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We still have multiple characters up for grabs!
examples are; Kairi, Axel, Terra, Vanitas.
It's first come first serve!

Here at Paopu Kingdom we treat everyone with respect, we are here to make long lasting friendships and have a positive impact on those around us. We strive to create a community where everyone is accepted for who they are. We spread kindness, not hate. A Safe Place for everyone. We are a loving, positive community. In this house we support the LGBT community.

Welcome to our Kingdom Hearts roleplay which is set in an AU based on lore from the Kingdom Hearts Union X with changes to allow your OCs a chance to join in the action! With a unique and fun combat system that tries to capture the essence of the games while keeping combat dynamic characters will grow in power and learn new abilities based on how active you are. So swing by and give us a chance to let you tell your own story as you explore a new side the universe that we all love!
Update 4/18/2019: We're currently not accepting any more original characters until the rest of the Main Trios are filled. We will open up slots of original characters again as soon as those canon roles are taken!

Kingdom Hearts: Time/Line is a long-term literate roleplay server following an original plotline that serves as a sequel to Kingdom Hearts III.

The guardians of light have succeeded in their battle against Xehanort, ending the threat of Kingdom Hearts and the x-Blade. However, darkness continues to plague the world, and new villains rise to challenge the Light yet again.

Assume the roles of familiar Kingdom Hearts heroes and villains, or take up the Keyblade as an original character. Then, adventure on to solve the mystery of Sora’s disappearance; on this quest everyone plays a vital role, even characters from Disney and Final Fantasy both familiar and new!
Bienvenue chez Kingdom Hearts France.

Vous voulez un serveur cool, sans prise de tête, pour discuter tranquillement de tout ? Ce serveur est fait pour vous.

Nous sommes orientés plutôt vers les animes et les mangas, mais nous avons aussi des salons pour partager des vidéos, des images et des musiques, et parler de films, séries et jeux-vidéos.

Le thème général du serveur est Kingdom Hearts.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer si vous nous rejoignez !
Welcome to Traverse Town. this place could be described as a home for the homeless. We're a friendly bunch of people, and I hope you can join and enjoy yourselves. We offer color roles, Question of the day, and a place to chit chat and make ne friends
Embark on a journey through the realm of darkness, searching for a way out. Meet other lost souls, make allies, or enemies. Try to avoid being overcome, and find your way to dawn.

Hello there! If you’re interested in a Discord-based Kingdom Hearts roleplay group, please read more!
Our server is semi-literate and 18+. We accept all canon muses as well as original characters (within reason) and pride ourselves on being a fun, friendly community. Come join us and build relationships with both characters and typists alike while geeking out about one of the most nostalgic games of this millennium!

- Roleplay is set after KH3
- 18+ (main focus is not on NSFW content but it is permitted)
- Semi-literate to literate replies
- Use of "social media" channels for casual interactions
- We accept canon, original, and Final Fantasy characters

- Aeleus / Lexaeus
- Braig / Xigbar
- Cloud
- Dilan / Xaldin
- Even / Vexen
- Isa / Saix
- Lauriam / Marluxia
- Replica Riku
Hello everyone! This is a new Kingdom Hearts Discord Server! We keep spoilers and theories in their appropriate channels and hope you’ll have fun!
Please note this is NOT a RP server. We discuss not so child friendly topics sometimes so join at your own risk!
HELLO! This is the unofficial Kingdom Hearts fan server! Where we are ALL ABOUT Kingdom Hearts!

Role play
Lore Talk
Game discussion
and more to come!
Grab your keyblade and join us.
This is an 18+, post KH3 roleplay chat.

All ships are welcome

Semi-literate rp

Friendly atmosphere.

Social media for characters.

Kingdom Hearts Academy was founded after the Keyblade War. After the appearance of the χ-blade it was determined that the fighting had to stop and a organization had to be formed to train young people and prevent anything like the Keyblade War to ever happen again. Thereafter an Academy was formed at Twilight Town under the watchful eye of Master Yen Sid. Teens now enroll in the Academy from multiple worlds to hone their skills in combat against the Heartless and Nobodies that have steadily increased their activity. An unknown entity has been gaining traction with the darkness and looking to spread it to every world. The entity hopes to lure those who believe in the power of darkness to convert from the light with a hidden goal of creating enough death that the χ-blade will once again come to existence.

《➣ Semi-literate, Literate server.
《➣ Custom storyline taking place after the Keyblade War.
《➣ Random Encounters during play.
《➣ Fight to get stronger.
This server was made for people to chill and discuss things not only about Kingdom Hearts but generally anything as well, so sit back, relax, and join the server!
Lookin for a small, ship-positive place to yell about Kingdom Hearts? Or do you have lots of feels about KH3 you need to get out there?
This might just be the server for you!
Mainly a hang out server. Yes I am a fan of RWBY so there are many people who enjoy it in my server. Mainly a friendly place. Disclaimer not everyone likes RWBY. And I have watched a few animes. And yes I like Kingdom Hearts. Oh and I watch Camp Camp.
A place for all kingdom hearts fans. Come to rp or just to chat. This server offers an Rp with an ongoing story. Create an OC and Keyblade of your own design. Along with your characters own story if it fits with what's going on. This is a place for Role players and fans alike along with newcomers to the series.

After the battle of the seven lights against the thirteen darknesses Kingdom Hearts returned to Darkness, all three now hidden and lost to shaodw. After Xehanorts defeat and the heroes loss; the world's return to light but, many vanish back to darkness. As years pass light and dark have shifted back and forth, new worlds coming and going. Sora as well as the remaining Keyblade wielders have passed or vanished. Their keys lifeless or has been over a century since a Keyblade has passed into ones hands except for one...

A new age

Many more years have passed. Darkness is starting to traverse the universe, taking worlds quicker and quicker, countless lives lost. People turning to heartless, nobodies being made to balance their passing. These creatures have begun appearing in the realm of light. Worlds are now further apart and hope is fading away. Poeple have grown obvious to what's happening and the ways of the past-forgotten.

As the darkness spreads certain worlds can see a dim green light seeping through the darkness, the same way the true Kingdom Hearts used too. The light grows a bit brighter every so often...and now the realm of Light-needs heroes.

Keyblades have returned. Created from the hopes and dreams of those who are still hoping, wanting to help. Keyblades of similar fashion have returned. Reborn into new but familiar form. And now-it is up to those who have hope, will, and light to fight. Keyblades are choosing those will the hearts to weild them.

The battle against the darkness has begun

Kingdom Hearts: Two Worlds is a roleplay server equipped with its own custom combat system! Set in a universe separate from that of the original games, we look to build a strong network of players to expand our loving world of Kingdom Hearts.
If you like fats and Oh then Join the Fat KH server We have almost everything you want just be wary of Nsfw stuff
If you like kingdom hearts then this is a server for you!
We have a currency system, buyable roles and all sorts of things.
if you're a fan of the OST we have a bot that plays top hits from the Kingdom hearts community 24/7.
When you join, make sure you read the rules, We're waiting! and may your heart be your guiding key!
Are you a nerd for Kingdom Hearts? Well so are we, we're kinda a breed of our own, yaknow. Interested? Join! If not, oh well. If you're new to this series cuz your like uncultured or something, don't worry, we're experts, we can help. We also do movie nights and anime/cartoon nights regularly so you get more than just Square Enix breast milk all the time.
Welcome to the Official Kingdom Hearts RP Discord!

This is a community hub for fans of Kingdom Hearts who enjoy roleplaying. Join us and assume the role of your favorite or original characters. Romance, adventure, mystery and humor — the possibilities are endless!

You can also register an OC in the directory for others to see!
Growing Anime/Gaming community, I look forward to all the upcoming bright and shining faces! Keep in mind this is a primarily English server. Welcome to the kingdom!
This is a Kingdom Hearts RP server. It takes place in a Timeline where Sora and the guardians defeat Xehanort without fail, and the worlds are seemingly at peace. However, a new threat lurks in Darkness, waiting for its time to strike.