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Hello!~ Welcome to Divine Skylines! We are a community server that offers a lot in terms of people's interests.

✿.。.:* ☆:**:. Server Bio .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

This server was created not too long ago, on the 27th of January 2019. This server consists of everything that a community server could need plus a lot more.
Our server tailors to what you want to talk about and what you would want in a server. We have a suggestion channel in order for you to pick and choose in what you would like to see within your perfect discord server.

✿.。.:* ☆:**:. What to Expect .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

In our server you can expect to find:
- A great and caring staff team.
- Anime and gaming channels for all different conversations.
- A way to suggest what you want inside of a discord server you would like to be in.
- We support server advertising with our multiple different channels!
- A great community who are accepting of whoever you are, LGBT to Furry, we love you all!
- Pokecord, Unbelievaboat, Mudae and so many more bots to keep you entertained.

We really hope you join our server and enjoy your stay!~
An Advanced/Literate Roleplaying Community! We value paragraph and multi-paragraph responses with action, adventure, romance, and intrigue. This server is a unique world and story with heavy emphasis on character involvement and plot. We have active administration, rewards for consistent membership, as well as a friendly group of folks to chat with!

Tenebris Realm is a civilization thrown into chaos. With the disappearance of the Sun Goddess, Darkness has overtaken the world. Horrifying, otherworldly creatures and monsters roam the Dark. Uncover the mysteries of the land and fight against the Branded that plague the misty nights! Explore the vast Frontier and Rift Lands, or make a name of your self within the last safe territory of Verdisol.

● This server is 18+ only! Tenebris Realm is managed for and by adults.
● A roleplay sample is required to keep up quality and manage the community.
● We have a massive world lore and separate website. Find your niche and create your character!
● Plot events, small and large with a seasonal storyline!

Come join us!
Welcome To Roblox Hangout!😁 We have a very friendly community and staff. We are currently a small community but growing everyday! Come join and make some friends to play some games with!

-Interactive bots
- Friendly community😋
- 24/7 Staff❄️
- Auto Roles❄️
- The more your active the more you level up!❄️
- Find people to play games with!❄️
- Chill music channel❄️
- Hiring staff!👮‍♂️
Nothing complicated or difficult. Just a simple, relaxing, warm and easy-going discord with 24/7 activity from friendly and welcoming staff. A place where you can spread positivity and feelings without being judged. We are all here to help others and grow our community for all the enjoy and be a part of!
Art channel
Writing channel
Irl channel
Music bot!
And much much more!
Join our server and check us out!
Make friends within my community through socialising and gaming, looking for people who can fit in nicely within our community.

Active and growing server.
Eevee's Mystery Dungeon is a Pokemon-themed social server founded in December 2017. In the months since, we've been proud to offer our members a warm, safe, welcoming environment where Pokemon fans and those not familiar with the series alike can bounce in and make wonderful friends! ^_^

We're also doing various server events now - we're looking to make movie/anime watches and Pokemon Showdown tourneys, among other things, a regular thing on the server! ^_^
We are a family friendly hacking and programming server in which you can hang out with like-minded people and access fun community features. Check us out!
A new friendly server to find gaming buddies or someone special to date, or both. All are welcomed <3
Welcome to kanasaki academy, where supernatural teens of other races come to learn and practice magic and get to live at dorms and explore the town of kanasaki as well, this is a free roam rp, people can make their own story plot for their character and possibly find what they want to do,have fun.
hellou unser Server "Potato-Army" ist relativ neu und auf der Suche nach aktiven Mitgliedern :3 In dem Server könnt ihr euch über Spiele, Anime, euren Problemen und vieles mehr austauschen und unterhalten. Ich hoffe, dass ihr schnell neue Bekanntschaften schließen könnt und das ihr viel Spaß haben werdet, dass können wir euch versichern.
Ihr seid alle herzlich willkommen ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
Hello I would love for you to join my server! We could use some partner managers, we have also started having events
Tuesday = Movie night
Friday = Gaming night
Saturday = Karaoke night
Sunday= Guess the song night
Hello everyone I am here to invite you to EpicKing Hangout Discord, Here you can talk to all sorts of people that might have the same interests as you, and certainly interesting people!

