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Aurorika's Lair
-A server to meet metalheads and just talk about metal
- None toxic community
- Fun bots such as: Dank memer, NotSoBot, etc...
- Share some songs you have made
- Listen to metal with others
- Chat and meet new friends
- Partner your server
- Memes
- Leveling system
- Events!
And much more...
We are a very welcoming community with many interactive staff members and a continuously growing server. We love metal (especially slipknot) and rock, many other sub genres within aswell! Staff is very friendly and we always work to make your experience better here.
Welcome to The Clergy! We are a server made for Ghost fans, by Ghost fans. We have a small, but tightly knit community of people who all share a love for the band "Ghost". We have many bots, fun mini-events, and much more.

All fans are welcome! It doesn't matter if you've been listening since 2010 or just found them, we welcome you!
Welcome to Amberstock! One of the greatest metal servers around! With an active community and friendly staff our server brings together all metalheads alike! We accept fans of all genres, though we focus on Metal and Metal Subgeneres

Come promote your band, meet new friends, find music events, discuss, listen to music, and more at Amberstock!

Agent Admin/Owner is a professional administrator and music bots added! Help us grow so we may be a metal outlet!
Hey everyone, here's my music server. Mainly for people who're into rock, metal, punk, emo, screamo, post-hardcore, etc. We're a very welcoming community and have movie streams often, so come check us out! We have lots of listening parties too
Do you ever feel like you don't fit in? Are you single and lonely? Then chances are you'd be a great fit for Misfit Matchmaking. Originally geared to cater to the alternative community we're opening our doors to everyone who's looking for some banter or maybe even more. We offer:

-3:1 Male to female ratio. Ladies look no further.

-Safe and harassment free community. Anyone using our server to harass people in DM's will be banned if sufficient evidence is provided.

-An excellent chance to put yourself in the spotlight with our featured bachelor/bachelorette of the day channels. Everyone gets a turn, all you need to is verify yourself and apply by private messaging me.

-Lots of server sponsored activities including music listening parties, huge voice chats, cards against humanity and more.

-18+ is highly recommended due to the general nature of the server.
🅳🅴🆁🆁🅸🅲🅺 🅱🆁🅰🅽🅲🅷's OFFICIAL COMMUNITY Server, Goth, Metal, Cosplay, scarlxrd, HipHop, 4chan, soundcloud.
Come join the Metal Music Lounge! We are a non-toxic community that love to talk about metal. We have bots, fun bots, voice channels, events, & more! No Elitism, No Bullshit!
A fan made server dedicated to one of the pioneers of industrial music and heavy music, Ministry.

If you're a fan of Al Jourgensen, the rest of the band past and present, or similar bands (Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Fear Factory, etc.), feel free to join and help it grow!
This is the SML - Social Music Lounge.
Here you will be socializing with others individuals and share your thoughts on bands, musics or even better, listen to the music with them!

we have special music categories so you can hear your music for yourself or preferably group music voice channels so you share your music with others!

Rule #1: Be respectful toward other people. No harassing or personally attacking others.

Rule #2: No text spamming in the text channels, no mic spamming in the voice channels.

Rule #3: No pornographic or disturbing content.

Rule #4: No unrelevant memes in the #drunkent text channel, keep them to the #memes-and-garbage channel. You may post memes SPARINGLY in the #drunkent chat if they are relevant to whatever the conversation at hand may be. Do not overdo it.

Rule #5: No meme/joke songs in the #music text channel, keep them to the #memes-and-garbage channel. The #music channel is for real discussion and sharing of music that you like.
If you can respect these following rules then you are welcome to have a stay here!
This server is meant to supplement the Youtube channel of the same name. Join to discuss extreme metal, and share your own original content.
[18+] Kööpa's Army is a pretty active and friendly Trap/Femboy/and trans server. We have a NSFW section for sharing nudes. We also have a general chat for meeting new people and other channels about:

>Video Games
>Heavy Metal/K-pop

Most of our members are LGBT but anyone is welcome so long as they are friendly and respectful. We also have a level up system and tons of cool emojis
Moin Moin, der Server soll allen Metalern im deutschen Raum eine Platform bieten um sich im netten Gespräch über seine Lieblings Band,Album oder einfach nur über Metal auszutauschen :) Wir freuen uns auf euch!
We are looking for fun active people who love having fun and most importantly love music.
In Nomine Satanas!! Conglomerate fellow metalheads, headbangers, and sinners, join like minded folk that are completely mental about metal. The main focus of the server tends to skew towards Traditional Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, and Thrash Metal, however all metal genres are welcome.
Salve! Praise the moon! The sanctuary welcome metalheads and punkheads of all kinds. The darkness calls to you! Join the sanctuary!
Welcome all sad boys and girls!
Sad Boi Hours is an alternative socializing server that welcomes everyone to chat! We are a close-knit but growing community that lets you talk about anything and we guarantee you that you will have a great time here!

You can enjoy Music listening parties here where we exchange song recommendations and appreciate Metal and its subgenres. We have enough bots to keep you entertained as well. See you soon!
This server is for every type of Metallica fan, no matter if you only know Enter Sandman and One, or if you've listened to every single song.
Hello! This is a server for all fans and newcomers alike of rock and metal music!
We hope you enjoy your stay here if you decide to join, and rock on!
Welcome to The Diamond Vinyl, a rock/metal based server owned by @🤘Owlame🤘 and @🤘Sapph🤘.
In this server we have:

<+> a friendly community who love metal and rock,
<+> news about bands you like,
<+> self-roles of your top5 metal or rock bands
<+> partnership and advertising channels
<+> many events

We are currently looking for some Mods and Partnership manager.
Downward is a brand new server dedicated to hardcore punk music with a wizardry gimmick. Founded by trans and non-binary people, we aim to provide a welcoming and fun place for other LGBT+ and leftist folks who like heavy music. We have tons of music and chat channels, color roles, leveling, bots, and a weekly listening event anyone can join. We're even level 1 Nitro boosted! If you're into hardcore, grindcore, crust punk, metal, or like cheesy spellcasting characters, Downward is a great place to be.
S I N E. W A V

Did you just google "producer discord" ?
Are you a music producer or interested in Music?
Are you tired of nobody listening to your music?
Do you want to find some producer friends to collab with?

We all know that feeling, spamming your soundcloud link everywhere and slide into peoples DMs with the classic "collab bro"

Sine.wav is an ACTIVE community of music producers of any kind. We dont care about what DAW youre using, what genre you prefer, how old you are or where you come from.

We started this server on 6th of August, so its still in development, and probably still needs a lot of improvement, but so many people have already find new friends here! So why shouldnt you?

Join us now ♡( ◡‿◡ )
Come here and be part of our family!
We talk about:
-Animes, series and movies or music.
-A place to relief (Long day? Shitty days? Weeks? Months? Feel free to tell us, dude, we want to support between us).
-Art in general (draws, poems, photography).
-We're making roleplay
-Anything you want to talk

We're from a lot of countries (Spain, UK, Netherlands, France, USA, etc.) so we have channels to speak only in Spanish, French, etc.

Here are a lot of kind of people, so we have a lot of channels used to post:
-Goths/emo things.
-Metalheads (Let's rock duuude).
-Geeks (to people how really love computers for example).
-To post selfies and know each other, etc.

Take a look, dude ;] we're gonna make sure that this is a good place to be with a good and nice atmosphere.