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The hentai server that is full of NSFW content so why not join us.
Always looking for people we can trust as possible admins and such so why not join
Hello, and welcome to who knows!
This is a server dedicated to finding online friends, playing with bots, and more! We have friends, bot games, tons of text channels, tons of voice channels, bots, an LGBTQ+ friendly and completely welcoming community, you name it, we have it, and if we don’t, ping the owner and he’ll add it!
-self roles
-tons of friendly people!
-a non toxic community
-Mantaro, KawaiiBot, Dank Memer, Rythm, Pokecord, Tatsumaki, Aki, Yggdrasil, MarriageBot, and more bots!
-partnership and self promotion channels!
and more!

Join who knows today!
Contact us for more information!
Owner: Lord of the Cosmos#3778
Co-owner: halster💕 [motehr of cuties]#8292
Hello everyone welcome to the discord. here we talk about anime, video games and hentai related stuff. Here we respect each other and won’t be shamed for any kink that you might have. We also have bots that you might enjoy like the waifu bot

Don’t harass others
Don’t be a dick
Be respectful to others
Be active here
Have fun
No vore, gore and scat
No kink shaming
Be active
No lurking or be kicked
18+ Gaming/Streaming group. Come see and make some frriends, we are excited to see you!
Check out our chill server omo, Its not actually a dating server the tag is just clickbait but come anyways. Its a chill sfw server with a few cool lads owo. We give out custom roles to anyone who wants one but its restricted to one per person unless otherwise permitted. We have owo bot to fit out server name and will probably add more bots along the way. The rules are only kinda strict because we want a welcoming environment but please stop by and check us out. We won't bite! OWO
A still growing server to make friends and meet new people. We send memes and stuffs, talk about music, anime, movies, etc.. We also have cookies
It's a server where you can chat with people who have similar interests. It doesn't necessarily have to be about anime/manga/video games. We've got a bunch of different bots to provide you with something to do if there's no one to talk to, and I really appreciate ideas on how to make the server a better place for everyone on it.
Hello there! We hope you enjoy our server where we offer a friendly environment where you can discuss anything anime related!
We also have lots of different clubs to suit any other of your interests that may not be anime related! Staff is friendly and we all support each other!
Go ahead and join us to have some fun.
We hope to see you in the server! (:
A server for Deltarune, Undertale, and MLP fans (though people who are not fans are welcome, too). We are very LGBT+ friendly; that includes toward nonbinary people.

Our current server activities are: TV night (Fridays UTC-7) and Question Of The Day. There has been discussion about Cards Against Humanity as a potential regular server activity however a vote has not been held yet because we need activity planners and hosts in order to make sure server events happen during the times decided.

The server language is English however non-English languages are allowed so long as translations are given. The format for such translations is in the rules document in the #read-me channel.

Our rules and constitution can be viewed here:
Brawlhalla server that hosts tournaments and gives prizes!
【☾】EDEN【☽】 is a server striving for a large community where there are people of all interests! We accept anyone and everyone, and hope you'll enjoy it here too!

☺ People with multiple interests all around the board
☺ Growing community
☺ Permanent Invite:
☺ Server Name: 【☾】EDEN【☽】

☺ Fun server activities! (TO BE PLANNED)
☺ Ranking system!
☺ Fun bot commands and games like Pokecord and Nekobot!
☺ Many different roles!
☺ Opt-in NSFW channel!
☺ Different types of game chats!
☺ Friendly staff!

Hope everyone enjoys!
Welcome to the kingdom of Kazoos.
A small growing community of Weebs. fans of anime, gaming and music
And just a small group people.

-emotes that would help sport off your nitro.
-waifu gacha bot
-levels (that's broke but trying to fix)
-nsfw allowed in respected channels
Gamers Anonymous is a video game themed peer mental health support server.

We are a 18+ supporting server, welcoming of any mental illness and any gaming style.

Here at Gamers Anonymous, our priority is to become a helping hand to those in need, and receive a helping hand when we need it!

⟣ Aesthetic earnable roles!
⟣ An diverse, non judgmental, welcoming community.
⟣ Assignable gaming roles to look for others to play with.
⟣ Assignable mental health roles for better specified support.
⟣ Assignable age, pronoun and DM preference.
⟣ Supporting channels with pingable support.
⟣ Frequent quests and prompts to participate in.
⟣ Channels with access by role for privacy and comfort.
⟣ Cool place to hang out and talk about games and life.
A new Pokemon server taking place post Ultra Sun and Moon, with canon characters from all main series games and Ocs both allowed! This is a relaxed server, to have fun with other pokemon fans and we hope you'll consider us.

A community for fans of story-driven video games, i.e. video games in which the narrative is one of the most important aspects of the experience.
A community for fans of vampire fiction. We discuss anything from vampire movies, TV series, games, books and music to art, fanfiction and RP.

We host a number of weekly activities including a movie night and a "question of the week", which is a vampire-related open-ended question to get some discussion started. We also have both short and long form RP channels.

Please keep in mind that we do not identify as vampires, nor do we believe they exist in real life. We simply enjoy all types of vampire fiction!

When you first join, you will have to answer a few questions in the introductions channel before the other channels open up. These are fairly simple questions such as your age, location, and what sort of vampire fiction you are into. We've done this to keep out trolls, raiders and the like so that the server remains pleasant and positive for all.
A new smite server where we talk about current meta and stats, also to create teams of players. we are open to anyone, and can give a decent amount of information on most things
Official Sonic-Club's discord server. A friendly place for artists, animators, writers and gamers. RP channels, art events every month, art feedback delivered by Senior Artists from the community.
Pixel Dael's community server is a place where people can chill and discuss video games and/or anime. Plus it's run by a small youtuber (300+ subs) and the community is small so it's easy to make new friends :D
Hello, Hellooo~! This is a server for a video game in progress called Love Planted Flowers! The community is ever growing, and you're even free to test out some aspects of the game once they're finished~! So please, come join in on the fun!
A chill place to post some memes, play video games with like minded people and just fuck around (not too much tho)

Come join onna deadlocs fr fr
Gaymerwatch (name still not set in stone) is a server I made for new people to meet up and chat.
You ever just had trouble finding suitable gaming partners for your games? Now you can easily find people into the same games as you! Just assign yourself a role and you'll see who plays the same games as you.
This is not only focused on games: there is also an anime section, a music section, a technology section and a nsfw section (permissions required).
Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay!