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this roleplay, ”Remnants of the Gods”, is a player-driven roleplay with:
- 3 kingdoms to choose from
- oc submission
- friendly and welcoming staff
- a growing community
- an ongoing story
Maybe even you can make a change in the story!
Welcome to Builders Nest a place were the community and creators of hollow knight come together to make their own areas, characters, and more for a bustling rp server.

You are also welcome to just chill and talk with fellow members without having to worry about the rp part.

This server is still new and experimental and we'll be happy to take suggestions!
mount washington is a supernatural roleplay set in 1992 in washington state. the roleplay follows a string of brutal murders around the town, which are linked to a satanic cult inside of the city. these cultists are summoning evil demons that want to kill, and the police are baffled by the reports being given to them by the townspeople. will there be peace, or order?
✨ Plot-based human roleplay
✨ A fun, roleplaying environment
✨ Three groups in the roleplay that you can choose from upon making a character
✨ Bot Commands (dank memer, rythm, tatsumaki, etc.)
✨ SFW and NSFW channels
Welcome to 2027, the year of board beats and cliché melodies. Who would've thought that robots could take over the music industry? They call it Beat-BOxTs, and as the name claims, it's all computer made material. And the crazier part? Society seems to love it! It's one of the fastest growing musical genres in this past year or so, and none of it is even- well,- real music!

That's not how music should be, right? Where's the soul? Where's the thoughtful lyrics, the heartfelt melodies, the passionate solos and the different sounds? Where has it all gone? Why, it's in you! Yes, you! We're putting our faith into you, our world's upcoming generation, to bring back the meaning of music, and what it really means to be a musician. Or, more specifically, what it really means to be a band.
▄▬▬ ▬ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ▬ ▬▬▄
▀▬▬ ▬ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ▬ ▬▬▀
╰── ☟ MXTX Regulations ☟

┊Please carefully read through them


▹All we ask is that you be 14 years of age or above, due to strong language and mature themes that may appear.
▹It is required for you to include your age in introductions.
▹Trying to access the NSFW channel as a minor is prohibited.
▹If you're found to be lying about your age, you will be banned.


▹An introduction is required. It can be done in the channel #🌸┆introductions ▹You are required to pick a character as well which can be found in #🌸┆character-list to check availability.


▹OCs are accepted in this server - the catch being that you can only have one OC at a time, so choose wisely.
▹A form for review must be submitted before hand to #🌸┆oc-review. It is required so that @•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙ℍ𝕖𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕝𝕪 𝕆𝕗𝕗𝕚𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕝•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙ / @💀𝔊𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔱 𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤💀 (staff) may create a custom character role for you.

:▹Please be polite and respectful to others.
▹No bashing other people for their ships - or else you will be muted or even banned if the behavior continues.
▹If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, upset or unwanted, you're allowed- and you should contact a Staff member about it.
▹Anything along the lines of homophobia, transphobia, racism, and any other forms of exclusive behaviour will not be tolerated.



▹Spam and intrusive images are forbidden in main channels.
▹There are private channels (such as sect and peak) channels available for spam.
▹Do not overuse flashing images.
▹Do not post NSFW content in main channels.


»»6【ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕗𝕦𝕟】
▹This server is available for the MXTX novels SVSS, MDZS, and TGCF.
▹We welcome you and wish you good times and continuous fortune.
~ Welcome to the Artist Alley! ~
We are an inclusive, chill art server for you to share your art and interact with others like you!
- multiple art channels with room for discussion and critique
- no bigotry or judgment regarding your art and stories
- 13+ only
Hopefully you'll like it here! We're excited to have you join!
Welcome Trainers, to the Eternama Region. My name is Professor Morgan, and I will be the first person you should visit once you arrive in the region. Our lovely region functions differently then other regions. All of our Gyms are Strictly Dual types. Now, I know what you may be thinking. "So all of the gyms explicitly use dual type pokemon only?" No. They do not. They use two different types of pokemon. The first gym, for those of you coming here for the league challenge, uses Water and Grass types, for example. Enough with the formalities. When you arrive in the region, come to Nightvale town, and I will set you up with the Dex, as well as the Device you will be using to Keep your Gym badges in.
Hi! If you've made it this far, then you've probably seen what exactly this server is for. It's a pokemon Roleplay. We have the following!

• Fair Battles.
• A Full gym league, Elite 4, and Champion.
• Events.

