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Les Akumu… Voici-là le fléau qui touche le monde entier.
Ces créatures dotées d’une immense soif de sang et de désespoir s’attaquent à l’Homme, dans l’espoir de faire un jour sombrer le monde dans le chaos. Ils apportent aux Hommes la colère, le vice, la tristesse… et ce depuis la nuit des temps.

Mais l'Humanité a plus d'un tour dans son sac. Munis de pouvoirs spectaculaires, certains se sont donnés la mission de protéger la population des Akumus, quitte à y perdre la vie.
Une mission... Qui demande certaines ressources.

En effet, il faut être formé pour devenir Chasseur diplômé et ainsi exercer en tant que tel. C’est ainsi que de nombreuses écoles de Chasseurs ont vu le jour. Partout sur le globe, ces écoles sous l’apparence de campus universitaires se sont multipliées, et forment, depuis l’apparition des Akumu, les Chasseurs de demain.

Une de ces universités prend racine dans la ville japonaise d’Akarui Machi. Akaryoshi est le campus de Chasseurs le plus reconnu au Japon, et un des plus renommés au monde. Les apprentis Chasseurs du monde entier se bousculent pour étudier dans ce lieu si spécial.
Cette université a formé les jeunes Chasseurs les plus expérimentés du monde entier, et forme maintenant désormais les espoirs de demain.

Sous l’aile de grands Chasseurs, vous serez formé au combat et au savoir sur les Akumus. Vous vivrez une vie étudiante excellente et pleine d’action, car la menace des Akumus se fait plus grande chaque jour…

Alors… Prendrez-vous part au combat ? Deviendrez-vous un Chasseur d’exception ?


- Un Serveur RP Campus No-roll !
- Une mise en place d'une fraternité entre plusieurs classes.
- Un système de Monstre et de Rang.
- Un système de point, à apporter à votre classe.
- Des Events INRP!

-Et Plein d'autre choses encore.. Qu'attendez vous pour nous rejoindre ?
The year was 2050. The Earth was fresh and vibrant. All was well with the world aside from a small war or two. But the Earth was about to undergo a whole new change. The Governments, seeing some thousands of giant asteroids heading straight for Earth, took action in building a large enough spaceship to carry mankind to safety. Before they could finish, the asteroids arrived a bit too soon forcing it to launch early. As the people who survived the devastation of their home, they now had a new mission. To find a new planet to call home. So they did 1,000 years later, on a planet called Enzov. They decided to split the planet’s land into three kingdoms. Camelot, Edinburgh, and Olympia. The kingdoms rested at peace for over 1,000 years. Will the peace last? Only time will tell.
The Land of Remnant is a RWBY rp where you can be a canon character or an oc. We'll loosly fallow the canon but stuff doesnt have to be exact. Were all just here to have fun!

we have every kingdom, every school, all with their own areas. ocs are welcomed.

Need a team? We can help you with that.

your oc already graduated? we can send you on missions

hate making your own characters? you can be a canon one if you want!

We cant wait for you to join us!
Optimus and Megatron are now......both one with the all spark and a new dawn has come. A time of peace and honor.......or is it. As both cons and bots are sent to earth to try to find the rest of the relics that had been sent tensions arise. Soon both cons and bots are at war again. When the dawn is nigh which side will you be on? When the dawn is nigh will you be the one to bring peace back to both factions? And........when the dawn is nigh.......will you survive?
A chill, drama-free place for all MK fans. RP-focused, but the general chats are always open. Trusted, mature admins, no fights, etc. A friendly and mature server, open for everyone. Come join us.
Hello and welcome! Tenno, Inc is a Warframe RP server. We'll keep it short and sweet so you can hop right in. We feature:

*Two active owners always ready to help out
*Semi-Lit to Novella RP- never a one-liner in sight!
*Separate chats for both gameplay and RP, to keep things organised
*Self-assignable roles
*Laid-back environment, perfect for developing characters new and old
*Tupperbot, if desired for characters
*Plenty of locations for action and adventure
*Channels to share builds, give advice, and show off

We are always open to feedback and hope to see you soon!
A cruel universe, that is all this is. Death, war, and manipulation is all that is filling this place. So the 'Creators' activated their toys known to the UPDA as 'Creations' and a common term used by soldiers for the Creations, is 'Gears'. This war is now raging, between the UPDA and the Creations. The formation of the UPDA is very recent thanks to the emergence of the Creations. The Creators have never been seen. This rp will be taking place in one solar system upon the many in this Galactic war.

