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Hi There! you are asking what is this server? well, This is about a Human Mixed Animals called Hybrid That Live in the Forests or in The city, They are getting bullied and abused. But YOU could change all of that with the other Hybrids. Come! we will be so glad if you join. and Have a nice day.
╭───── ◜ ୨୧ ◝──────╮

Redcliffe is a new and improved take on POV roleplaying. Our theme is 'slice of life', the daily lives of everyones original characters. We have in-depth channels, and house choosing for the type of character you submit.

In Redcliffe new features will be brought up in updates. Each update will have a theme that brings new and exciting things to the roleplay. We have unique and well written features and plenty of more updates to come.
╶╴Join us!

➀ Chat
Talk in channels, meet friends, and have fun!
➁ Events
We have events related to roleplay such as game nights, music streams, and movie screenings.
➂ Characters
Create your own original characters and roleplay with others.
➃ Feeds
Get channel updates on the time, when a new day starts, the weather, and much more!
➄ Embeds
Embed messages will show information, schedules, menus and more about the channel in its pinned messages.
➅ Bots
Create a character to pose as with Tupperbox. Buy food and objects to use while roleplaying. Play games with others.

୨`🥞`୧ :: Aesthetic theme

୨`🍓`୧ :: Organized Community

୨`🥨`୧ :: Level-up Roles & Self-assignable Roles

୨`🥛`୧ :: Many Channels for multiple topics

୨`🍒`୧ :: Weekly Events
Akedo Bar is a SFW multiple topic community with an aesthetic theme. We offer a fun and friendly environment with a lot of Channels for anyone who wants to socialize, talk about games, daily life or anything you like!
:star: Join **Droid Trivia** Server

At **Droid Trivia** we have...

:star: **A free answers BOT for all members to use**

:star:You can get• LOCO • **Answers mainly its supportsevery game shows timings and mainly you can do yourGoogling with it on Google**

:star: Amazing Staff team activity/Managament

:information_source:️ Premium Membership for Extra Features

:dizzy: **Droid Lives :bot: is available here to generate unlimited :e37laldil: lives for TRIViA games..**

Feel free to join our server at your earliest convenience.

**__Happy , TRIVIA :thought_balloon:**__ :hugging:
If you're into servers where there's:

- a loving community
- an accepting community
- a chance to make new friends
- multiple fun bots

then this is the place for you!
I hope you enjoy your stay in ✘ 𝚘𝚌𝚝𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚊 ✘
》Lets Talk Life《

We're a nontoxic, friendly community!

》LGBTQ+ Friendly
》Fun Channels!
》Nice Community
》Awesome Staff
A server about talking about life, christianity and other religions! Everyone is allowed as long as you are kind! This is a server for those who are already christians, or those interested in it!
In Kadic City, tension is rising between the city underworld’s most notorios crime families, the Rosato Famiglia and Casa Marina. While the families are keeping tabs on one another in a brewing gang war, law enforcement is cracking down harder than ever on the spike of racketeering. In Kadic City, new beginnings are made, many paths can be taken, and which you choose is entirely up to you. Will you do whatever it takes to keep your head above water?

-Unique and dynamic storyline

-Friendly and tightly knit staff/community

-Mature storyline and adult themes

-OC creation Flexibility
We are a serious life RP community with many jobs be a Police Officer, Judge, Fire/Ems, Civ, and more. Own property, cars, guns, and more. Live your life. Come join us today (Xbox server U.S. Based CST)
In Suljan City, life is peaceful and normal to an extent. Families live together, however, life is destroyed when a serial killer is on the loose. Can all the families try to live a normal life as the humble abode is shattered to a million pieces?
Content creator? Gaming enthusiast? Technological skill sets you would love to share? Join THE CONSORTIUM!

