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Hey you! Yeah you! I'm talkin' to you alright! Now that I have your attention, We have a RWBY Dnd Server

Disclaimer: We hold no affiliation to the server Remnant: Distant Dawn

Here in the RWBY DnD/RP Server, we are based in 100 years from rwby cannon after the RWBY Story, fades from history. And now new stories have risen though the missions and roleplays done by our admins. We do not stay in 1 central kingdom but travel all throughout the world of remnant visiting each and every kingdom along with menagerie all according to the seasons.

Heres what we have to offer:
*Admins and Mods who are on constant server watch
*Fun and excitement waiting in every post
*Most important of all, Many Stories you can partake in!
*Four different playable races ranging from Humans, Faunus, Robotics, and Grimm
*A easy rwby based D&D book to follow and make your very own character for the roleplay and missions along with a beta book as well that has many different options on how to create a character each book has many types of creation types what kind you make is all up to you.
Want to give us a try? Heres the link! See you soon!
Hello stranger! It appears you have stumbled upon this lovely server advertisement. Of course you’re wondering what I’m going to say, or else you wouldn’t be reading it. Well, let me quench your curiosity!

What is this Server About?
This server is an in depth version of the world RWBY. While this is centered around Remnant, the actual team RWBY is nowhere to be seen. The current plot line is centered before the series actually took place, creating a world of infinite possibilities for you and your characters. So if you didn’t like how things played out in the original series, here’s your chance to rewrite history!

Certain Things the Server Offers:

༺ A World Apart has canon character applications, allowing you to roleplay the characters listed in the series itself. However, you must play these characters to their true personalities!

༺ While we offer canon roleplay applications, we also have teacher applications, allowing your characters to no longer be confined to just students.

༺ Of course you can be a good guy, ready to save the world at all costs. But what about villains? Well, we have an application for that too! Not everyone can be so squeaky clean, so this application is perfect for those who like their characters a little bit rougher around the edges.

༺ Yes, we have team assignments! As your characters are approved, the first letter of your characters name will be placed into the team assignments channel, where you will be put together with other teammates who compliment the team as a whole.

༺ Events that are in place will ultimately naturally resolve themselves, going on continuously until dying away. Your characters will heavily influence the outcomes of these events, so have fun participating!

An alternate-universe roleplay that boasts numerous (but logical) changes/additions to RWBY's lore. Create your own OC within the Kingdom of Mistral and enjoy taking part in a multitude of exciting plotlines and events, including one large overarching plot that has the potential to change Mistral, and perhaps the whole of Remnant, forever.

• Modified, overhauled and expanded RWBY lore that will serve to provide a unique roleplay experience within an alternative universe/timeline while fixing the many lore inconsistencies found with the show. The function and usage of Aura, for example, is now far more defined - boasting its own mechanics that will change the way your OC's semblance is defined.

• A unique "Storyline Character" and "Storyline Faction" system that functions to populate the world with established and unique player created OC's/organisations.

• A carefully vetted staff team that will take their time answering whatever questions or concerns you may have regarding the server.

• People of all roleplay styles are welcome, however, it is recommended that you are at least semi-literate and can produce a paragraph or more per post.
• A world that your characters change through periodic events that unlock new abilities, areas, and technology for the entire site on successful completion.

• Post-Great War, Mistral City and Haven Academy focused setting with no canons, no rank claims, no maidens, and no God interference. Trainee focused so that every character can conceivably roleplay with every other character on the site. Further factions will be released as the member base grows. Further areas will be unlocked as events are completed.

• Long term progression system both for your powers and more mundane skills designed to provide enough character upgrades to last years of OOC time, designed with exponential experience costs and gradual power curve so that even the front-runners are never untouchable.

• Points of Light type world with sparse human settlements in the vast wilderness resisting every day the periodic hordes of monsters, or Grimm, that are attracted to negative emotion.

• So divergent from canon timeline that no prior RWBY knowledge is needed to play.
Welcome to RWBY RP: Divided! We are a growing roleplay server in the setting of the RWBY series created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. This is a non-canon roleplay so none of our favorite characters/factions (minus the kingdoms/academies) will be in the world and all the characters will be OCs.

