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*In an alternate timeline, the Tournament of Power went horribly wrong, resulting in all universes being wiped out. In an effort to recover them, a cosmic being restored the universes, though now they were only clean slates. We follow Neo Universe 7, and your endeavours to become the strongest there is.*

• We use a dynamic and fun combat system that uses dice, Power Levels, and moves that you can master over time.
• Learn the moves from the show, or design your own, getting stronger the more they’re used.
• Develop unique transformations to give yourself a boost in power.
• Follow a series of events and defeat bosses to gain even more power.
• We are always adding more content, feel free to make requests!
Ryuyuzo’s Prideful Academy. Meant for those who are willing to become a Prideful. A person who has courage. Someone who can be trusted in the darkest of nights. They part of a rare part of humanity. “Pride” is what we call the phenomenon of their powers. It’s their pride and hence how it was given it’s name. Being a “Prideful” meant you had a special gift inside you by your bloodline. That gift is mana. Mana is used to create special abilities manifested by the Prideful. The academy was built to help train and master the student’s abilities. Making them famous, high ranking, and very much respected. However, it’s a school to train them specifically in combat. Students have been chosen and some have signed up for what they will face in the school. Missions, teamwork, and bravery. Students have to socialize with one another to survive. It’s a tough job, but it needs to get done. I welcome you to the academy.

Inspired by many anime, I’ve decided to take the best parts into one server. You will experience combat, teamwork, and lots of hosting. A new type of character system and more!
Brotherhood of Steel recon division for Fallout 76. Player faction for determined players looking to fight and fight smart. Please don’t be toxic.
Unlike other Brotherhood of Steel groups that use the traditional ranking system and hierarchy, in 1st Survey Battalion we offer the the traditional Knight/Paladin and Scribe/Senior Scribe ranks, but we also offer a new role; Scout. The Scouts and Pathfinders (elite scouts) are tasked with advance recon, first response assault, shock and awe strikes, they are the forward force of the Battalion. We don’t use the ranks of Elder or Star Paladin for our officers, they are your Commanders, Vice Commanders, and Field Officers.
Being a new and growing group for Fallout76, and one of the many clans, our main goal is to make the game more fun for players. Join us and make a difference!
(Btw, if your into Role Play and like to write stories, we are going to be writing our own lore)

Commander Nate, CO of the 1st Survey Battalion
= A modern-day school roleplay centred around a martial arts school, with no powers or magic, with a plotline about various princes and princesses using their academies to gain control of the throne. Can you represent the RCSI and claim the rewards of the tournament? Or will it be forced to serve as the underdog yet again? =

In a modern-day world on an alternate universe Earth, there was a continent known as Reorope, where 8 nations lived in peace, all formerly ruled under one King. This King was named Alfen Asphelvich, and he had 8 children, one with each of his various queens he had throughout his reign. He gave each of them one of islands of the continent, and told them that, upon his death, no one child would inherent the fortune. Instead, King Alfen's will was that his favourite pass-time, combat, would be used to determine the King or Queen for the next year. Since his death, each child set up their own Martial Arts Academy, preparing their students for battle. The Royal Cold Summit Institute was founded by Jonathan Asphelvich, one of the Princes, in the mountainous, snowy country of Revetect. Known as the underdogs of the tournaments, the RCSI have never won any out of the 24 annual tournaments held so far. Can the new generation of fighters, brought in nearing the 25th anniversary of the tradition, give them the win they deserve, after being underdogs all this time? Only you can change that.

= = Features = =
- A powerless combat system that focuses on skill and creativity, and the ability to progress your character through their training and further understanding of their unique martial arts style
- Semi-lit to literate writing standards, 3 lines minimum
- A large amount of areas to roleplay in
- Events such as tournaments and minor plotlines
- The ability to create your own story, also
Welcome to Art of War!

This server is all about the modern-day warfare existing across the globe, simulating it in such a manner that allows creativity in a broad span of ways.

-NATO Forces working for global peace.
-OPFOR Soldiers working to get their way.
-PMCs fighting for their morals or their money.

Among the server, you’ll find all sorts of things.

-Roles to make yourself unique and identifiable.
-The ability to have two characters from square one.
-A multitude of Specialisations.

There is progression to the server, too!

-‘Trusted’ Roles and more, to highlight those who are actively engaged in the story.
-The ability to earn SOC and SOF Permissions.
-Promotions based on your ability.

This server welcomes semi-lit and literate roleplayers, valuing some aspects of simplicity. We have a neat roster to fill, an easy template to detail and simple rules. Come give us a try, you should enjoy it!

