop. and buying out multiple other company across the world. seeing how productive the duel academy project was then created a man made island where others around the world can learn to duel making better pro duelists internationally. Gaining more info on dueling over the years with more skills and teaching methods they wanted to try their hands at this again. in honor of the belated Maximillion Pegasus, they decided to go for it later choosing the best skilled duelist they can find as over-seer. the over-seer then found 3 duelist across the world that the over-seer took a liking to be it for their skills or dueling style to be head teachers and the school as we know it was then formed ask mods for help,
a love place to talk about pokemon, and pokemon planet
Yugioh Essence is a Yugioh Roleplay that focuses on Duel Spirits. Every character is a Duel Spirit that lives in a fantastical world with various environments where the plot will take place. Become your favorite Yugioh monster and let them command your favorite archetype while also taking them to an adventurous journey. We use MR4, allow a custom Link monster for decks that need it and have a sorta flexible banlist. Also we're still looking for moderators.
The prestigious academy, devoted to the Henshin Heroes of the future! Tokyo 2050! Join today! We've got lots of fun stuff to do, lots of chats, and lots of fun to be had!
hey guy, max here. i own the server and im looking for people to join it. on this server we going for a very casual server, which means no meta decks. to add to the super casual theme, we here at the server use strange theme decks like my level 2 water monsters deck. i hope to see you soon.
Welcome To Yugioh Gx: Next Generation.
The Story Of This Roleplay Happens Four Years After The Ending Of Yugioh Gx. The Duel Academy Was Re-made, And A New Dorm System Was Made After The Three Ace Monsters Of The Legendary Duelists.
Red Eyes Red
Dark Magician Black
Blue Eyes Blue.
Will You Be A Hero Or A Villian? Only One Way To Find Out! Come And Join Us!
This server runs on MR3 (no links, no xyz, no synchro, no pends)
We are a server for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
Create you're own cards and post them here for us to discuss
We also have Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks and Anime Discussions
Yugituber Notifications from YouTube through MEE6 BOT
A variety of bots are included for your comfort
Levelling Systems through typing
Staff Needed as we are a fairly new server and very highly developed
Everybody is welcome to join!
This server was made by the YugiTuber channel: XUnderGroundMembersX

See you soon!
Welcome you have been invited to a Island where you will learn how to become a Pro Duelist and possibly claim the Title King or Queen of Games!
Mages? Kings? Knights? Why what do these have in common? The elements are the connection to all living and nonliving things.
An ongoing Yu-Gi-Oh! role-play server based in a VR world with a focus on the game Attributes. Join others based on your deck's primary attribute and capture locations to lead your team to victory. YGOPro Percy with Links is used for Duels.
A fun, casual yugioh RP server full of chill people to RP with. You can also duel here, and make friends with all of the chill people in our little server, This server uses nexus, No custom Cards allowed.
Hello and welcome to the Enterprise Academy, an academy that takes place years after the events of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. With Virtual Reality Dueling and the new types of summoning techniques, which has many academies to life, but this Academy is one of the best out there
Looking for a server to make some friends and play Yu-Gi-Oh? Well this is the place for you! Here, you can play, discuss, get help with decks and everything imaginable! Hopefully we'll see you out there on the battlefield, recruits!
Hello there, I just started this server and wanted to let you know that we like memes and like chatting alot, If you want you can join the fun but we dont tolerate bullies and death threats. Same goes for other threats
Role Play Details
•Planned Lore
•World Building
•New People to Meet
•Literacy and Good Role Play
•Friendly Staff and Member
Basic Lore
Twenty years after a great war that shook the world, the great city that was once Spark City was utterly destroyed, and from the ashes of the great city rose Auto Tech Corporation, bringing the new era with it.
Welcome to our new brand of Yugioh servers, Yugioh! Nex Gen! In our server, you'll be able to join one of the three Egyptian God hosues, and possibly earn a a millenium item! If thats not your style, there is an unlimited amount of other choices you can make, the possibilities are endless! Here you'll be able to actually duel with your opponents so the role play is much, much more realistic! We hope you enjoy your stay in our server!
Welcome to Duel Valley, The Gran Turismo.

The stake are high in this turbo powered RP, where custom cards and archetypes are allowed in the fray!
Welcome! We're a brand new server looking to make it big! What do we have to offer in contrast to your average Yu-Gi-Oh/TCG server?
- No daybot/dyno/pg-13 censorship bot shackles to keep you from posting
- Official ygopro2 support and links
- Deckbuilding/anime/market and replay channels
- Memes (which is somehow not a thing on most servers of our genre :shrug::skin-tone-1: )
- Decklists (for anyone to find a quick list of a deck they want to try)
- Room to expand (since we're new, there's a lot of things we want to do and accomplish, perhaps even add Bakugan support down the line :3 )
- And of course leveling because these days not leveling while you speak just feels wrong.

So come on in! We hope you enjoy yourselves and help make something great with us!
Welcome to our Dueling Academy we have all duels here in the format of MR4 or MR3 because we find Links are something most people don't like and the rules that came behind them so your free to use MR3 make sure to have fun and be the best Duelist you can be!
in a experiment trying to bring duel monsters to life a project endzone this was made to help the army in winning wars sadly it...well it didn't fail monsters no longer need vr duel gazers but they are only summoned in duels only at rare times do they come to life out side of duels but at a cost of this happening a explosion happened most people alive were duelists some good some evil some who are far beyond that of a demon the whole country was in ruin and the government contained it we still get food and water when they drop crates (only recon teams will get these) then there we 2 sides the new army a evil organization trying to remake the world in there image were every one shall listen to there rules and those who dont die they want to destroy peace and cause havoc and then there was a other side the resistanse they are here to help get rid of the new army to remake peace and let the world continue to how it used to be and how will this storys fights be settled why THROUGH A CHILDRENS CARD GAME and how will it end well thats for you to find out this is our story to end because this is yugioh endzone
Welcome to Cataclysm Academy! My name is headmaster Koga! At this academy, we offer possibilities to learn ED summonings and such! Come join our academy today and become stronger, make more friends, make a name out of yourself! The academy is the built the year 1800 and uses a cataclysm located at the bottom of the academy to power the academy.
Yugioh ignited is a fairly new Yugioh RP server set in the japanese coast town of Toso, events are held reguararly and we try and make the experience as best as possible, we hope you will come and join our server.