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this is a rwby discord where you can discuss theories, talk about your favorite ships and just make new friends! we have custom character roles, and we're always improving our server! theres
-shipping channels
-theory channels
-discourse channels
-other things not related to rwby
so come on down! we'd love to have you! :)
Ever had OCs and wanted them to live out a life at beacon and experience the world of RWBY?
The Shadows of the Titan is a RWBY role play server with a DND like play style that can offer you just that.
We have a well-crafted story, several active Professors and Headmasters who will often run hunts, and even class Roleplays!
And a decent player base with a variety of characters that you can interact with!
Welcome to your first year in Beacon.
Rwby the next generation!

This is a next gen! We already have a plot. It's set 40 years into the future. Basically we're also already all hunters and huntresses.

Come on down to the Rwby roleplay server! it is a starter like place but everyone that joins is treated equal and kindly. We hope to make the server grow and updated to its finest piece. we will also announce when Roosterteeth uploads a new episode right to your front door! Chat, game, rp, hang out, anything! I hope to see you there. (Also Salem is there too)
A roleplay group based around RoosterTeeth's RWBY animated series. Read the #rules-and-information channel to learn how to get started!
What would happen if Beacon never fell? Come join us and find out
Hey! Welcome to Shattered Glass, a RWBY RP set in an alternate universe following the events of Volume 2, going off in a whole different direction so we don't end up with a bunch of fan favourite characters dead.

The lore's pretty much the same as the main show's pre-V3-to-V6 lore, though any revelations about semblances and such remain intact - for example, Qrow Branwen's semblance is still misfortune, Ruby is still a silver-eyed warrior, you know how it goes.

Perhaps the biggest change will be with 'ships' - you guys get to dictate who your character ends up with. So if you want Jaune Arc to end up falling in with Ruby Rose, Pyrrha Nikos with Yang Xiao Long, or whoever, it's between you and them. There won't be 'events' as such, so people will be free to come and go in the RP - occasionally, we may host 'priority missions', which will be our versions of events. These will serve to further the story without too much interference from moderators other than to explain things to those roleplaying as 'enemy' characters.

OCs will definitely be allowed! While this server will be allowing canon characters, we don't want to get rid of the fan creativity, either. So long as you aren't creating any characters that are near enough gods, go for it! This is literally for the fans.
Welcome to RWBY RP: Divided! We are a small roleplay server in the setting of the RWBY series created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. Although our setting doesn't follow the canon series 100% as none of our favourite characters will be in the world and all the characters will be OCs.

We offer:
-Friendly community
-Helpful staff
-The chance to be a Maiden/Silver-Eyed Warrior

Come join now, Here in the RWBY DnD/RP Server, we cater to (almost) all your needs! it's a fun roleplay server that is growing rapidly and can use you to grow faster!

Meet new people and make friends as we have many active members active and growing
We have Voice channels for you talk about your Favorite RWBY, chat about anime and manga or even memes
Lots of bots to use and fun games to play
We have a lounge room for chilling around and gaming together
Roleplay your great character and show everyone how unique and original it is.
A friendly zone free from as much toxicity as possible.
We have certified DM's and staff member used to make your experience better
We do Partnerships with servers
Welcome to RWBY: Another Adventure Begins! This is a brand new server made mainly for semi-lit/lit RPers that takes place right after the Breach, when Vale is beginning to recover from the attack of the Grimm. It's now leading up to the Vytal Festival as students and huntsmen alike gather to witness or participate in the biennial event that is the Vytal Festival Tournament, as new bonds will be formed, new rivalries will be sparked, and as new players step up to the plate. Feel free to join, we can't wait to see you!
A server dedicated to basically any pairing you can think of in RWBY. Even those who are fans of the more controversial ships (Fallen Petals, Enabler, Tauradonna, etc.) are welcome here. This place is meant to be a respectful and calm environment where people can state their opinions and share their love for their favorite ships without fear of judgement.

