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Poniverse United is a family friendly, sfw community where you can chat and have fun, all while forging long lasting friendships! 

=What we offer=
-Safe, non toxic environment
-Well organized chats
-A fun and easy leveling system where you can earn XP points just by chatting!
-A Roleplay section so you can be your favourite pony or one of your own creation
-Custom emoji
-Awesome roles
-Friendly and pleasant staff that are always glad to chat or help you in any way we can!
-and More

Come on in and check us out!
▐ ღ ‧ Milky Care ‧ ღ ▌

❛The Milky Gate is a Mental Health Support Server where anyone can come to without fear, shame about who they are or what they like. We wish for everyone to find a place where they will feel safe and welcome ... And maybe that place would be our server if you give it a try?❜

◆ What would you find on our server ?

› 💙 A friendly and welcoming community 💚

› 🔻 A Support Capsule 🔺

› 🌟 A place to share you joy and your tears ⚡️

› 🌗 A optional trigger warning capsule 🌑

› 🖤 A safe place for traumagenic systems 🧡

› 📚 Self assignable roles and cool bots with a currency, game and leveling system 🛠

› 💫 A Good Vibe Comet may pass in front of your eyes 💫

(っ◔◡◔)っ Can't wait to see you there!
A fun chatroom for anybody! No NSFW, and we also have memes! Follow the official instagram accounts @awildmemedealer [email protected]
Den Of Ferrets

Hello, I’m the owner of this lovely den here to talk about why you should join us!

We got fun events such as Mafia, Singing Competitions, and many more!

We have an amazing staff crew and amazing members!

We have many bots to entertain you and your friends!

We are a family-friendly server, so no cussing or lewd images.

We have very easy to follow rules, so you probably won’t get any warnings!

We have a news channel that can help you connect to the world and the rest of our den!

We have some self-roles that can make your usernames look amazing!

We hold polls to get your opinions on subjects!

You can leave suggestions for our den to make it better!

So you wanna join yet, well if that answer is yes, then you can join right now! Just make sure to follow the rules and to stay a ferret lover!
This server is an amazing server made by Rymation. It wouldn't be possible without them, and joining this would help us out a lot!
Hi! My name is hxneyrxses and this is my garden! It is a family friendly server with memes, pokecord, a small leveling system, and plenty of staff! I hope you enjoy my server and please feel free to leave any of your recommendations in the recommendations channels! Have fun and remember this is FAMILY FRIENDLY NO SWEARING ON MY MINECRAFT CHRISTIAN SERVER! Thank youuuuuuu! UwU
Welcome to the Star Wars Fan Club™ Server!

This server has been made as a place for Star Wars nerds of all levels to share ideas, learn, discuss lore, and hang out with one another. Officially, we function off of the timeline established by the "Legends" novels, commonly referred to as the "Extended Universe" or "EU", however, all timelines may be discussed.

We also enjoy playing Star Wars related games, including but not limited to:
- Star Wars Battlefront (all releases)
- Star Wars: The Old Republic
- Star Wars: Republic Commando

There is a VIP Role available for purchase that gives you access to a private category with private chats, Discord's Go-Live feature, text-to-speech messages, the ability to add server emojis, and also use external server emojis with more features and perks to come soon! (Cost = $10; one time payment)

Merch will also be available for purchase in the future!
The Strays is a friendly place for people of all ages to gather and discuss their favorite topics, like video games, music, movies, anime, youtube, etc, and of course to make new friends.
We have a few discors bots to play around with others in as well including Pokecord, Chess, Idle Miner, Duck Hunt, and Akinator. We also accept suggestions for new topics or bots and rarely turn down a reasonable suggestion.
Our active and friendly staff do a good job of keeping everything respectful without being overbearing to those who are being nice.
Lastly, we have been giving away free Months of Youtube Premium, and some Minecraft content is in progress.
➥Active Hypixel Parties
● Much More!

● Assignable Roles
● Custom Roles
● Custom Economy
● Giveaways
● Voice Channels
● Question Of The Day
● Quote Of The Day
**Chill discord, chill people & staff!**
**Discord ➥**
🎶raido statics hello there I will be your host today so I want welcome you to hazbin hotel a place that will turn your life around and help you get rehabilitated from you're wrong doing in life raido statics again so welcome to our small run down hotel and no don't worry we won't never turn you down no matter what mess or messed up conditions and States you're in this have been fun I was you host the radio Demon signing off raido statics again and turns off 🎶
The chosens is a fun server to make new friends and chat with them. You can participate in other discord server work by increasing your rank. I hope u will have a great time in the chosens. Come join the server and let`s grow the server.
COME JOIN WITH FRIENDS AND OTHER PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE WORLD. This is a Roblox gaming server for you to play around in have fun and make new friends we have Game Nights, Drawing Nights for you to have fun and do what you want!

~Post family-friendly memes in out meme channel!

~Rewards for inviting people to the server!

~Music bot and channels to play music and jam to will playing!

~Many other Roblox games to play with people and chat about!

~Fun RP events on Roblox for Emergency Response: Liberty County!

~A whole lot of other Roblox games to talk about and play with people!

Come help make this server grow and make it better by suggestion stuff to add to the server so we can improve it see you guys there ^-^
Welcome to Weegee's Lair, where we just chat and play. We have a custom economy, special Mario-Themed power-ups that have uses, and various locatations from the Mushroom Kingdom!
Towncraft is a Family Friendly Miencraft Server for all ages to enjoy, we offer many minigames and Skyblock, Survival, Vanilla, RPG, and more to come! We are a family friendly server to make friends.
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Invites = Rewards
Join This Server
Rewards: Robux, Bloxburg Money,Instagram Accounts
Come and join our server, we have lots of voice chats and we have friendly staff! We are open to suggestions on how to improve the server or come and find somebody to game with! We are currently looking for admins and moderators and send us an application!
**≫ ──── ≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫ ──── ≪ **
**≫ ──── ≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫ ──── ≪ **
Server Untuk Semua Gamers Game Mobile Dan Game Pc
🍥Server Banyak Feature
🔰Play Bot Tersedia
🍾Naik Level Reward
🎉Daily Giveaway
💻Voice Game
🎄Free Share Link Discord/Youtube
⌚Staff Ramah
🎀Open Partnership
👝Voice Channel Join To Crate Otomatis Channel Kalian Terbuat Sendiri
🔬Toturial buat Bot
🔮Fitur Translate
🔭Bot Canggih
🎩Server No Alay
🎍No Drama
🎐No Baper
{- - - RaeVilMusic Official Discord Server - - -}
--- --- ---
Welcome everyone, to my new discord community server. In this very server, we have a chill couch you can sit on and having conversations with other people. You can also entertain yourself by playing blackjack, roulette & chicken wars. Still not impressed? How about chat someone from the other server while you're in the server? Or, play music on VC? Or... Invite your gaming friends to play with? Sounds good enough? Then join my new community server now!
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

🌸Hi! Welcome to (not the official one ofc lol) Kimestu No Yaiba server! Please read the rules carefully to not result in consequences! And do not come here to annoy people or be mean, just enjoy your stay!✨

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Hey there!
Here's what Haven of Hope has to offer!
-a family-friendly environment for our Gems to have fun
-an open shelter for our Gems to hang out
-channels for introductions, artwork-posting and much more
-a HIDDEN support lounge for those who are interested

Please read the DM you receive from MEE6 upon joining!
Hi, do I know u?
I donno u but u can join my server!
You can join Simon Says contest!
You can do Spamming!
You can do your Promo!
You can also Join the contests of Dank Memer!
You can play a duel of PokeCord with a pro!
You can apply for being a Mod!
It's a Family Friendly Server!
It's kids friendly server too!

Join us to enjoy
A fun and well organized discord server that many people would love to join. Our goal is to reach to 100+ members and hopefully we can expand. This server heavily uses the colors silver and light blue and we are a frozen server! ^w^