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Like Metal, Rock, Punk or Goth ? Tired of toxic and elitist filled music servers ? Join Planet Caravan and come share or discover new music without worrying about someone judging you. We also have weekly themed playlists where u can submit songs to be featured on our collaborative playlist !
cute aesthetic growing socializing/music discord server for those w 0 social skills, ppl who suck at socializing, are lonely, struggle to make friends, have disorders, dont fit in, are bored or just wanna talk to ppl who can relate 2 them! age does not matter <3
                    .             .               *            ✦                                               
゚。 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤 ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ~✿
╔═══ ・┈┈°⋆꒰♡꒱⋆°┈┈・ ═══╗
`🖤;`┊ we have a large variety of channels to choose from so you’re never bored & over 30 bots + self promo channel

`🤍;`┊ lots of roles & 500 emotes, n supportive staff + members, sporadically active, level system w perks & boost + donate perks

`🖤;`┊ we luv rock & metal & luv horror films but you can join no matter what you listen to or watch; we do movie nights & listening parties on VC

`🤍;`┊ looking for partners, boosters (lvl 3), bot makers, active members, pms & staff

`🖤;`┊ if you get banned from servers often b/c of their strict rules n struggle 2 find people to connect/relate to,, feel free to join!
╚═══ ・┈┈°⋆꒰♡꒱⋆°┈┈・ ═══╝

┊♡ links:
┊♡ vanity link:

Welcome, to Forgotten Lands a metal server where we can come together and share our music
Join us :)
Welcome to Amberstock! One of the greatest metal servers around! With an active community and friendly staff our server brings together all metalheads alike! We accept fans of all genres, though we focus on Metal and Metal Subgeneres

Come promote your band, meet new friends, find music events, discuss, listen to music, and more at Amberstock!

•Level One Nitro
•Rewards for Nitro Boosters
•Staff Applications ALWAYS Open
•Friendly Community
•Active Staff
•And More
Stowarzyszenie Metali to serwer dla osób które słuchają metalu lub dopiero chcą zacząć. Zasady są tu dosyć luźne, póki szanujesz innych nie masz się co przejmować. Zapraszamy serdecznie :)

True Metal Underground is a highly active nitro boosted community with 200 members. We pride ourselves in being one of the friendliest metal servers on Discord with 0 toxic members and fair moderation. Join the fun!
Serveur qui parle essentiellement de Metal (et de tous ces sous genres), de Cinema et de Jeux Vidéos. Ce serveur a pour but de discuter, partager et découvrir de nouvelles choses sur ces trois thèmes. Il y a aussi un salon dédié pour les musiciens, ou vous pouvez partagez vos compos, vos covers etc... Il faut se présenter, et accepter un reglement, pour devenir un membre du serveur
Le serveur est recent il cherche donc du monde !
🅳🅴🆁🆁🅸🅲🅺 🅱🆁🅰🅽🅲🅷's OFFICIAL COMMUNITY Server, Goth, Metal, Cosplay, scarlxrd, HipHop, 4chan, soundcloud.
Welcome to **The Diamond Vinyl**, a rock/metal based server owned by @ Owlame#4366 and @ 🤘Sapph🤘#6191.
In this server we have:

<+> a **friendly** community who love metal and rock,
<+> **news** about bands you like,
<+> **self-roles** of your top5 metal or rock bands
<+> **partnership** and advertising channels
<+> many **events**
<+> 200+ members
<+> 1.100 members in a network from 4different servers

We are currently looking for some Mods, Partnership manager and nitro boosters.
Depressive Black Metal.

depressive black metal, atmospheric black metal, metal, musicians, production, recording, rehearsals, noise, experimental, ambient, industrial
We are a fan base that knows everything about the band. Come and fangirl over Avenged Sevenfold shit, and meet people with similar music interests lol
Hey everyone, here's my music server. Mainly for people who're into rock, metal, punk, emo, screamo, post-hardcore, etc. We're a very welcoming community and have listening parties + other events often, so come check us out!
Discord metal francophone axé sur la découverte et le partage.

Rangez vos Metallica, vos Sabaton et vos Arch Enemy et venez approfondir et partager vos connaissances. Nous n'avons rien contre ces groupes mais nous voulons en profiter ici pour découvrir des perles plus ou moins rares. Si vous voulez découvrir le genre, c'est aussi l'occasion pour vous de le faire autrement grâce à notre communauté active et ce qu'on peut considérer comme les archives du serveur.
Stinkhole, new server with very little rules.
Community filled with fans of pop, metal, films, and all sorts of stuff.
Everyone is welcomed except nazis, pedophiles!
Come to Rock Central! We're a friendly community interested in all kinds of rock, metal and punk music. As well as general conversation, some perks of our server include:

* 230+ self assignable band roles
* 5 self assignable musician roles
* Rythm bot to listen to music in voice chat with other people
* Active mod team
* Established friendly community
* Levels and level roles with AmariBot

Come in and say hello!
Welcome to MetalliPunk! We are a small but steadily growing community of metal heads and punks from all around the globe, which have gathered here to build a tight-knit community and to discuss our favorite music genres: PUNK and METAL! We are also interested in cool stuff like art and original music. And don’t forget: SLAYYYYEEEEERRRR!!!
just a community server full of people with good music taste, share your favorite bands, share your merch, have a friendly chat about anything you want. Original Content/self promotion is welcome!
Kööpa's Army is an active femboy/trap/trans server. We have a NSFW section for sharing nudes, tons of cool emojis, and a level up system! We also have general discussions mostly relating to:

>Video Games

Most of our members are LGBT but anyone is welcome so long as they are friendly and respectful.
Come here and be part of our family!
We talk about:
-Animes, series and movies or music.
-A place to relief (Long day? Shitty days? Weeks? Months? Feel free to tell us, dude, we want to support between us).
-Art in general (draws, poems, photography).
-We're making roleplay
-Anything you want to talk

We're from a lot of countries (Spain, UK, Netherlands, France, USA, etc.) so we have channels to speak only in Spanish, French, etc.

Here are a lot of kind of people, so we have a lot of channels used to post:
-Goths/emo things.
-Metalheads (Let's rock duuude).
-Geeks (to people how really love computers for example).
-To post selfies and know each other, etc.

Take a look, dude ;] we're gonna make sure that this is a good place to be with a good and nice atmosphere.
Join the Angels of Death Radio Station to tune in on some awesome and cool music from Metallica and many more from the thrash metal genre and soon to be, Angels of Death, So what are you fucking waiting for? Get the fuck in here!!
Welcome to the metalhead's cave, Come join us and have lots of fun, Meet new people, Contribute to the server, And help us grow,
We are a very welcoming community with many interactive staff members and a continuously growing server.
We love metal and rock, Staff are very friendly and we always work to make your experience better here.
What we have to offer:

1. We offer head banging with friends and rockin rollin

2. A place to hang out with friends and new people to talk In the metalhead cave we allow you to talk about your favorite metal bands and talk about your opinions

3. A safe heaven for metalheads not for one genre of metalhead or band but all

5. We also host listining parties to headbang and you can host them too