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In a world where nearly everyone has a persona, it's only natural that it's integrated into everyday life. It's even to the point to where everything revolves around a persons persona. The best jobs go to the strongest personas. Even IV league schools, while they like an intelligent individual will take one with a more powerful persona over a person with higher level of smarts but weaker persona. Those with weaker personas understandably have a harder time in a world where it's truly Survival of the Fittest.

What you'll get in this server
❇Something different
❇Active owner/mod
❇ Plenty of space to rp
❇Places to chill
❇Lore and other information
❇ LGBTQ+ friendly

Discussion of any kind is welcome, not just the games listed! A small but friendly community looking to make new friends and play some games!
- Suggestions for channels, emotes, and events welcome
- SPOILER FREE! All leaks/spoilers go into a specified channel
- Art channel for discussing and creating!
- Active staff
- Smash tourneys and streams!
- NSFW free!
We hope you’ll give our server a shot!!
Are you tired of big servers being overwhelming and can’t talk in them? Would you like to be in a nice welcoming community to talk and have fun in? Well if you do then Velvet Cafe is the place for you! We are a group of Persona fans who enjoy talking about the game and other interests we have. We’d love to have you join us and make more friends!
Persona: Ideal World is a Persona RP server, focusing on an original plot of an original cast of characters in a crime thriller/mystery setting! The roleplay take place over a years' worth of time in-character and includes our own custom bot-managed system used for in character transport, turn-based RPG combat, anonymous forum posting, and other interesting mechanics! If a Persona RP is something you'd be interested, feel free to join us for more information on our server. We'd love to have you!

"You are a resident living in Nagano, Japan. A quiet rural town is known for its hot springs, ski resorts, and the well-known Keibatsu Academy. If calling a town 'quiet' after listing such desirable landmarks seem odd to you, you'd be right to think so. Social events are far and between for Nagano, the days that tick past is filled with the regular routines of thousands of people going to their jobs and coming home at a reasonable hour, talking to friends and families over the phone and social media, and occasionally going out for a trip. A society that is very close to 'normal' as it could get, almost bordering on being dull."

. . .

"That is... until a twist of fate happened upon this town. A horror far from the imaginations of the residents of this town would soon come into fruition, words will try to avert the eyes away from the truth and many will follow... but will you? Will you avert a crisis from befalling your friends, family, and acquaintances in such a hopeless situation? Let's see if you can bring out the ideal world that we have all been waiting for."
A server to talk about anything in the Persona series! Wanna talk about the PS1 games? Or maybe the spin-off games? You can even share any art you like! So, feel entirely free to join in on any conversation and hopefully you'll enjoy your time here!
Welcome to The Phantom Thieves Hideout, the ideal hangout server for fans of Persona 5!

Join today and start discussing the game with the phandom! Everyone is welcome, whether you’re new to the series or a long-time fan. We also have channels dedicated to art, gaming, music and more!

Are you ready to begin your rehabilitation?
Do you like shin megami tensei? Or Persona?
Are you a new or veteran fan to either of these series and want a place to discuss them, and more?
Then ours is the server for you, hee ho!
A server about the persona series where you can talk about the persona games, has bots for fun and music, a general chat, and a nice theme for the server. A fully realized server with the theme of persona
Hey all, welcome to the most wonderful café in the entire known universe!
This is your captain, Spin speaking, and I will be giving you a tour around our fine establishment.
Around here we've got what's called a bot. They can do some snazzy things like allow you to catch Pokemon (Pokécord), marry some of the most beautiful waifus in the land (Mudae), or just claim them altogether (Waifubot).
This is a chill server but don't hesitate to indulge in some of the finer things in life. We've got several channels to discuss anime, manga and gaming. We have a diverse taste when it comes to all of the aforementioned things so don't be afraid to strut your stuff!
So come on down to the café and enjoy your stay! I promise we'll make it worth your while.
⭐『 ⋆ The Quindex Games ⋆ 』⭐

A puzzle-based original RP inspired by the concepts of Zero Escape, Drakengard, Danganronpa, and Persona. This is an active and literate RP server, with new puzzles and events happening on a frequent basis! Multiple games run at once in this server, including the main game's plot, a few side plots, a more laid but less strenuous back 'casual roleplay' with the same theme, and various minigames hosted by both admins and members.

⭐『 ⋆ The Plot ⋆ 』⭐

🐦 The Quindex Games: Fifteen people find themselves trapped together in an unfamiliar location, forced to play a game together by a bird creature named Sedec.

🐦 Alter Spirits: At night, both the landscape and people there take on new forms. Participants will transform into ‘alter-spirits’, which are a representation of their inner being, and appear as mystical or otherwise inhuman forms which represent their true nature in some way. The landscape will change in appearance as well, each location gaining a fantasy-style element to it.

🐦 Forbidden Actions: Each participant has one "forbidden action," something that, if performed, will result in their own death. The forbidden action varies from participant to participant, and new actions are selected for each participant per game.

🐦Voting Rounds: Every five days, all participants will have to piece together any clues they have discovered about the mastermind, and submit their vote on who they believe the mastermind to be. The person with the most votes is executed, whether or not they are the mastermind.

The game will continue until the mastermind's identity has been found out and the mastermind themself is killed. Until then, the participants will be trapped all alone, left to fend for themselves.

The year is 20XX, the spring wind is in the air as the private school Knights Academy and Shakuru Prep open their doors for a new semester. But with that comes a new force, the Land of Free, where different students are being sent to shackles. Those in shackles experience something similar to a condition from a while back known as "Apathy Syndrome", whereas these shackled students are not completely mentally broken down. Break free from your shackles and become a persona user or fall and become one with your shadow, fighting for your beliefs in The Land of Free!

Cool things we have:
Some epic bots
Cool staff team
Freedom to do things
A welcoming and epic but small community
Waifu bot
A Persona-focused roleplay server and general community! Come live out scenarios as your favorite characters from the series, play games, create OCs, explore our very own Persona bot, or just hang out with a fun and supportive environment to talk about all things Persona.
This is a special kind of hell.
The Persona Discord Chat!
If you want a role you can go to #roles, and type in what role you want from the list!
If you have something serious to talk about (This could be anything that's bothering you at all!), go to #serious to talk about any problems you have. Most of our users here are listening to your needs.
We have a Question of the Day in #polls every single day, if you want to participate you can, you don't have to by any means necessary.
Once you join, check out #rules so that you don't get in any trouble with @Velvet Room Controllers or @Velvet Room Assistants.
Tartarus is a Persona based server, where you can discuss whatever you want with fellow fans of the series. Even tho it's coined a Persona server, we like to discuss any games at all - another common thing is Danganronpa. So, why not join, right?
In 2020, life in Tokyo continues its normal bustle and you live day to day as the regular citizen - be it a student, one of the working class, or perhaps someone in the shadows.

One night you wake in a vividly blue room and you sign a contract. Suddenly, your normal life is turned upside down when you discover a hidden dimension and the world of personas...

What will you do? Why does it seem that you're forgetting something important to you and to everyone else?
Play as a persona user, a confidant, or even a villain in Persona 6, a concept RP server dedicated to OCs in the bustling city of Tokyo!

- The MC application is closed 9/21 and decisions are underway.

- Reintroduction of P1-P2 elements such as Gry, Aqua, and Tera. 9/15 added Zan spells.
- A cognitive world based on Eden.
- Due to the amount of persona users we have, we are reintroducing the multi Wild Card gameplay. We have already chosen 1 of the 2 WCs, but we are welcoming to new persona users, with a HEAVY preference for antagonists so parties are not overcrowded.
- Dungeon crawls occur every weekend and other days of the week depending on everyone's schedule. Beyond dungeons, we have other plotlines related to Yakuza, police, and others.
- Mystery! The roleplay will be full of surprises.
- Thematically based on FANTASY VS REALITY.

- Spectators are welcome! The first dungeon is in progress. There are many OOC channels for you to interact in, but beware of memes and many Jojo references.
- P6-specific graphics and art.
- 80s-esque OST.
- Warm and welcoming community, with a large focus on being LGBTQA+ friendly. We do not tolerate homophobia, and such will result in a warning or ban depending on how merciful the bird gods (admins & mods) are.
- This community is also international, spanning the USA to UK to Asia. If you aren't as active as you like as a roleplayer, our rule for maximum unexcused inactivity is 2 weeks! Plenty of us are students, working, or 12 hours away from each other, so we are very understanding.
- NSFW channels for jokes, fanfic, and fanart are open to 16+ and 18+ roles. Everything else is intended to be SFW.
This server is a safe place to make online friends and discuss interests without judgement. There are many channels and categories, so there’s something for everyone. It also has plenty of bots, such as Tatsumaki and Sigma.
🏳️‍🌈LGBT+ friendly.
Welcome to Café Leblanc! A safe haven for otakus, gamers, and other Persona fans! Here, we worship Futaba Sakura as the true best girl.
10/25/19 UPDATE: We are in need of several canon characters from all games. Please check our tumblr post for more info
The story will be starting from Kamoshida's Palace. Currently, we are in preparation for the kick-off!

We are also looking for characters from the P3 and P4 ensemble! More characters will be needed and opened, please check back frequently on our tumblr!

Take your fate by the chains and steer it to a path of rehabilitation - YOUR way.

We are an OC-friendly, PG-16 roleplay server dedicated to a rewriting of Persona 5 and an exploration of Persona 6, an arc set in 2017 with a NEW cognitive world and NEW characters. Don't want to roleplay? Observing is fine: we have OOC channels for you to interact in!

Please check for major role openings(, rules and FAQ, and weekly updates! Our askbox is open.

Yes, we allow ALL characters from ALL Persona and SMT games. We are also allowing characters from NIER: AUTOMATA and BAYONETTA provided they are adjusted to fit Persona lore.
We're an anime/manga server, but we do other stuff too.
Please join we're dying and stuff.
The server isn't fully done yet so pleas be patient.
Welcome all to the Persona 4, 3, and 5 Roleplay!
-Roleplay as your favorite persona 3, 4 or 5 characters!
-Talk about any persona game!
-Multiple character roles!
-OC's allowed!
-Tupperbox and NotSoBot included!
What the title says! In this server, Choose characters from the Phantom Thieves or Confidants to roleplay in the main story, original plot, or an idea on how we thing P5S might be! This is a literate roleplay. So it may be kind of advanced.. ANN/MAKOTO/CONFIDANTS NEEDED!!