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welcome 2 adored

+ we offer

| a sanrio theme
| cute roles
| low moderation
| a cute community
| sanrio emotes
| & so much more

+ come join !!
🔮 sind alle Träumer Willkommen fühlt euch wie zu Hause🔮
In diesem Server dreht sich alles um das Thema Träume
sowohl das Teilen der jeweiligen Erlebnisse als auch der alltäglische Talk ist uns wichtig um Unsere gemeinsamen Träume anderen weiter zu reichen und jedem was mit auf dem Weg zu geben
This is a fan server for Dreamwastaken, post art and other stuff here, memes and what not, enjoy
Are you a fan of dream and the dream team youtube channel? if so join our growing community with working bots and auto roles! If you dont ike dream join anyway! we are buliding a kind comuity, JOIN NOW WE ARE GIVING AWAY FREE RANKS!!!
Welcome to Dream Land!
We are a growing server and would appreciate if you joined!

Make friends, Chat with people, Enjoy the bots and the community, Vibe in the music calls. We're a growing community with space for everyone. So join us to achieve our dream to create a big server full of amazing people.
Want to learn to be aware in your dreams? Want to have full control over them? Join The server if you do! We got methods listed, tips and people to help if you got any questions!
This Is An Rp Server Of Being In A Dream World
with biomes (like tupperland) and 2 types of characters ( dreamers | nightmares )
A community focused around lucid dreaming. For those who are serious about lucid dreaming and want to discuss related topics and ideas, as well as share experiences with others who are interested.
A small server for those interested in practicing the art of lucid dreaming (the ability to control your dreams) in a friendly, tight-knit environment.

Book discussions
Dream interpretation
Dream Journal sharing space
Art and inspiration
Dream yoga and philosophical/theoretical discussions
Hello there, and welcome to Masada's spaceship, the loveliest place of the dream world.

Everything you can find here:

-Nice and active people
-Yume nikki (and it's fan made content) theories
-Music bot (when Masada-sensei is too sleepy to play)
-A dream diary to write your dreams
-An open suggestion box to improve the server
-A lot of different roles
-Things planned for the future

Feel free to join, we'd be glad to see you here.
This server is a place for dreamers both literal and figurative. Journal your dreams and visions and share them with others!
Dream. The only way for the body to be in our world but be in another is just if you dream. In the 21st century the human mind made a connection to another dreamer, a dreamer from another world. This is the phenomenon called "Soul Dream Linking" or SDL for short. With this link a weak little boy from the real world could be linked to a charming hero.

But this new world also has a problem....

In the end of the second Era the elven high princess and the human high princess where assassinated by the other race. This caused a all out war on the realm, another problem is when the person the normal human is linked to dies, they die with them due to the loss of link. With no end in sight of the war both realms now need to pray for a end, with force or with peace.
Recently made, a friendly and welcoming server. This server requires age 13 or above in order to join this server. There are only a few rules, so once I make more rules, this server will become more strict. If you feel uncomfortable, feel free to leave or let the mods, administrators or owner know. We'll handle it. Also, we don't bite. Oh, one more thing. Please don't be harsh on other people. Be cool and always be kind.
➥ Salut !
➥ Acesta este grup de Discord dedicat serverului nostru de FiveM numit Dream Romania RolePlay !
➥ Daca esti interesat, intra si vei fi pus la curent cu toate noutatile.
➥ Primii de pe serverul de Discord vor avea ocazia sa primeasca Co-Lider din partea liderilor din factiuni !
Awake and enter Aether. We are a small, chill server with a variety of fun channels and emojis.
Gloom is a new community discord server focused more on a dream and darker tone. With constant updates and more coming soon come join and help kickstart this epic community
Dream is a fantasy server that has a detailed plot and promotes detailed characters! We allow species of all kinds to be incorporated into the server and promote creativity and freedom when it comes to the magic aspect of the server. The RP is set in a warzone where you have been drafted to fight. There are many things off about this war, and it is up to you to work together with others and get to the bottom of it all, and most importantly win the war. We can't wait to see what you'll contribute to our plot, all are welcome!
We are a brand new lucid dreaming server! Come along and share your lucid dreams, aswell as normal dreams! You can also come and learn how to lucid dream with our resource library.

Happy dreaming :)
A new server, just trying to grow. Come and join, owner is always online even if it says he's offline.
═══════════| DreamCraft |═══════════
Dreamcraft is a multi game server but mainly it's for chatting.
Make new freinds like never before
Join dreamcraft
Where dreams come true 💕
Small, brand new servers are common on discord, but no-one talks on them at all, and it's hard to start conversation and make friends.
So welcome to Dream. Here we don't care about drama, clickbait or the number of members. We'll purge frequently to remove people who join, never speak and can't be bothered to leave and we'll maintain a wholesome atmosphere.

We're not going to over manage, oversell or overdo anything on here. It's just somewhere to talk and have fun.
Want a channel made or a game hosted, sure, let me know. In the future I'll probably start up a SMP Minecraft Server if the discord server doesn't die.

I know a lot of servers don't ever make it off the ground and I've possibly only been lucky in the past, but we'll see. If this fails, it fails. If it burns, it burns; regardless - enjoy the heat of the fire.
This is a fun place for people to come together for some games and some fun. we do karaoke and movie nights occasionally and just are out here tryna have a good time. there are only 2 NSFW channels for which you need the 18+ role. (in order to have it, you must be verified by a mod).