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This server is a gaming community that plays multiple games, but usually plays Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch! Great for people looking for casual groups and more.
A very fun server to hangout and watches movie or it could just be talking. A community to let people know what interest they like and be able to express it.
/T͟Hə kōv/
A server that provides and reaches out to those who look forward to fun!

Meet new people,
Have nice chats,
Fun voice calls,
Enjoy music,
Rant about problems,
All With Amazing People.

Events coming soon.
The Abyss

We are just a small community where we mostly we just talk, share memes and share art, We even have roleplay. You can feel free to join our small community any time. I want to keep the server well and active so feel free to leave some suggestions and ideas.

What we offer:
- A load of emojis
- Pretty friendly members
- a bunch of channels for many different things
- Self-Roles
- Roleplay (ask the owner or admin for access)
- My own bot that i can kinda work on
- Some games to play :D
- We even have Pokecord
- And more stuff too!!

Come join us and have fun!!!
A roleplay set in the Homestuck Universe. Set in Vashir: a backwater Alternian colony in the middle of nowhere.
╔═══════ ═══════╗

Gleaming Utopia™

╚═══════ ═══════╝

Hello there @/everyone! We're a chill, community server, made to chill and chat about anything , from nsfw to gaming or life in general. everyone is welcome to join and have a good time with a bunch of other unique and friendly people to talk with and have fun with the people yall meet within this fun server! :D
❀ | What The Server has to offer:

დ | Growing Community! ♡
დ | Great and hardworking staff ♛
დ | Bots to mess around with ✓✓
დ | Many unique and friendly people to meet ❥✓
დ | TONS of Self-assignable roles :yin_yang:

♛| NO Toxicity what so ever.
♛| Somewhat Active for everyone to chat in.

✉| Looking for Active Partner Managers and Staff!
➖ Ouvert à tous.
➖ Bot exclusif au serveur.
➖ Système de rôle à niveaux.
➖ Friendly.
➖ Organisation de jeux.
➖ Salons NSFW.

Dans un but simple, le serveur n'est la que pour se reposer / être divertissement et rencontrer d'autres gens. Delta + est un serveur simplifier, donc simple de navigation.
Before you skip this..
Please read some of it atleast!
I'd really appreciate it!*
Do you like gacha? Well then, you found the perfect ad! We are a small gacha community. Small but very friendly! If you don't like gacha, it's okay, we still have normal fun channels for you to chat in!
Now you might be wondering:
" What do you have? I need some more info before I join atleast!! "
Here are some things we have /offer ~

• Sfw
• Fun and useful bots you can use!
• Shops for you to own or buy from
• Sharing stuff like edits/art/memes/etc. channels
• Friendly and acceptable members
• Applications
• _otd's
• LGBTQ+ friendly
• Roles to customize your profile
• Roles you can earn
• Emojis
• Active members
• Suggesting channels for you to suggest stuff you want the server to have
• Polls
• Small but friendly community
• Non-toxic community
• Partnerships are open at all times
• Fun games like: guess the song, truth or dare, etc.

**And more!**
Are you intrested in joining?
If you are..
Here is the official server link!*

Gif -

Official server link ~
🎉 Welcome to Dentatsu Space. Thank you for joining! 🎉

A chill and weeb-friendly community server! It's also decent even for non-weebs. We enjoy talking various topics like gaming, anime, music, art, in-real-life and Japan-related things! This server is recommended for people over 16 years old, but everyone is welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay!