We have loads of VC's and Fun Chats for you to enjoy!

We also run nightly events

Features in our server
High Moderation - Our staff monitors the chat seriously and mute or ban those who break the rules!
Event Roles - You can win a role for the more competitive events!
Lots of 24/7 music bots! Join the chat, relax and listen to music!
Staff - Professional/Respectful/Fun Staff
We have self assignable roles!
Are you sick and tired of watching YouTube? Watching the same videos because you have nothing better to do? Come join us. We are an active server with very open minded people who love getting to know others, people who enjoy voice chatting, single girls and boys and just a lot of fun to be had. We are very open and love sarcastic savage jokes. We let pretty much anything happen as long as it is not trolling, raiding or bullying others. Come join us and get off YouTube already! I mean seriously what do you have to lose?

Our Server Offers Many Things Such as But not limited to:

♕Events with Real Item or Money Prizes
♕A Safe Place for ages 13 and up
♕Friendly staff that listen to what the members say
♕Active Voice chat
♕Venting Channels
♕Nsfw Channels
♕No Bullying or Harrassing Allowed

if you think this is a fit for you then please come join us. We cant wait to meet you.

We are currently looking for Partner Servers Just Message a staff member.
Are you a cutie?
Then you are welcome to the Cutie Cove!
We offer:
- Reaction Roles
- Color Roles
- No trolls allowed
- SFW only
- Friendly Staff
Social cafe is a brand NEW welcoming server with laid back community Chill staff/ Roles/ Music quiz's /Giveaways/ Active VC and Partnerships. Come say HI
**🥀 Dying Rose 🥀 **

Dying Rose is an active newly forming server. We’re here for socializing, gaming, music, and much more. We have events and giveaways, along with a very helpful staff and friendly members.

-What does Dying Rose have :

🥀 An active text and VC chat.

🥀 Fun e-girls and e-boys

🥀 Thots and FucBois

🥀 Events and Giveaways

🥀 Relationships tips

🥀 Roles as you Level

🥀 Great staff

🥀 Selfies

🥀 OTDs

🥀 No drama allowed!

🥀 Music


And alot more, feel free to join us! We are always looking for additional staff (with experience).

**🔗 Invite Link :**
Sapphire is a very active and growing community with 2000+ members. We provide a fun and relaxed environment for all users around our community. Lots of events are hosted throughout our server, and everyone is available to join in! Our community isn't based on 1 thing, but instead, we talk about gaming, anime, music, and much more! There are categories for you all to have fun! Socializing, where you may post selfies of yourself, and you could also verify yourself and use our verified selfies chat! In our Fun category, you may post any photography that fits with the correct channels. Also, have a drama channel specifically for people to discuss drama they have! :)
Hello there! We are a little server focused on social interactions, making friends and hanging out. We are friendly, non-toxic and open to any kind of topic.
We have:
-channels for memes, music, etc.
-music bots to choose from
-many custom emojis
-cool people
-reliable staff
We think you will like it.
Forest is a community server that brings users alike to chat with each other. We do have strict, mature staff, but the rules are easy and simple to follow.
~ FormalEquinox#6091
if you're looking for some friends or you really just want to talk to someone, then join
we need members lol
- This server is for people that are 16+ to find love.
- If you already have found love then we have a growing community where you can find friends.
13 yrs and above. A place made for searching friends or a relationship! Plenty of voice channels that you can join to hangout. Introduction and selfies are provided.

Our server is designed to be friendly and sociable, an environment where we can feel comfortable to speak and have fun. We also provided an art channel for you to show us your creativity in it and a meme channel for funny memes. So let's chill and start a new conversation with the community. Don't be shy!
⎈Attentive Staff! ⎈Gaming! ⎈NSFW Channels! ⎈Events! ⎈Active Chat ⎈Custom Bots!
<!-- Bread Boys
✨ Hiring Moderators
✨ New
✨ A Lot Of Bread
✨ No 18+ Content
✨ Meet New People
We are a non-toxic, SFW community centered around anime & Japanese culture. Friendly staff, warm atmosphere, events & giveaways! Everyone is welcome! ✅

Follow us on Instagram: @Tsukei_ (60k+)
Check out our website: