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This is the warriors roleplay where lots of cats are trying to find the unknown suspect (The owner) to see where hes at. Serveral cats have claimed to see him/her but only saw a blur of the cat of it running past them. The suspect is supossed to be a k who, every so often gathers clueless kits out of one of the 4 clans and they are never seen again...
Here in The Werewolf Game. We play about almost everyday. It’s a great bonding experience along with a few developing trust issues. I may warn you we have screamers and they will hurt your ears.
Just a fun Minecraft server where people can talk to each other and make new friends!
The server may not be good but that's okay
What this server offers:
Mod applications
Roles (custom roles)
Hello There
Do you want to join a great server?
Join Capsule Corp Today!


» Great, Kind Staff
» No NSFW Stuff
» Plenty of Cool Roles
» Awesome Giveaways
» Special Role For The YouTubers
» Everything You Want Will Be Added
» a Great Chance To Post Your Art
» No Cussing
» Daily Quiz
» You can Find Players For Your Favourite Games
» and a lot more!!!

So what are you waiting for?
Join today!!!
Welcome to Fernan's house, a family friendly social server! This is a new server so it doesn't have many people on it but there will be more soon!
Welcome to the Tardis
We are a family friendly server
We have fun bots
Fully Moderated
*WE DONT USE @Everyone and @here*
Want a Discord server that's non-toxic and family-friendly? You've come to the right place!
A fun place to meet new people and chat with the rest of the lovely community. It is moderated well also with good rules to stop all that negativity. This server has a great variety of all sorts of things. You can talk about gaming your favourite movies and games as long as its family friendly.
Welcome to Ezzenix World!

What our server includes:
➤ Active, friendly and non-toxic community.
➤ Fun, useful & music bots.
➤ Self Advertising Channel.
➤ Amazing Members and Staff.
➤ Partnerships.
➤ A lot of fun!
➤ Giveaways!
➤ Memes!

What WE need:
➤ More Staff!
➤ More Members!
➤ Most important, we need YOU to join!
The Classic Doctor Who Group (CDWG) is mostly dedicated to the classic run of Doctor Who from 1963 to 1989.

* Includes a Friendly Cyberman bot you can talk to (well, sort of).
* Promote yourself to Whovian status!
* Access giveaways and discounts on movies, TV shows, e-books, gift certificates, and more!

We also have a Steam community! Join us:
Okaerinasai! It's a family-friendly server, a place to chill, and discuss your favorite manga/manhwa, anime and/or novel. Feel free to roam around and spam all the servants... *cough*.. i mean bots. WEEBS ARE OMNIPOTENT!!!

*Lots'a Weebs
*We play UNO,, CAH, D&D and more.
*A LOOOOOT OF VCs, even Karaoke.
*We have a S.O.S Hotline & Channel, helping people with their problems, dont worry it's private channel WINK WINK
*Art Channels
*Webnovel Authors
Hello! Welcome to my community!
We hope you enjoy your stay at a family friendly, non toxic and nice server! You can take a look around if you'd like!
This is a server dedicated to everything gaming, Staff ARE Needed the main category of this server is gaming but anything goes in this family friendly server!
-We take your opinions seriously
-Dm owner or admin(S) for any help
-We would love to hear what anime you like!
🎉Giveaways Every Friday or Saturday 🎉
❄️We do “Questions of the Day”❄️ you should answer some ^^
✨Ty for reading and Joining have a nice day!✨
We are a family (a Sunflower Family)
This a family-friend server
You could make friends,sisters,brothers,etc.
We hope you join our Family!
Come join our server! Xenon Gaming
😀 Friendly people 😀
😀 Active staff 😀
😀 Organized and non Headache inducing channels 😀
😀 Ranking system 😀
😀 Partners 😀
😀 Games 😀
And do much more so come along to Xenon gaming where you can have fun, make friends, and do anything you want (As long as it follows the rules of course!)
Panther Squad/PokeWorld
Welcome to Panther Squad/PokeWorld here we have a lot of Pokemon bots and we have other bots as well we have bots for entertainment and most bots have their own channel for their own purposes! Below is what we have in our server! Owner: The Real Toothless#5697

<3 On the road to 100 members!! (prevoius server got deleted but lets not talk about that)

<3 We have Pokemon bots! (in the process of getting more!)

<3 We have so many other bots including Dyno and MEE6!

<3 So many new members to meet and make friends with!

<3 Always a mod online so we look out for raiders.

<3 We are open to suggestions for anything!

<3 When staff applications open (when we hit 100 members) be the first to apply!

<3 No NSFW our server is family friendly!

<3 Tone of giveaways mostly pokemon giveaways.
Spiffy Informant is a startup podcast aimed at making peoples day brighter and more positive. Becuase everyone could use a sanctuary.
Welcome to Universe is Dead. We are a community that is looking forward to many things. We want help with mods, admins, and the channels.

If you would like to be a mod or admin please ask one of the owners like for say me in being a mod or admin.

This server can be anything worth your wild.
Welcome to Gamer Hangout! We are a server with tons of games for everyne!
We are a PG gaming community about the game Wizard101. We are very active and friendly with many fun roles. You can get help with the game or just hang out, everyone is welcome here. We are affiliated with Ravenwood Academy, an official fansite for the game. Join us and make some great new friends!
Welcome to Vydox's Community. This is a community YouTube channel and has self advertising for people to advertise their content. Join today!
We're just a chill bunch of weirdos looking to meet some new friends :)) Hope you decide to join!