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A server dedicated to OCs and worldbuilding encouraging artists, writers and creators of all sorts!

Here at Fantastic Worlds, we want to help fuel your world and creative capacity. We’re a friendly, active, diverse and inclusive 16+ community with 40+ channels (both SFW and NSFW), fun bots, custom emotes and regular server events. We also have a D&D section!

Everyone can be involved how they want to be and at their own pace. All characters and stories are welcome!
Welcome to Dragiodelle: You'll meet six different tribes, all with their own quirks and powers, all different and all great! You'll have the Darkscales, Snowscales, Lakescales, Leafscales, Prismscales, Sandscales, and maybe even the elusive Ghostscale somewhere along the way!

Years and years before the current kings/queens, the six queens of the tribes all met in one place: The competition center. The night was foggy, and none knew each other were coming. They meet with a dragon who had seemingly been lost for centuries: Queen Eerie of the Ghostscales. She gave them her last clutch, one egg each.

Here we are, 10 years later: This years' whelping competition is nearly upon us. After years of not knowing that Ghostscales aren't just a silly myth, what'll happen in this years games?
✵《Welcome to Gallagher High》✵

America’s top schools for hero training!
Here, students will relocate to New York City and learn to harness their quirks with the help of the renowned staff.
But outside the school walls, a new threat rises to rock the hero world as they know it. Where do you stand in all of this?

Come join the fun in this new “My Hero” story set in a quirk-filled America inspired by Horikoshi’s fantastical world.

Here’s what you can expect from this server:
✵ Original characters only!
✵ No canon characters will be accepted.
✵ Help with creating your OC and quirk!
✵ Literate and advanced roleplay!
✵Weekly events!
✵ Plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow fans of the manga and anime series!

So what are you waiting for?
Do you have what it takes to Go Beyond?
This is just a roleplay for WoF fans, you have a wide variety of races to choose from, and can even rp as royalty!

We're just a small rp server run by teens. We got some art nerds, fandom fanatics, stuff like that. We have different types of roleplay and would like if you recommend some stuff.
The staff is very friendly and approachable, as well with the members, so dont be afriad to say hi! Keep in mind that the server was just made and you might have to excuse us if we make some mistakes. Also, you dont have to role-play to be apart of the server! We would love to have some people to chat with.

We hope to see you there! <3
As you drive down the desert highway, a shady motel slowly slowly pops into your view. It is the only building around for miles, and you figured you'd check in for the night. It is named "The Badlands Motel", and there are no cars out in the parking lot. As you enter, you are greeted with the standard clean hotel smell, and a shady looking guy, his brown hair pulled back, with a few strands framing his face, and a small goatee. He brandishes a name tag, labeled "Maurice". He wears a hat that hides his eyes as he looks down, and dust speckled clothes. As you clear your throat, he looks up at you.

.·:*¨ ✘♚✘ ¨*:·.

Welcome to The Badlands Motel! A shady motel in the middle of the desert! We welcome any and all roleplayers. You may roleplay with your ocs or with a cannon character! We hold many different roleplays. Aus, regular, nsfw, you name it! We are a very supportive community and are looking for many more members.
This is a judgement free zone! We will not judge you on how you roleplay, or your ocs!

If you have any concerns, please contact me!

We award the most active people here, and are looking for a change! Many of us know eachother, and we want to know you!

Just rp server, places to be, friends to meet. Please join and have fun!
An RP inspired by the manga and Netflix anime adaptation of the hit Japanese live action tokusatsu series, ULTRAMAN

This roleplay server allows you to RP as series protagonists Shinjiro, Hokuto and Dan as Ultraman, Ultraseven and Ace, or take from the over 50 year legacy of the Ultraman series from the Showa era with Zoffy, Leo and Astra, Heisei with Tiga, Nexus and Mebius, to New Generation Utras such as Zero, Ginga and the Gruebe trio of Rosso, Blu and Grigio, with additions of the first Reiwa Era Ultras, to villains such as Camearra, Belial and Jugglus to obscure characters including Glenfire, Ultra-Nyan and of course, Redman

Nothing is stopping you from doing your own take on heroes that inspire a culture in the manga and anime world of ULTRAMAN
Welcome to Pleasant Prefects, a Hogwarts Roleplay discord server set approximately 10 years after the Battle of Hogwarts.

What we offer:
◈ A canon divergent story
◈ Original characters only, with up to ten character slots and a world post-graduation
◈ Weekly events like Quidditch, feasts, classes, Hogsmeade and more!
◈ Original plot that is slowly unfurling, with something for everyone
◈ Friendly, active members and moderators

Venture into Hogwarts, where the first muggle-born Headmistress, Esmeralda Dragyn, welcomed all with open arms – until dark forces ousted her from her position and infiltrated the castle… Amidst tempting offers of success and ancient magics to be uncovered, will you follow the path of light laid before you, or will you dare to stray into the dark?
--<={Welcome to Daybreak Online}=>--
We are a new ERP/RP server modern theme. All the staff have past experience in other ERP/RP server
and know how to keep them running smoothly and safely.

