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This is just a nice place where all my subscribers, or not subscribes come together to chill, play games, talk and just enjoy Discord.
If you are a fan of retro videogames from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, then this is the place for you. Feel free to share your photos, stories, collections, and your love for retro gaming!

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The Rules

1. No Racism.
There will be no tolerance for any kind of racist nature, keep that type of thing to yourself. However, words will not be considered as racism.

2. No Sexual Subjects.
We are family friendly, and this is not a place to talk about that sort of thing, this counts for any topics that haves to do with Sex, Pornography, Perversion, Etc.Any of that will spoken at all.

3. No Being Rude to Others.
Always welcome other with positivity, if you have a certain opinion of a person, keep it to your self, and try to let it go.

4. No links that contain any kind of, pornography, racism, or disturbing content.
You can link us to your content, but if there is any sort of racism, pornography, or disturbing content in them, you will be banned.

5. No offensive words like [email protected]#,Nigg!#, ect

6. No Hearsay,the hearsay rule says that secondhand testimony is not admissible in court. As with any rule, there are exceptions, and the hearsay rule has plenty of them.

7. Anyone is welcome except Pedophiles, Neo Nazis, KKKs, Racists, and any other groups that will offend other people.

Keep the chat clean.
Any breaking these rules, will result into getting banned or else.
Welcome to The DOOM ROOM. This server is dedicated to discussing DOOM, hanging out, maybe even a bit of RP (Experimental feature, not permanent yet), and more!
Ролевая игра по мотивам компьютерной игры Doom в Discord. Отыгрывай роль солдата, учёного, рабочего и т.д. на исследовательской станции UAC на марсе. Туча каналов, несколько рп-кураторов, эмодзи, лор, ивенты.
Hello. I am Vega. I was originally the main operator for the Union Aerospace Corperation argent distillery, but after a turn of events on earth, students were flown to the UAC argent distillery for a chilling thriling game of killing. I was hacked to work under those who had put the earth through hell. Who knows what could happen now? Afterall, the UAC was shut down years ago.... Just the day before, you were accepted to the You Academy. The most prestegious academy around the globe. The next day, the sirens sounded....... During the process, something in the air knocked you out. It appeared that You Academy was a lengthened version of Union Aerospace Corperation Argent Distillery, or UACAD...... To this day, you do not know where the UACAD is located, and windows are shut tight. This area is very empty, except for the other students and the self proclaimed headmaster Vega. This is where Vega explains why you're here........
The world of DOOM just got a little stranger. For fans of vore and Doom, this server offers a large amount of channels to roleplay in, as well as excellent staff to keep members in line.
Welcome to RP: DOOM Edition! This server is simply an rp server for DOOM fans, since there isn't many. Roleplay as UAC personell, certain demons, or even civilians! I'd love more anyone intrested to c'mon down and have some fun in this demonic world! :D
¿Eres un amante de la revolucionaría saga "DooM" pero no puedes integrarte profundamente con los fans? Pues éste es tu server. :)

La finalidad de éste server es integrar a usuarios apasionados a la saga "DooM" a integrarse, divertirse, interactuar con otros usuarios igual de apasionados. Somos un server cuya principal razón de existencia son los miembros, es por eso que centramos estricta atención a nuestros usuarios para que tengan la mejor experiencia posible y que se sientan aceptados.

Somos un server nuevo, intentamos crecer poco a poco, pero con tu apoyo y colaboración podríamos llegar MUY LEJOS. Únete, y forma parte de una nueva comunidad de fans.


1. Prohibida la pornografía de todo tipo
2. No sé aceptan promociones sin aviso, se debe consultar con un moderador o el creador.
3. Se acepta que los miembros reclamen rango por su actividad, comportamiento y presencia en el servidor.
4. No se aceptan promociones de ningún tipo. En cualquier caso consultar con el CREADOR DEL SERVIDOR
5. Prohibido el contenido ofensivo, político, y menciones de países cuya finalidad sea la de ofender.
6. Prohibido el contenido sobre los siguientes videojuegos: Fortnite, APEX Legend, Overwatch, Free Fire, FIFA. Somos una comunidad de cultos, no de tontos.
7. Prohibido los insultos y ofensas racistas, homofóbicas, políticas, etc.
8. Por favor, si presentas una duda contacte con un moderador o el creador.
9. Estrictamente prohibido fomentar una ideología.
A little server that is good to spam and collect memes, talk about games or literially anything! Join harrys Mod in Gmod to join our private server. I'm quite active because I've got no live and the staff is as well. Yeah. Join for free cake. Also no furrys allowed.
This server is for fans of Sludge Metal and it's subgenres, but is not limited to just Sludge, it also includes Stoner, Drone and Doom. So crank the knobs, up the distortion and fry those fuckin' amps \m/
This is a communty that is for people who like DOOM, or just anyone who wants to join and chat with people.
We are official partners with the RedCord server, owned by lexmark66#0575 and Redwings10531#4689.
A gaming server dedicated to the games of the late 90's and early 2000's.
In this server, demons are running loose. There are no rules. It's free for all.
Server made for the dark and poetic,doom,funeral,ritualistic,black,drone metal genre's only.
Welcome to the official Discord server of the DOOM Subreddit!
Ya like Doom? want to learn how to make maps? or just a place to chat with others about lore, or upcoming games? join here if Ya Like Doom
A Doom-inspired roleplay server where you can build your own story, and fit into the barebones official storyline. Most things are accepted, and can be debated if it isn't You can also hangout here, or spectate if you wish. We’re open to adding rules, as long as they’re not too extreme. We're happy to accept whoever comes aboard.
Umbra is a dark alternative subculture community dedicated to Dark Metal music, as well as the art, literature, aesthetics and culture surrounding it. Our focus is on Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Industrial Metal, and all other Dark Metal fusion genres.

Though our focus is on the darker musical spectrum, enthusiasts of other forms of alternative or experimental music and culture are welcome to participate in our group.
Im a small Twitch Affiliate who speedruns games and does some casual stuff now and again :D
(begin log.) hello, if you are reading this earth has been taken.. we are trying to hold them off, something grabbed connor. shit has hit the fan, please send help. (end log.)