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Hello everyone welcome to the discord. here we talk about anime, video games and a bit of hentai. Here we respect each other and won’t be shamed for any kink that you might have.

Don’t harass others
Don’t be a dick
Be respectful to others
Be active here
Have fun
No vote, gore and scat
No kink shaming
Gamers Anonymous is a video game themed peer mental health support server.

We are a 18+ supporting server, welcoming of any mental illness and any gaming style.

Here at Gamers Anonymous, our priority is to become a helping hand to those in need, and receive a helping hand when we need it!

⟣ Aesthetic earnable roles!
⟣ An diverse, non judgmental, welcoming community.
⟣ Assignable gaming roles to look for others to play with.
⟣ Assignable mental health roles for better specified support.
⟣ Assignable age, pronoun and DM preference.
⟣ Supporting channels with pingable support.
⟣ Frequent quests and prompts to participate in.
⟣ Channels with access by role for privacy and comfort.
⟣ Cool place to hang out and talk about games and life.
Friendly server with active users and plenty of bots and channels to have fun in. 150+ humans! Anyone is welcome
A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles discord server for all fans of any era. If you are a comic book fan, video game fan, cartoon fan, movie fan etc you are welcome here. Chat about your favorite cartoon, comic, or video game! This Server will focus on fanart, fanfiction, OCs, and AUs.
This is a server for anyone to join. Our server is gaming based. If u aren't a gamer, we still accept you. This server is the home to my Youtube Channel. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN! ;)
This server is a community server for people to hang out, play games, and just have fun. There is also a matchmaking type chat where you can request roles (such as a role for fighterz, soul calibur, street fighter and other games like mario party and mario kart! ) So come in and enjoy the community!
Welcome to Guardian Gaming! This is a server where we enjoy to socialize and play video games with one another. Whether you play console, pc, watch anime or just looking to make some new friends, feel free to join us! And remember to have a GG. :)
A community of people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Every individual person in this community has their own talents, so you'll be able to get a little taste of everything in here.
Sign up today for the Dreamy Bonfire! We're a supportive community with a dash of a e s t h e t i c that values every member and are here to make friends and memories! Our goal is to help everyone grow as a person but to also have fun! Talk about a wide array of topics such as anime, video games dreams and more!

We are currently a very small server and don't currently have a fully operational server so we take all suggestions and criticisms seriously. So we would love to have you help us grow as a server, But also as an individual :)

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to the dreamy bonfire!

~yours sincerely, Snail.
we fall down the stairs and talk about random things
general chat
album recomendations
cards against humanity
stories (you made up)
art chat
the opinion chat
and music chat.
and much more....
please join us. im begging you
It's a server where you can chat with people who have similar interests. It doesn't necessarily have to be about anime/manga/video games. We've got a bunch of different bots to provide you with something to do if there's no one to talk to, and I really appreciate ideas on how to make the server a better place for everyone on it.
Hi! We are a community of people from all around the world who love to talk about games, memes, manga, anime, roleplay and so much more. We have channels for every discussion you can think of and we always have people online who you can talk to.

Looking for any members so that we can grow into an even bigger community.
Welcome to The Christian Suburbs! We are a meme community based around just messing around and having fun. We have a variety of bots ranging from Moderation to fun. We talk about nearly anything, from guns to video games or gardening, or whatever you want to talk about.
Welcome to the Dream Palace!💙
This is a community server where you can be free to express yourself! We try to be as friendly as possible and just chill with eachother, listening to music, showing off our skills, talking about anime, ect. Hope you join us and our friendly kingdom! This is a negative free zone, but if you do have negativity please leave it in the vent. We are always happy to help out.
-weekly events!💙
-small and growing community!💚
-loads of bots for your entertainment!💜
-A vent channel for all your sadness🖤
-Friendly members💛
-Rp channels!🌈
-We will not tolerate trolls, negativity towards other people, and agression
-looking for server partnerships!
❢◥ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◤❢
-We are a New but Growing Community Server based on our YouTube Channel and your Needs!
-We have many Self Assignable Roles for you to choose from!
-Thanks to Mee6 We have a Level System With Perm Rewards When you level Up
-Thanks to UnbelievaBoat We also from a fun Currency System with games like blackjack!
-If you get enough Money you can buy your own custom Roles and Channels!
-We can't forget about Dank Memer and his Memes!
-Great and Hard working Staff and looking for more!
-A Game channel! that you can vote on what games you want to be in the server!
❢◥ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◤❢
-Fun and Active Members!
❢◥ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◆ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◤❢
Owned by @GxMingKnight8500#6995
Help Us! and Have Fun! by joining Us!
This a streaming community for Ace_Gaming_LPs and gaming community for those interested in Diablo 2 and 3, and Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Ultima. We also have many other fun things!
A community focused on learning Japanese through video games, featuring a Quiz Arcade where users can answer quiz questions in a multiplayer learning environment.
Welcome to Cat and Will's server, a general hangout for nerds. Talk about anime, comics, gaming, etc. 18+. Not a porn server, we just don't want to censor ourselves.
Want to join a big, active community? Well, go elsewhere then.
We're a small, not-so active but surely friendly (and weird) community! I also accept suggestions, so if you do want to add a specific bot, channel, etc. or just leave a your opinion, i'll be sure to consider it! <3

Well, i guess we have some "unique" stuff ourselves...?
-Medieval Japanese styled XP roles
-Bots from all over the land!
-Chats for Anime, Manga and Video Games, all of em'!

yo , Alkis Umf edo , Owner aftou tou server/xalia youtuber/katestramenos weeaboo/metaironikos shitposter/fititis pliroforikis kai genika vlameno sto Internet :D , einai enas mikros server , pou tha eithela na ton megalona ligo , einai stin logiki tou elinikou "ligo apola" server , exei pola inside jokes , memes kai chill kosmo, tha xeromoun na ton evlepa ligo pio active ,episis , logo oti einai kenourgios , einai kai efplastos, pou simeni oti einai kalodexoumenes idees gia alages ;)
Official Art Club is a chill place where we all just draw stuff and have a grand ol' time.
There are other channels such as:
Anime discussion
Video Game discussion
And a channel where you can meet new people!
We are a small group looking to build friends and play some games together. We currently play Astroneer, Halo, Conan Exiles, COD, Minecraft, Fortnite, Sea of Theives, Rainbow six, Monster Hunter, No Mans Sky and much more. If you wana join and have some fun! All are welcome!
We're just a group of friends who want to meet other people and have fun. We like anime, games, etc. This is an lgbt safe zone <3