This server is brand new, I would say. This is still being worked on so do not expect the best for now. The server offers:

Being new
Custom lore
A semi-literate rp
Chance to be in a sci fi world that is still developing
The ability to change the rp for the best or worst
A new and nice staff
Ability to create factions in rp
Join a small yet great variety of factions
Custom template
(Uses Tupper, the server Captcha bot, and unbelievaboat)
Lunata is its own unique High-Fantasy universe set nearing the end of the Industrial Revolution in a wild west-esque setting focused on a region spanning server major and minor nations slowly being integrated into a larger nation, the Commonwealth of Anglia.
Arcona is a mostly chill server, more focused on fun without sacrificing a more in-depth universe, semi-lit with no word/line limit
»»———— 💎 ————-««
Welcome to My Hero Academia: The Enchanted Generation! We are a friendly, fun, comforting, yet as chaotic roleplaying server! I am 120% sure that this server has so much to offer and accept! The product is free, We did a lot on this server to convince you to stay!

Doctors hate him! See how this server advertises himself;
💎- A Friendly, Supportive, and LGBT+ safe environment!
💎- Friendly Staff!!
💎- Custom Emojis, more are still being made!
💎- Mostly Semi-Literate - Literate+ style roleplays!
💎- Reaction roles made manually one by one!
💎- An owner that can recognise ANYTHING
💎- Simple yet delightful channels so you won't get lost
💎- A read this channel to help you get going with the server
💎- VC nights(, general talk, Among us, games)
💎- Events ready just for you!
💎- Both OC and canon characters, Flex your OCs on channels, etc!
💎- Make your Hero Agency/Villain Hideout

Come join us! I would LOVE TO see you here!

Welcome to the Wonderful City, Sakai! In its nation, Sakai is known as it's Popularity, Innovation and obviously, It's one-of-a-kind UA Academy for future Heroes! Many students around the globe travel all the way here to participate in its exams, only one of the aspects that makes UA so different from any other academy across the planet.

But recently, Sakai is known for a 4th thing, and nobody is happy with it. The crime rates have increased wider, as reports show there are secret villain organizations gathering to increase their efficiency. The UA an heroes are alarmed about this and heroes and agencies are on guard, and Students' teachings are now focused on battle and self-defence.

Meanwhile, school staff makes sure they have their best time in school, with city trips, hero teachers, events, tournaments and even collaboration with other students? Will, your character choose to wipe the evil? Climb the fame? Become a big three? Or will it cause havoc? Rewrite the hierarchy and gain reign over the city? Perhaps stay away from all of that and enjoy the city? All up to you.
Ahoy there shikikan~

This is Prinz Eugen inviting you to my lovely Azure Lane role playing server. This server was made with love by an Azur Lane fan girl, as a tribute to the franchise and to rp as their favorite ship girl in a nice, healthy community.~

Join us Shikikan! Can't wait to sail the seas with chu~ <3
【Discord official de BellaVida RP】

Bienvenido a BellaVida, un server de GTAV roleplay (Fivem)

📍- Un server de roll serio, sin whitelist y con scripts reales (Drogas, Coches, Mapeados)

📍- Un Staff activo y confiable, al que puedes acudir siempre que tengas una duda o algún problema con un usuario y/o el server

📍- Eventos semanales, con recompensas para los ganadores

📍- Varios programadores trabajando diariamente para mejorar y optimizar el servidor

A que esperas, únete ya!
Hey ! Si sa t’intéresse n’hésite pas à rejoindre notre serveur Yaoi, RP et ERP/RPQ autorisé, perso masculin uniquement mais rôle playeur féminin ou masculin tout deux accepté ! Ici c’est pour se détendre et passer un bon moment alors pas de stresse et bon RP !

