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The balance between two worlds teeters on the brink of destruction — but even with with the equilibrium in disarray the inhabitants will do anything but go quietly into the night.

Join the onmyojis, shamans in touch with the arcane arts...or join the yokais, creatures of yore with unique history. Power comes to those who desire it.

This is not a simple tale. Which side is right? Which side is wrong? Black and white quickly blur when one digs deeper into the intrigue that is this mythical world. With a complex culture and ever-developing lore, collecting pieces to the puzzle that is the war between worlds is tantamount to saving it.

Perhaps you are insane for thinking of embarking on this seemingly impossible quest. But madness is a tool. Quell your uncertainties and steel your resolve. From here on out, your story begins. Depending on you, it will either wither away...or blossom into something more.

Take destiny into your hands, and alter the fate of our world!
Surging Ember is a fantasy/combat roleplaying group where you start out with a weak character and climb the ranks through trainings, events and kickin' monster ass. However, Player killing is always active so be careful of your choices..

I hope you enjoy the server!

[🔮𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝐻𝑜𝑔𝓌𝒶𝓇𝓉𝓈 𝒮𝒸𝒽𝑜𝑜𝓁 𝒪𝒻 𝒲 & 𝒲🔮]

Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, is an organised Hogwarts roleplay server, here we have friendly members, and a nice growing community.

- 🍃 What do we have to offer?

🏰- Explore over 150 + Rooms and locations in Hogwarts

🏰- Go on exciting adventures and solve mysteries

🏰- Amazing Lore And updated plots to keep the roleplay fresh

🏰- Take part in classes and learn

🏰- Make new friends or new enemies

🏰- Play Quidditch or win the house cup for your house

🏰- Take part in duels

🏰- Serious and Active rp

🏰- 260 + members & growing every single day!

Will you be the next great wizard? 🔮

Our sever is super interactive with a house points system, events, roleplays, and much more. It’s definitely a server to check out if you’re a huge Fan of the Wizarding world of Harry Potter ❤️
After a century worth of fighting between varieties of supernaturals and the humans in land reduced to a empty life and dirt, the two set their differences and accomplishment in dominance and make peace. With this peace treaty, they sort out in making civilization together and with few selected people had came together and establish a education that allows teenagers partake in special classes so that they find meaning in their future, a peaceful one.

We currently have just been made! this server is put into alpha testing with changes to be made, pardon our dust.

Llyvion offers a fun experience when it comes to roleplaying, interaction with the members and other!

Join us ÒwÓ
Looking for a place to roleplay? Display your art? Game with your mates? Or even just to chill, and make new friends? Roleplex is the place to be!

Being an adults-only server, we provide an environment of fun and relaxation that is different than that of servers where all ages are allowed. And if adult (meaning NSFW) content isn't your cup of tea- or if your work/lifestyle does not allow for even the tiniest exposure to it- one can have the full Roleplex experience, even when having opted out of viewing said lewd materials.

We also have ranks to suit your interests. If you're not into roleplaying, worry not, you won't see anything related to it unless you have the Roleplayer role. Concerned that, as an artist, it'll be hard to get proper exposure? Only those with the Artist role can post in the relevant channel! Those without it will be able to view your works, but have a separate channel to discuss them.

We also have bots, a vent channel, plans to have Organized RPs (we currently offer one-shot/casual RPs), are very much LGBT+ friendly, and more! When you join, please do stay awhile, as we'd love to have you here with us. Though we are a new server, we are very eager to grow our family. :-)
An ongoing roleplay set on an Airship, in a fantasy world. You can create characters and write your own stories!
Leonhart has:
- Open Character Creation
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more! Jump into the game and meet friends in an open world, feel free to write your own Quests and Campaigns.
Server for all things Voltron: Legendary Defender!
Chats, roleplay, headcanons, memes, discussion, and more!

All ages welcome!
The Cold War was a period of tension between the Soviet Union with its satellite states, and the United States with its allies after World War II. Now America is scared for another war with the Russians CIA is trying to figure out what the Russians are doing. In the 1970s The Cold War continues it has been pretty busy in CIA HQ They are looking for recruitment will you be the top CIA Agent.
The Soviet Union sent spies to America to found out their top weapons and strike first they have been lost and kill so there need new people to join their spy operations.
It is Era 900, Around 101 Years after Goku and Vegeta killed eachother in their final fight, Namekians have moved onto Planet Earth and Majins are now considered a race on Earth as is Namekians, Them finally recognising that there is Alien Life and Peaceful Alien Life at that...However, Things aren't all that peachy: Time Breakers from different timelines, Not so Friendly Groups such as the Saiyan Legion and more.

But there is always hope with new races and more coming to Earth in this time, Becoming a Nexus for many people and this is where our story continues on from there with whatever comes next!

