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Привет. На нашем сервере вы сможете найти новых друзей и поиграть с ними в масса новых игр. Заходите к нам и находите новое общение! Для популярных игр свои роли!
👿 A new server dedicated for the Diablo universe. Focused on the upcoming Diablo 4. A place to find allies in the Sanctuary, forge guilds. And to share love around Blizzard games 👿
Welcome to Ghost Sales!
We will boost your accounts, sell you accounts, & give you plenty of modding information.

Our Official Permanent Discord Server Link:

DISCLAIMER: We do not affiliate with CapCom, nor with, PlayStation in any way other than the regular use of their products. We ensure that all of the accounts you receive will be 0% Ban Chance.

Ghost Sales Official Website:

We don’t offer PS+ or “Monster Hunter World” or "Diablo 3" games, being disc or digital download via PSN Store / any other method. You, the customer, must buy YOUR OWN, copy of the video games. The policy does & will always apply to every game we offer from here on out.

All channels, are self-explanatory! Please do not ask for the reasoning of any channel.

Email Campaign:
Are you a fan of Diablo 2? Looking to play Diablo on Mobile? Heretic Gods is for you! Join our Discord community to be a part of the development of the game, which is currently an Early Access!
Do you like Diablo III? Do you like roleplaying games, like dungeons and dragons or pathfinder! Then this server is for you! This is a server that focuses on the diablo universe! This server is player guided, so some crazy things could happen. Its up to you to decide what happens! is a multiplayer #gaming community. We're friendly people, and we like to play games—usually together. If you want to have fun while not messing up other people's fun, you'll probably fit right in. You can read all about us and introduce yourself on our forum.
Hello and welcome to our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community. We play on modded CSGO servers and invite you to join us!

➭ Active, friendly, welcoming.
➭ US and EU servers. CSGO WCS and War3Source servers. CSGO Diablo servers.
➭ Giveaways. Free skins and other goodies.
➭ Events. Prizes for TOP 10 earners, customized bosses, thematic holidays, gift hunts and lots more.
➭ Free admin rights for 18+ players available.
➭ Leveling Systems.
➭ And much, much more!
Welcome to Diablo III/IV Discord. This server is for Diablo III/IV players in the Americas region or with an Americas account. English is the preferred language. You must be over 18 or have a parents permission to join and remain here. Please read over and agree to all rules in the #rules and etiquette channel.
RPG RU: русский Дискорд для поиска игроков в RPG и Action игры такие как Wolcen, Diablo 3, Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, Division 2 и другие. Русский Discord.
Founded in 2006 on
Yu-Gi-Oh -- Access to a Duel Academy, Clan, DuelingNexus gamers.
StarCraft, Diablo, and Warcraft.. Talk to some legends of Battle.Net.
We also have Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon roleplay.
Looking for Admins!!! Join us and grow with us!
Like MTG? A lot of us do too!
Salve gentili utenti, cercate un server roleplay variegato e originale?
Allora questa partnership fa proprio al caso vostro.
Qui, potrete rollare liberamente, ascoltare un pò di musica o semplicemente dialogare con gli altri membri.
Inoltre, per migliorare l'esperienza del server, lo staff (che è sempre disponibile e compatto) ha aggiunto delle fazioni e mette a vostra disposizione degli eventi per avere una storia più completa.
An organized community for Star Citizen part of a multigaming organization of 2000+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
This is a server for people that plays diablo

What do we offer?:
A friendly community
Active staff
New friends
Unlike some other communities we have a solid plan in place to keep supporting and updating our content, we will be "remastering" many tools, offering a platform for guides, builds, clans, news, and more. The community is just starting out and looking for support!
Diablo II Fan Community is an open community with a passion for Diablo 2. Come hang out with like-minded people, form new friendships, show off your character, educate others and maybe there are new things for you to learn as well! We have dedicated region channels, custom emotes, resources to help your gameplay, minigames such as pokecord, coinmaster, owo and more to come!
Are you interested in joining a communtity ran Diablo Immortal Discord server to help prepare for the new release? We are curretly working on character building, guides, upcoming info and a DI Community website!

We are growing fast. But not fast enough! We are always expanding our admin team so if you think you could help please contact us ASAP.
Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch gaming Server for Germany, Austria and Switzerland!
Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Server für deutsch sprechende Spieler aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz