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The basic premise is a war time dueling RP between the three dueling powerhouses. Fusion, Synchro, and XYZ(The other summoning types are spread throughout the factions except for Link so it's in MR3). Most rp will take place on the battlefield. During a time of peace, a higher up from Xyz faction was killed by unknown means. The leader of the Xyz faction believes that this was done on purpose by one of the other two governments, who both adamantly denied the claim. In the end, all three went to war. This would go down in history as The Shadow War, or The Era of No Light....
Come join us in Yugioh: Warzone! High ranks are still open.
Shadow Realm Convergience is a Yu-Gi-Oh RP server that really lets your bring out your inner duelist. Open to any level of experience, everyone has the chance to be a hero. This server truely immerses it's players into the world of Duel Monsters. Once you've built your character, and your beginner deck, you'll be able to explore the world and meet your destiny. Who KNOWS what it will be? Not even the admins! The world is yours to shape. All you have to do is come on in! We do our dueling in Dueling Nexus to be available to players wherever they are. We will have semi-regular tournaments and lots of reasons to enter the world and d-d-d-d-duel!
Welcome to Spring Lake, a lovely town where people come to relax and enjoy their little slice of life. A few years ago, duel monsters became the number 1 game to play, and now nearly everyone plays it. Whether they be a student at the local school, or someone working in town to make a living, everyone is a duelist. In this server, you make your own adventure. You guys decide what happens and what twists and turns come from your own adventures. Lets make things interesting and exciting.
You can attend Spring Lake academy and fight your way to be the best duelist in school. You can open a business in the city and bring joy to the community. Or you can indulge your evil side, and be a villain; bringing misery and woe to the townspeople in the hopes of fulfilling your own goals. No adventure is too big or too small. We host tournaments as well as promote both a competitive and casual dueling experience for all levels of play.
A fun and friendly yugioh server, where we host Tournaments and daily events, with the chances to win decks and archetypes .
Welcome to Gem Academy!

In this Yu-Gi-Oh RP, you will be in a school environment, having classes, taking part of events that will be happening in the Academy and also defeat any villains that might appear. The RP features a progression system to upgrade your starter deck that you will make your self following certain guide lines.Also we are going to be using YGOPRO for our Duels however you can also use Dueling Book if any problems arise.
Welcome! this is a Yugioh based server which has many different features. You can role-play with friends or have a general conversation with them in the server! The administrators here are very welcoming (don't mind the op overlords) and enjoy talking with new people about there Yugioh experiences. Thanks for reading, we would love to have you if you decide to join.
Hey! This is Kingdom Academy a place for Duelist old or young to become the very best. Its an RP server and in this server we plan to have one werid, wacky and exciting time! We based it of GX and the setting its an alternate reality where people are already in the link era! The story that we have set, will have many twists and turns and we are also ready for any suggestions that anyone has to improve it! we have many events planned for example tag team duels, Tournaments and ect. If you do decide to join we hope you have an amazing time!
Hello! We're Yu-Gi-Oh! - Westport Circuit! We hope you do join us! We are a deck-building server in which you start off with a starter deck that's based on one of the 6 attributes in the game; Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth! We're an academy RP that's focused on making students into successful duelists! Below is our lore, feel free to join us, one of the few active Yu-Gi-Oh! servers that doesn't rely on meta decks!

With the rising popularity of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, new technologies have been made even cities have been built in it's honour. In short, Yu-Gi-Oh! has made it's mark globally and new, young duelists are looking to get in on the money that's up for grabs in the multitude of worldwide tournaments. For this purpose, we introduce the Westport School for the Dueling Elite! We will both enter YOU into local dueling tournaments and aim to help you improve your dueling game!

With state-of-the-art technology, such as brand new dueling disks for students and even a simulation field for usage during downtime, we hope to turn even the worst duelist into a dueling extraordinaire! It's this kind of innovative teaching, that had brought former-pro duelists to our academy who will share their tips and tricks with you (while also giving the inexperienced a lesson on the basics) as teachers
A fun and friendly server featuring karaoke, a lottery, a colored role shop, events and more! 1,000 members and counting, join today!
YGO: Prophecy Breaker is a Yugioh-oriented roleplay with a focus on player growth. In a world where nearly everyone has some form of prophecy on them, what makes you special? When being "the chosen duelist" is simply a qualification to get in, what will you do to set yourself apart?
We're a duel links sever. We're small right now but we would love to build a community. We have memes, announcements when new stuff happens in the game and in the server and we have a really nice staff! Come hang out!!
If you like Yu-Gi-Oh and Roleplaying we have both! This is an original plot-line that takes you into the space colony called Utopia which allows for many types of Dueling and of course we can teach you how to play if you have never played before. You of course don't need to know any of the previous plot-lines to play on Utopia as well. We use a dice system for our duels but we can help you figure it out and help you enjoy your stay here!
Small community-based server where anyone can come and talk about anything. We have multiple channels dedicated to any topic you could want. We do have opt-in roles for people wanting to be pinged when another person is going live in a game. There is also NSFW content viewed only through an opt-in role.
Fight against people to be the true winner, fight the shadow duelist, and dominate! Don't lose all your energy though
*Obscure cultists have opened a portal to a hell dimension*
*In the portal you see a T-pose Skeleton hovering over lava* *In a deep voice it speaks to you* it tells you about all the things happening in the dimension

- The revival of "The Hell Zone"

- The Beekeeping-Podcast

- The Yu-Gi-Oh tournament that will soon start (sign in and download YGOPRO2)

