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N.O.A.H's Crucible
Navigation. Organic. Acquirement. Housing.

A huge, planetoid-level vessel controlled by an ancient AI, N.O.A.H’s purpose is unknown. It travels between solar systems within the galaxy, offering a wondrous, eden-like environment to live, learn, and love.

An ever expanding ship, the community of N.O.A.H. is comprised of races from across the universe. Ranging from humans, elves, orcs, the terrifying, carnivorous ghouls, to even succubi, the organic inhabitants of the Crucible are as diverse and vast as the galaxy it self. The sentient, synthetic race native to N.O.A.H., known as the Keepers, keep the internals of the ship maintained, and provide basic safety, infrastructure, and help to those organics that live aboard the Crucible. Communities have flourished and persist in the great ship, and new people pour in everyday.

The assurance of a good life, possibility, as well as the opportunity to see the universe leads many people to move their families to N.O.A.H. and become a part of its mysterious journey through space. 10,000s of people reside abroad the Crucible, and as the population rises, N.O.A.H. adapts to the population’s needs.

2 minutes ago
A server where you can roleplay as various characters created by you. This is also a Percy Jackson RP server. Have fun roleplaying!
3 minutes ago
As dueling become more and more dangerous in real life, the government decided it is time to move everything to the network world. So everyone can duel safely. But while everyone is enjoying their new dueling ground. There's an hidden force that will disrupt the peace... Will you be the hero? Or the Destroyer? One things for sure, nothing will be the same...
3 minutes ago
Hello everyone and welcome to the RWBY RP server! Here, we have our own unique custom made lore and tons of friendly and inviting members. We offer casual Rp, a somewhat flexible plot, nonlinear time frame, and also every other IC year we hold an actual Vytal Festival (think of a intercontinental tournament). The server features tons of Original Characters, and if you ever need to leave for any reason we will store your character in case you come back so that you don’t have to spend your time making another character and have to restart all of your hard work. Any roleplay you partake in can be as short or as long as you want to and if you speak with any of the staff, we are all more than capable of keeping pace with whatever you give us. For all those eager for a thrilling action packed time, please consider us as your number one choice! We’ll greet you with a Salutations!!
5 minutes ago
This is a Mobile Suit: Gundam-inspired roleplaying game where the story started with Zeon-E.F.S.F Wars. The roleplaying game is not purely canonical so OCs are welcome!
6 minutes ago
Hello, again welcome to the aperture laboratories we do some stuff like RP speak with others or just some other things if you wanna join just do it, but don't leave immediately after joining that just sucks.

P.S. The Cake Isn't a Lie!
23 minutes ago
the ancient clans, before the 5 clans...
this is an RP made to mimic the ancient clans. we are a (mostly) completed server, and we hope everyone can have a good time!
23 minutes ago
this is the camp for people with special abilities of all kinds
24 minutes ago
these crystals have appeared around the world, and humanoid beings appeared from the crystals saying to "join the battle of the crystals" and when you win you get to join their paradise in a long lost land
each challenger gets one elemental power
24 minutes ago
We're new, so join us and spread it to your friends
25 minutes ago
More info at TPP's Website:

The Pleasure Palace offers:
- NSFW Community driven games (Cards against Humanity, Truth or Dare, Smash or Pass)
- Numerous roles to express who you are
- NO AGE VERIFICATION (come in at your discretion ;) )
- Active growing community who love to ERP/RP
- Democratic #poll voting process for any new suggestions!
26 minutes ago
A fun RP server to goof off on, join if you'd like. We have all kinds of RPs! You can always request a new RP if you have ideas.
29 minutes ago
a SFW, nonfandom scifi / science fantasy roleplay server - not unturned related \\\
Alternative Invite: //
Introductory Page:
29 minutes ago
Casual roleplay server with a modern-day, urban fantasy setting with a little alternate history.
29 minutes ago
A SFW RWBY roleplay server. Takes place between volumes 2 and 3.
29 minutes ago
A medieval fantasy roleplay server. Takes place in Benken (St Gallen), Switzerland.
29 minutes ago
Four tribes each harnessing the power of an element. They have struggled to maintain peace in their lands, instead focusing on their individual needs and the cravings of The Gods. These Gods have protected their lands for so long, isolating them from modern society. Until one day, a strange metal boat appears at the shore.
30 minutes ago
A council of beings was assembled in 1996 to bring the species together. There was Mikeal the werewolf, Veril the Vampire, Rowan the mage, Genny the ghost, and Hecate the human. They formed what is today known as The Council of Beings. While they worked to bring people to together they could not stop the segregation created by century old scars. It wasnt until 2010 they devised a plan to open a school for everyone's, supernatural and human. It is now that the school has been done with construction and is ready to open its doors to the public. Classes will begin in a few weeks so get your schedules ready and make a few friend kiddos.
30 minutes ago
The Zombie Apocalypse has started, and survivors are scattered around Nelspruit, there are safehavens, survivor groups, scavangers, lonewolves, even zombies

Can you survive it?
30 minutes ago
The Sunkered Land Awaits!

"Do I know the seas? Oh Freshling.. you have much to learn. Sit down by that fire, open your ears, and I'll drain the sunlight from your skin."

A wave of change has washed over Aegaeon, hiding the isles and shaking the seas like it has for twelve generations. The shores are awash with sailors, leaving to re-discover their neighbors and claim the bounties on the land. But deep within New Bristol, nothing has changed. The same lamp-lit city lies under the same, shadowed ceiling. Specters go amongst their business and Englishmen make their ways back to their apartments after a hard days work. It's been so long few of them have ever seen the sun- It has become little more then a legend, occasionally referenced by Surfacers. The madness of Aegaeon has become the new norm- But there are still a few things that shake the foundation of even this fragmented reality.

So, Sunlit Friend, care to join us in the Depths?
Aegaeon is a roleplaying community set in the fictional Aegaeon caverns under London- a realm between the real and the impossible. We are heavily inspired by works of Lovecraft and Failbetter games. We boast strict but fair rules, engaging lore and a desire to grow!
33 minutes ago
Marvel Legends is a plot-driven Role Play server where you get to RP as your favorite Marvel characters. We require tryouts (auditions) from new members before they can start rping and we also don’t allow OC’s.
34 minutes ago
This is the Detroit: Become Human RP, here you can create an OC (original character) or play as a canon character and effect the world around you. Will the androids rise up and fight for their freedom? Will they be beaten into submission by humanity? Or will they find some way to co-exist? Come and find out, and who knows, the future of Detroit may be left in your hands...
41 minutes ago
DC: Rebirth is a plot-driven Role Play server where you get to RP as your favorite DC comics characters. We require tryouts (auditions) from new members before they can start rping and we also don’t allow OC’s.
45 minutes ago