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Welcome to Persona V-fiction! We're a new server based on the Persona series!

Enroll in Setsuzoku Academy, a renowned school in the heart of New York city! Discover the mysterious world within the Internet, and awaken to the power of your persona!

- New Server!
- OC oriented!
- LGTBQ+ Friendly!
- Friendly and helpful Moderators!
PERSONA: INTO THE DEPTHS is a role playing server for the Persona/SMT series. We focus mainly on the casts of P3-P5, but P1 + P2 are welcome as well. We’re OC friendly, LGBT+ friendly, and SFW. 15 and up only!
❤️ Original server created in September of 2018.
💙 Previously known as DEPTHS OF BARON.
💛 We’re looking for new, active members! Many characters are open.
💜 We’re centric on casual rp, but we have descriptive channels as well!
💚 Along with rp + spoiler roles, we have a spectator role for those who just want to come in to chat!
💗 We cater to LGBT+ members joining, as there have been issues with homophobic members in the past. All the mods are LGBT, and we have a lot of LGBT+ members as well! Allies are welcome :)
The Kirijo Group has uncovered a new enemy, one that is all too familiar to the Phantom Thieves- the Metaverse. With the help of the former SEES members and the Investigation Team, these Persona users tread into unfamiliar territory. Along the way they reconnect with lost friends, and meet many new ones. Will they all come together once again to eliminate the shadows? Help us continue this story and join our server– we’ll be glad to have you.
Several years since the phantom thieves have faded into story, where most in tokyo have only vague memories of them, the somewhat sleepy city of Iwasaki, a new challenge arises, and through only chance, those are given an ability to summon a persona are called upon to save japan once again from an unknown task.

As every game has a theme, the theme of this rp is taking a look back at yourself and things that may affect you rather than others- your choices, and what happens to you because of them
A small community for those interested in Anime & gaming. We also provide emotional Support to those in need, and provide a free and comfortable environment for people with diverse interests! Don't hesitate to join.
A server based on Persona 4, with a theme of TV. While that's it's style, you're free to talk about anything you'd like. Still a relatively small server, so any company would be appreciated.
Wings of Alaares is a general gaming discord with an emphasis on tabletops, TCGs, and Persona. Swing on by and become a part of the chill, safe, and growing Alaaren community!
Before Daraku was founded, The Shadow World overtook the land and Shadows roamed the land, posing a dangerous land for tourists to go and travel to. In order to seal away the Shadows and found a city, a mysterious Persona user, named Tokumei, and her group named The Council, used their Personas to drive away the Shadows and seal the Shadow World away from the Real World. After the sealment, they became the leaders of their new city, Daraku. As the city grew and the founders got older, the seal began to weaken. The children and grandchildren of the Council tried their best to keep the seal strong.

Now, In the Year 2023, the seal is starting to break, despite the efforts of the prodigies of the Council, the seal still begins to weaken and will soon fall. The Demon, named Proboscidea, is planning an assault on the city and eventually, the world.
Persona 5 RP: Velvet is a brand new roleplay server in the universe of Persona 5!
A Persona-focused roleplay server and general community! Come live out scenarios as your favorite characters from the series, create OCs, play games, earn social stats, and stay for a fun and supportive environment to talk about all things Persona.
────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────
A chill SFW community/roleplay discord server based on the shin megami persona game/anime series.

• Chat
• Memes
• Wholesome
• Games
• Fanart
• Emotes

Looking for active literate roleplayers only!
────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────
Please have a high understanding about the series & discord when entering and make sure to read the rules and I hope you enjoy.
────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────
Welcome to Persona Roleplay: OC plot. Here you will find an extremely active persona roleplaying server. We are not just a server, but a community of persona fans. After Igor and the Phantom Thieves disbanded, in another location in Japan, a school was targeted to be home to many persona users. Igor cultivated these new persona users, and gave them the gift of making groups. 5 chosen leaders were chosen to lead their groups to victory, and fulfill Igor’s prophecy. In this roleplay, you can join the Moonlight Justice, the sneaky, yet quirky group who only enters the metaverse when the moonlight beams on the water. Or, you can go peaceful and join the Stardust Dawn. They are the pacifists of the groups. Don’t like peace? Join the Sunlight Saviors. They are the group who kill shadows without hesitation. Want to stay neutral? Join the Meteor Crusaders. If you want to be a protective person, join the Celestial vanguard. We have an extremely active staff team who makes sure everyone is having the best time in the server. Join us, and your life will be changed with this incredible roleplay!

Solstice is a place, with messed up cognitions and Solstice almost looks like a dreamscape, things are constantly changing in Solstice. There are areas with Electric, Fire, Jungle, Water and other areas. Something troublesome lurks deep in the depths of solstice, it is the very core of all the cognitions in Solstice. Solstice is like Mementos, but a lot different with certain themed areas for different types.

The Moonlight Justice is not alone, there are other persona users. Those who are not approved to be in Solstice, May be other persona users. They can either be enemies, or teammates with The Moonlight Justice. They can even form a smaller group.

Helper of either persona users, or Moonlight Justice members. Can be students at the school as well.
Do you like Aigis from persona 3? Then you should join us! We're a server dedicated to the robot waifu and we have a side rp thing if people like that.
This is a special kind of hell.
The Persona Discord Chat!
If you want a role you can go to #roles, and type in what role you want from the list!
If you have something serious to talk about (This could be anything that's bothering you at all!), go to #serious to talk about any problems you have. Most of our users here are listening to your needs.
We have a Question of the Day in #polls every single day, if you want to participate you can, you don't have to by any means necessary.
Once you join, check out #rules so that you don't get in any trouble with @Velvet Room Controllers or @Velvet Room Assistants.

Hi! I'm hoping to expanding my server so I hope you enjoy it here! We're very friendly and really enjoy memes, video games, and many other things! Hope you come and join us uwu!
Come on in, folks - the newest persona server is ready to go! Claim or make your own character and jump right into the fun. Lot's of open, canon characters!
Are you a fan of persona 3? Do you love the protagonist of this game? Well, you came to the right place! Welcome to the Church of Minato!

We're a welcoming, and loving community who just happen to preach our lord and savior, Minato Arisato from Persona 3. Come join us today!
Hello there! Persona 5: Alternate is a fairly new literate roleplay server based off of the Persona series, the 5th installment in particular. Here you can connect and roleplay with other fans of the series. New forces are at play in this alternate timeline. Will you change distorted hearts, or will you join those corrupting them?

- New(ish) Server
- Open Applications
- Active Moderator(s) & Administrator(s)
- Community Free To Speak With
- Firm Rule System
A server for all persona fans!
We have emotes, fun bots and many different channels to help you find people to talk to or play with
We hope you enjoy your stay :D

[Society has always been.. something. It typically has an impact on someone's mindset in their everyday lives. From choosing to what you should love and what you should hate, it sets a norm for people to follow, always changing.
Certain people in the streets of Shibuya have begun to resent it, especially when it ignores or belittles people's problems, or allow injustice to pass.
Will you join in and group up with these people to help reshape society? Grow bonds with them and discover your true self within you? Or will you allow society to silence you beneath their feet?]
(We also happen to be looking for an artist! Come on down!)
We achieved 100 members. Can we hold it?

-This server is funny.

-Free game/giveaway finding channel.

-nsfw, hentai

-Funny memeys.



Join because why not.
Welcome to Seven Sisters High!
We are a Shin Megami Tensei/Persona discord!
We hope we can build a great and big community