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Welcome to The Cockroach Club!
What do we have to offer??:
- Cute and colourful roles
- Friendly and active staff
- Art categories
- Gore categories
- Active and frequent voice calls
- Art and OC critique
Due to a series of experiments by a man named Jean Louse, people with what can only be called superpowers are on the rise. Welcome to Lobelia, one of the top five super inhabited cities in america, where government sponsored heroes defend the innocent from villains and rogues, while trying to appease those in opposition.
After the destruction of the first visit to Assiah, Gehenna demons restores themselves back to heal for another threat. While demons, angels, and humans fight to help their wounded and get themselves back on their feet. More and more students flood into True Cross, hoping to be accepted and to help keep Assiah/Earth safe from another attack.
Even though it failed once, the demons that decided to stay loyal to Satan, plot to take over Assiah and punish or kill humans, angels, and the betraying demons that had left them.
It's up to you to protect helpless people on Assiah, or teach kids how they can protect. Are you willing to sacrifice or bring more pain onto Earth?
* Make friends.
* Roleplay.
* Make Original characters.
* Bots to mess around with.
* Helpful staff.
* Lots of roleplay channels
* NSFW channel and venting channel.
* Chill members.
* Good roleplayers.
* LGBTQ+ friendly.
Welcome to Gallagher High, one of America’s top schools for hero training! Here, students will learn to harness their quirks to become the best of the best with the help of the renowned staff. But outside the school walls, a new threat rises to rock the hero world as they know it. Where do you stand in all of this?

Come join the fun in this new “My Hero” story set in a quirk-filled America inspired by Horikoshi’s fantastical world. We’ll be following our own path, so don’t worry about the characters of the main series. They’re off doing their own thing. Here’s what you can expect from this server:

-Original characters welcomed and encouraged! In fact, this will be a primarily OC driven server. No canon characters will be accepted.

-Character and Quirk creation!

-Literacy, fun with words!

-Plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow fans of the manga and anime series!

So what are you waiting for? Do you have what it takes to Go Beyond?
World Role Play

Welcome to World Role Play! We are a small group of casual roleplayers looking for some fun!

Here we have:
♤school settings
♤city settings
♤fantasy settings
♤roleplay battles
♤mass roleplays
♤friendly staff
♤lgbt friendly
♤fun lores to follow
♤cool roles
♤safe and secure place
And much more!

If you're looking for a home, a place to show off your OC, or somewhere to make friends, this server is the best place for you! Join us today!
Welcome to AZJADE CITY.

Azjade is a relatively small area, but plenty of people live there, coming from all sorts of backgrounds with a variety of different personalities. It's quite friendly here, and the aura always seems gentle.

The city is mostly up-to-date with all the new technology and trends -- and memes, of course, but that's for the kids. There's many places to go, and countless to explore -- such as the forest or the abandoned arcade.

Hope you have a wonderful time here!
This server is here to help anyone struggling with making a story, character, or have a roleplay idea, but don't know where to start! I'm open to all different type of characters and stories and just hope for everyone to accept eachother no matter who good or how "bad" they may be.

We help with spelling, backstories, starting universes, starting stories, short stories, and more!
~ Welcome to Lamina Town! ~

We are a friendly server open for everyone to join!
The rp is all about vampires and humans, the roleplay is set in the Vicotrian Era and we follow a group of humans who manage to travel back in time to when Vampires did exist.

~ What do we have to offer? ~

- We have multiple fun bots to play around with!
- We have a fairly unique system for ranking Vampires in their strength.
- Multiple different roleplay chats to mess around with!
- Friendly staff!
- Descriptive Areas!
- Unique Pupil Mapping!
- Unique Blood Tastes!
- A channel for hugs, just in case you need one!
- A friendly community!

~ Anything else? ~

We are a very small server at the moment, so we appreciate any joins and offers for help!
Welcome to The GodArmy Server!
We Roleplay (Norse), play games, and use bots!
Come join the life of us god-like beings.

Biography: You spawn in a world that's unknown world full of gods and monsters. You begin your journey finding a city known as Discord City full of communities of different species and people. You search around finally meeting up with one of the Gods of the GodArmy. He's name is MasterArborly and he shows you around the whole worlds of the GodArmy. You express your adventures and wrote a book about it. You explored the Yggdrasil for a bit and Arborly leaves you to your adventures. Have fun.

~We Roleplay! Any Kind but mostly about gods.

~We play games! Our roleplays are heavily based on games.

~We use bots! To express and evaluate our things for knowledge and battle.

~We do Art and OCS! Create art and ocs to begin your adventures with others!

~We respect others! We respect and help others in need of help. We understand roleplaying and reality so we try our best helping each other on it.

~We make books and stories! Come check out the GodArmy book!
Entwine in aforementioned pilgrimage , deliberate and confer forth the bee movie in this brand contemporary server .

engage with folks all over the terrene and share your abyssal relish of the triumphant cinematograph we've gathered to epilogue about .
Welcome to Featherfloat City, Ohio, home of countless Miraculous holders, villains and heroes alike.

There are many crimes to be stopped, even a few mysteries to be solved, but it's all your decision if you get your hands on a Miraculous -- will you do good or evil?

Even for regular civilians, there's a choice to be made -- perhaps you become a powerless vigilante who relies on human skill, or a regular old criminal; of course, you could always just stay out of the way, too.

Now, what will you do?
~ ~ ~ Welcome to Aphrodite's Garden ! ~ ~ ~

We are a small growth-focused art server that welcomes all artists of ALL levels! Yes even you, young high-schooler dreaming of becoming big some day, and even you, professional concept artist! Our server provides custom roles, upward movement, and constructive criticism.

We have many channels available to you such as::
~ gore!
~ sharing original characters!
~ art prompts!
~ fanart channels!

Share your social media to become a part of a community of artists! We’re here to help you grow!

~ ~ Join Aphrodite's Garden today! ~ ~
The Original Character Café is a café-themed server focusing on OCs, FCs, self-inserts, and sonas! A 100+ member server with daily questions and weekly activities such as prompts and game nights, we aim to promote a positive environment for artists of any sort of media!

Activities also vary depending on the occasion, and sometimes, we have movie nights as well!

Introductions are a must, and you must be over 14 to join! Come join us!
*Ahem* Hello you Despair lovers, welcome to Danganronpa V4 Despair Overflow, A place where the killing game continues, in the OG location, Hopes Peak Academy! Every Character From the Danganronpa Series is in this! Also Ocs(Original Characters), Also People Can Be Izuru Kamukura Project Ocs. Also..Try Not To Get Killed! Because Its Kill Or Be Killed..! Upupupu!
Welcome welcome to Fantaji Highschool!
Here we allow all sorts of students!
Zombies, werewolves, vampires, demons, angels, you name it, we allow it!
We don't discriminate, as long as you don't kill too many people you're good to go! We hope you enjoy your stay!
PS. We are not responsible if you are killed by any of the other students, please tell your guardians beforehand if you are planning to die here.
Come here to roleplay as either canon or OCs! You can roleplay both humans and dragons~

THIS SERVER IS NOTHING WITHOUT IT’S MEMBERS! Please join us today to roleplay whomever you’d like. There are many main characters still left open to be claimed, such as Astrid, Hiccup, Stoic, Snotlout, etc.

Oh, and did I meantion that we have an ongoing plot with more to come...?

One flight after another... One battle followed by a war... Life on Berk was beginning to become quite predictable. The archipelago has been mapped and explored, every rock and canyon memorized by heart, every enemy conquered and defeated as they rose up. There was no thrill to the life the dragon riders live, no new places to discover, no new dragons to examine and befriend.

It wasn't until an attack from a ship with an unknown sigil that people changed their views of their home... The people began to wonder once more, to fly with an excited gleam in their eyes. It was time to explore, to travel beyond the archipelago... To find the source of this new, mysterious threat that had introduced itself to the Berkians.

"So tell me... Who will you choose to be in this new world? A dragon rider, fighting to save their home with a new willingness and joy in their eyes? Or will you choose to be the very foe that they fight against? The choice is your's, my dear friend..."
Years after Thanos' siege on Earth, the world and galaxy were at peace once again. The heroes that everyone once knew had tragically died or retired, leaving Earth in the hands of their children.

Avengers: Heritage is a growing roleplay server that is home to many original characters inside the Marvel fandom! Play as a original character or the child of a canon super-hero present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
Welcome to the Brink of the Abyss.
Dimensions have... moved. No one knows how, or why. They disappear and reappear elsewhere in the vast multiverse. All of those moved become connected by a series of 'Observatories' that allow transportation between dimensions.
But something else is stirring in the dark. Something dangerous and horrifying. Entire dimensions are dying. Falling out of reality, into the vast abyss of non-existence.

Join the Brink of the Abyss, a vast RP server with entire dimensions. Run across the desert landscapes of Garn and discover ancient cultures that are slowly crumbling to dust, or gaze across the towering skyline of Eath in all its Technological and Magical marvel. We have various dimensions allowing all sorts of Roleplays to take place.

We welcome both original characters (OCs) and characters derived from almost any community.

We also host many events signalled by the 'Clock Tower of Chronos'.

Join us to learn more!
Welcome to Naruto: Next Generations! Take part in a story as a great shinobi or a evil one. As you join in the server, there is no problem with you going to immediately make your character, we do have some slight bit of romantic stuff in it, but not a lot.

•Lots of Channels
•Weapon Creation
•Jutsu Creation
Have fun on your great adventure, Shinobi...
This is a roleplay server where your OCs are students or teachers at U.A. High! Though later on you’ll be able to perhaps be a villain or pro hero!
We welcome you to join and enjoy yourselves in this RP based on The Manga/Anime of My Hero Academia.
Hello and welcome to the world of Pokemon RP! Here you can RP in any region seen in any of the Pokémon games, and RP as any of the characters from those games! There’s a wide variety of channels you may roleplay in, so you can have your very own Pokémon adventure! Claim a canon character, play as a Pokémon, or even make your own OC!
You have an OC (or more!) you want to share? Well this server is for you! Enjoy memes, ref charts, OC description and interact with others just as passionate as you are!
Welcome to the Multi-Universe! Please respect each an another and read the rules. You can:

-Share art
-Top score board
-Oc's are mostly welcome
-Hangout spots