We are a 18+ server we allow under 18 but they will be limmted
3040, the world fell apart. war broke out, cities blown up. the group known as providence had made a cruise ship for space basically. they sent out text and warnings that they knew the end was near. in 3044 the doomsday happened....people ran for this shuttle, then they plasted off leaving more than 3/4 of the population on earth.....secretly providence had drilled to the core to end the doomsday. they set up a nuke to drop when there were past mars.....and so here we are will we ever find a new "earth" or just be stuck in space forever
We are a friendly OC only roleplay server who are looking for active members. We aren't super strict and look to make sure everyone on our server is happy! I hope to see you here!
Come here to roleplay as either canon or OCs! You can roleplay both humans and dragons~

THIS SERVER IS NOTHING WITHOUT IT’S MEMBERS! Please join us today to roleplay whomever you’d like. There are many main characters still left open to be claimed, such as Fishlegs, Meatlug, Ruffnut, Snotlout, etc.

Oh, and did I meantion that we have an ongoing plot with more to come...?

One flight after another... One battle followed by a war... Life on Berk was beginning to become quite predictable. The archipelago has been mapped and explored, every rock and canyon memorized by heart, every enemy conquered and defeated as they rose up. There was no thrill to the life the dragon riders live, no new places to discover, no new dragons to examine and befriend.

It wasn't until an attack from a ship with an unknown sigil that people changed their views of their home... The people began to wonder once more, to fly with an excited gleam in their eyes. It was time to explore, to travel beyond the archipelago... To find the source of this new, mysterious threat that had introduced itself to the Berkians.

"So tell me... Who will you choose to be in this new world? A dragon rider, fighting to save their home with a new willingness and joy in their eyes? Or will you choose to be the very foe that they fight against? The choice is your's, my dear friend..."
An art server! To share characters or Fanart! There is also art minigames! Please read the rules, and make an intro to see the rest of the server, how to do so is in the pins of intros.
🎀 You're invited to join, Divine! 🎀
Welcome to my OC based server, revolving around original artwork and story!

We are a friendly, close-knit server dedicated to chatting about artwork, original characters, and stories! Imagine it like...A big group chat community!

Nothing too special but we are hoping to attract a friendly audience we can call a small family who appreciates creativity and fun characters made from our imaginations! Hope you can find something fun to do here!

Come meet new friends! [We are a 16+ server.] NO NSFW!
This is a roleplay server where your OCs are students or teachers at U.A. High! Though later on you’ll be able to perhaps be a villain or pro hero!
We welcome you to join and enjoy yourselves in this RP based on The Manga/Anime of My Hero Academia.
welcome to a bakery themed server to talk about your original characters and perhaps roleplay! share your wonderful art, writing, stories, whatever you want! to quote one of the members there, ' come befriend us, we're lit '. fandom ocs are allowed as well and all ages welcome! feel free to join the bakery, we don't bite! :]
Orion pax (Now known as Optimus Prime) was a slave to Nova Prime, and got tired of seeing his friends die and suffer,gathered a army to overthrow him,this waged a war,that Optimus prime won,now the Autobots (Optimus prime's army)Are trying to take of cybertron for reasons I am unsure of(most likely madness of war has made him go insane) and we (Decepticons) need to stop him.
till all are one
Welcome to FNURP! Here you can roleplay as an animatronic, human, staff member, and more!
Be sure to check Information and Server Information before going for a role!
A roleplay server for Pokemon!
We are in need of villains for an ongoing arc!
We are accepting TRAINERS. (Canon)
We do NOT rp as the actual Pokemon.

Come to our resort and spend a fantastic time there. What we offer here is;
. LGBTQ+ friendly
. Canon are open!
. A mix of all games
. Literate roleplayers
. Friendly environment
This takes place one billion years after super the sun hit its final stage slowly becoming a red giant humanity worked together building a Arc a large ship holding millions of people abandoning the harsh conditions of earth where they flew deep into space using a warp drive they went to andromanda a completely different galaxy where they found new earth similar to earth however much bigger this lead to people slowly being born with higher power levels as they adapted they soon found this world had immense amounts of resources going into a golden age they built new cities with improved technology deemed impossible to science however on the far reaches in the universe chaos was being unleashed as the grand priest and the zenos's went missing a strange and powerful being send waves of energy throughout the entire multiverse weaking everything god related leaving them weak while merging all the universes into one mega universe
This is an awesome seever I created for all who love fantasy roleplay! Join us on our journey to other worlds and realms! It'll be fun! Hope to see you there!
❦ Hey everyone! ❦

This is a realist highschool rp server where anyone is welcome! Roleplays can be mature is everyone is okay with it, some parts may have to be taken to dms. Dispite that, feel free to join! we will welcome you and please, bring your friends along! We'd love this server to grow!
Welcome to our Kingdom Hearts roleplay which is set in an AU based on lore from the Kingdom Hearts Union X with changes to allow your OCs a chance to join in the action! With a unique and fun combat system that tries to capture the essence of the games while keeping combat dynamic characters will grow in power and learn new abilities based on how active you are. So swing by and give us a chance to let you tell your own story as you explore a new side the universe that we all love!