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Surreal dreamscape server. Chill community for all your inner demons. 1:1 male female ratio. 24/7 sadboy hours with the edgiest goth girls.
A place for pure metalheads who love old and modern metal/rock, we're also looking for musicians guitarist's, drummer's, bassist's, vocalist's, etc, we are also friendly and support couples
hey there! are you into the Emo Revival scene? If so join! We are a small community that loves all things emo and even if you don't you should join anyways! we have VC and Roles!

『Hello, and welcome to (Fans) Out Boy!』

❤️ We are a fan server based around the Pop Punk band Fall Out Boy! ❤️

We have lots to offer here! Some things include:
★Channels for different eras (including solo work)
★Many different bots
★Different events we plan on hosting in the future
★A safe place for people in LGBTQ+ community
★Lots of different roles for the albums you like! (WE NEED TO WORK ON THIS COWARDS)
★A bunch of 𝓮𝓹𝓲𝓬 emotes

Hope to see you around ❤️

we are a new and upcoming server that offers self assignable roles, events, many voice channels, and much more like slaves join for more details .

we have a friendly and low moderation community, and we are looking to grow weed n more creakhead friends :D

join, invite your friends big dick energy <3

i love you join now.
We are that dumb emo band cult server, join if you like to be yourself and just want a server to chill and make new friends
Welcome to The Emo Hangout REBORN! The official successor server to the original Emo Hangout!
We're back and ready to create some brand new memories!

We are accepting of all people and we wish to grow a friendly community that supports and loves each other.

In this server you'll find:

🖤- Roles for your favorite bands! Pop-Punk, Post-Hardcore? Alternative rocker? We got your favs!
*Includes MCR, P!ATD, TOP, FOB, Green Day, Blink-182, Paramore, Pierce the Veil, and two brand new arrivals, Sleeping with Sirens, and All Time Low

🖤- Music bots to play your favorite songs!

🖤- Question of the Week, Polls, and Starboard!

🖤- Friendly staff that are happy to assist you

🖤- LGBT 🌈 channel.

🖤- A friendly and accepting community

So what are you waiting for? Why don't you become a part of a new emo legacy?

Well, I guess you could just stay in your room, crying and being your depressed self.
Welcome to Heartbreak Kingdom:

Ever want a server where you can vibe to music

Also can talk bout personal problems?

Also be in a server that’s more dedicated to more artist:

Welcome to Heartbreak Kingdom

Here at heartbreak Kingdom we offer

1. A helpful staff team

2. Fun bots to help your experience be fun

3. A nsfw Channel

4.A Non Toxic Community
Welcome to Hellboy's Kingdom
14+ server

Originallly A Lil'peep server, we've expanded to welcoming to other artists- to artist such as xxxtentacion, mac miller, my chemical romance, and more!
Want to add an artist that you want to obsess over with other music lovers? Talk to our admins and we'll add them!

What we provide for you!
✓ E-Girls and E-Boyz
✓ Hentai/Other lewd content
✓ NSFW channel
✓ Selfie channel
✓ Sharing socials
✓ Gaming
✓ Self-Roles
✓ Game nights (we take requests)
✓ A comfort corner where people are willing to listen to you vent, as well as a hotline channel (contact admins if you have more you want to add <3)
✓ Bots for your entertainment!

So step into Hellboy's Kingdom if you want :)

Look forward to seeing you…
Welcome to our server, full of all things Gerard Way! Have fun with games and polls, share your art and writing, and chill in a supportive community! There's two music channels, a confession bot, questions of the day, pictures of Gerard, and so much more!

We welcome all new members into the server!
hii this is a recently new server so please join!! ily <33 we have some bots and uh yeah a lot of bullying with gore channels and satanic rituals! 🥩🦷
This server is mainly for more edgy alternative people, but we accept all!

-good for alternatives
-very LGBTQ+ friendly
-we joke about how this is all a big cult... its a thing.
-not a great server for the easily offended, but that doesn't mean that any hate is allowed that isn't just some fun teasing.
-dating is allowed, but don't be creepy.
-pedos are not allowed, ever.
-but most importantly, have fun.
♡ Seeking a place to meet new people and learn about their craft? ♡

《 Our server is all about collaborating, sharing, conversation, and just having a good time! We have a wide variety of topics however we mainly focus on Witchcraft and the Greek Pantheon. 》

☆ You do not have to be a witch to join, we have options for people who are just plain interested in Greek Mythology, too! ☆

Please consider joining if you are interested! Blessed be 💫
Are you stuck in the 2000s like us? Have no fear, this server exists!
From general chats to vent chats & even self roles, there is definitely something that'll suit you. I promise the people don't suck, we just wanna have a good time.
a cool server for anyone with an interest in “emo” music to meet new friends and chat!

- we consider this memehell
- we are the knights who say ni!
- you're gonna love us forever once you join :>

we have many bots, a wild experience on the server lolz and now an awesome and friendly staff! we hope you'll enjoy it here :> gerard way says join :)

love, scotty {owner}
A community server for people ranging from kpop stans to flat out weebs. If you're looking for new friends and some good conversation, feel free to join.
Im still working on it so it isn't that good, have fun and do what you want just don't bother other users :)
Welcome to Anarchy! The server for all your alternative needs!

We're a small server for anyone 15-30 who identifies as alternative (Emo, goth, etc.) and/or LGBTQ+ so if you fit into one of these, come say hi!

We have something for everyone here, including:
- Secure verification to ensure no raiders/trolls ruin your fun
- Self-assign roles
- Excessive colour roles
- Support channel for advice
- Reliable moderation
- A furry channel for the fluffballs
- Plenty of LGBTQ+ roles and a safe space chat channel
- Aesthetic channel borders
- And some NSFW channels for those who wish to see them

And if there's something we're missing, we have a suggestions channel for you to help us grow!

Come join, we don't bite... Unless you ask~

Server Invite Link:
˗ˏˋ〖 welcome to band pictures! 〗ˎˊ˗

are you in desprate need for band pictures? then this server is for you!

here we have...
↳ 20+ band and artist channels for pictures
↳ friendly staff
↳ music vcs
↳ bots
↳ qotd and polls
↳ you can always suggest artists or bands that arent here

hope to see you there!

welcome to the trash can


looking for a place to be emo trash? looking for a place to obsess over things when nobody is listening to you? hop on over to the trash can and find other people who are as trashy as you.
° bots
° friendly staff
° active members
° completely LGBTQ+ friendly
skrrt skrrt
The Underground is a 15+ lifestyle and community safe space for anyone who identifies with any branch, vintage or modern, old or new, of the alternative subculture. Find friends or more with similar interests, and gain a community of people who are like you by joining the people who dwell below society's surface showcasing!
We're a Discord Community with the main topic centered around music and finding a community to support one another. We also are centered with people who just want to be loved and have company. Electronic? We got it. lo-fi/lo-fi hip hop? We got it. Screamo? Sure. Ambient? Noise? Post-Hardcore? Sure as hell. Come on in.
We also have social channels and everything in between to make this an all-around good experience.