And More! Please, feel free to come check us out!~
Welcome! This is a place to share your art! Make new friends, share ideas and have fun! We are a LGBTQ+ friendly server!
Welcome to the Tupperbox Oc Rp Server
Please take a seat and enjoy yourselves! This Server is for all type of ocs, art, and Fandoms! Make sure you read the rules.
Thanks for reading! 🦜
Wait! If you like my hero academia and roleplaying then this is the server for you. This server is a chill RP server with a kind community and respectful moderators.
We Include:
Cannon characters
Roasting the staff
and all around FUN
If you are interested in joining then all it takes is a press of a button.
See you soon.
Welcome to the Ultimate Crossover server. In this server, you can play as many of your favorite canon characters from many different universes. This is a server that mainly consists of Erotic Roleplaying, We also have many server events that get the members of this server active.
Avatar (The Last Airbender)
Cartoon Network
Dragon Ball Z
Final Fantasy
Five Nights at Freddy's
Harry Potter
High School DxD
Indiana Jones
Kill la Kill
Kingdom Hearts Series
League of Legends
Mortal Kombat
My Hero Academia
One Piece
Percy Jackson
Persona Series
Star Wars
The Witcher
Venture Bros
So, if you wanna join, click that link below
Many moons ago, the 4 Clans, TaigaClan, CoveClan, GladeClan, and RidgeClan lived in harmony. Now the sun has went dark and the Clans are in chaos. TaigaClan and RidgeClan are at each others throats because TaigaClan claims that RidgeClan killed their leader Foxstar. GladeClan, the more intellectual cats, are trying to figure out how to get the sun back while CoveClan tries their best to stay out of the issues.
High Ranks and Mod spots open!
It has been many many moons since the great war. BreezeClan,MossClan,StreamClan, and FlameClan seem to have settled into their new lives, now not even the oldest cats remembering the lives before. With this new generation, however, comes new problems. Kittypets and loners are traveling to the swamps wanting to join the clans, cats are beginning to have dreams of a shadowed forest, and there are still cats that seem to have reservations about clan life. How will the clans react? What does a shadowed forest have to do with anything? That is up for you to find out.

- lgbtq+ friendly
- nice members
🍉Watermelon Island is a Steven Universe roleplaying server! we have over 59+ channels for roleplaying, and we have alot of other channels to chat and make friends! 🍉🍉

🍉This server is a safe LGBTQ+ friendly & non-toxic community who loves SU! we allow you to be any gem you want without having strict rules on your oc.🍉🍉
Watermelon has active chats and also active Voicechats!

🍉We love to have karaoke nights, and other fun events such as fusion fridays, we are a growing server with many new roleplaying members everyday! 🍉🍉

🍉We hope to see you there, and to enjoy your stay In Watermelon Island! 🍉

hello! i made a server because why not and I'm hella bored:P i need help with making it and setting it up, ping me or the co-owner for help. hope you enjoy! have fun roleplaying! this involve having co's, and canon characters.
This is a neat roleplay server! Here we try to have fun, roleplay, or even hang out! Anyone who wishes to join, we're more than happy to accept you as part of this family! Welcome to Dragon Ball: Burning Power! Will you become the number one hero of the Time Patrol? Or will you become the most feared warrior throughout all the timelines by becoming the number one Time Breaker?
Gateway City is a lovely little RP community, taking place in the sprawling but tight-knit place known as Gateway City. It gets it's name for the massive amount of anomalies and strange newcomers that grace it's grounds, almost like this place is a gateway between different times and different spaces. This RP features a character approval process, self-assignable roles, the possibility for user-created settings, and helpful staff. Fandom OCs and original characters are all welcome. Come join us for a great time!
are you lgbt+? do you want to join a server for talking about your original characters and art?
welcome to the oc corner!!
• no lgbtphobia, racism/xenophobia, antisemitism, ableism, or any other forms of bigotry or prejudice. this includes terfs and transmeds!
• no harrassment. if someone asks you to stop, stop!
• try your best to stick to the topics of the channels and to keep things appropriate. this server is run by a minor.
• try not to barrel over people! there are multiples of some channels, so try your best not to interrupt if someone is having a conversation/talking about something.
• feel free to @ any of the mods if you need help or have a request!
self-assignable roles, custom emojis, and more!
A server about kingdoms who are at war and people are trying to just live life as the war rages throughout them
Welcome to a non despair AU of the hit game Danganronpa!
We offer:
🔸LGBTQ+ friendly members
🔸An aesthetic purple theme
🔸NSFW channels
🔸Funny people
🔸People with the same interests as you

Why not come along? We’ll be glad to see you there!
This is an RP server based on the CW TV show Supernatural. There's still a few canon characters available(If there's any I or the staff missed, please let us know.). OCs are accepted. Staff applications are welcome, just check out the staff rules upon applying. This is a friendly community for fans and Roleplayers alike. Please make sure to read the rules for the server, RP, and creating OCs.
Harry Potter But Chill. Everything's the same except it's not because Voldemort never existed. What all does that change involve? That's up to you.

Members can claim up to 5 canon characters and create an unlimited amount of OCs. There are a limited number of Prefect slots available, which can be taken by both canon and original characters.
Want to join a new killing game? On Minecraft? Well we have just the thing!
Welcome to a Danganronpa Roleplay on Minecraft! Use your own OCs to win the killing game. Use your perks to either be the blackened, or win the class trial! Make new friends in this brand new version of Hopes Peak Academy! Welcome to... Danganronpa Slaughterhouse!