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This server started a bit before phantom menace ,and will go on until the rise of skywalker, and will be not be tied down to the movies after that. This will follow many different stories,allowing you to rp as your favorite characters! Uncanon stuff like force unleashed and old Republic characters are allowed.

*Make ocs!
*Make friends!
*Retell the story of starwars!
*Only minor changes!
Welcome Hope’s Peak Academy students! Welcome to our Cruise Catastrophe! We’re a new server and we offer:

- Friendly Staff
- A NEW setting for the Killing Game!
- Actions w/dice rolling!
- A friendly place to roleplay and meet people
- OC only roleplay!
☆Greetings Everyone~☆

◇Welcome to The Land Of the Unknown◇
We're a general roleplay server, open to all kinds of different communities! We have plenty to offer, and are always willing to take suggestions. But I'll keep it short:

☆A friendly, open community.
☆A clean, organized server with an appealing aesthetic.
☆Art and OC channels
☆Color roles!
☆We have NSFW and ERP channels (Roles required)

We hope you'll consider joining our ever growing server~
The New Avengers
After the snap things finally started to settle down. Humanity got back on track, heroes rebuilt themselves and got back to stopping villains in their evil ways. Everything seemed to return to total normality. Until 35 years past. All the old heroes of the day have either died, retired, or simply gone their separate ways. Now it is time for the next generation of heroes & villains to take the spot light and make their own tales. Now it's time for The New Avengers to assemble to combat the newest wave of villainy.
✨ Reasons to Join ✨
• Dedicated staff who are well versed in the lore of the Marvel world and are more than willing to assist you in anyway you need 🙌
• Brand new and just waiting for the new characters to shape and define the future of this world! 🏟
• 100 roleplay channels to explore, and more will be added as the story progresses 🌏
• Entirely OC based, though we do allow next gen characters (kids of the previous canon characters), so no need to worry about being overshadowed by canon characters. ✨
• Some pretty snazzy self assigned roles to make you stand out from the crowd and let everyone know exactly who **you** are! 🔊
• A fair system of balances. We recognize not all characters are equal in raw power. But we try to at least give everyone a chance if possible. As a result, the general power scale is a bit less than canon. ⚖
• Really, why not? It's just one more slot on your server and we promise we'll make it worth it (money back guarantee!) 😁
Dance with despair : A dr fan series is a fanmade project based on the series danganronpa. The 13 ultimate students wake up in an abandoned hotel with no memory of how they got there, they are soon introduced to Monokitsu, A multicolored fox robot, the supposed "Student trip advisor". The hotel's systems are then hacked by a mysterious person called MM who forces them into a killing game
Looking for Sprite artist, Cg /Background artist, Cutscene artist and video editors to help us out, You can also just join as a general fan
Hi! This is the Anime Boba Bar! 🎊 We are a bubble tea bar themed anime server! 🍙

What's on the menu? 🤔
• Bnha, Death Note, and Demon Slayer roleplay related channels! (more to be added in the future!) 🌟
• You can be a Canon character or make on oc, or both! 👫
• Fun roleplay possibilities! 🎉
• Self assignable roles! 🙆🏻‍♀️
• Friendly staff who are always willing to help! 🙏
• Non-roleplay channels for people who just want to chat and make friends! 🕺
• Fun bots for waifus, games, Pokemon, music, and more! 🎮
• A friendly and non toxic place for people to have fun! 💞
• And so much more planned! 🎉

We hope you'll join us and help grow our little community! 😁 Next in line please! 🎊
Gateway City is a lovely little RP community, taking place in the sprawling but tight-knit place known as Gateway City. It gets it's name for the massive amount of anomalies and strange newcomers that grace it's grounds, almost like this place is a gateway between different times and different spaces. This RP features a character approval process, self-assignable roles, the possibility for user-created settings, and helpful staff. Fandom OCs and original characters are all welcome. Come join us for a great time!
En este servidor hacemos locuras, hablamos de creepypastas puedes publicar dibujos memes e incluso un área de chipeos la cual se utiliza para formar "parejas" y crear tu propio creepypasta bueno esa es toda mi descripción espero verlos en mi servidor :)
Following WW3 this world became over run by kaiju from all different kinds of worlds and timelines. While there are some humans still alive, they all hide in fort cities. Here you can rp has up to three characters. You can be any canon character available or you can fill out our template and make a OC. The server is very active and we have at least 1 event every week. I'd like to think we're pretty friendly, and we have a great community. Come and check us out, even if you don't know much about Godzilla!

Persona: Shadows of the Mind features a group of high school students that are called upon by an occult phenomenon to face their destinies. Unlike the main game series, Shadows of the Mind takes place in Cento City, USA as opposed to a city in Japan. The main cast of characters attends the private institution known as Cento Preparatory Academy, each of them pursuing their own academic goals (or lack thereof).

What the students assume will be a normal school year quickly breaks down as mysterious events begin to occur. They find themselves removed from the school databases as if they had never attended, and begin to have strange dreams that take place in a Velvet Room. They soon discover Gehenna, which they name the Dreamscape. Within this world they discover the power of Persona, allowing them to call their psyche into physical form to do battle with the shadows that lurk within the dream world.

As the students (or Summoners, as they come to be known in the narrative) balance their everyday lives with exploring the Dreamscape, they find that the occult threat facing them has far more drastic implications than they could have imagined...

^^^That is the basic premise of our version of Persona! As the standard series has, the cast will be of 12 Summoners, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as interesting character arcs and stories that are sure to keep the real world as interesting as the Dreamscape! We are currently looking for confidants, and potential Summoners, that can live and work anywhere in Cento City, or anyone who would like to spectate the incredible story! Please drop on by, and we guarantee you and your OC will be one enveloped in one of the greatest stories in history!
A community of Walking Dead Fans, we have music bots, meme bots and other fun bots. We hope for you to join we have people to mingle with and roleplay such as many channels to explore with your characters.
A cybernetic virus opens up corruption all over the planet. Whether it be man made or by some force beyond ours, it's wrecking our home and everything in it. That is until we invent the thing to fight back. Syncs. Cyber organic beings that link with the user to clear and fight the cybernetic corruption that plauges our world.
A new place where beginners and pro artists can hangout together, chat, search for ideas and chill.
❤ Come here to roleplay as either canon or OCs! Both Dragon or Human OCs. Explore our 70+ roleplay channels, making it easy for you to go anywhere in the httyd world and finding free channels so you can roleplay uninterrupted!

👌 Benefit from our two forms: one detailed, for people who like to know everything about their OCs before starting to roleplay, from the moles on their face to their allergies and of course a basic format, for anyone who wants to figure their characters out while roleplaying- And as long as your form has the base format inside it, custom forms are allowed as well!

✒Enjoy our wide userbase! Roleplayers of different lenghts, from two-liners to novellas! Paragraphs, and more! Our server is open to roleplayers of any expierence, we have people who´ve been doing it for 5-10 years!

🐉 A wide variety of dragons is ready to be roleplayed! From Hobbgobblers to Night furies! we´ve got it all! (Please keep in mind that you´ll have to prove yourself for more powerful dragons)

🚫 Bestiality is not allowed in our server, period. ERP is allowed in DMs or our NSFW channels though! We hope you have fun despite this rule!*

One flight after the other, One battle followed by a war, life on Berk had become quite predictable, The archipelago had been mapped and explored, every rock and canyon memorized by heart. Every enemy conquered and defeated with ease as they rose. There was no thrill for the riders of berk, no new places to discover, no new dragons to study and befriend.

It wasn´t until an attack from a ship with an unknown sigil that people started to liven up- They began to wonder once more, to fly with an excited gleam in their eye. It was time to travel beyond the archipelago, To find this new threat and stop them. This threat, who ride dragons and someone convinced the creatures to do their bidding, this threat who controls a large part of the lands and trade outside the archipelago.

"So tell me... Who will you choose to be in this new world? A dragon rider, fighting to save their home with a new willingness and joy in their eyes? Or will you choose to be the very foe that they fight against? Maybe you´d stand unaffiliated, wingmaidens, defenders of the wing, rogue riders, dragons, wild or tame, hunter or rider alike. The choice is yours, my dear friend..."
You can roleplay here when you get bored, or talk to new people and become friends. The roleplays here can be romance, action, mystery, etc, or even something like danganronpa! But if you have a nsfw roleplay please tell the owner before hand, but before you rp read the rules and have fun!
🌸Gods and Familiars is a server based off of the Gods and their companions called Familiars!
🌸Gods form a contract with a Familiar by sharing a kiss for at least three seconds.**
🌸**Gods may have two familiars at a time. Familiars may not have more than one contract.
🌸Gods are highly respected individuals, though the gods created here are only first born into the world. Gods are expected to form a contract with a Familiar as soon as possible.
🌸Familiars are meant to be caretakers of the Gods. Familiars are meant to cook, shop, and clean for the Gods.
🌸Familiars are supposed to act as a support unit to their god. They are meant to heal and help their god in battle.

We are new and would love to grow! Give us a try!
You look up at Hope's Peak Academy, feeling joyful that you were chosen as one the best and one of the most talented by the Hope's Peak Program. You walk in and not even a second later, your vision gets blurry and everything turns black. In what feels like seconds, you wake up in a brightly lit room along with 19 other students.

"Welcome to our Danganronpa server! Prepare to participate in a killing game set up by none other than our lovable Monobat! And what better for the great Monobat than a glorious mansion? Take part and discover the lore of the Nevermore mansion, your home unless you can murder and get away with it! Please join because it's better than it sounds and Anonymiss can't write for crap when it's past 10 o clock! There's also a more peaceful sandbox role play alternative, so have fun!"
(We have a full game now, but you're more than welcome to rp in the peaceful rp channels and wait for the second season!)
The town seems normal , all seems normal . Except it's not normal. There's unnaturals and monsters about and they wanna bite but they have to be careful about it.
A roleplay where fantasy beasts hide themselves in the shadows of the town , trying to live what lives they can. Please join ;( I'm alone.
Want a place to discuss your ocs, fan characters, or original universes? Maybe you're looking to share your novels in progress, your extensive list of fanfics, or all the incredible art of your characters? Look no further!
✧༺♥༻∞ ୨୧ ∞༺♥༻✧
💗- Till now, it was hard to make light in almost any hybrids life. Most were born into unfair, miserable living experiences, and just wished for their freedom.
To live out like how it used to seem to be before the experiments started.

💗- But then, rebels took a stand.

💗- The rebellion, an incredible group of people fighting for everything to be how it used to be, for everyone to be on equal fitting again. It didn’t take long for them to get fairly popular, and finally got the attention they were asking for. The exposure to make a change.

💗- Yet, when it comes to popularity; you seem to attract an unwanted audience all the same.
✧༺♥༻∞ ୨୧ ∞༺♥༻✧
💗This is a MAFIA | REBELLION | HYBRID ANIMAL RP! Join us for more details!
💎 ~> Mystica City <~ 💎

~ 💖

Mystica City was originally an uninhabited giant clearing that held no name nor no purpose. It was until a portal opened that the city started to find it’s purpose and be created. There were three first comers, also known as the dimension’s gods that are currently unknown to mostly everybody. They either hide around in the city, disguised as mortals or whatever other creature you’ll find, or stay hidden in the sky, simply watching over us all in order to create balance.

The portal had grown bigger after some time had passed, and luckily two people began to resurface from it’s night sky swirls. The two people began to observe rather than build, until they came up to the conclusion to start inhabiting the empty space around them.

They started with huts, roads, buildings and more. And as more people poured into the dimension, the city started to evolve. Everything was much better now, no threat in sight. No possible dangerous outcome to stop the peace from thriving. It was perfect, peaceful, free.

You just have to wonder what challenges the people in this city will face, now that the portal is open to all.


• We have Paisley Park, IdleRPG, Mudae, and more! You can even suggest bots by pinging the owner or another staff member.

• This is a freeform roleplay so you can do whatever! Just don’t kill any roleplayers randomly and ask for permission before harming/killing another roleplayer’s character.

• We have a few music bots for you to use, and lots of other fun channels!

• We allow canon characters from different franchises! Just don’t choose too many!

• we also have poopiehead haha yes

~ 💖

Enjoy the server!
We are a Five Nights at Freddy's roleplay server! Feel free to come and hangout!
Welcome, incoming Students, Heroes and... Villains, to UA! The leading school for heroes in the country,UA has been raising and refining young students and their quirks to help fight for good. Here, in the year 20XX, UA is not only the leading Hero School in the country but it’s churned out the finest heroes in the country as well.

Now it’s your year- so, young hero- will you decide to fight for good or for evil?

Server takes place 2 years after the canon events. All canon characters are to be third years.