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──── ،، + : プラダ ⁰¹ ୨୧ ────
⨯ 🍭 kirameki is a aesthetic, sfw k-pop server. ✧
⨯ 🍼 you can meet a lot of people and
✧ ⨯ 🍶 form everlasting friendships.

،، + : offerings ⁰² ୨୧
⨯ 🍨 welcoming staff. ✧
⨯ 🍥 variety of roles.
✧ ⨯ 🍧 non toxic community.
⨯ 🍯 LGBTQ+ friendly. ✧


— ୨୧ ⸝⸝ ・ 。

World of Colors
We are an LGBTQ+ Hangout Server, we created a safe place to meet new friends, and maybe even more than just friends. We're trying to build a fairly big community so please stick with us while we continue to grow into a colorful paradise for everyone!
Post your introduction 😄
Chat in general 😜
Play some mini-games 🎮
Make some rumors 🗣
Share your memes 🙋🏻‍♂️
Inspire others with your quotes 👨‍🎤
& most importantly just be you! 🧍
I'll see you there <3
This is a small server made by also a small friend group that started with only 3 members we managed to gather a good amount of friends and added them to our **small friend group** this server's goal is to just have a small community of mature people who like to have fun ,mess around when things are not serious and like to spend time with each other although this server is not for everyone because alot of us have excessive humor and insult each other alot jokingly.
Disclaimer: This is not a gay server, the theme was created as a use of over influencing sarcasm, and is a joke.
We're a group of friends who decided to create a server and grow our community. We're a light-hearted bunch of people who don't take things seriously; join Gang-Gang and become part of our community to share convos and laughs together. [Mainly UK based but we accept everyone]
You know game like Town of Salem or Throne of Lies? Yes, our server is basically game like that but operates mostly via discord. Not to mention it's FREE to play and nothing is behind the paywall!
a brand new, aesthetic server. we just vibin tbh...if you wanna vibe wit us then join <3
also looking for staff and pms!
This is an all in one server with many gaming topics, meet new people, and has a chat for anime. +16 n up
A nice place for respectful people to hang out and talk about like-minded interests and other random topics. Please no soliciting. Take your shoes off before you come inside, okay? [16+]
Join now in a friendly server me and my friend made because it is fun and enjoyable. (please join now or he'll go to my moms house)

HEY YOU.......
What do you mean you're not in Mochi Gaming?

We are a new EUW League of Legends based gaming community, aiming to provide a community feel that many discords are lacking. To achieve this we keep the number of text channels to the bare minimum, encouraging our members to use the voice channels.

We have 26 custom emotes and minimal bots to keep the members as the focus for the community.

NITRO GALAXY is an awesome server with many fun and friendly people!
➣ We are rob and heist disabled for Dank Memer, so you don't have to worry about getting robbed or heisted again!
➣ We host frequent giveaways using GiveawayBot or through events and games!
➣ We have many amazing bots such as Dank Memer, Mudae, UnbelievaBoat and many, many more!
➣ We have voice channels so that you can talk with other people or listen to music!
➣ We have roles that you can earn by being active in this server!
➣ We are open to applications for staff such as Administrators, Moderators, Giveaway Managers, Event Managers and Heist Managers!

We are a fairly new server and is still growing. We would really appreciate if you just join the server. Also invite your friends and family so that this server will grow faster. Once our server is big enough, there will be more frequent and larger giveaways, more people to talk to, more people and bots to play with. Thank you and click that button below!
Everyone can join this server and follow the rules and be happy 😊, make friends and contacts with owner, Admin or leader ok 👌🏻
🍉 Active Moderation
🌈 LQBTQA+ friendly
🌸 Active Staffs
🍉 NSFW For 18+ only (locked) owo
🌸 Over 80+ Self Assignable roles
🍉 Over 300+ Emotes (Locked)
🌸 Level 1 Boosted!
🍉 1K+ Cute Melons
🌸 Premium Melon Roles
🍉 Selfie Channels
🌸 Private Bot
🍉 Locked/Private channels for Server Boosters and Premium members
🌸 Fun Channels like Counting, Exposing time, Quotes, Bot Spam
🍉 Searching for active members
🌸 Fun Bots: Dank Memer, Mimu, Pokecord, OwO, FredBoat♪♪, Groovy.

· · - ┈┈━━ ˚ . E・Melon 🍉 . ˚ ━━┈┈ - · ·

Family Friendly | Chilling Server | Anime Bots and much more come join the party with E・Melon 🍉 Server.
The official discord for Kingdom Life II™! Join for sneak peaks on updates or to meet the developers!
❅ Welcome to My Treehouse! ❅

We're a community server that gives you the chance to meet
new people and potential friends, we hope you feel welcomed
and safe in this server.

We have:
> ✧ Self roles! ✧
> ✧ Fun bots and games ✧
> ✧ Partnerships ✧
> ✧ Non-toxic community (sometimes) ✧
> ✧ Often Voice Chats ✧
- Lea
Hello! Welcome to the Underground Lounge! Here you can socialise with other people and make friends. Talk about whatver, but make sure it goes with the rules!

Have fun!
Welcome to biiip bubbly ♡!

A growing discord server with a friendly, and welcoming community.
Our server has many things to offer.
Such as a channel dedicated to community activities:

♡-💡 Verification System
♡-🚨 Rules
♡-📢 Important announcements

♡-🐰 Animals
♡-🌸 Anime
♡-🎨 Art
♡-👗 Clothing
♡-👥 Conversation with worldwide Discord users
♡-✂ Designing
♡-🌌 Dreams-Of-Last-Night
♡-🌍 Environment
♡-🍭 Food
♡-🎮 Gaming
♡-📚 Homework-Help
♡-🎤 Karaoke
♡-🤡 Memes
♡-🎶 Music
♡-🌄 Places
♡-📸 Selfies
♡-🎬 Self-Promo
♡-⁉ What-Would-You-Rather
♡-📖 Writing {example}; Poems, stories etc.

♡-📽 We even have occasional movie nights!
♡-🤖 We also have various bots {including a ticket system 🎫-♡-⚠ support system}.
♡-🚫 No NSWF channels! - All ages are welcome!
Our server is child friendly!
If you have any suggestions for our server, we're glad to hear your lovely opinions and wishes!
We have friendly, caring and out looking Admins/Moderators that are always active to help out the community, OUR community!
♡-🙈 Thank you for joining! Have fun!! 🌸
We have girls in our discord

Helo we are a small community server open to all, come for fun times and memories....
We are a friendly server where we all worship our God, Junior the Cockatiel. We are drama free and very laid back and always love new people!
This is a community of streamers! my advice is to network as much as you can and get to know people here, it may be daunting but is the best way to grow your streaming brand. We are here to serve you! We also aim to have a simplistic and great server to allow you to network and promote your streams.
Agora com toda a essência de um grupo de whatsapp:0, viemos apresentar um server muito bolado━☆゚.*・。゚veja:

"Um grupo ou um server?" Um server!(>▽<) só que com toda a essência de um grupo de whatsapp, ( ՞ਊ ՞)como aquele grupinhos de amigos que sempre tem aquele que gosta de falar só por meio de figurinhas(que seria os emojis no server) ou áudio(que seria call ou um arquivo de audio no server), e como se esquecer dos outros tipos de grupos ,de família, putaria, jogos e outros, cada um tem sempre suas pérolas, e elas estão no nosso server, então entre e se divirta ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )➝━☆゚.*・。゚

O bom é que não temos aquele bagulho chato que quando vc tá escutando música e vem alguém querer conversa por áudio com vc.
By Facebook é o caralh*