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First General Chat BSD server created.

Our server provides safety towards the members along with providing a pure hell to reside in. The server is big on shitposting, server events, and sullying the good name of every best boy you can think off.

* We do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia of any kind. This is a safe, tight-knit family.

🕑Server includes:

♦️Movie nights
♦️Game nights
(Choose: ADA, PM, Rats, Guild)
♥️Character loves tags
🔊 god awful shitposting (seriously, we have a problem)

Server Tumblr and Instagram: bungoustraydiscord
A small, but friendly Bungou Stray Dogs server; Open for anyone.
The server also includes: lore of the server, fun feed, consisting of BSD-themed fanfictions and bingos and lots of fanart.
A small server for fans of Bungou Stray Dogs to come and hang out and make a few friends without being overwhelmed. We're small, we're soft, and a little bit salty.