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We are a nice community with gyms, daycares, (picked by trustworthy people) family-friendly, and pure fun.
Hello and welcome to the Abstract Gaming Server, after a while i managed with my friends to make a server, its fun and we have friendly staff and easy applications, come on through to the server check it out please if you don't like the server don't hate just simply leave and message the owner or co-owner why you left and what made you we do not comply with a staff member forcing someone out, but with that all said. enjoy you stay :)
Poniverse United is a family friendly, sfw community where you can chat and have fun, all while forging long lasting friendships!

=What we offer=
-Safe, non toxic environment
-Well organized chats
-A special map chat to help you navigate the server more easily
-A fun and easy leveling system where you can earn XP points AND climb up through 20+ roles...just by chatting!
-A Roleplay section so you can be your favourite pony or one of your own creation
-and More

Come on in and check us out!
Welcome To The Mad Men, This Is A Server For My Twitch Channel. However, We Also Do Things Like Giveaways And Fun Community Challenges! If You Wish To Have Your Server Partnered, That Is Fine As Well! So Join Now!
Are you looking for a Dragon ball server which likes discussions? Do you want to play dragon ball final stand and get help with Broly and ToPs? Well then you should join Stealthys Dragon Ball/roblox/final stand Discord server and enjoy yourself!
FDK Productions is an RP production server where it includes original RP's along with some others that are based on cartoons on wherever that you like to go to. Feel free to have fun and to explore around! It involves any RP on what you make on there as you can have fun with other people.
All-Round Languages is a brand new language server with dedicated members to educating people on languages and developing a community on learning and having fun.
The rules are outlined in one of the channels once you join the server.
**≫ ──── ≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫ ──── ≪ **
**≫ ──── ≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫ ──── ≪ **
Server Untuk Semua Gamers Game Mobile Dan Game Pc
🍥Server Banyak Feature
🔰Play Bot Tersedia
🍾Naik Level Reward
🎉Daily Giveaway
💻Voice Game
🎄Free Share Link Discord/Youtube
⌚Staff Ramah
🎀Open Partnership
👝Voice Channel Join To Crate Otomatis Channel Kalian Terbuat Sendiri
🔬Toturial buat Bot
🔮Fitur Translate
🔭Bot Canggih
🎩Server No Alay
🎍No Drama
🎐No Baper
:fire: Small Discord Server! :fire:
Active Owner!
Discussion of any Game Topic!
Family Friendly Discord Server!
Small YouTuber Owner!
Chill out server!
Feel Free to join!
Hey! We’re a new family friendly community still trying to get on it’s feet. We’ve had several years of experience with forming strong gaming communities, and we want to do it now with Discord! We are aiming to be an active gaming community with players from all different areas of skill and styles, as well as even different platforms. Join us to be part of a server as it grows! We’ll be needing to form a staff team at some point, so come now so you can be part of our core! If this community goes anything like the ones we used to run, we’ll be up and kicking in no time!

⇢ Family Friendly

⇢ Yummy Food

⇢ Cool Bots

⇢ Share and find new recipez

⇢ C h o c o l a t e

Just a server I'm trying to get popular, please join, I'd really appreciate it, this server is for panda fans, but you don't need to be a panda fan to join the server :)
Hello there random person. This is Pika's server you're looking at and you are welcome to join anytime. If you are not convinced yet, this server has:
Bot money giveaways, decent working bots and more to come
Do you love the maze runner? So do we. We're a group of people who roleplay on discord revolving around the maze runner series. Feel free to join if you're interested! Everyone is welcome no matter your beliefs, sexuality, and ethnicity, so come on down!
• 250+ channels
• 50+ roles
• Create your own character, either as a Glader or WCKD member! Up to three characters!
• Helpful and friendly community and staff team.
• Unlimited amounts of fun!
Come check us out!

This server is inspired by the Maze Runner Series by James Dashner with a few new twists.
This is a discord conncted to my twitch server. This server has everything a server needs. so lets make it bigger and stronger. so we can grow in the discord community <3
Brilliant Balance is a server meant specifically for writing projects. We also accept artists and editors to help make our projects much more interesting and fun! Those that do not want to write/illustrate/edit will be readers. Stop by, read a few pieces! And if you like it, staying is always an option. 😉
╔══════════════════════ .·:·.☽✧✧☾.·:·.═══════════════════════════╗

Welcome to Offical Area 51 Raid!

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING BEHIND THOSE WALLS? Join and lets plan this together! We will find out on
September 20th when we take over Area 51 and free the ALIENS!

╚══════════════════════.·:·.☽✧ ✧☾.·:·.═══════════════════════════
Variety of Channels
Very friendly community!
Post your selfies!
play games, have fun, or make plans

Gaining members!

『 L I N K 』
『 O W N E R 』 @Mami Alien👽
『 C O - O W N E R 』 @Daddi Alien👽

Witajcie Przywoływacze!!! Chciałbym was wszystkich bardzo serdecznie zaprosić do naszej małej społeczności lol'wej, Banda Szaleńców. O co chodzi? Zbieramy graczy z każdej dywizji, w każdym wieku, z każdego zakątku świata, żeby grać razem flexy, custom'y jak i znaleźć duo partnera. Wymieniamy się różnymi spostrzeżeniami na temat zmian w patch'ach jak i do danych postaci na daną linie, rozmawiamy również o e-sporcie. Nasza społeczność istnieje już od jakiegoś czasu, wszyscy bardzo dobrze się dogadujemy. Zżyliśmy się ze sobą mocno i poszukujemy do naszej małej rodzinki nowych członków. Więc jeżeli jesteś ciekawy co tam u nas się dzieje zaglądaj. Poszukujemy aktywnych graczy mało toksycznych. Discord jest głównie zrobimy pod graczy lola, co to oznacza zapytacie, Informacje o nowych filmach waszych ulubionych youtuberów lolowych są na bieżąco od razu po wstawieniu Tak samo rangi na discord są waszymi main rolami. W planach jest również założenie drużyny w lolu pod turniej, albo więcej drużyn zależnie ile osób będzie chętnych na discordzie odbywają się konkursy raz w miesiącu Wszyscy są mile widziani, Widzimy się na słonecznym summoner's rift Zapraszamy!!!
I think you should join because we have a custom bot and it can do really cool things! And the bot is not just a bot who can do cool things but the bot can also play music! And the moderators here are trustworthy. And the server is family-friendly so if we spot someone doing something naughty they will be punished. And we take our rules (server rules follow Discords official community guidelines) very serious. And the server allows no NSFW! And that's why you should join!
:blue_heart: #1 Social Discord is a active growing community server that mainly focuses on making new friends and having a fun time together.
We have many channels that lets you freely express yourself.
Hear is some things we can provide to give you the best experience possible.:blue_heart:

:green_heart: Friendly staff and members
:blue_heart: Partnerships
:green_heart: Memes
:blue_heart: Self assign roles
:green_heart: Fun entertaining bots
:blue_heart: Art channels
:green_heart: Weekly movie nights

★彡 𝕤𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕜 ★彡
helo and welcum xxxxoxox this server is for you to make friends and maybe make some love with people (((: