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Ouverture du serveur français sur Kingdom Hearts ! Le thème principal est KH mais c'est aussi pour parler d'animes et mangas !

TOUT NOUVEAU SERVEUR ! Venez nombreux les amiiiiiis ! Pour l'instant on est encore très peu !
If you like fats and Oh then Join the Fat KH server We have almost everything you want just be wary of Nsfw stuff
Welcome to Traverse Town. this place could be described as a home for the homeless. We're a friendly bunch of people, and I hope you can join and enjoy yourselves. We offer color roles, Question of the day, and a place to chit chat and make ne friends
Kingdom Hearts: Two Worlds is a roleplay server equipped with its own custom combat system! Set in a universe separate from that of the original games, we look to build a strong network of players to expand our loving world of Kingdom Hearts.
This is a dedicated rp server for Kingdom Hearts. The story will be set immediately after KH3, and will start a month after its release. We are a fun loving bunch so don't be shy and come do some roleplayz.
A place for all kingdom hearts fans. Come to rp or just to chat. This server offers an Rp with an ongoing story. Create an OC and Keyblade of your own design. Along with your characters own story if it fits with what's going on. This is a place for Role players and fans alike along with newcomers to the series.

After the battle of the seven lights against the thirteen darknesses Kingdom Hearts returned to Darkness, all three now hidden and lost to shaodw. After Xehanorts defeat and the heroes loss; the world's return to light but, many vanish back to darkness. As years pass light and dark have shifted back and forth, new worlds coming and going. Sora as well as the remaining Keyblade wielders have passed or vanished. Their keys lifeless or has been over a century since a Keyblade has passed into ones hands except for one...

A new age

Many more years have passed. Darkness is starting to traverse the universe, taking worlds quicker and quicker, countless lives lost. People turning to heartless, nobodies being made to balance their passing. These creatures have begun appearing in the realm of light. Worlds are now further apart and hope is fading away. Poeple have grown obvious to what's happening and the ways of the past-forgotten.

As the darkness spreads certain worlds can see a dim green light seeping through the darkness, the same way the true Kingdom Hearts used too. The light grows a bit brighter every so often...and now the realm of Light-needs heroes.

Keyblades have returned. Created from the hopes and dreams of those who are still hoping, wanting to help. Keyblades of similar fashion have returned. Reborn into new but familiar form. And now-it is up to those who have hope, will, and light to fight. Keyblades are choosing those will the hearts to weild them.

The battle against the darkness has begun

Are you a nerd for Kingdom Hearts? Well so are we, we're kinda a breed of our own, yaknow. Interested? Join! If not, oh well. If you're new to this series cuz your like uncultured or something, don't worry, we're experts, we can help. We also do movie nights and anime/cartoon nights regularly so you get more than just Square Enix breast milk all the time.
This is a Kingdom Hearts RP server. It takes place in a Timeline where Sora and the guardians defeat Xehanort without fail, and the worlds are seemingly at peace. However, a new threat lurks in Darkness, waiting for its time to strike.
A server dedicated to the game The World Ends With You. Also focus for fanart and other stuff plus gameplay discussions.
We also offer...

-Discussions about The World Ends With You in general
-Possible discussion about other games
-Possebilities to communicate with others about random stuff

Added channel for Kingdom Hearts related stuff, a possebility to discuss the other series Testuya Nomura is behind.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in our server!
Final Fantasy fan community. Final Fantasy News/Reviews/Gaming. If you're a Square-Enix or JRPG fan, check us out!

We are a group of like-minded fans where you can talk about all things JRPG! This community is uniquely organized with levels, role rewards, bots and more! If you're a JRPG fan you'll enjoy this community.

This is a brand new literate Kingdom Hearts roleplay server in celebration of the latest installment of the series! As of now, the main roleplay will be based after the events of KHII to remain spoiler free, however, alternate universes, casual in character chats, and straight up crack are all welcome as well. For now to fill roles, stick to canon characters only. With a group of well-versed and friendly mods, we are prepared to make this server great, we just need you!
A recently created rolaplay server based on kingdom hearts.
The keyblade war never happened but there is a new evil awakening.
Follow your own characters seperate arc or participate in the big story.
Either way its a place to have fun
We are a 100+ member discord that celebrates all thing Kingdom Hearts! We have dedicated categories for all art, radio, pictures, chats, and the Union Cross App! We also are starting to host contests, Secret Santas, and Movie Nights!

So come on in! Make new friends! Love the games!
Brand new Kingdom Hearts RP server, and accepting staff as well who are willing to support this! Canon claims are available and you have a chance to create OCs here as well to explore the worlds that you love the most!
The Castle that never was! We are a social/RP server looking for more people who are interested in making friends and playing games! This server only accepts people who are 18+! We keep everyone updated on the new KH3 game and updates on anything Final Fantasy related. We welcome streamers of the games as well as support them.
Looking for a party on KHUx?

Well look no further! Come join us! Brand New Party!
This is the hub server of a kingdom hearts rp group. We have a currently established rp timeline, but are open to doing various rps set in different universes. Anyone is welcome so long as you're respectful and can read + understand English.
Embark on a journey through the realm of darkness, searching for a way out. Meet other lost souls, make allies, or enemies. Try to avoid being overcome, and find your way to dawn.
Kingdom Hearts no Brasil é um servidor para juntar fãs de KH para fazer amizades, discutir sobre as séries e manter todos ligados nas novidades do universo da série de jogos Kingdom Hearts!
This is a Kingdom Heart AU RP that is completely brand new, and details about how it works has yet to be decided, but if you join, you have access to all of the characters that do exist!
Server hosting a positive community for the best rarepair out there! Come on in and say hello!