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All Games 239
Hectic Central is a gaming community to jump into games and conversations with a wonderful community and staff! We have an exp system, and more. 300+ Members
7 hours ago
420/Gamer/Movie/Social/LGBTQ+ Friendly Community
Best Social Marijuana server geared at developing a LIT but non-hostile environment for the community!
Weed, Cannabis, THC- Lovers
9 hours ago
Community 242
This server is an growing community focused more on fun and entertainment activities, We have fun bots and many active members you can socialise with. Our server is all about being a squad, As soon as you join people welcome you with open arms.
9 hours ago
Welcome to ꧁Quantum Horizon꧂!

This is a place for people that are fans of anime, games, memes and socialising. You also can have many more opportunities of finding new friends, groups and games to play with and share your interest with other people to gain more fans. If you want to be given roles you have to earn it by being active and climbing the ladder.

We offer many services like the following:
•Friendly Community!
•Interesting Bots!
•Server Assistance!
•Monthly Events
•Hiring Professional Staff
•Still In Construction
•And So Much MORE..!

There are many categories to choose from, and if you feel like we need to have more, suggest them to us! We take all suggestions. We make sure that the server stays clean and hopefully come join us in our community.

This is a fairly new server but strive to grow and we need all the support we can get in order to make the server a better place for everyone to enjoy!
11 hours ago
We're a new server with a bunch of really cool people, come in now and stay for life. This server is for all ages, we have themed leveling roles as well as server events and a NSFW area which requires age verification to use.
21 hours ago
Community 44
(☞ຈل͜ຈ)☞ Are You Ready, Boios?
Welcome to Boios!
Boios is a community that focuses more on entertainment activities, We have fun bots and active members to meet and greet~
Partnerships Are To Be Handled By Administration Or Higher.
This server has: Helpful Staff ! Many Memes! Music! Gaming! Events! Giveaways! Art! DuckHunt! Self Assignable Roles! (Such As..) NSFW, NSFW+, And RPG (Looking for Experienced Dungeon Masters!!)
22 hours ago
All Games 93
A place to game, socialize and meet new people. You assign yourself the roles you want.
- No Annoying @everyone tags
- Decent Memes
- Free Game Announcements
- Conversations You'll Never Forget
1 days ago
If you're looking for some friends, memes, and just a chill place to hang out in with none of the drama, this is the place for you!
- Interesting Chats
- Good Concept
- Our Channels Are a Meme
1 days ago
hello, fluffies! ♡ this new server is for making friends, have chit chats and enjoy fluff stuff, such as pillows! everybody is welcome ^_^
2 days ago
Community 4
A server for people who enjoy drinking and meeting people.
6 days ago
All Games 21
Dragon's Crew ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ 🔊 Well Made Voice Channels 🔊 ✅ Active Staff ✅ 🐸 Dank Memes 🐸 🔞 NSFW 🔞 🤖 BOTS 🤖 🎮 Game Channels 🎮 📚 Organized 📚 📢 Announcements 📢 🆕 New Community 🆕 ✋ And More To Come ✋ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ Hᴇʟʟᴏ @everyone ! Hᴇʀᴇ Tᴀʟᴋɪɴɢ Tʜᴇ Oᴡɴᴇʀ Oꜰ [DC] Don't forget to check out Sᴏ Wʜʏ Nᴏᴛ Jᴏɪɴ Aɴᴅ Hᴇʟᴘ Us Gʀᴏᴡ A Cᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ! 😃 ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ ̶̲̅ 📎 📎
6 days ago
Community 395
日本人がようこそ!Welcome to Café 0131+! Here, intelligent minds from all over Discord gather for discussion about topics such as politics, modern day crises, and current events, as well as participating in our server events. Join today for engaging discussions, minigame fun, and great events! Help us bring the Café back to its former glory!
7 days ago
Community 61
Warp into Xyberspace if you're looking for some fun! We are a general social server with an out of this world theme! Join in on answering our questions of the day, set-up games, watch films & TV shows with our awesome super friendly members.
8 days ago
RPG Games 82
Join my Love sever, a sever for anyone and everyone.
The love sever was made for league and also where everyone can chitchat and have fun!
9 days ago
A smaller server for anyone bored wanting to make friends and discuss things such as video games, movies, anime, comic books or just general teenage life.
12 days ago
All Games 12
Join Colossal Network, a network of gamers who play Overwatch, Leauge of Legends, Brawlhalla, and tons more games. Play with other people in a community where you will be accepted no matter who you are. You don't even have to game to join, just come and talk to others about anything at all.
22 days ago
Anime and Manga 18
What is Kōsen 交戦? It's a small (for right now) community of people that just want to socialize with each other, talk about common interests, and break out of our shells a bit.
38 days ago
Community 14
Cookie Cafe is a budding server that provides an open, social environment for users to chill and chat! Roleplay is also welcome in our server! Be sure to follow all the rules and requirements, and check the events channel for competitions and giveaways!
40 days ago
We are here for fun and to make friends.
50 days ago
Welcome to Crystal,a social server for all discord users! We watch movies together,stream games,discuss about Manga,Anime,and many more! This server will be updated frequently. Expect more things to come!
53 days ago
We are just growing group of likeminded gamers, building friendships and experiences with people all over the world. All we want to do is have fun, and we just hope you'd join us!
62 days ago
Just a server filled with people that originated from a guild on GraalOnline Era.
65 days ago
This server is pretty small for now, because I only have my friends in it. But I want to make it grow and become cooler. I would really appreciate if you joined, and if you gave me some ideas about what I can add. I await you!
72 days ago
Programming 88
A server for socialising and advertising the bot Adonis.
77 days ago