- The awaited return of the "Gobbos" (Goblins)

- Our Kaiser "Marcellus" and the transcendental entity "Bingus"

- Our beloved Supreme Communist Leader Mr.Krabs

- And many upcoming events

* The T-pose skeleton asks you to join him *(but he reminds you that it is not recommended to enter the portal if you are under 16 years old)
Looking for a server to make some friends and play Yu-Gi-Oh? Well this is the place for you! Here, you can play, discuss, get help with decks and everything imaginable! Hopefully we'll see you out there on the battlefield, recruits!
Vuagate City is a custom yugioh pack server. Meaning we make our own packs and you build a deck from said packs. We look to expand our community and build a strong server from this. We hope you stop by and give us a look!
Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Final Millennium is a roleplay-optional server based upon the April 2005 YGO Format, colloquially known as Goat Format. The format is slow, meticulous, and incredibly diverse in deck strategies, however, The Final Millennium seeks to expand upon that.

This server updates the format regularly with small batches of carefully-selected modern YGO cards, promoting lesser-known or less viable strategies, or creating balanced, wholly new ones. If you choose to Roleplay within it, you take the role of a character in Domino City, dueling in iconic locales, with iconic NPCs.

So come on in! We're small, though eager, and growing!
Akazaki City is a bustling hub of activity, a city gripped in the excitement of dueling, the modern day gladiatorial sport entertains those from the lowest sects of the city to the highest echelons of society. In this city you forge your own destiny, become a pro-duelist and rule the city as champion, or run as a low-level card shark, or a student in the prestigious academy seeking to be the next big thing in the world of dueling.

We are a welcoming room which allows custom cards and puts an emphasis on fun character interactions and interesting storylines created by both the admins and our members, we hope you will join us
we are a yugioh duel academy roleplay looking for people to join wich we NEEEEEEED! this server has activate staff and a bunch of events
Welcome! This the discord server for the Roleplay Infinite server of Yu-gi-oh!
Guides and story information on the different sections of the forums.


"Three years have passed since the adventures of Yugi Muto and his friends. Thanks to Kaiba corp, and Yugi's popularity escalated as the greatest duelist of all time. Despite of that, the young "King of Games" still struggled to move on after the last farewell with the pharaoh, because of that, he has decided to distance a bit from his home and depart Domino city for some time.
Theese sudden news had caugh many by surprise, and rumours of retirement started to arise in the different compettive Duel Monsters circuits, which has heated things up among duelists since, if the rumors were truth, it means that the throne of the "King of Games" would be open for a new ambitious candidate.

Meanwhile, after his last defeat. Seto Kaiba has settled to focus on running his company and make preparations for the next big Duel Monsters event, distancing himself from dueling as he used to.

WIth the apparent retiremnet of the two greatest duelists out there, new faces slowly began to take the spotlight of the dueling scene, all of them aiming to be the one who will outshine the legacy of the great King of Games Yugi Muto"

We are an unofficial adult server/fan group for YGOPro Percy (online yugioh program). We talk anything yugioh (game, anime, duel links) and everything else (politics, sports, waffles). We're looking to add active individuals, grow an interesting community, and develop meaningful friendships. Come check us out! :)
Welcome to Yugioh: Cross Fate!

Insignia City, it is the city in which duelists have come to strive for. It is also the bane of any duelist who can not earn DP. In Insignia City being a duelist isn't just a hobby it's a way of life. Duelists gain and lose DP everyday. Any other job stopped paying normal currency, so that duelists wouldn't have to take up a job. Of course there are Pro Duelists, these duelists gain double DP and only lose half DP.

However, in this city there are those wanting to gain DP illegally and use it to make illegal cards and duel disks; these individuals are known as the Black Diamonds. The Black Diamonds are a group of thieves, hitmen, and just overall criminals, they will do whatever it takes to earn DP. Duelists are warned to not challenge any of these individuals and if they are challenged, call Security immediately.

Security for the most part does their job, but at the end of the day, majority of Security has 3rd rate duelists, who only want the special technology which keeps their DP from getting stolen. Why doesn't Insignia know about this technology? Simple, the Head of Security wants to keep it to himself rather than spend DP to mass produce the technology for other duelists.

In the background of the city there are those who wish to stop the Black Diamonds, these Vigilantes work outside the law, while still abiding by the law for the most part. Most Vigilantes however, do not take up a name such as normal heroes, they simply just stay hidden and attack the Black Diamonds directly where none can witness their deeds
On the lighter side of Insignia aspiring duelists work all the way up to Ascension Academy, this Academy is for students who have finished Duel School, and wish to be a Pro Duelist. Ascension Academy is not an easy academy to get into, most applicants can't pass the entrance exam. However those who do enter Ascension have an easy life, they have their own dorm, which is filled with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with a bath shower, a livingroom and a full size kitchen. On top of the high-class dorms, they serve top-quality food in the cafeteria to match almost any taste. There are no classes, duelists simply challenge each other to "Grading Duels" these duels award duelists GP instead of DP; GP is used to graduate from Ascension, however, once students reach 0 GP they are expelled, it takes 100000 GP to graduate from Ascension Academy. Most students give up, but those who persevere become amazing Pro Duelists.
We are a server for Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game!
Create you're own cards and post them here for everyone to discuss.
We also have VRAINS Discussions.
We offer YouTube Notifications from many of your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Youtube Content Creators!
We have a levelling system and custom card channels
Everybody (TCG Player or not) is welcome to join!

This server was made by and for the YugiTuber channel: XUnderGroundMembersX

Hope to see you soon!