🎈 Server Highlights 🎈

🔹 This server is one year old! (Since Jun 2018)
🔹 Managed by native Japanese speaker!
🔹 People from various countries and regions have joined!
🔹 Non-toxic, SFW and mature community!
🔹 High security, Auto-Moderation is enabled!
🔹 Friendly staff and warm atmosphere!
🔹 A lot of emotes and gifs! (Anime, Pepe, Meme, etc.)
🔹 Fun and useful bots! (Mantaro, Pokécord, Tatsumaki, Waifubot, etc.)
🔹 Leveling system and self-assignable color roles!
🔹 Self-promote (your stream, art, music, etc.) is accepted!
🔸 Feel free to ask the admin anything about Japan!
🔸 We help anyone who wants to learn Japanese language or culture!
I hope you join so we can chill and vc if you’re down! ^~^ The server contains many weird people just so you're aware. And plz be active if you could.
Hello! If you share a common interest in all things languages with us, then we'd love to see you online; see you there!
Hello and Welcome to SocialButNotSocial!
This server was build on finding new friends, having fun together and get entertained.
What we have to offer:
➔ Self assignable roles
➔ Bots for you to use
➔ Like Dank Memer, Tatsumaki and OwO
➔ Several Channels for you to use and talk with others
➔ Admin and Moderators that hear of suggestions
➔ and more
A overwatch gaming server! Very new and small, we hope you have a fun time and make some rad friends!
The Artisan's Tavern is a haven for artists and writers alike. Hosted by published author J. Gillespie, we encourage freedom of thought and speech, and we seek to better our craft through fair criticism of our work.
Hey you! Yes you, do you like Gacha? Well this might be the server for you!

We have a server full of fun activities!
~ Truth or Dare!
~Murder Mystery!
~ EoTD and QoTD!
~ Weekly Editing Contests!

Since our server is fast growing we have...
~ A lot of Active People!
~ A Whole Bunch of Bots!
~ Frequent Gamenights!
~And several partners!

Our server has applications more frequently than other servers since our server is fast growing!

Join Now! Link is below!
hello welcome to C H E R R Y
cherry is a server for socializing,promo and memes
in this server we provide
bots to entertain you
some giveaways
self assignment roles
and many vc's
btw C H E R R Y is a new server just giving a heads up
Welcome to the Boba Bubble~ We are a dedicated, active, and friendly server! ✦ Based around just meeting new people and being a close knit community ✦ ACTIVE VC ~ Active Chat ~ Toxicity and Trolls not allowed ~ Events ~ NSFW
Medieval Themed Server with friendly members and good moderation. In this discord server we offer a variety of things. We welcome Gamers, Artists, Readers, Programers, Athletes, Music makers and even Instrument players! (and more!) We are a mostly 13 - 18+ environment. We are also a kind and loving community! We are also toxic-free!

Everyone from all kinds are welcome!
Here's what we offer!

[*]Amazing members[*]
[*]Active and nice staff[*]
[*]Amazing emotes[*]
[*]Fun bots, such as Dank Memer and OwO (and more)[*]
[*]Level roles[*]
[*]Learn new things[*]
[*]Raid and Spam protection[*]
[*]Self assign roles for people to know about you![*]

And many more!
Come join us today!

looking to make friends? talk about life, gaming, anime, whatever?
The goal of this server is to have a large community of people who have a set of diverse interests
And contribute into making the community special!
This server will serve as a Talking/Gaming/Anime hub for the users.
With Custom roles for leveling up
Currency to customize your experience
Assignable Roles to distinguish yourself
And custom bots to enhance your experience
We have worked Countless hours on this server
And I love the community we are creating
I hope you become a part of it and treasure it
Hello and welcome to The THEINTELGAMER Discord
1st thing about this discord is its just a casual discord where we just sit and talk
2nd we have a lovely staff team that will help everyone with there issues
Welcome to faithless an active community discord open to anyone, We offer a place to meet extraordinary people and more, we're are open and looking for Partnerships managers & Moderators so please drop and say hello!
Paradise island discord is the newest fastest growing server on discord.
We have plenty of girls and plenty of boys while only being a server for less than 5 days :)

This server is mainly for 13-18 year olds as there is not many open places for us to go on discord anymore.

This server has everything you could want, from a general chatroom to discuss anything, we have dedicated dating channels, selfies channels, gaming and music channels and much much more :))

We have a variety of bots including the pokemon bot, and the dank memer bot; where you can rob the richest users of the server!

In the future there will be plenty of giveaways, so make sure to join and enjoy your stay :)