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Salve gentili utenti, cercate un server roleplay variegato e originale?
Allora questa partnership fa proprio al caso vostro.
Qui, potrete rollare liberamente, ascoltare un pò di musica o semplicemente dialogare con gli altri membri.
Inoltre, per migliorare l'esperienza del server, lo staff (che è sempre disponibile e compatto) ha aggiunto delle fazioni e mette a vostra disposizione degli eventi per avere una storia più completa.
Are you a fan of Diablo 2? Looking to play Diablo on Mobile? Heretic Gods is for you! Join our Discord community to be a part of the development of the game, which is currently an Early Access!
We are a gaming, RP and general friend community! If you wish to join in for some fun times please join! LGBT+, Furry and Lifestyle friendly, we don't discriminate here.

- Must speak English.
- Must be age 16 or older, no exceptions.
- Must give age/age range upon entry to gain rank/stay in the server. (Just ping a mod/admin and you'll be taken care of!)
- Must abide by the rules, listed in the google doc in the #rules under Rules and Information. (We are a non-political, no drama place, as well as some other stuff, just read those rules and we'll be good).
Hello and welcome to our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community. We play on modded CSGO servers and invite you to join us!

➭ Active, friendly, welcoming.
➭ US and EU servers. CSGO WCS and War3Source servers. CSGO Diablo servers.
➭ Giveaways. Free skins and other goodies.
➭ Events. Prizes for TOP 10 earners, customized bosses, thematic holidays, gift hunts and lots more.
➭ Free admin rights for 18+ players available.
➭ Leveling Systems.
➭ And much, much more!
Welcome to Ghost Sales!
We will boost your accounts, sell you accounts, & give you plenty of modding information.

Our Official Permanent Discord Server Link:

DISCLAIMER: We do not affiliate with CapCom, nor with, PlayStation in any way other than the regular use of their products. We ensure that all of the accounts you receive will be 0% Ban Chance.

Ghost Sales Official Website:

We don’t offer PS+ or “Monster Hunter World” or "Diablo 3" games, being disc or digital download via PSN Store / any other method. You, the customer, must buy YOUR OWN, copy of the video games. The policy does & will always apply to every game we offer from here on out.

All channels, are self-explanatory! Please do not ask for the reasoning of any channel.

Email Campaign:
Oι Greek Titans είναι μια gaming κοινότητα που λατρεύει τα video games. Είτε μιλάμε για online είτε για casual gaming, στην online παρέα μας μπορείς να βρεις άτομα για να παίξεις και να μιλήσεις για τα αγαπημένα σου games.
Σκοπός μας είναι να απολαμβάνουμε το gaming παρέα με τους φίλους μας και να βοηθάμε νέους παίκτες να ανακαλύπτουν νέους κόσμους. Αν ψάχνεις κάτι αντίστοιχο ή αν έχεις βαρεθεί τα “στρατιωτικού τύπου” clans/communities τότε είσαι στο σωστό μέρος!

An organized community for Star Citizen part of a multigaming organization of 2000+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
La Flotta Nerd è un gruppo di amici che cercano di ritagliarsi qualche ora di gioco al giorno in compagnia in un clima di amicizia e armonia. Che tu sia un lavoratore (o ne sia in cerca), uno studente, un padre di famiglia o un semplice ragazzo, non ti chiediamo una presenza costante e assidua, ognuno ha infatti una vita reale ben più importante da mandare avanti, ma almeno un minimo di partecipazione, pena l'esclusione dal gruppo. Siamo online maggiormente dalle 21 in poi, qualcuno anche in altri orari; giochiamo a più videogiochi*, questo per una specifica volontà di creare una cerchia affiatata di amici con cui affrontare sfide in molteplici giochi e soprattutto divertirsi insieme. La piattaforma di riferimento è la Ps4, per le altre da noi usate visita le sezioni "Nintendo Switch” e “PC”.
Adesso stiamo giocando ad:
Diablo II Fan Community is an open community with a passion for Diablo 2. Come hang out with like-minded people, form new friendships, show off your character, educate others and maybe there are new things for you to learn as well! We have dedicated region channels, custom emotes, resources to help your gameplay, minigames such as pokecord, coinmaster, owo and more to come!
Are you interested in joining a communtity ran Diablo Immortal Discord server to help prepare for the new release? We are curretly working on character building, guides, upcoming info and a DI Community website!

We are growing fast. But not fast enough! We are always expanding our admin team so if you think you could help please contact us ASAP.
Founded in 2006 on One of the biggest presences on "BNet" after Warden Protocol in '07. Website under construction.
Invite People @
If you want to join our gaming discord @ for high Society Gaming -- We're going places! Also we are big into Yugioh and you don't have to be a member to be in our discord
Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch gaming Server for Germany, Austria and Switzerland!
Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Server für deutsch sprechende Spieler aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz
Streaming, Gaming, and Memeing community! Join up if you want people to play with all the time!!!!!
Servidor Brasileiro de Diablo 3. Venha jogar em uma comunidade ativa e moderada.
- Custom Emotes
- Private Bot with many cool features
- Economy system with the ability to purchase name colors
- Weekly Giveaways
- Active Pokemon Let's Go Community
- A category for every big nintendo game

Join now!
Servidor para gente que quiera formar parte de la secta.
Pueden publicar lo que les plazca. (Lo único no spam de cualquier tipo).
Gente agradable dentro del servidor.
Opiniones aceptadas.
Roleplay demoníaco.
Si quieren puteen a los demás (no al privado, solo dentro del servidor).
Maricas que no se aguantan nada no se les recomienda entrar.

Founded in 2008, and introduced to Discord in 2017. Formerly a starcraft clan, we are an ancient gaming team that plays blizzard games, steam games, and more! We will most likely be around forever, and always hope to bring more to the community.