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A roleplay server meant for the fun and joy of the Furry and/or Anime community. This server features general roleplay chats if you do not wanna follow rp guidelines, and then there is rps based of settings, like the modern and medieval places. The server is a bit small as of now, but the staff is nice and the people are nice aswell!
Gracemeria is a city of possibilities. A place where all kinds of folk mingle, where magic is very alive, even amidst the wonders of technology. Half a decade ago, the races fought in a global war for supremacy. As the losses grew exponentially, and the thirst for war lessened, Gracemeria arose as a testament to the ability of different species to live together in harmony. All manner of beasts and people roam the streets of Gracemeria, and peace came about as the world began to follow the city's example. Following the initial 'golden age' the city found after the end of the Great War, it has since fallen down the hierarchical latter, leading to the development of a darker side of the city. But one thing's for sure: no matter what you're looking for, you can find it in Gracemeria.
Bask in the affection of fans, enjoy harsh battles, and enjoy being a member of The Strong. This forum is an AU faithful to the core tenants of One Punch Man; no frills, no fuss. The rules are simple, newcomers are allowed to have an S-Class hero on arrival, and as many A, B, and C classers as they like. There are certain restrictions, but if you love OPM and want to RP, you'll like this place.
♔ Kingdoms of Malenna ♔

♕ What our server offers ♕
Welcome! This is a medieval fantasy server where you can explore different kingdoms and meet new people. We welcome everyone role player or not. It's all about character development and yes __erp is allowed__ but we're not an erp server, we're just allowing it. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy and magic? Enter and explore the Kingdoms of Malenna!

◇ Server events ◇
What kind of server would it be if we didn't spice things up now and then?

✰ Fun bots! ✰
I know it's common but it's worth a try.

☁ Friendly staff! ☁
Our staff is normally online throughout the entire day, we have a lot of patience with everyone and we're happy to answer any of your questions!

❃ Lil note ❃
Our server is still small and can be quiet sometimes so it would be great if you share the link bellow to invite some role players! We'll like to make it great so we want you to join!
Mars shall not fall!

Mars Stands is a new, up and coming alternate universe 40k roleplay in which Horus is now Emperor, and the original Emperor slain. Mars stands as the last bastion of hope against him and the Chaos Gods, with its own legions of Astartes and Skitarri. Prepare for war, as the end of either Terra, or Mars, approaches...
This Roleplay is set within the Doctor Who Universe where you can play as The Doctor, his Companions, The Master, or any character you wish Canon or Original, the choice is yours. Travel through time and space in this ever growing server dedicated to all things Doctor Who!
This is a roleplay server based around the lores of The Wizard of Oz, Neverland, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and much more!


In the beginning there were four gods, one who held Magic and mystery in highest regard, one who believed that Science and reasoning was all that was needed, one who wished to live on whims and fancy and the last whose only wish was to remain childish forever. And so these four deities began to construct their worlds, the first created the land of Oz where magic was practiced. The second created the Earth which held the power of science. The third created Wonderland where they, and all who wished to live there, reviled in their carefree life. and finally the fourth created Neverland, a land where no one could ever age. But, what these gods couldn't realize was how badly things could go wrong... In Oz the land of magic and power corrupted the hearts of two women who began to spread their corruption to the other inhabitants of Oz. On Earth science made way for weapons and machines of war. Wonderland's way of life gave way to insanity. And even poor little Neverland began to cry for lack of a mother. So seeing their mistake in isolating these worlds from one another, they opened bridges and gateways through from world-to-world in hopes that one would help to calm and ease the suffering of the others. If this works, we can only hope... but for now they remain.... Fantasies at War.
Welcome to Kawaii Pokemon!
This is a community for pokemon art, roleplay and (optional) NSFW.
Come relax with us!
Lord of the Rings - Adventures of Middle Earth is an RP server dedicated to providing an environment in which participants can roleplay has their original characters in Tokein's word of the Lord of the Rings. Our RP takes place in between the Hobbit and the events of the main 3 books however some deviation of cannon may occur in the future, we're unsure of this at this current moment in time.

We've just started and we desperately need members. Even if you know nothing about the Lord of the Rings we will help you to get started. Your knowledge will grow over time, so if you're at all interested give us a look, please?
First of all lets make clear the fact that the picture of the server has NOTHING to do with the acctual rp, Feel free to join.
-you get to roll to see what type of ghoul you get to be.
-simple rules
An age of superhuman beings is now arising, more and more people are appearing to take up the roles of heroes, but with all heroes there are always criminals and villains. This roleplay's core setting is in that of the [Marvel Universe's New York.] This universe takes small elements from the comics and the cinematic universe. Some of the factors in this server are as follows:
► [Arcs.] This rp is alike to a book, as we require character development, progress, and enact on events.
► [Original Characters are allowed.] You are allowed to base characters on canon characters or make up your own.
► [An active staff team.]
► [Active Npcs.] Giving Players opportunities to interact with anyone anywhere.
► [Memes.] We have separate channels just for memeing, so you can meme all you wish.
► [NSFW is allowed if applied correctly.]
► [A ranking system.] Giving players special roles which can make them access exclusive channels.
► [A lot of channels.] Giving players many places to go/explore.
Livingston High is a very interesting school. Most kids who go here have 'quirks' (Ability), a different shape, or maybe cant fit into society. Will you enroll in Livingston, and be the greatest? The choice is yours...
Hell's Little Paradise has returned with changes to it. Come back for another round of drinks and possibly more ~
The seven tribes of Pyrrhia are getting more advanced, and are on the very beginning of an amazing evolution. At least one dragonet from each tribe are enduring these changes, and each tribe within themselves each agreed there was something very wrong with them.
Everglade, who is a Mud/Night hybrid, and a genius, knows and understands what it was like to be different, though her reasoning was just because she was a hybrid. She was one of the very few who understood that the tribes' newly hatched dragonets are just the beginning to an entirely different world.
Cyberpunk Roleplay is a new adult-themed heavy roleplay server focused on bringing you an immersive and fun roleplay experience! New and Veteran roleplayers are welcome, we also have our very own NSFW and ERP friendly channels. Are you ready to explore a chaotic cyberpunk city? Come join us!

P.S Please keep in mind that this is a NEW server, so our community is rather small, but we are certainly working hard to expand our horizons!
Welcome to the server! We welcome you to our happy community of small to strong and we hope you enjoy yourself in our adventures and antics as we have a happy future together and have fun, please, enjoy the show, and make sure to always join in on the fun! You join the community by making your OC with our template and once approved you can reach all of the GLORIOUS RP channels! So please, Go aheaad and join us on our wild, sexy, erotic, sweaty fun!
This is a rp server loosely built around dnd starting off in alttle farming area that you the player collects recorses to build a bustling city still in development trying as best we can
/|Welcome to Carnage Entertainment! We're set outside of reality with a few uninhabited universes on standby made for our little games! Come and watch your favorites beat each other up under striction conditions in a controlled environment or take part in them!|\

|Pick your choosing, either a battle royale like in those Hunger Games movies or the classic tournaments like in that Dragon Ball show!|

|Battle it out as anyone of your choosing from any form of media as long as they fit under the condition!|

|Each round is regulated and no audience will be harmed. We, however, have rights to kidnap and force fighters from alien worlds to battle to the death.|

|We're mainly focused on creating amazing and memorable battles than making a narrative! We enforce our rules more than those lax servers to optimize a more fun experience for RPers and to keep others comfortable in the server! So, no dirty RPs!|

|Our members are to be respected and treated like how they should! Also raiding will lead you into being banned!|

|We have bots such as Dyno, ErisBot, MEE6, Tatsuamki, Yggdrasil, and Pacman!|

|Earn roles as reward for participating or being active here!|

/|It's still a growing server so any support would greatly be appreciated, we have most of the channels finished, but we need more help from others who are interested! Despite this, our staff members are experienced in handling servers like this! Thanks and have a great time!|\
Are you tired of being bored and wasting your time on youtube watching videos you have seen thousands of times or even just scrolling through social media seeing the same posts over and over? Come check out Creatures Divinity. We are a Rp based server that allows Erp and has fun, active plots for everyone to join in on. we are open minded and welcome everyone and anyone. We are drama free and friendly as ever. if you want to make friends and enjoy role playing actively please join us. We also offer a crisis support for anyone who needs to vent or get things off their chest. Unlike most servers we listen to what members think and are always improving and adding to make it to where everyone enjoys themselves and has fun. there is usually always someone online to talk to. we are also looking for server partners if interested. come check us out and you will not be sorry.
It's a chill zombie roleplay server with chill people. Come and hang around!
Westview is a college for all students, with all the drama and party life. You gotta balance classes and your party life. Here you can learn pretty much anything and join or start a fraternity/sorority so why not join the college RP?
This is a new emerging Roleplay server and we need help populating it! Everyone is allowed to join and let your imaginations run wild In!.... The Far Lands!
This server is for making friends, talking about whatever you want, and gaming. Also we love to see any art and other creations you want to share. We also love to role play. If you are looking to meet friendly and nice people, hop in and I'm sure you'll find it. We are accepting of anyone :D. Can't wait to see you!
Welcome, Demigods, Heroes, and Campers, to your safe haven, Camp Half-Blood! We offer a dynamic plot line, friendly staff, challenges, and events! We host CTF or a similar event every two weeks unless there is a Quest running. We are always improving, and open to just about everything. The server is LGBTQ+ friendly, and accept characters of all types, as long as it fits into the Camp! (Note: We only allow Greek characters. Kids from other Mythologies will not be accepted.)