We offer:
-Friendly community
-Helpful staff
-The chance to be a Maiden/Silver-Eyed Warrior
-Custom lore

Come join now, Here in the RWBY DnD/RP Server, we cater to (almost) all your needs! it's a fun roleplay server that is growing rapidly and can use you to grow faster!

Meet new people and make friends as we have many active members active and growing
We have Voice channels for you talk about your Favorite RWBY, chat about anime and manga or even memes
Lots of bots to use and fun games to play
We have a lounge room for chilling around and gaming together
Roleplay your great character and show everyone how unique and original it is.
A friendly zone free from as much toxicity as possible.
We have certified DM's and staff member used to make your experience better
We do Partnerships with servers
“RWBY: Silver Lining” is a RWBY RP that follows a lot of the main story, but with OC’s rather than the normal canon cast of characters. Join Beacon Academy, form teams, and prepare to combat against the Grimm!

Or, will you rather act on your own free will, and do whatever you please, even if that means taking down Huntsmen along the way?

There’s only one way to find out.

All are welcome!
Ever had an orginal character and wanted them to live out a life at beacon and experience the world of RWBY?
The Future of Titans is a RWBY tabletop role play server that can offer you just that.
We have a well crafted story several active Professors and Headmasters that will often run hunts and class Role plays
and a decent player base with a variety of characters that you can interact with.
Welcome to your first year in Beacon.
➤ Welcome!

𝕴𝖓 the beautiful landscape dominated by a moderately sized mountain range, Oblitus remains forgotten by the kingdom of Remnant, overshadowed by its nearby city of Atlas. The town is centered at the foot of a mountain, one in which a school is based and built directly into the stone. The weather near the foot of the mountain, in the town itself, facing the sea fluctuates between the warm winds brought up by Mistral and the cold air that is brought by the Atlasiam Ocean. This weather considerably cools as it heads up and over the mountain, leaving the outer edges of the school with damp, cold air. Thanks to the genius of the first Headmaster, the school has four distinct levels, each with their own weather levels, powered by dust that lingers throughout the stones. In the lowest level live some grimm that are atypical from those that many hunter/resses would be familiar with...

Some of the benefits of joining are as follows~

⇀ Safe atmosphere for LGBTQ+ people
⇀ Active members of all ages allowed
⇀ SFW environment
⇀ Well thought out lore and a creative setting
⇀ Pokémon turned grimm that have the potential to be partnered with experienced students
⇀ Server events and classes held on a regular basis - most following plot with the options for your own characters to benefit
⇀ Amazing staff that assist you with anything you may need!

So please, join us! Just by clicking the link below, you can join all your other RWBY fans in the amazing school of Gãdo!!!
Ever wanted to have a chance to attend Beacon with the cast from RWBY before the depressing sea of sadness and death washed over Volume 3? Well, now you can. Not only can you create your very own OC and roleplay with the characters you loved from the show, but if you're experienced enough, you'll be able to BE a character from the show in this roleplay server. We have custom roles that define who is what canon character, and not only that, but we have roles for each original team that can surface when 4 OCs are submitted, making every team stand out just a bit from the rest in their own little way. Once you're in a team, feel free to explore Vale and Beacon, meet other OCs and CCs, and overall just enjoy your time here. Welcome to Beacon, everyone.
A server dedicated to basically any pairing you can think of in RWBY. Even those who are fans of the more controversial ships (Fallen Petals, Enabler, Tauradonna, etc.) are welcome here. This place is meant to be a respectful and calm environment where people can state their opinions and share their love for their favorite ships without fear of judgement.

We allow users to have up to 10 roles for their favorite ships. Please read the rules and enjoy your stay.
The Overworld is a new RP server featuring a slightly different way to RP,
featuring sets of "RP Rooms" with focus set on different media franchises or a mix of them. We currently offer two sets of rooms: "Anything Goes" rooms for the use of any OC you'd like, and any existing character from media, and RWBY. You're able to start and end RPs in both as you please, and even link RPs together if they fall under the same set of rooms. More room sets can/will be added based on server interest.

