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A doctor who Roleplay server for us hardcore fans of the British television series.
You can be any character from Doctor who or make up your own
1 minutes ago
We are Team Desert Penguins!

What is this all about?

Team Desert Penguins is a growing League of Legends Discord community looking for more players to become friends and play with! Our goal is to turn our server into a gaming community for meeting new people, making friends, and playing video games for fun! All while maintaining a positive atmosphere and keeping toxicity as close as we can to zero. We play daily and we sometimes have fun community events! If this is something you're interested in, join us!

100+ Members with new ones daily!

What will I expect?

🌎 Make new friends!

🏆 Find people to play with!

🌟 Friendly and memeful staff!

🤖 Music and League Bots!

⛔️ No Toxicity Tolerance.

🔶 Mini Partnership Program for supporting small content creators! [New]
3 minutes ago
With over 3000+ members!
Very social hentai server!
Come chill out with the hot chicks, cool lads!
15 minutes ago
Hello lovely we welcome you to our adorable server~

It's addrobale, friendly, cat loving server. Don't worry other animals are welcome too

Come make friends, cuddle in the cuteness, talk to other people about anime and games. Roleplay with others in our roleplay channel. Participate in our events. And the most important thing is to have fun!

We have 🐾
🐾Active owners
🐾Custom color roles
🐾Leveling system (roles have cute names)
🐾Growing server
🐾Cute emojis 💜
🐾Fun bots (Tatsumaki, Mantaro, and more)
🐾Plus more~ (we be happy to read if you have any suggestions)

Come check it out don't be shy. You'll be welcome with open arms~
19 minutes ago
A catstronaut (cat+astronaut) themed server filled with cat puns. All are welcome here so don't be shy! We're a friendly and positive server working on building a close-knit community where people can have fun, relax, and share things they're passionate about. We hope you'll help us expand our kitty space crew!
20 minutes ago
Bonjour à toi , dans la présentation de mon serveur Le Bar de l'animé:
-Un staff présent et à l'écoute H24.
-Un channel "Les sorties" ou tu sera informé de la sortie de nouveau épisode de ton animé favoris
-Un système d'éxpérience
-Une communauté LGBT+ , trés sociable.
21 minutes ago
A brand new social server based on the cutest birds ever- the Kiwi! Come be a founder! We have all the basic amenities, including VC, NSFW, bots and friendly faces eager to meet new people! If you're 18+, stop on in. We'd be happy to have you!
24 minutes ago
Conversation about computers, consoles, gaming, robotics all future past and present technology. We also have gaming channels, music channels and rank system.
26 minutes ago
Quanzo's Public Discord is a new but upcoming discord community-based server that focuses on the community aspect. Self-assignable roles, Custom Self-assignable Colors, Custom bot, Lots of channels, respectfull and welcoming staff and members and we have so much more! Give us a chance and just check the server out!
29 minutes ago
Marvel Legends is a plot-driven Role Play server where you get to RP as your favorite Marvel characters. We require tryouts (auditions) from new members before they can start rping and we also don’t allow OC’s.
32 minutes ago
Casual Gaming and chill - We play a variety of games, Looking for active gamer's to join and hang out on a regular basis, this is a social community but aiming to grow into a place where theirs always people to game with and hang out in calls. Buy STEAM KEYS with in server currency. currently 800 members
33 minutes ago
A very friendly, loving community. Everyone is welcome. Global emotes that you can use everywhere!
36 minutes ago
DC: Rebirth is a plot-driven Role Play server where you get to RP as your favorite DC comics characters. We require tryouts (auditions) from new members before they can start rping and we also don’t allow OC’s.
42 minutes ago
A place for everyone without a place
Brand new come and help build it your way
Looking for members and mods
46 minutes ago
Good day, sir/ma'am! The Violetbloom Lounge is a friendly server which desires to hold a growing community of great, warmhearted people! We have bots, games, music, and plenty of other things! Perhaps you could even help us better fit your interest? Come on in, and enjoy!
55 minutes ago
Long ago, on the planet of Quepra, the Magic-Shifter's stood their last stand against an enemy they created.
Now, 2,019 years later you step into the remains of the once great faction.

We are a small server, hoping to get more people.
1 hours ago
Welcome to Shiney Hole! We welcome all kinds of people; Gamers, Artists and Roleplayers are everywhere in this community! We have a level system where you can enter art raffles and earn free art! Not too social? Feel free to chill in the general chat, or just post some nice memes. We have loads of different channels for anything ranging from oc-sharing to nsfw art!
Dive down into our Shiney hole today! c;
1 hours ago
The Garden is a place where people can hang out, share what matters most to them and make friends. Myself and the administrative team work hard in making the environment safe for people of all ages and backgrounds so feel free to jump in headfirst!
1 hours ago
low moderation server, we discuss pretty much everything
1 hours ago
This server is an growing community focused more on fun and entertainment activities, We have fun bots and many active members you can socialise with. Our server is all about being a squad, As soon as you join people welcome you with open arms.
1 hours ago
Wanna have some fun? Talk to people? Play some games with them? Come and join us. We play things like LoL, CSGO, Fortnite, Overwatch and other games. Many of us watch anime too, so if you like discussing that stuff, come and join!!!
1 hours ago
A chill Discord server with cute pink potatoes! Our vision is making this place welcoming and comfortable for members. While we are a Discord Nitro emote server, we are also a community server! Come join us! Join our community to enjoy these Potato emotes, even when nitro-less.

☆ 50+ Potato-themed Emotes
☆ Active Community
☆ Friendly and Chill Management
☆ NSFW Channels
☆ Organized Server Categories and Channels
2 hours ago

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2 hours ago
Hey guys - We're a pretty chill 18+ community server with a few nsfw aspects. Come say hi! 
2 hours ago