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Rwby the next generation!

This is a next gen! We already have a plot. It's set 40 years into the future. Basically we're also already all hunters and huntresses.

This is a RWBY AU server! We have some lore bits, a lot of channels, and even a new race you can request to use called the Fallen. Faunus like people with Grimm features. Come join us! The rules and important info are on the server, and staff are ready to answer your questions!
It has been 100 years since the fall of Salem and the era of Team RWBY. Now, the four academies flourish along with their respective nations. Rights for Faunus are slowly making improvements, but most of them choose to stay in Menagerie if not at an academy. However, a dark force is moving across the lands of Remnant and hunters are disappearing without a trace. Join the forces of good to find and vanquish this force.
Will you be a hero or be a villain? well, here you can pick your path save lives or take them? Be a huntsman or Huntress or be a villain to Defeat the Heroes?
“RWBY: Silver Lining” is a RWBY RP that follows a lot of the main story, but with OC’s rather than the normal canon cast of characters. Join Beacon Academy, form teams, and prepare to combat against the Grimm!

Or, will you rather act on your own free will, and do whatever you please, even if that means taking down Huntsmen along the way?

There’s only one way to find out.

All are welcome!