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Official Sonic-Club's discord server. A friendly place where artists gather to show their appreciation to their favourite blue hedgehog and his friends.
RP channels, art events every month, art feedback, music bots, group voice chats, and much more.
This Discord is primarily a League of Legends server!

➤ Please follow the directions that are given to you when you enter the server!

➤ There are people who do like like to flame. This is your ONLY warning.

➤ This server contains 18+ content. If you are below 18 please do not join this server.

➤ We do like to meme around but sometimes can be pretty offensive and have some pretty dark humor. This is also your ONLY warning discretion is highly advised.

➤ We like to use bots for fun like Pokecord, Pokeverse and other bots to have a good time here.

➤ We do have random game/movie nights.

➤ We have a channel dedicated to manual game updates within our server made by members!

➤ We don't just talk about games either we talk about anime or other topics too!

➤ Although a primarily League of Legends Discord there are people WHO DO play other games as well! We have a EXTRA ROLES section where you can get your own roles so you can get pinged for those games!
we are a server that hopes to grow a large community and firends i am the owner of the server speaking right now, and as soon as you join i will personally welcome you into our commuity i hope you enjoy your time wtih us.
__---- ⭐Rabbitman's HYPE TRAIN!!!⭐---- __

🔗 🔗 Hey guys i am a __Youtuber and my name is Rabbit__. 🐰 If you love __video games__ 🎮 come take a look! This is a nintendo and xbox mostly server! My goal is to get to 500 members on discord only! I looking for the nicest people! We are around 200 right now!

If ur looking to meet new friends and grow join me and partner with me! I always do my best to help others!

👑 __Owner: 🐰Rabbitman🤴__

➡️ __This server is PG__ but we have so much fun and have alot of laughs!! __My server is for all ages__ and we gather around and talk about gaming it up!!!!

💥 ❕ INFO❕💥

🏁 We have alot of bots! 🤖

🏁 We have spotlight winners each month! 🏆

🏁 We have a dethroned channel! 🔥

🏁 Have video game channels! 🕹

🏁 We have music and picture channels! 🎧 🎵 🖼

🏁 We have custom roles and highest role is RabbitKnight! Level 50! Your name will be in purple! 🔨 📌 🔮

🏁 We have video of the week every sunday!!! 💿 🎬

🏁 We also have rank up systems! Get higher for new roles! ⬆️

🛎 Last but not least, __there's not self promo__ but we have a __partner channel__ if your interested just let me know and I will __add u in that channel__.

🎮🕹 If you are a __gamer__ and you love __nintendo__ and __xbox__ and __playstation__ then you should join!!! Dont wait! At least check it out __because when I reach 1k subs I will be GIVING away video games and stuff__! 😮😊 again my goal is to get to 500 members!
Hey there, I'm sym, aka Suck your mum, you don't know me but this is my shit little server :) We have cursed images and memes for days, Not many members as you can see, but I hope one by one you can help us change that!
We dont mind offensive jokes and memes (we will even grant you the n-word pass ;) ), If you are looking for a server where we can roast each other for fun, Is laid back or just tryna find some friends, Hop in into this moving boat of W O W
A server that got popularized due to Sonic fangames, but now welcomes any player and developer to the dojo!
This guild is music based, if you have an instrument of any sort either an electric guitar or an acoustic, or percussion instrument your welcome to play them in the voice channels with other users, or you can just talk, and if you don't have any instruments of your own you can always listen to others play. We’ve also got plenty of voice channels for video games, where you can meet up with other people to play with.
New Mainly Gfl server help it grow. We accept any other games. Talking with nice ppl keep the server calm please uwu~
Chill server about Gaming and talking about said games. If you're reading this from me, I can tell you one thing, I'm not the owner of this server. But the owner, myself, and our members will welcome anyone and everyone with open arms to chill and appreciate gaming as a whole here!
We are a chill, laid back server that is based around Anime, Gaming, LGBTQ+, and much more! We want to build a friendly community that builds great friendships!
Hello there! We hope you enjoy our server where we offer a friendly environment where you can discuss anything anime related! (Also, recently added an NSFW channel! Check Announcements once you join to see how to gain access)
We also have lots of different clubs to suit any other of your interests that may not be anime related! Staff is friendly and we all support each other!
Go ahead and join us to have some fun.
We hope to see you in the server! (:
Hey! This server is a growing server thats here to help people make new friends and connect to each other. We're all really chill people and we hope you swing on by and give us a Hello. We also have cookies.
English speaking, video game loving, and lgbtq+ safe, server.
Welcome to Spill the Tea, we are a small little server looking to grow. We are a dating/gaming server with lots of fun to do. Come meet The One for you <3 or make some great gaming friends. We are looking for staff currently as well. We also host game nights and have a lot of fun mini games! Hope to see you here.
The Official, Partnered Server for GalaxyTrail Games, makers of Freedom Planet, Grappleforce Rena and the upcoming Freedom Planet 2! Come chat with us!
A server mainly for the Pokémon Let’s Go games. We also have a general chat, memes, and other cool things. Welcome and Enjoy!
Do you like the feeling of hanging out with a group of close friends? Just chatting about whatever comes to mind, having a good laugh, or maybe even an in-depth discussion about whatever topic suits your fancy. Well you’ve come to the right place! Glow Gang is the ultimate space to just chill out and talk to friends. Our varied text channels cover all these bases, from wholesome to edgy, and anime to games, we hold everything the average discord user would want, but still while being able to keep the feeling of small, yet thriving, server.
Welcome to University for PokeStudies! We here at UPS want to make your education and stay with us as enjoyable as possible, and as such, we offer a great deal of amenities and resources for you to choose from! Anthro / Furry Pokemon RP Server. LGBTQ Friendly!
Hi! We are a community of people from all around the world who love to talk about games, memes, manga, anime, roleplay and so much more. We have channels for every discussion you can think of and we always have people online who you can talk to.

We offer a wide range of roles you can assign yourself, and again we have a channel for pretty much every topic you can think of! 😄

Looking for any members so that we can grow into an even bigger community.
We're a diverse community of artists, food lovers, gamers, homebodies and memelovers. We welcome all. Follow the rules and you're sure to get along with at least someone. We're working on growing our numbers at the moment, so if you're looking for 1000+ members this not that place. But we've got:
-A chill community
-Original art
-Members from the UK, US, and middle east (plus night owls)
-Anime lovers
-And more soon to come

We've just switched ownership so theres gonna be alot of new things added over the course of this summer:
-more channels, and roles
-weekly voice chats
-movie nights (via rabbit)

Though our numbers are small theres usually always someone around to chat with (especially now that summer breaks coming around). We all hope to see you soon -^^-
if you join, you're officially one of the cool kids ;)
-great community
so c'mon, what are you waiting for? join now and become cool like us B)
Hello everyone welcome to the discord. here we talk about anime, video games and hentai related stuff. Here we respect each other and won’t be shamed for any kink that you might have. We also have bots that you might enjoy like the waifu bot

Don’t harass others
Don’t be a dick
Be respectful to others
Be active here
Have fun
No vore, gore and scat
No kink shaming
Be active
No lurking or be kicked
Are you a fan of persona 3? Do you love the protagonist of this game? Well, you came to the right place! Welcome to the Church of Minato!

We're a welcoming, and loving community who just happen to preach our lord and savior, Minato Arisato from Persona 3. Come join us today!