**~ 🌸~ Yaoi City Life ~ 🌸 ~**

**Contexte :**

C’était il y’a désormais quelques années...environ vers 1970, les femmes et les hommes furent séparés...Les femmes furent réparties d’un côté de la planète et les hommes de l’autre. Il n’y a absolument aucun moyen de rejoindre le côté qui n’est pas le siens pour qui conque, les malheureux qui ont essayé sont absolument tous morts sans exception. Nous ne savons même pas si de l’autre côté les femmes sont toujours en vie et si elle se portent bien...Mais c’est du passé. Ici vous êtes dans une petite ville assez basique, donc entièrement constitué d’hommes qui ont donc tous commencé à avoir des relations plus qu’amicales entre eux. En effet il existe désormais deux types d’hommes, les A et les B. Les A sont ceux qui peuvent faire tomber enceint les autres hommes c’est à dire les B mais, eux même ne peuvent pas être enceint, quand au B il peuvent faire les deux, il peuvent faire tomber enceint comme le tomber eux même. Désormais nous sommes en 2020, est depuis cette séparation toutes sortes de créatures mystiques et légendaires sont sorties de l’ombre et se sont mélangées aux humains tel que les vampires, loup garous, neko et j’en passe !
Ici vous pouvez vivre à votre guise la vie de vos rêves !
Alors je vous shouaite a tous un bon rp et j’espère que notre serveur vous plaira !
Established after the mage rebellion of the 1950s, Fherrer’s Institute for Magical Offenders proclaims itself to be at the forefront of correcting magical delinquents. Truth be told, it does a rather stand up job, from those that have committed crimes, to those that exhibit dangerous magic that can harm others if not given the proper discipline. This institute is a prison, designed to keep younger, dangerous mages away from falling further into a downward spiral of trouble and to potentially learn more control of their abilities. Everything is on site and the institute itself is on an island off the coast of England, a sizable way away from civilisation, where it presents a challenge for even powerful mages to escape.

Fherrer’s Institute for Magical Offenders is a place of mystery. From its origins, to its head warden, to the various incidents that have occurred within its walls. I suppose all that matters is whether or not one can survive the rivals, the pressure from both times and the heady atmosphere that pervades the institute’s very existence.


Fherrer’s Institute is currently starting out, so that means a lot of spots are open! Lore is still being shaped and we’re looking to cultivate the playerbase with unique ideas and eager writers!

What we offer:
- Friendly and helpful staff!
- An interesting setting with deeper lore than meets the eye!
- Combat RP permitted in certain areas!
- The ability to grow and cultivate a reputation for your OC!
And much more!
Welcome to Ironreach academy, if you are interested in Roleplaying or evening just having fun this is the place for you, we are a fun and safe environment and are open to anyone and everyone, so come on in, check it out, have fun!

The Headmistress, Rachel Sutren is a mysterious woman, she is famed throughout the world due to her immense success with the school. But with great success comes great failure, one year a student named Ethan Rockan was training in the gymnasium, he had never like the school nor his parents for sending him there so he left the school running to the town where he started a small clan called the Hollows, a group of corrupt students hell bent on destroying the academy.

This is where your story begins, it starts with an email, a plain and simple Email from Rachel Sutren The head mistress telling you that you have been accepted by the academy, it gave you an address and a time to be there, if you went you would see an abandoned storage facility, with a black stretch limousine out front, as you stepped in you find yourself with other students as you are given books by a man in a suit and tie, blond hair slicked back and deep blue eyes, after a long ride you arrive at the gates to Ironreach where you are meted by 6 people the prefects for each house, they lead you to a large hall where you are sat down, and Rachel is on stage, she welcomes you to Ironreach and tells you the rules and expectations and after she is done she tells you to get your dorm keys and go and set yourself up before going to class.
Heroes of Old, Heroes of Now, Legends that yet make History, Welcome! You may refer to me as The Creator, for I welcome you to the World of Dynasty Emblem Cataclysm!