-SSGT. Winters.
Paradise était un endroit où les expériences humaines ont été placés sous surveillance. Mais un jour, les expériences humaines sont nommés "Mutants" en vue de leur mutation génétique fait part des scientifiques. Ces mutants ayant été classé en quatre Dons se sont enfuis au Royaume-Uni, à Londres précisément.

17 ans plus tard, une Organisation de renommé mondiale à vu le jour. Le C.A.M qui a pour but de capturer tous les mutants tandis que le mutants essayent tant bien que mal de survivre

Céleste est une grande île divisée en quatre différents types de lieu : montagnes, désert, forêts, vastes plaines. Chacun de ces lieux comportent un clan. En montagne, celui du Pégase, en plein désert, celui de l’Hydre, en plaines, celui du Cygne et en forêt, celui du Loup. Ces clans ont été créés après une grande attaque d’un gang, il y a mille ans pour établir des guerriers dans chaque région. Trois grandes villes ont été bâties : Ice Peak, Central Valley, et Dark Wood. Aussi, au centre de l’île, se trouve un temple, un temple qui est là depuis des millénaires, personne ne connaît sa fonction. Des mages et des astronomes y enquêtent et pensent qu’il s’agirait d’un point de visualisation des étoiles. Mais est-ce vrai ? De plus, de nos jours, des hors-la-loi attaquent des villages, pillent. Personne, n’en connaît la source. Arriverez-vous à découvrir ces mystères ? C’est à vous d’en décider...

🎭 Un serveur RPG sur le thème de la fantasy.
🗡️ Un staff très accueillant, à l'écoute et souvent présent !
🏹 De nombreux salons explicatifs ainsi que des salons appropriés pour chaque lieu du RP.
🤖 Des salons pour t'amuser avec les bots, partager des gifs, écouter de la musique, discuter avec la communauté...
🎁 Des animations organisées régulièrement par le staff pour se divertir et pour gagner des rôles personnels, débloquer de nouvelles fonctions dans le RP...
⚔️ Des évents dans le RP préparées par les fondateurs.

Alors rejoins nous et entre dans le monde Célestin qui t'attend !
We are an international, English speaking organisation looking for hackers or anyone experienced with coding/software. We collect evidence against terrorists and criminals. It is voluntary, but at a successful mission with great results, you can get paid up to 7000 rubles (€100 EUR, $111 Dollars, £80 Pounds).
✎__Fire Emblem: The Broken Blade
20 years after the events of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade:
The continent of Elibe has grown and evolved, with new faces, new places and new threats for the protagonists. The lore is heavily based off of the sixth and seventh Fire Emblem games, with our own original and special twist on the setting. It's a great opportunity to fit your own characters into a wider Fire Emblem story and interact with the original characters of other role-players too!
A community that focuses around an easy to follow lore and a story based on Nintendo's Fire Emblem franchise. There's a lot of freedom in creating your characters, only with some rules for fairness. We're a very beginner friendly RP. Being familiar with Fire Emblem isn't 100% necessary, as it's relatively easy to understand what's going on, but another member will always be happy to explain context when needed. We also have an easy to follow battle system so characters can have the ability to compete with each other.
Our server has:
◉ - A fun and friendly community to hang out with!
◎ - A reliable and helpful staff team — staff applications are always open with App Bot!
◉ - A stat storing system using rolls with RPBot!
◎ - A battle system using Math Bot for the calculations!
◉ - An economy system done with the use of UnbelievaBoat!
◎ - An easy lore to adapt to!
◉ - Freedom on making characters!
◎ - Events that occur to make the setting more fun!
Feel free to join in, we welcome everyone!
[Welcome to Novus]
This is a futuristic roleplay.
Earth, 2678. The, once, many different countries have united together as each and every one of their governments fell apart. Order was once needed as the world fell into Chaos. One day, a group of huge companies, specifically their CEO's, stepped up and brought "Peace and Control" over the divided countries, uniting them under a single banner. The government was now run by the business owners. The current head of this group of Corporate Executives is Xavier Novus, a rather young man who took his father's place to rule the world. However, like any aristocracy, the policies were rather oppressive toward's the people, many of which lived in poverty... Who's side will you choose? Will you fight for Placebo? A group of rebels who wish to restore democracy to this technologically advanced world. Or Will you fight for the Novus Corporation, the company that rules the world.
Feel free to come in!
Hang out and talk.

We also have:
Debate Room
Theme-Song Channels...
Feel free to come in and make suggestions!
Hope to see you here!
Welcome to the fnafb universe where Freddy is the main boss!In here you can find:
1)Nice bots
2)100000 roles
3)Some nice combat
4)You can make a character(oc) or just take the canon one!
I hope you like this server.
Even before it was recorded down on text, there existed two kingdoms. One of light, one of darkness. Good and Evil. On the side of the light, the inspiring angel that was created by God to rule over the land, lead the kingdom. On the side of the darkness, a demon filled with malice, hate and lust beckoned for the world to be endowed in darkness. The war between each kingdom has seemed to last for eternity, with no one getting the upper hand. So what side will you choose? Evil or Good? Light or Darkness?
You can choose one from the castles to be a Knight, Mage, Fighter, maid, slave, and many more occupations in any castle you choose.
Please follow the rules.
We have community chats of many different and fun things.
We can’t wait for you to join, and wish you a warm welcome!
Hello everyone, this server is a RP server (no ERP allowed) also on the theme of Sci-fi, but this time, you will be a soldier fighting for humans or behemoths in a war for a planet to live on, the only problem, there isn't enough place for two races on the planet, multiple roles can be tried and picked, your character will never really die because he/she will be reformed right after his/her death and you can choose another race than Human or Behemoth as long as you fight for one of those factions, here's the link to the server if you wanna know more about it ^^
Make your own legacy. Be the best boxer in the server. Train and Fight your way to the top!
Welcome to Seven Deadly Sins: Assault of The Seven Heavenly Virtues RP Server!

This is an OC only, semi-literate RP server based on the amazing world of the Seven Deadly Sins! Become a Holy Knight following the orders of the Great Holy Knights, or become an apprentice Holy Knight fighting your way up to the top! Even have the chance to become one of the Commandments, Sins, Archangels, or our unique antagonists, the opposite of the sins, the Seven Heavenly Virtues!
This server is very new, but we will do our best to make this server one of a kind for you!
Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989).

With rise communist government of Afghanistan, this had angered the population of Afghanistan since Prime Minister Hafizullah Amin radically pushed the envelope of proggress. More women's rights, more equality, more socialism. These top-down changes were very invasive on the self-sufficient rural people, who now being bombarded with tax and land reformand threats to their traditional power structures, were very displeased. Amin, even worse than his predecessor, responded to dissent with imprisonment and execution. Apprarently leading to riots in March of 1979. With this, Brehznev was anxious that the Iranian revolution that had seen country turn Islamic could spread to Afghanistan and further the Muslim areas under Soviet control meaning utter collapse of rule there. On Christmas Eve 1979, a combined air and land invasion of Afghanistan commenced where these young soldiers would face the hell hole where they are going to face Mujahideen using their terrains as their advantage and guerrila warfare where it inflicted it's morale. In the end, this invasion had changed everything where it will affect the Modern era.

"Afghan, I will never forget you".
May the battle begin!

Each time the old enemy dies, the killer takes their place. Each time a new enemy arises, they turn on us and we fight for our lives...

🛑 STOP! Yeah it's not really *that* serious... In Discord Boss Battles, the objective is simple. Fight together to defeat the boss. The one who scores the killing blow becomes the next boss. Each time there's a new boss, they get stronger. Simple as that. Jump on in and join the battle.
January 21st, 2020- Russian Federation's formidable CSTO alliance formally declares war on NATO after a mix-up at the Russo-Ukraine border caused the lives of 4 soldiers to be lost at enemy hands. Previously, tensions had been arising between the two superpowers, USA and the Russian Federation due to Russia's sudden diplomatic approaches to China and a few other Asian countries, inviting them to the CSTO. WW3 is now in effect, with the NATO struggling to hold Ukraine as Russia tries to push back the territory by a few kilometers.

-This server has large and small scale combat for all roleplayers
-We have lot's of active staff members and GMs
-We are a milsimming community trying to provide a realistic and fun experience for everyone
-We have Naval, Ground and Air combat scenarios
-Regular events for all timezones

Please join us today and help the server grow (we have a lack of roleplayers to make combat feel "full" but I will assure that everyone will get something to do.)
Welcome, to Operation Warhorse. you, a member of MTF Unit Beta-12 "Warhorn" a specialized MTF Unit. are tasked to retrieve a dangerous Reality-Bending Humanoid SCP that has been identified from previous observations and identifications, you will be faced with many dangerous tasks and situations in your mission to capture it, you have the equipment you need to capture the SCP but it's not just "it" you will be facing. It has appeared that the Global Occult Coalition has gone past way ahead of us and already set up a rather large base of operations in the region, and they're not friendly.

Relations between the two organizations have soured, even more, there have been skirmishes and hostilities between the two, avoid them at all cost, only engage when you needed to, we don't need to cause an all-out war against the GOC. You have the intel, and equipment you need, all you have to do is to choose how you're going to use them in order to capture the SCP. Be mobile and agile, go in and out fast. No heavy equipment, they will weigh you down.