This RP does not use bullshit Power Levels or Stats, We use Fun for our RPs, I hope to see you joining the server and have what it was made for: FUN!
Salut j'ai créé un serveur ou l'on peut se faire une drôle de vie ou pas !...Bref arrêtons de racontée des histoires dans se serveur vous trouverez du staff à l'écoute pas d'énervement ni d'insultes. Des salons divers et variés pour tous plaisir ^_^. Si vous aimez la vie ou pas ! Rejoigniez ce serveur en développement très intéressant.•|@everyone|•
👗Slutty Public Fashion👗 This is a conceptual school for roleplay, which is educating girls how to dress and behave like sluts in public.

👚 Self-assigned roles
👚 School roleplaying
👚 Skirts, bikinis, outfits, sluts!
👚 NSFW-channels and SFW-channels
👚 Everyone welcome, LBTQ-friendly and mature staff!
👚 Strictly 18+ members
After going on a journey to find a flexible RP group that wasn't subjective to one species, I gave up and decided to make my own.

NATURE IS METAL is a roleplaying server based on an animal's life, death, and all the fun events that happen in between.

Like most roleplaying servers, among joining you'll be able to create your own character (this can be any species you'd like.)

After you're done with that, you can start your journey in any of the themed catergories.

I hope to see you there. Good evening.
- A brand new server so little to no clutter! - Because we are a newly made server, we have fresh channels and the whole nine-yards! I mean, who dosent love being the VER FIRST(!) person to say something in a newly created channel? I know I do, but... why stop at just a channel? When you can become one of the first to talk in a newly created server. Come join our little family and make it just that much bigger.

-Nice and Understanding Staff! - Each staff member was hand chosen as staff, based on their past experiences of managing servers and helping out, their skill set (which includes personality traits and knowledge), and last but no least their overall knowledge and can-do attitude towards things. ♡

-Great roleplay - Pretty self explanatory, but if you want some details then keep reading. We have dozens of channels for multiple purposes, such as the application process. Everyone hates eating for their character to be approved, so we split up the oc submission into each village the person is wanting to be in. Now let's move onto the roleplay itself, we have each of the great nations listed out and several minor places that just add some spice to the server! Well enough talk about that, why now come an see the rest for yourself? Itll be a blast, I promise. ◇

-Easy partnerships and opportunities for ***mutual*** growth! ♡

-Several opportunities to become part of the staff family. ◇
Welcome to the Chronicle of Drase! We're a brand new medieval-early renaissance, gunpowderless high fantasy server focusing on semi-literate to literate roleplay (Paragraph to multi-paragraphs). We provides an expansive, expanding fantasy world for everyone to roleplay in. You can adventure, quest, or simply sit down at the local tavern and have a drink with your fellow friends.

It takes place in the World of Drase, on the great continent called Ramul Ta. On its northeastern corner, the High Elven Silnarian Empire, once master of most of the known world, had lost most of their territory and former domination to the three-centuries old Macen (Human) Salvain Empire. Yet, the elves are finally resurging in power, while the Salvainian had grown complacent. Peace rules for now in the northeast, yet the many countries in this area are waiting for the opportunity to assume their rightful place in the sun. The republican dark elves of South Silnaria wait for their opportunity to spread their revolutionary ideal, while the tribal beastfolks of Itchsunia seems ever eager to crush the presumptuous civilized folks of the west...

📚Detailed nations, world and race 📚
❤Active, caring, professional staff ❤
😃Friendly, slur free, non-toxic environment😃
🔞ERP-free environment 🔞
🎲Turn-based, detailed (T1) combat 🎲
🧙Detailed, singular, balanced, spells. Simple and fair stat and mana system🧙
🧙Multiple guilds to join, learn and socialize in!🧙
⬆ Character progressions, updates, enchantment, quests and more! ⬆
🐍 7 races, 19 subraces 🐍
✏ Ever expanding settings ✏
🎊Active NA & ASIA/OCE Community🎊

So what are you waiting for? Come join us and experience an all new, immersive fantasy world!
Hi! First off, thanks for stopping to take a look at this server, we're not at all an average Warriors server, it's more of a server that's inspired by Warriors. (Just before I begin. Yes, we do partnerships!)

The basic rundown is cats with powers, you can choose if your cat wants a crystal/shard (same thing, just a different name), or not. There is a limit to how many characters can have shards though, but as of right now there are many spots open, and they're all first come first serve.

There are no clans as of May 9th, if you want to create a character that also creates a clan, we're 100% fine with that! (We may also add a few clans later, that depends though)

In this server you'll find:
- A friendly yet still quite small community. (We're also LGBT friendly!!)
- A 100% user centered plot, later on we might add a plot but as of May 9th the plot is completely based around what the community wants it to be.
- Literate-ish (2-3 sentences minimum, avoid one-liners as much as possible)
- Quite a few RP channels, and more to come in the future.
-And much more!

