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A safe Medieval Roleplaying environment for everyone. Europe in the middle ages, realistic but alternate history!
38 minutes ago
Acumen: Inquisition is a roleplay story based in an small though welcoming server with a friendly community, glad to help and present a roleplay experience like no other. Our server is well constructed, staffed and organized., with users that would love to have you!
The roleplay's unique story is about a distant desert world, once teeming with life, its diverse inhabitants and a quest for the truth... A hidden away metropolis lay expansive and strong through the depths of the planet. Groups of mutants, aliens and humans work together to uncover the mystery of who laid waste to their once prosperous society, but what they will find is a conflict on an interuniversal scale. The secrets of Trinity Laboratories await those who dare to oppress the omnipresent dictator of this ethically strange and morphing society.
2 hours ago
Come join a dynamic RP universe open to endless varieties of characters, genres, and stories! An RP home for beginners and advanced players.
2 hours ago
a SFW, nonfandom scifi / science fantasy roleplay server - not unturned related \\\
Alternative Invite: //
Introductory Page:
4 hours ago
A medieval fantasy roleplay server. Takes place somewhere in Europe, probably.
4 hours ago
Other 12
Casual roleplay server with a modern-day, urban fantasy setting with a little alternate history.
4 hours ago
More info at TPP's Website:

The Pleasure Palace offers:
- NSFW Community driven games (Cards against Humanity, Truth or Dare, Smash or Pass)
- Numerous roles to express who you are
- NO AGE VERIFICATION (come in at your discretion ;) )
- Active growing community who love to ERP/RP
- Democratic #poll voting process for any new suggestions!
4 hours ago
A new and lovely chill place for both furries and nonfurs to hang out, meet new people, chat and have fun! Join for a friendly place for anyone to chat about anime, games, roleplay and art!
7 hours ago
All Games 20
A new and lovely chill place to hang out, meet new people, chat and have fun! Join for a friendly place for anyone to chat about anime, games, roleplay and art!
7 hours ago
We roleplay everything and anything. A variety of active people lay at your disposal. See an RP you like? Hop in! See nothing you're interested in? Suggest it and see it become a reality! Leave your pride and dignity at the door, we are here for the sake of roleplay and roleplay only. We are misfits, but we aren't just any. We are the Abnormal Misfits.
9 hours ago
For centuries in the land of Vyrn dogs have ruled the domestic animal world, while also serving mankind by being their hunters, warriors, and loyal companions. Dogs are given free reign of the land to organize hunts, patrol their territories, and serve their ruler. However, these are troubling times for the dogs. The land's water is drying up, wild animals are finding themselves in the dogs' territories, the kingdoms are on the brink of war, and the dogs can sense something sinister will soon jeopardize everything they have worked for. From the chaos, new leaders will emerge, new wars, and the dogs will have to fight for everything they believe in.
10 hours ago
Anime and Manga 26
Welcome to my server! This is a roleplaying and fan server based on the series ‘Danganronpa’. Please join our server and help us make it the best DR server ever!
14 hours ago
Primarily a server for a roleplay on TvTropes, but also optimised for general writing and role-playing, as well as offtopic stuff. It also provides 16 bots.
1 days ago
A place you can live in a fantasy world, No buillshit other rp have - everyone is welcome and has a place somewhere in the story, With the option to choose your own room and plot for the whole rp! as well as money and inventory systems!
1 days ago
I run a Red Vs. Blue, With a Roleplay z that's looking for a lot of love Right now. Sadly, Over the months, it's began to slowly die, and slowly fade away.

Please join and help me get some traction, and get this server back on it's feet!
2 days ago
Are you looking for a good community and Marvel roleplay? Then the Marvel Commencement Roleplay server might just be for you. We offer memes, story driven roleplay, and general discussion. The roleplay will be focused in the MCU universe with a few minor changes. Xmen and other comic characters are welcome as well as OCs.
Here's a few other things we offer:
-Active RPing
-Self assignable Roles
-Active Staff
-Black Lights and Jackson Polluck paintings
-Non stop Gwen Stacy discussions
-Major Roleplaying events
-And more!

It’s an open and accepting community, and we’d like to see you there!
2 days ago
Community 6
Welcome to RP Paradise! A fun and safe place for people who would like to roleplay. We have SFW and NSFW roleplay channels, as well as a general channel too. We also have a suggestions channel if you like to suggest a new channel for us.
4 days ago
Community 33
A server dedicated to a roleplay setting based in the Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones universe.
5 days ago
An RP server for a fictional multiverse where every possible world exists, and so does a space between them.
10 days ago
Anime and Manga 17
Come join the vampires and the Wildgeese in our chill/rp server! We allow oc's,main cast, and much more fun!
11 days ago
Looking for a fantasy RP server?

Well this one is for you! In the guild system besides various options, your characters get to have missions, rewards, and make new friends along the way! For every battle defines you!
15 days ago
All Games 11
pour les jeune gamers qui voudrais jouer en multi et discuter
et bien sur samuser !!!
15 days ago