Trust each other, we cannot bring additional forces or extra assets to assist you on your mission due to it might alert the GOC camp, failure is not an option, good luck operative

Hello SCP Foundation Fans! Welcome! We search for roleplayers that want to roleplay as a Mobile Task Force Operative in this story-based roleplay scenario, or become a GOC Operative! And fight the MTFs trying to prevent them from reaching their goal.

We have an arsenal of choosable weapons, starting from Canon SCP Universe, to IRL Weaponry, to Sci-Fi. It's going to be a lot of fun, if this is not your thing, that's fine. Just don't join.
Welcome to the year 2080, 50 years ago a discovery was made of a hidden species, a species known as Lycans. No one knows how they suddenly popped up and got on everyone's radar...not even the Lycans.

After being discovered fighting broke out as the two tried to kill each other for the next 20 years, then a peaceful pact was made...fragile..but a standstill on fighting. The wolves ended up splitting into 3 factions.

The Bell Isle faction, stays on/in Bell Isle...mostly. these wolves have an affinity for water control in their human forms, yet it is unknown rather it hampers their strength, all that's known is most of their numbers fight for peace between the races, others to be dominant above others.

The Rose Faction. This faction stays to the south mostly, with their destructive fire affinity wish to purge everyone and simply take over, they have a Fierce Female Leader and her Husband/Beta running the show on their side.

The Northern Faction, the pack of wolves that lack a elemental affinity, yet make up for it in practices of magic and numbers. Often looked down on for their lack of elemental affinity their leader Lucci is no push over as he strives to purge the humans and put down any clan in his way.

Last but not least, the innovative humans with their creative minds and abdominable will to always fight back. Never giving up or a inch of ground despite the difference in physical strength. They invented a way to help keep up with the lycans, it doesn't make them as strong, but close enough to kill them with a silver weapon in hand to hand combat. Inventing genetic enhancing a person can buy, build, or join the military to have a Exoskeleton implanted increasing their physical abilities and their use of magic.

The table is set, the cards are stacked against you all as life has unexpected curve balls coming soon. In real life locations (my home town of Detroit in Michigan) will you tip the scales? Or strive for balance?
The Arena of Morrigan, founded in a place beyond time, where war is eternal and blood flows endlessly.

Made by the goddess to find her true champions, Warriors that honor her in War Blood and Death. Thousands of dead warriors have passed through the mountain pass into the arena and thousands more have been sent into the pits

Through the years two have risen above all. Alexander, Dubbed the King of War and his wife Lex'iian, Queen of Death. Now they hold a contest and open the Arena to the rest of space and time to find their third, the Prince or Princess of Blood.

Will you challenge the Arena for your chance at the Throne of the Blood?
Forty years ago, we started building the Ark. Back then it was an experiment, a dream, a self-sustaining city of the future. Then the seas rose. We were forced to relocate, but still our floating Ark became a refuge for tens of thousands. To maintain order The Ark was divided, and now we're out of time.

The ark is wearing out. No new ship or plane has been seen in 20 years, the new guests live in slums, disease. First, some had formed a resistance that vows to seize power in search for life outside the Ark. Ark Security Force says we must have order to survive.

So will you, be a guest in the Ark, Save the Ark, or Escape it?
A long time ago, After many years of strife....
That planet of Knokke had always been torn asunder, whether by the ones who resided on it, or by the planet herself. Her denizens had been a the forefront of technology, with the development of Human-like Artificial intelligence, and Suits of robots that could tear buildings in half without so much as breaking a sweat.Their Special Operations branch, the Erobern Division, had been developing weapons of mass destruction and testing with a highly unstable substance, Ichor as it was known, and when the Dominion was turn asunder by a civil war, They sent Nuclear warheads to one another. Assuring Mutual destruction of them, their allies, and anyone else in the world. Though some still survived, many of the worlds population could not. Those that did now wander the streets and roads they used to know, wading through bodies of thousands dead, and asking the ghosts if honor matters.

We offer...
-Helpful, Friendly Staff.
-An active Playerbase.
-Large and Small-scale combat
-No Permission-To-Kill
-A very Diverse, Dynamic, and Dangerous world.
Whilst searching for porn on the internet, people began to get literally sucked into an RPG world called Eropolis, where the monsters and demons rule over the world.The demon’s past time is corrupting it’s subjects and unsuspecting people into demons through the only way possible: Making them orgasm. Yet, all hope wasn’t lost for Eropolis; as all of the people who had been taken from the real world were blessed with the power of the sword(Dick) of light or sheath(pussy) of light that can purify the evil demons completely, taking their immortality, power, and rendering them human again. It’s up to these brave “heros” to “save” Eropolis from the forces of Evil who wish to corrupt the world.