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Flower is a small, friendly community of introverted, like-minded people. We have karaoke nights, music channels, fun bots, heaps of custom roles and a whole lot more. We hope to see you around! :)
The Gulag Gang

Just a chill hangout discord.
Just made it.
Practically no rules!
You will love it because it has good community!
Please join k thanks
Crab Cubers is a Speedcubing-Fusion discord server with a crab motif. We started off as a group of friends that shared Competitive Rubik's Cubing in common. Eventually, we decided to make own server which happened to start growing and gaining local interest. We hope Crab cubers might potentially introduce you to the world of Speedcubing!

We have:

🦀 A casual hangout section with selfies, a slow chat, media channels, political discussions, and more.

🦀 A dedicated Cubing section with scrambler bot, cubing news, and more to celebrate the hobby and community that made this server possible.

🦀 Memes (what kind of server doesn't have memes? ;-;)

🦀 Highly active and friendly staff that are very tolerant (and even participate) in edginess and jokes.

🦀 Gaming section in the works, including our very own Minecraft server operated by our users.

Come on over and be part of the Crab Cubers Community! 🦀 🦀 🦀
Friendly community for people to hang out, have fun, and talk about anything, including music, sports, and current events! While the community has lots of EDM fans, we love listening to lots of different kinds of music as well. We use several fun bots such as Mee6, Unbelievaboat, and Pokécord. We often have gaming sessions and other events together including our "Trash Mash" competition. The community is very close and is always open to having new members!
Random Stuff is a server I made to get my friends in one place to have fun. I also wanted to make some new friends and so did some of the members. Everyone is friendly if your willing to be friendly back. Talk about anything you want from nsfw to sfw.
Introduce Our Server Called 🌟The Star Memes🌟
In This Server:
🌐Find New Friends!🌐
⚡Use a Bot command To Listen Song And Other!
⚡Listen To A Music With Bots!
⚡Post Meme Whenever You 'd like to!
You can Roleplay Whenever You'd Want to!
⚡Fun and Stuff!
⚡More Emoji!⚡
Hey! Find your special someone, or just have fun ;) Lots of fun emojis! Have fun in different text channels ;)
~Main chat
~self roles
We are a simple and streamlined server for chatting about anime, manga, light novels, and anything related. A small and slow paced community made to be a nice break from larger busier servers.

🍹- Therapy and existential chats!
🎉- Regular giveaways! Nitro, Games, and many more!
🏄- Tropical server with a custom bot and unique features!
🍍- Role Quests and Customization colors
👙- Active text and voice chats!

👮- Now accepting staff applications
𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓼
A Small Fun Server To Chill And Have Fun!
As Here You Could...
Make New Friends!
Meet New People!
Self Roles!
Voice Chats!
This is a LGBTQ+ Friendly server!
Amethyst - Community +

Amethyst community+ is a friendly community server with the aim to build a friendly, sociable and safe community. This server contains events, giveaways, levelled roles with rewards and plenty of bots!

We're a new server trying to build very friendly and safe community where you can speak up about things and socialise. We strive to create a community that is accepting of all beliefs and cultures no matter how different people are. We would like to grow as a large server that keeps its motto and improves.

-Levelled themed roles with rewards
-Support system
-Music bots
-Lenient moderation but aggression/trolls are not tolerated against members.
About us;

* Friends

* Social

* Furries

* Active Members

* Active Mods

* Active Owner

* Fun Bots

* Self Roles!

* Cool channels

* Voice Chat
✤ Hello, and welcome to the Chat Haven! ✤
A new server dedicated to making friends (or "the one"), shitposting, and having fun. A place to be yourself with little to no consequences, and to chat to your hearts content.
- FredBoat for Music ♫
- Nadeko for Leveling + Role Rewards
- Personal role choices + color roles (all named after weed strains, yeehaw).
- Friendly, interactive staff (currently looking for mods.)
- 18+ NSFW Section (requires verification.)
- CAH, Movie Nights,, and other games weekly.
Can't wait for you to join! ◎◡◎ ♥
Welcome to Catchin Pokemon [CP]
What we offer:
✦ A friendly, active community!
✦ Gym roles open!
✦ Plenty of roles to be earned!
✦ Fun bots to use such as Mudae, Tatsumaki and of course Pokecord!
✦ Mainly focused around pokemon and provides to all your pokemon needs!

So, why not head over and check us out? Everybody is welcome to this community :D
Our server is a growing community of friendly people to have a chat with. We have a strong system to make sure everyone is having a good time. Come join and start making new friends today!
Our goal is to bring people
From everywhere around the world to one place!
So you could have fun and peace with other members with similar interest as You,
and make friends .
We do everything to make you feel home .
Come Come Home....
Hello, simmers!
SimsClub is a brand new server and we’re hoping to have you join us for a grilled cheese or twenty.
We are LGBTQ friendly.
We have friendly members and an excellent moderation team in place.
Come share your lovely screenshots with us and make a few new friends!
We will be having monthly contests as well. First one is set to begin on February 1st!
The Wrong Side Of Heaven is a friendly server where you can make new friends, share your likes and interests and much more. We are warm and accepting community. It's not a religious server I just like the idea behind the name. Everyone is welcome as long as you are not toxic.

We got quite a few channels and bots you can chose from
We got self-assignable roles
Verified and regular selfies.
NSFW/Cursed images channel
Quite a few bots that you can chose from
A star-board system
We are also looking for staff if you would like to apply
Soon we will start doing events as well.

We would love to see you in our server. Come hop in and give it a try.
🌻Plenty of self-assignable roles
🌻Fun interacting channels
🌻Active chats
🌻Friendly community and staff
🌻Plenty of bots to have fun with
🌻Organized server that is easy for navigating
🌻Events and giveaways
🌻Well moderated and safe for fun
🌻MEE6 leveling system
🌻Anti-raid system
🌻100 fun emotes
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