We allow users to have up to 5 roles for their favorite ships. Please read the rules and enjoy your stay.
Hello everyone and welcome to the RWBY RP server! Here, we have our own unique custom made lore and tons of friendly and inviting members. We offer casual Rp, a somewhat flexible plot, nonlinear time frame, and also every other IC year we hold an actual Vytal Festival (think of a intercontinental tournament). The server features tons of Original Characters, and if you ever need to leave for any reason we will store your character in case you come back so that you don’t have to spend your time making another character and have to restart all of your hard work. Any roleplay you partake in can be as short or as long as you want to and if you speak with any of the staff, we are all more than capable of keeping pace with whatever you give us. For all those eager for a thrilling action packed time, please consider us as your number one choice! We’ll greet you with a Salutations!!
We have a lot of fun channels and would love to have you in it. We have balanced rules, giveaways, fun channels, and more!
Welcome to this SFW humble abode!

Are you a passionate RWBY fan looking for a place to RP your favourite character? Well, here is the place!
This server is BRAND NEW, so many characters are still open! We don’t allow OCs currently, but we will eventually. (:

The server takes place between volumes 2 and 3, so come on in! We’re looking for some passionate and literate roleplayers!

Come join and have some fun!
A SFW RWBY roleplay server. Takes place between volumes 2 and 3.

We are an Alternate Universe Open-Roleplay server Based in the world of remnant. We're Seeking Active fun members that Want to have a fun time roleplaying on Our server, We are also seeking members for our administration team.

We seek Roleplayers of a Intermediate to Advanced skill level. We LOVE Paragraph's Here and We would love for you to join us on an epic quest to beat the shit out of grimm..

Come join us Warriors.

We also have Media and general chat servers for those who do not wish to Roleplay.
It has been 100 years since the fall of Salem and the era of Team RWBY. Now, the four academies flourish along with their respective nations. Rights for Faunus are slowly making improvements, but most of them choose to stay in Menagerie if not at an academy. However, a dark force is moving across the lands of Remnant and hunters are disappearing without a trace. Join the forces of good to find and vanquish this force.
Welcome to RWBY Remnant AU! We are a fresh RWBY themed, Alternate Universe, Text-Based, Open RP, D&D server! We are just starting up so we hope to get a lot of players and build an amazing community! If you like RWBY, and Love Dungeons and Dragons, this place is for you! We hope to see you there! <3
A noice battle rp with monsters, monster hunters, powers, and cool weapons that can turn into guns if ya want. This is a RWBY based rp and will have RWBY locations and mechanics. I try to also keep it original and add newer places. We're a growing server so please join and support us.
Welcome to the World of Remnant! This place is a community of people who more or less either obsess over RWBY or just generally know it. Here we are banding together to as a goal to plunge yourself into the very anime we love by creating characters and taking part in the story of RWBY.
Here in this server you are able to create your own Character and use them to embark into the World of Remnant
RWBY: The Second Generation is rp server without NSFW content. We strive to have a fun and creative atmosphere of which we can enjoy our own original characters in! Cool staff, new server, check us out.
Fracture Heart is set multiple generations from the stories of RWBY. The world has changed greatly since the death of Remnants greatest heroes, they left behind their own children to carry on their stories and from there generations passed. With the wizard missing within the far corners of Remnant and Salem lurking in the dark quarters of Anima, life has been quiet until a few years ago.

In the last generations the White Fang has disbanded as equality for both races has finally beeing resolved in Remnant, a new group of Faunus had joined to together to change Remnant once again. They took on the Sabertooth, after the great tales of a creature that tread the world before humanity. They've begun to cause riots and destory property of known business that could prove their actions.

After Weiss Schnee took back her rightful place as heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, her younger brother broke off the main branch of the Schnee family. He began to make his own company know as Schnee Industries, they focus on dust based weapons and vehicles. As the generations passed, SDC became better know for their alliance with the White Fang and aiding faunus in need. However, Schnee Indrusties went in the oppisite direction; using underground ways to smuggle faunus to work in their factories with little money and abuse.
Welcome to my rwby rp server. This server follows the rwby canon with certain twists and changes. It's really fun and active. Upon joining you can choose from our remaining canonical characters list or make an oc, take an entrance exam and be put on a new team. Theres also a few highlighted mobile games in my server and a nsfw chat. And my server is about 120 channels long and still growing. I hope you enjoy its expansive space. Feel free to join. The ice queen awaits you.