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We’re a nice growing community all about gaming. We have many things in the server and much more to add. Feel free to suggest us anything! :D

Here is a couple things we have:

•Diverse bots
•Plenty of different gaming channels
•Active moderators
•Plent of games like Minecraft, Ark survival Evolved, Animal crossing new horizons, Pokemon, Anthem, Assasins creed and much more!

Friendly server with many active people. We hope you enjoy it here and thanks! 😊
The Lounge is just a Whistle away!:

Talk about Nintendo, Anime, Minecraft, and other gaming related things. You are always welcome to hangout talk. We have active players and are happy to grow more and more! Join Now and you will have a private chat to talk with others, the role is limited time so hurry up and join!
We're a fun loving tiny community of AC players who want to branch out, play games and talk about anime! We do trading for AC and we have a loving staff! Need a friend or two? We're right up your alley! Come see new things, and have a good time!
This is a chill Anime and Manga Community server that has the following:

-Video games
-Watch Parties

and much more!
Welcome to the Yungen Hotel! A friendly server for all to enjoy and vibe in! We have roleplays, like sprite rps and fanganronpas. We even have friendly staff, and fair rules! Come on in!
Hello !
We are open to everyone who want to show their art. I hope you'll have great time on the server !

We hope to be become a big but still friendly community.

If you have read at this point, you should join the server because I succeed to interest you
An entirely free server with no rules. You can do, say, and post anything you so choose to.
What’s up?

Welcome to Legends Of Gaming!. On this server you can roleplay as almost any character from your any game!

We have tons of roleplay channels for you to use AND you can even suggest a channel or category for your characters!

We’ve made sure that claiming characters is easy on this server. The template is simple and not tedious at all.

We have a really friendly staff team that can help you with whatever you need!.

Alright I’m gonna stop rambling now lol. Please consider joining!

⭐️Formally known as Spinel Protection Squad⭐️

💕An amazing community with 800+ members!
💕Multifandom! (cartoons, anime, games)
💕LGBTQ+ friendly!
💕Reaction roles!
💕Fun channels!
💕100+ emojis! (Level 1 nitro boost perks!)
💕Live streams!
💕A vent channel where you can express your feelings without being judged ❤️

💕Hope to see you there! 💕

Owner: Mystic#3431
We’re a friendly server that likes video games, I’d like anyone seeing this to join. We play on switch, pc, ps4, and more! I hope you will join. Please follow the rules and respect the higher ups. THANK YOU 🙏
A small (for now) place where you can chat, play games, find others to play games with, and so on.

-We offer a psychology service run by me where you can talk about life, if you want to get something off your chest or if you need advice. It's basically free therapy!

This is a server I own that began with a few friends of mine. I don't have many regulars, and I'd like to have more people to chat and have fun in the server.
🥛 Welcome to Milk 🥛
Previously known as 'Suck My Ass' has changed its name and now is becoming a wider server. We are not a dating discord server, we are just a community of teenagers. Many are active daily, including myself and co-owner, along with many, many more.

We are constantly social and voice call atleast once a week. We are a safe zone for 12-19 year olds and offer support, filled with friendly, well rounded individuals in a very laid back and easy going server.

The server is constantly changing as we work on improving it as much as possible so it can bring you the most joy, we hope you join and decide to stay.

Anyone under the age of 12 is allowed join although not recommended but will be looked out for so feel free to message our admins if someone in the server is acting out of character, anyone over the age of 19 is not permitted.

*Although we are a laid back server we have channels for venting or serious topics if it's needed.*
It’s been a very long time since Corpse Party has been fresh in our minds such as when Pewdiepie or Cryaotic played through the games for the first rime!

...Are there people out there like yourself who still might love the series and don’t see many people talk about it? Then this is the server for you!

✨ This server is relatively new and is a WIP ✨

— Roleplay friendly! But canon and non canon
— A multi server for all sorts of horror genre related content!
— Just a regular hub you can hang out with!
— Inclusion friendly! LGBT+ and more! We welcome everyone 💖
— Constantly upgrading and looking for more people to help out making the server as best as it can!

We hope to see you stop by! 💖
This is the Official Discord Server for the Owen Carter Youtube Channel!

We play all sorts of games and even have a place to find friends in-game,
Come check us out!
—This is a server where fellow like minded, Anime/Manga/Gaming fans can come together to engage in laid back conversations with the community. We have plenty of topic channels and fun main channels for users to explore and talk in.

13+ only.

We like to keep it fun around here but also respectful. We are a loving server filled with plenty of kind and amazing people, and we hope that you are also one if those amazing people.
Come and join Anime Cloud if you would like to be apart of an amazing community! Catch some Pokémon while you are here too!

Features include —
-Music Rooms
-Fun VC
-Cute Bot Commands
-Level System
And so much more!
Welcome to The Family! On this server, everyone here is truly like a family. We have each other's backs no matter what, and this is truly an amazing server with anything you can imagine.

This is a place where you can unwind, bond with amazing people, and be who you are. While this may be an rp server to have fun it’s also a sever where you can vent, and let emotions out.

It’s ok to be shy but once you get to know The Family it’ll be an experience that stays with you. We all hope that you have a great time with us. It’s a pleasure to have you in this amazing, fun, engaging, and relaxing Family.
This is a Small just stared server that I'm hoping will grow and have people from all over the world to have fun and have a safe space to be. Feel free to join and be part of a newly started family.
This server is an amazing server all about all things Forza!
Want to find a Forza community? Want to meet new people with the same passion as you? Want to take part in some awesome games, such as our weekly Friday Night Forza? Well, ForzaGang is the place for you! Filled to the brim with all things Forza, this server is a Forza fans dream!
Check it out today! :)
Hello! A Friendly Invitation to Shivas Shack!

We have:

Shiny Raids

RooBot- For Genning and Seedchecking

The Shiva League- A Gym Challenge

The Frontier- Gather Streaks to Challenge the Leaders

and Overall a Friendly Community!

Heyo and welcome to the server ! Everyone here is nice and friendly, so don't be shy ! We got some bots such as DankMemer, KawaiiBot, Yui, Rythm and many more. Here, you can talk about many different things like anime, manga, video games and others. You can even share your art and your stories ! It's still a pretty small server, but if you're interested, feel free to join !
We are a group that creates content for Twitch and Youtube. We offer a place for not only our work but for others to share their content.

Our server provides;

- A place for artists and writers to share their content.
- Custom roles that will unlock more rooms that fit the roles you've chosen.
- Links to games that are free for a limited time to claim forever.
- A place to share your streams if you're a gamer or an artist.
- Links to our Youtube channel and Twitch.
- A 7 Days to Die server and Minecraft realm.
- A place to post or talk about mental and/or physical health with an anonymous bot.
- And many more.

We hope you drop by, share some things you enjoy or things you may have created and maybe check out our Youtube channel and Twitch streams.