While the server is mostly focused on RP, there are also several channels to hang out and chat in, with flexibility for more to be added. So weather your a seasoned RPer, just starting out, or really only want a place to hang out and discuss whatever is on your mind, The Overworld has something for you. Join us today!
A super casual, fun, community-based RWBY server. Join us as we share our favorite fanarts, fanfics, gifs, clips, you name it! We have dedicated channels for RWBY-related discussion as well as off-topic casual chat, and much more!

Our server also has every episode and bonus feature of RWBY stored for easy access and sharing, as well as a merch channel for new releases! Join your favorite character's team (or teams!) and rock their signature color as you chat.

Come hang out! We love to meet new people and talk about the show.
Hey there! This is a server where you can come and talk to a wonderful community centered around your favorite webshow! We have several discussion channels, great fan art that runs through, and always some memes! We have members from both sides of the Pond, and would love to meet you!

We also have some Jojo fans.*
A laidback rwby server set after any events in the series. The server is set in Atlas Academy. We have an easy template and functioning teams.

Disclaimer: we have a loose 2:5 ratio for faunus to humans so you may or may not be able to make a faunus oc
A roleplay group based around RoosterTeeth's RWBY animated series. Read the #rules-and-information channel to learn how to get started!
Welcome to the World of Remnant! This place is a community of people who more or less either obsess over RWBY or just generally know it. Here we are banding together to as a goal to plunge yourself into the very anime we love by creating characters and taking part in the story of RWBY.
Here in this server you are able to create your own Character and use them to embark into the World of Remnant
A noice battle rp with monsters, monster hunters, powers, and cool weapons that can turn into guns if ya want. This is a RWBY based rp and will have RWBY locations and mechanics. I try to also keep it original and add newer places. We're a growing server so please join and support us.
welcome to RWBY new resolve! it is an RP server based off an alternate universe from the anime RWBY. (it's a recreation of a server by the same name that has unfortunately died)
What if the heroes you came to love in RWBY were never born.... or fate had a different plan for them altogether? This is the truth that another tale lives in....

A system Based on a community made tabletop RPG. Remnant : another tale is a Roleplaying community that focuses on story based events and plotlines with plenty of side activities to do as Well we host events every once and awhile to bring the server together for such special events. We are a slow starting community but we would love to have you join! Some come start your own adventure on Remnant : Another Tale
Welcome to Vacuo's Shade Academy!

As a non-canon version of RoosterTeeth's RWBY anime, we plan on taking the series away from the story and into uncharted territories where creative freedom is available to us.

You will begin as a student Hunter/Huntress attending Shade academy - the only lawful force in Vacuo with any recognition in the sparse savannah and desolate deserts. By joining us you will be roleplaying through taught lessons, inter-character drama, Grimm hunting and perhaps mysterious figures lurking in the shadows. With a recent increase in Grimm activity around the academy, the faculty seem a little on edge as if in anticipation for something big.

- Bounties: A mission board present within the academy for you and your team to take on tasks of various difficulty
- Fund the academy: Any bounties completed reward money to the academy to create new facilities for the academy.
- Lessons taught by the moderation team: Every member of the server's moderation team has a teacher character that will teach a specific subject from Grimm Studies to Weapon Mastery.
- Original encounters: On top of being able to interact with the RWBY world, there is also the opportunity to take part in an entirely original story.
- Simple and easy to learn combat and character stats: Out with the complication and in with the easy is the name of the combat. Done via simple stats that give benefits to dice rolls are the only factors determining combat unless specified other wise.
Welcome to RWBY: Another Adventure Begins! This is a brand new server made mainly for semi-lit/lit RPers that takes place right after the Breach, when Vale is beginning to recover from the attack of the Grimm. It's now leading up to the Vytal Festival as students and huntsmen alike gather to witness or participate in the biennial event that is the Vytal Festival Tournament, as new bonds will be formed, new rivalries will be sparked, and as new players step up to the plate. Feel free to join, we can't wait to see you!
In the supernatural universe of Remnant, four strong girls are training to become Huntresses, which are humanity's only hope of defeating the shadowy and threatening creatures known as Grimm.
We’re a server dedicated to RWBY, the “Anime” produced by Rooster Teeth. We’re one of the biggest RWBY communities on discord, and we’d love it if you would join us! We have:

An active, OC focused, AU RP!

Great mods!