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(begin log.) hello, if you are reading this earth has been taken.. we are trying to hold them off, something grabbed connor. shit has hit the fan, please send help. (end log.)
This is a communty that is for people who like DOOM, or just anyone who wants to join and chat with people.
We are official partners with the RedCord server, owned by lexmark66#0575 and Redwings10531#4689.
For fans of the classic Doom games, derivative games utilizing the Doom engine, level-editing/modding, history, tech and development, etc.
This is a DOOM server for classic DOOMers and newer ones to meet up and play a game together. We host a couple of events a week, ranging from cooperative play to deathmatches.
Welcome to the official Discord server of the DOOM Subreddit!
Welcome to Mars where the Demons run free, Are you a demon bringing terror or are you a human fighting? Doom RP if you like Roleplay and Doom good server for you.
m155d00m is a Twitch streamer who streams art. There is a lot of gaming activity within the discord along with music and art. Doomville is the name of m155d00m's community - come join us!