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♡ Welcome to Leblanc Cafe a fun friendly community server with a bunch of active members (。’▽’。) ♡

• What we have to offer

• Self assignable roles

• Bot fun!

• Active Community

• Spicy memes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

• Music bots

• 30+ Unique emojis

• Give aways & fun games

♡ Join us now! ♡ (not a dating site)
A Persona-focused roleplay server and general community! Come live out scenarios as your favorite characters from the series or stay for a fun and supportive environment to talk about all things Persona.
It's been a couple of years since the Midnight Channel started up, but it changed when a young person saw the image of her friend taken to the top of a tower. She ran to the police trying to find help, but no one believed her. A couple of months passed, and the girl's parents reported her missing again. The Midnight Channel played, showing the grisly death of the trapped girl. The police couldn't solve the case, and now it was too late. It was deemed to dangerous to pursue, and a couple of months passed. Reports of strange coffin-like objects began to surface. A boy not knowing the legends decided to go searching in what seemed like a ghost town only to meet a terrifying end. The SEES, which long have since disbanded have now made a come back, hoping to solve the hidden hour. And lastly, Mementos, which is said to be the collective subconscious of the human collective, which many have thought was long destroyed started to reemerge. Who is restoring Mementos, Tartarus, and the Midnight Channel? What evil things are being wrought? Only one way to find out.
—Hello! Welcome to The Haven Zone!
—The Haven Zone is a sweet little server where you can come on In, become friendly with everyone and make friends!
—Everyone is welcome no matter What!
—We’ll all be Active so no matter what time Zone you’re apart of, You’ll always have someone to talk to!
—We’ll do Polls, Games and other fun server events!
—Sounds like a good time, come on in! We’ll be waiting to welcome with open arms 💞
This is a Server about persona 5's plotline. We rp about the plotline and we are open for some persona fans to become a persona character. We will even add backup characters for the main plot characters when not roleplaying.
This non-canon fan persona server takes place in a place called Siwang. There is a popular school, where all the students in the roleplay go to. Some students discover they have the power to awaken their own personas. They form a group called Acceptancy and try to stop a bandit who caused 132 people to die in a desert. Along the way, they meet a quirky fox and a quirky robot. Join us here, and you will be in an extremely active roleplay server with kind members.
Greetings, The Persona 5 - Phantom Thieves Roleplay server is a new, incredibly active roleplay server for Persona 5. We are an accepting community and we appreciate and welcome new members. We are still needing lots of major roles. We hope you will join and stand with us.
The story will take place after Haru joins the team. Instead of going forward with Shido, something caught the phantom thieves attention. Something in Mementos changed, and Akechi still lingers around the phantom thieves team. Something isn’t right in Mementos, cognitions are messed up, shadows are messed up. On top of that, all the phantom theives past targets are starting to band together and become evil once more and create more treachery for the phantom thieves and recruiting more to help them. The former targets of the phantom theives have gained their distorted desires back to take down the phantom thieves, and to end them once and for all. Things are looking tight, and grim for the phantom theives and their future. These new obstacles will only haunt the phantom thieves objectives, and cloud up the justice that the phantom thieves are providing. Mysterious crystals have appeared in Mementos that look like treasures, and people throughout Japan are starting to go missing.... The Phantom Thieves must confront all of these problems and make the situation not grim anymore and serve their justice to the public.
A puzzle-based original RP inspired by the concepts of Zero Escape, Danganronpa, and Persona. This will be an active and literate RP server, with new puzzles and events happening often. A new puzzle will be given for the characters to solve every other day, and the characters will be given plenty of things to do on a regular basis.

The first game is currently running with less than a month left, and preparations for the second game are already underway!

Fifteen people are trapped on an island, watched over by a mysterious bird spirit. The spirit, who refers to itself as Sedec, claims that the trapped members will have to participate in a game.

Every night from 10:00 pm to 10:00 am, the island transforms into a ghostly world where the participants become spirits and the landscape is transformed into a strange alternate world that only vaguely resembles that of the original landscape. A new problem or puzzle will be presented each time this happens, that, if solved, will reveal an important clue.

Each participant has one "forbidden action," something that, if performed, will result in their own death. The forbidden action varies from participant to participant, each forbidden action relating to something about the character themself.

Occasionally, the participants will be given additional clues regarding the game and the mastermind behind it. Soon after a clue is given, a voting round will be held, where every participant votes on who they think the mastermind is. The participant with the most votes will be executed, whether or not they are the mastermind.

