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Meowwww Love Cats? Come join us! We are a friendly community that has a theme dedicated to your favorite furry feline friends. Feel free to come hang out as we aren't just a cat community! We have roleplay (for all you roleplayers) and we are a non-nsfw server.

💠 We have staff of the month and member of the month roles 💕

💠 Active and friendly staff as well as a variety of bots

P.s Looking for active partnership managers (preferably with some experience)
~With love The Cat's Tree

Perm Inv Link ~
A growing family friendly community that invites anyone to be part of! We are currently hosting scheduled weekly events such as Movie Nights, Game Nights. Become one of the OGs today!
This server is meant to connect the Rocket League community so that everybody can have a great time!
This server is aimed at letting people chat about gaming, life basically anything you would like to talk about. We hope to get enough members to have a fairly active chat, we also love to play video games.
-We take your opinions seriously
-Dm owner or admin(S) for any help
-We would love to hear what anime you like!
🎉Giveaways Every Friday or Saturday 🎉
❄️We do “Questions of the Day”❄️ you should answer some ^^
✨Ty for reading and Joining have a nice day!✨
disclaimer!!! this server contains nsfw content and may be too gross for young audiences
if you do join but dont wanna see porn or anything like that
dont go on the nsfw channels
Long long ago, there were four clans. The names are no longer remembered, but I can tell you them: Thunderclan, Windclan, Shadowclan and Riverclan. These four clans lived together, somewhat in peace. They would bind together when needed, and separate again when the time was right.
But it couldn't last forever.
One night, the Dark Forest led a sneak attack on Starclan. The battle was short-lived and bloody. The dark forces won, and slinked back into the shadows. It would only be a matter of time before the clans were destroyed.
When the leaders and medicine cats found that their ancestors wouldn't talk to them, they came back empty-handed from each meeting with them. The Dark Forest sharpened their claws, ready to strike. And they did. The clans were destroyed.
Skyclan lived far away from these clans. Centuries passed, and they split into four new clans; Moonclan, Nightclan, Sunclan and Cloudclan. Each of these clans was named after their leaders. Years, decades passed, and now the Dark Forest is preparing to destroy all the clans once and for all, unbeknown to the clans.
We're a friendly PG community who welcome all and have both roleplay and lurker roles. We hope to see you there~
Team Sfenks is a discord server for gaming, chatting and more!!
This is a server dedicated to everything gaming, Staff ARE Needed the main category of this server is aviation but anything goes in this family friendly server!
Run by Lime, the Supreme Team is an amazing server with amazing bots (we have a custom bot).

Come check it out!
hello my friend please join this server im so alone im gonna do more in this discord server but i need your help. if you join this discord server tell me what categories (or channels) wanna put to this server

Jesteśmy nową rozwijającą się społecznością, więc potrzebujemy każdego aby rozbujać ten serwer!!!
Jako iż nie jesteśmy serwerem totalitarnym/komunistycznym nie wiem jak wolicie tak to nazwijcie
nie ma tu zasad które zagroziłyby twojemu zdrowiu.

Legion Cię potrzebuje. Ta społeczność Cię potrzebuje, więc wbijaj do dopiero rozwijającego się
serwera jakim jest Legion:
ItsJacobGaming's Server!
What we have -
Family Friendly rules!
A nice community!
Well enforced rules!
A nice owner! (hard to find nowadays amirite)
Good times!
Join ItsJacobGaming's server today! You won't regret it!
Welcome to Climax Hub!
This is a family friendly community.
We have:
➤ Plenty of members!
➤ Active, friendly members & staff.
➤ 20+ Awesome emotes.
➤ A channel with other languages.
➤ Partnerships.
And so much more!
Join this awesome WBB community today! Chat, Chill and hang out with friends and family.
The official Discord server for Rainbow Entertainment Studios! We are a online shop that sells slime, repairs phones, and makes technology! Join now!
We are The Veil! Enter a would full of fantastic people where there are channels galore. We have most things here, including rubies, which you can purchase items and even channels with! Come in, agree to our rules and have fun!
Hello there anime fans! "Weeb World" is a family-friendly community where you can discuss anime, or anything really! Collect waifus, chat with friends, just be yourself! We hope you enjoy your stay with us here at Weeb World.
Do you like Roblox? This is the discord server for you! Join the "Roblox Gaming!" Discord server! We host gamenights, giveaways, and more! So, what are you waiting for? Join today!

Here at TheThunderWolves, we strive to become a large, friendly community for people of all ages!

Unlike other servers, we value your opinions and suggestions and will take them into account to make this server a better place for all
━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━
What can you expect from us?
- plenty of chat places
️- Memes
️️- Partnerships
- Friendly Staff and
with plenty more yet to come!
━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━
Come join our community! ️
━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━
This server is 1 of many servers ready for business! If you're into chill servers, this server is for you!
Hi! If you join this server you will make new friends, and the creator is very very nice to you. There is a town and you can have your own house and choose who can go in, there are many stores too ! So please, come and join the fun ;)
Llama Killers is a Server for people who love to play Fortnite. It provides chat servers, voice channels, and more. Join Today!