Did I also mention the server is still growing? If you have a suggestion on what we should add into the server to make it better, please share!
Kinks 'R' Us! Is a fun and welcoming community of strictly 18+ Kinksters and Roleplayers. We accept all genders, kinks, identities, etc in our server! We also have a very bustling community full of fun and interesting people to talk to, hell we even have a kinky Minecraft server! Check us out and stay kinky!

Reminder - We are STRICTLY 18+
》Welcome to Kitty Heaven《
Inside Kitty Heaven or KH for short we have a thriving Community welcoming to anyone who stumbles into our Home, so we welcome you all to join in and be a part of our little family here and partake in stuff the server has to offer!!

RP/ERP server at 700~+ members and growing.
Active and loving community, all are welcome and are easy to fit in.

What we offer?
🎤 Active VCs with music! 🎶
💖 Active and constantly used ERP rooms!
🐾 Owner requests rooms for you little pets and slave for auction daily! 💸
👀 Roles purchasable using the bot currency!
📷 Channels for selfies, SFW and NSFW pictures!
📜That aside, we expect every member to follow the rules. Mods are lenient and make just and unbiased decisions.

So come along and join our community! Pop by and greet us, we will make your stay worth it, what are you waiting for?~ 👅

Lily~. Serina~

**Must be 18+**
Welcome To Nevermore Manor, a place that your Character finds themselves trapped in. Filled with friends and foes, they must find ways to survive, even if it means to hurt others, there is no permission to kill here.

Post a starter as to how your character found their way there, this helps the Greeters see your literacy in your RolePlay!


↓What this server offers!↓

Easy to understand lore. 😄

Creative emojis to use. 😎

An Art section to show off your skills as long as it's based around your character or someone else's!🖌️

An optional NSFW/NSFL channels to post your favorite nudes and bloody gore images! 😍

Outstanding staff that will make you feel ironically right at home! 🏚️

Bots to play all sorts of games including to play music! 🎶

Personality roles to choose from so people can have a understanding as to who you are ooc. 😏

A fresh breath of air for roleplay servers involving a revamp of the basics you once knew and an incredibly eccentric server owner.

Join today and see what this server has in store for you!
We are large and ever growing erotic role playing (18+) community filled with a wide variety of different channels (lewd and fun), roles, events and writers! Our community accepts everyone; whether you're a veteran writer, new to roleplaying or are just looking for a good time and somewhere to get off~ We also welcome those who are just looking for a place to hang out and chat!

It's quite easy getting started here, join now and meet the hundreds of amazing partners waiting for you to start writing with! Hope to see you around~
A new, literate horror based, summer camp roleplay! What will you do here as camper or counselor? Will you make friends or make foes? Will you investigate the beast of legend and venture into the inner forest or will you be lost in the fog, never to be seen again? The choice is yours!


Everybody's heard it by now. If you haven't, I'm sure it won't take long for you to. After all, it's how the camp gained infamy.

Why is the camp named what it is? What sort of camp would call themselves "Blood Hill" and expect to stay open very long?
Well... people - forget. Simply human error, I suppose.
But there is one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb; the monsters in the wood. Most people laugh, and assume the name is because of some sort of game they play.
No. It's named for the woods.
Since the camp opened in 1912, 16 kids have vanished into the woods. Some went exploring and never came back out. Others went to look for their friends, but they, too, got taken. A few sat at the edge and simply observed, but they looked for for too long.
The parents, though -- they forget.
They keep sending kids back. The kids remember, and they beg not to go, but something prevents the parents from knowing, blocking the memories of the missing children. Nobody knows what it is.
Some say that between sundown and sun-up, you can look out into the forest, and it, too, will look back at you.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here at Blood Hill camp as you explore the exciting camp of Blood hill as either camper or counselor.

We have a few spaces left for Counselors and would be thrilled to see you all join us. Our server is small but growing quickly and we’d really appreciate a helping hand!

[P.S. We're open to partnerships]!
Orpheus Roleplay is a world-building and roleplay server where everybody is free to contribute to the fictional world of Orpheus. Users can create their own nations and control it in the world. There are other things to do on the server outside of roleplaying such as chatting, sharing memes and playing games with a bot. Come join us today and be a part of our welcoming community!
A small light surrounds you and teleports you to a place of white lights and peace. A swan like pokemon appears before you and gifts you with entrance to a new realm named “Starfield”. New players can be met here alone with pokemon friends to be made! There is even a home for newly created pokemon. Cresselia has only opened the gates to her Starfield but with every Trainer or Pokemon just like you, an untold adventure is waiting to happen.
The Starfield currently offers
-Roleplaying rooms for all types
-Art channel
-A sister server for Pokecord
-And a vast region to be molded

If you're looking for a fun filled place for role play and a great community.
Then join us, and step into the light