A strange multi-world event has caused worlds and legends to collide...what shall be the path you take? Will you side with those who seek to protect this new world? Or will you side with those who seek to cause chaos and destruction to all? Nothing is certain in this new world, fate has yet to be cemented! Will you challenge your fate?

The Creator~
This is a massive rp merging the worlds of Awakening, Fates, Echoes, Three Houses, Marth's Series, the Tellius Series, Geneology Series and the Dynasty Warriors Series into one world gripped with panic, confusion and chaos as monsters and enemies of old roam the world once more. We're a wholesome server that is dedicated to Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors and we also include chats from gaming to feh!
What we have to offer!
-Characters and References from the first Fire Emblem game to the latest! Many Characters are Open for taking!
- Now with Gaming, Music, and Anime streams! (NEW!!)
-Inclusive and Chill Server, come and talk with us!
-Over 50+ Channels to RP in, including the iconic and notable locations in the series!
-We feature Dynasty Warriors Characters in the RP as well recently, one of the first to do so over all of Discord!
-Many Channels to discuss your passions such as Cooking, Gaming, Music, Fanfiction, and more!
-Semi-Literate to Literate in our replies, though if you don't speak English mainly, we're happy to help you in your experience!
-Got concerns or suggestions for the server? Just send it out in the channels and we'll be happy to either fix or help make the server better!
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚Do you like Danganronpa?˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*

Well, in this roleplay, you can portray your favorite characters without having to worry about despair! In this server we have:

Kind and Laidback Admin;
We are an LGBTQ+ safe space;
Mudae, Dank Memer, and other fun bots;
Fun RP chats;
Welcoming Members;
And so much more!!

So pop by and say hi, and hopefully, you'll decide to stay!! Can't wait to see you there! :)
January 26th 2241 AD
A giant explosion lights up the sky. The sound is followed by relieved applause. The meteor was blown up into a million pieces, falling from the sky and burning up in the atmosphere. Nobody kows what was in said meteor, but what we do know is, that it set free a humongous amount of energy which is now flowing through every creature and object.

Tales of an unknown world is a small sci-fi rp server, open to every writing style. we accept a wide diversity of species and abilities. You wanna be a cute neko? Sure, why not? You wanna be a mighty witch that causes destruction everywhere she goes? Approved! Or maby you wanna be a robo hero, ready to fight to its death? Of course! How about you just stop by, read the lore and then decide if you want to stay? Hopefully I'll see you there! <3
Chaos Rising takes place after Season 2 of the Anime. After the events of season 3, tension are high even after successfully repelling the Ten Commandments' invasion of Lioness, with the Commandments planning their next move from the ruins of Danafor. While the Sins help Lioness recover from such an attack, a mysterious presence lingers within the air, barely felt by anyone but ominously powerful to those who do notice the energy. Furthermore the Commandments previously killed by the Sins have been revived, through means that neither they nor anyone else know.

With odd occurrences sparking rumors, Both sides learn of a set of ruins formed deep within a set of mountains near Megadoza, rumored to hold an object holding enormous power, yet a duo from beyond the seas seas south of Britannia are going after whatever resides within these ruins as well….

And that is our Server! Come and stop by! We allow both Canon characters and OCs!
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
Yugure High, located in Kyoto Japan, is among the top schools in the country. This roleplay follows the lives of Yugure High’s latest first-year students. You can choose to be enrolled in the hero, support, or even general studies course! Start your story today!
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
☁️┇Upstart semi-literate/literate MHA Universe Roleplay server!

☁️┇Tupperbox to enhance the quality of roleplays!

☁️┇Audition system to ensure that everyone does their best!