The game will continue until the mastermind's identity has been found out and the mastermind themself is killed. Until then, the participants will be trapped on the island alone, left to fend for themselves.
This is a special kind of hell.
The Persona Discord Chat!
If you want a role you can go to #roles, and type in what role you want from the list!
If you have something serious to talk about (This could be anything that's bothering you at all!), go to #serious to talk about any problems you have. Most of our users here are listening to your needs.
We have a Question of the Day in #polls every single day, if you want to participate you can, you don't have to by any means necessary.
Once you join, check out #rules so that you don't get in any trouble with @Velvet Room Controllers or @Velvet Room Assistants.
A server to talk about anything in the Persona series! Wanna talk about the PS1 games? Or maybe the spin-off games? You can even share any art you like! So, feel entirely free to join in on any conversation and hopefully you'll enjoy your time here!
The Depths or Baron is a role playing server for the Persona/SMT series. We focus mainly on the casts of P3-P5, but P1 + P2 are welcome as well! Check out our tumblr for rules before you join! —>
The city of Yokohama has heard strange rumors, one of which is the time code. The government says nothing really happens, but the mass kidnappings say otherwise. Jump right in, and fight this threat!

Limited persona slots available. So far, we have 5/12.
Welcome to Seven Sisters High!
We are a Shin Megami Tensei/Persona discord!
We hope we can build a great and big community
/◆◇◆ Server info ◆◇◆/

/◆ Welcome to the role playing SFW discord server based on the Shin Megami Tensei Persona game/anime series.

/◆ A persona RP AU set in present day Shibuya. You can jump in and make your own stories. You can be characters from 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. Or you can be a FC.

/◆ You can just chat about games, anime, post fanart, memes, food, wholesome content, etc. We even have tons of emotes and we like to keep things organized. 💕

/◆ Please have a high understanding about the series & discord when entering. This isn't just about Persona 5. (Those who have played or experienced all the games + spinoffs, seen the anime or movies. Or at least P3, P4 & P5.)
A server for all persona fans!
We have emotes, fun bots and many different channels to help you find people to talk to or play with
We hope you enjoy your stay :D
Server dedicated to Persona! Share your love for the series or discuss things you enjoy or dislike about the games! Anyone is welcome!
A Edgy and Aigis appreciation server about Persona especially P3 but also we have anime, gaming, memes, music, etc. Plus Aigis is our precious bean. Enjoy your stay. Door-kuns and edgelords are welcome.
Hello my name is adachi and welcome to my the STT (super tengen toppa) CABBAGE GANG CLUB, we love to persona, gurren lagann, anime, video games, memes, and* cough* Ricardo milos. We're a small community of peeps who like to have fun and mess around, we also have rp channels, so come and join the gang, if u have any suggestions our ears are always open
A small community for those interested in Anime & gaming. We also provide emotional Support to those in need, and provide a free and comfortable environment for people with diverse interests! Don't hesitate to join.
“Persona 5: Alternate, a newly made Persona roleplay server with welcoming members and excellent writers! Explore Tokyo, fight in the Metaverse and steal hearts! Experience this magical story built by you with us!”
elcome phantoms knights. All of the persona users will attend school and of course summer camp. But its not an ordinary summer camp. Its a summer camp filled with ultimate students with their ultimate abilities and talents. You will be train to be our protectors from the shadows. Shadows are creatures made by the mastermind to destroy all human race. They only show up in the dark hour or inside a human mind that doesn't posses the same ultimate abilities. All of you have no choice but to attend this summer camp. At least all of you will go to this camp in friday to sunday. And go to school from monday to friday. They legend says that "a string that stands alone won't make the perfect harmony". The human race hope is only the ultimate students. Persona is what you held inside of you. Your persona make you well.. You.. If you use your trigger weapon its gonna make your persona summon infront of you and help you defeat the shadows. But be warned if you sign the contract you can never go back.. You will never be normal. You will see not a human with a naked eye can see. All the students and the whole world knows what ultimate talent you posses. What they don't know is what power it holds. Goodluck phantom knight I hope you defeat the shadows and I will be here.. Watching your everymove. I will watch you even in your dreams.. Sleep tight alright? , cause this is your last time living a normal life. That is if you have the guts to join.

The beginning of the end
Just like any persona, this is just the beginning of a new adventure to save the world. Year 20XX it has begun, Mori appeared out of nowhere. Does with the potential to awaken their persona are able to enter Mori through the dark alleyway. This people call themselves the Shadow Mori Elimination, or S.M.E. and they stay at the S.M.E. dorm to execute their plans. Now it's a new school year and S.M.E. had decided to recruit new members.
The Diamond realm is an RPG server set in the nuclear wastes of SMT 1. Act as a human, angel, or demon to fight for control over this newfound world. Will God's will rule humanity? will Lucifer have his way? Will humans delay the divine? You have the power to choose in the Diamond Realm!