☁️┇Ooc-messaging channels to chill outside of roleplay (SFW/NSFW)

☁️┇Various location channels & roleplay events for you to participate in!

☁️┇Simple moderation and flexible staff to make your experience one of the best!
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
Study courses at Yugure High consist of hands-on training and combat, as well as in-seat learning. Roleplayers will have multiple opportunities to engage in plot-based roleplay scenarios while improving their own original characters in this MHA universe roleplay! We are always looking for new members, so please give Yugure High your best shot!
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
Avalon, der Gott welcher sich am Leid der Sterblichen ergötzte, schuf einst ein Land mitsamt ihren Lebewesen, um einen ewig wiederkehrenden Zyklus zu erschaffen.
Die menschen Konnten sich aber in einem langen krieg von ihm befreien und verbannen um eine neue zeit des friedens in die welt zu Rufen.
Mehr als 1000 Jahre sind seither in's Land gezogen, die Welt Samsara ist ein sagenumwobener und durch eine gigantische Barriere geschützter Ort, der in all der Zeit prächtig gedeihen konnte und immer wieder auf unerklärliche Weise neue Abenteurer, Krieger und übernatürliche Wesen aus anderen Welten zu sich ruft.
Richtig, diese Welt ruft dich!
Was hat es mit dieser Barriere auf sich, warum ist sie da?
Der Gott Avalon, droht er erneut zu erwachen und wieso ruft diese Welt nach euch?
Findet es heraus!

~Was erwartet euch?
- Ein simples, aber effektives Ranksystem, welches für einen logischen Fortschritt in Sachen Fähigkeiten sorgt.
- Es werden für zwischendurch Quest's/Events/Missionen/Aufgaben und weiteres Angeboten, für alle Ranks ist was dabei!
- Ein hilfsbereites Serverteam, sowie eine nette Gemeinschaft allgemein, allesamt sehr interessiert an Roleplaying.
- Viel Spaß und auch kein Zwang, man muss nicht dringlichst der Hauptgeschichte folgen, sondern kann sich ruhig anders in der Welt einleben, indem man sich beispielsweise einfach nur als Wache verpflichtet, sich später ein Geschäft eröffnet usw.

+und jetzt neu bei Avalon+
Neues element system welches schwächen und stärken mit sich bringt.
Neues Überarbeites Geldsystem.

Interesse geweckt? Dann schau doch mal vorbei!
Bleach: The Last Moon is a server built around a custom made guide. It uses a D&D like system, which adds rolling to the style of combat and skill checks, making the strength you achieve in the rp more natural and more earned as you only get power-ups by playing and trying to train to get stronger and stronger.

We Offer
Custom OC Characters (Only)
Custom Zanpakuto's (Only)
Multiple Races to Play (Human, Hollow, Shinigami, Quincy)
Extra Forms To Play As
Likable community to get along with
I mean the title kinda says it all so... however this server does have the following:

- friendly moderators and members
- The occasional Voice Chat Class Trial
- An NSFW channel
- Memes
- Music Channel
- And of course a category dedicated to Danganronpa ships
Welcome to Highschool DxD: Longinus Clash!!!
Following the general basis of Highschool DxD, Longinus Clash takes place in an Alternate Universe with its own concepts, plots and characters. Focused around building a new and unique story, Longinus Clash has a lot to offer. From a plethora of Canon Characters to pick from, and a large world with plenty of lore to base Original Characters off, we focus to be as inclusive as possible with what we offer to you. We even have a simple but effective Power System to avoid character abuse and overpowered abilities.

As this is Highschool DxD, ERP is allowed and included in the Server, however, does not take primary effect over what happens in this Server. We are an up and coming community of writers and roleplayers and welcome all no matter gender, sex, race or any other differences we all share. We aren't here just as a Roleplay Server, but a community for fellow fans of the series. So don't be afraid to stop by and say hello, we have a lot to offer and intend to share it with everyone that joins!

Brand New Server!
Looking for Roleplayers and Partners!
Welcoming Community!
Large selection of creativity!