The CHAOS74X GAMING CONSORTIUM is here to bring a new tier of quality to content creators worldwide. Although gaming has always been a staple in our hearts, we believe that everyone deserves to have a support system behind them whether you’re a Streamer, Designer and anything in-between we’re here to support and shadow the steps you take to achieve your goals and successes. A content creator/gaming/life community server centered around like minded people. A place for them to speak, text, discuss all things of that sort as well as for me to & THE CONSORTIUM to commune with them all!
We Do Things I Guess. We're a tech server that can help you with anything from hacking to building a computer. We talk about everything. Also we have coding tutorials. Join ;)
Have you ever wanted to roleplay as a teenager going to one of most fun, entertaining and realistic high schools ever? Then this is for you:

ℝ𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟 𝔽𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕤 is a roleplaying server based on a world created by none other than ourselves. The roleplay is set in the town of Raven Falls, North Carolina. The year is 2004, and opportunities are bright for every student. You can choose to play a teenager going to Raven Falls High, whether you choose to be a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or even Senior. Be part of the clique you fit into. Maybe you can be a jock, join the basketball team and be a Raven. Your odds of joining the elite is higher then. You can also be part of the school staff team and make sure the school stays stable. Who knows what each day can bring to the society? What makes Raven Falls stand out from other servers like this, is that high school doesn’t last forever. After the students have all graduated, they advance into their real lives, and that’s when the real challenges come. We admire diversity as a team, and due to that, we’ve given a bunch of options to both your character and the world itself. And who knows, maybe you’ll even find your love interest. There is no better way to immerse the roleplay. The choice is always yours.*

We also offer:

• Dank Memes

• Games

• Economy

• Daily Roleplays

• Active Staff Team

• Much More

We’re looking for active members and roleplayers that can help bring joy to our community. Most of all, we want everyone to have a good time. All in all, you get to be part of a great community that will potentially blossom to a glorious one. So please, join the server and you won’t regret it!
Welcome to 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 & 𝑳𝒊𝒇𝒆 !

We are an advice/support server primarily concerned with life and relationship advice. We are not therapists, just people who love to help others.

Even if your issue isn't a relationship concern or a general life concern, feel free to ask about it; we are willing to help anyone with anything (unless it's illegal or something of that nature).

We also have a private support channel for those who wish to express their concerns in private and receive one-on-one help!

Disclaimer: this is NOT a dating server!
In this city, we welcome anyone! To feas, to werewolves, etc! Our god Irene is still trapped somewhere by the evil, or are they ? We have many places to explore, and roleplay! The evil is slowly taking over land but they are half of the world away. The evil's leader and name is unknown cause it keeps on changing. There are many jobs to choose from! And you can have multiple ocs! When the characters turn 20, they get a forever potion, and if they drink it, they dont age! So you could live forever! Children can age as fast as you want btw.

Let your characters live life as long as they'd like! This server gives..

- Fun Bots to play with
- Nice and responceable staff
- LGBTQ+ Friendly
- rp spaces and houses
- and more!

Have fun if you join!
This is a self-improvement server focused on topics such as exercise/working out, clothing and style, productivity, finance, and relationships. Join for serious discussion about life with our friendly community.
A chill server where everyone is welcome!! Please come join us and vibe with us! can make good new friends also positive only <3
This server is for talks about life and death and anything in between.
Share your Creativity or just hang out and meet new peeps, use bots or just listen to music.
Join our event "The Week So Far" every Wednesday, where we get together in VC and talk about Life.

Make the Personality Test to get one of the four main roles and find out more about yourself.
Besides that I only want y'all to have fun and inspire each other.
Happy L I F E T A L K
California County Roleplay

California County Roleplay is a free to play, friendly Grand Theft Auto 5 Server for Xbox one. It’s a US/UK based server on Xbox One. We have Just opened to the public!. We pride ourselves on the hard work, time, and effort that have built the foundations of our community. Dose not matter of your nationality, Race or Ethnic background this server is for everybody to share. Any member or staff member within our community will be ensured of a welcoming and enjoyable time in our community. Not only that we also love to host community discussions in order to vote on what everybody collectively wants to be added, changed or removed. We are life roleplay server with a court system as well as a economy system! Civilians are allowed to create CEO company as well as work for them!

Departments we offer • Los Santos Police Department. • Blaine County Sheriffs Office. • San Andreas Highway Patrol. • San Andreas Fire Department. • San Andreas Communications Dept. • Civilians Operations.

What we offer • Friendly, Dedicated Staff • A professional Law Enforcement Academy • A Top of the range CAD/MDT • Frequent, Professional and realistic Role-plays • Interactive Community • Website • Social Media •Community Votes •Civilian Rank system • Create and run your own businesses • Bank and economy system •An application process On behalf of myself and my peers we are extremely excited to see what can bring to the table. I myself can promise you that you will have an amazing experiance here with us
A unique Discord, only real legend and real ghost is here, yea, We are a Family and we are strong together.
Hi there, this community is for teens around 15-18 years old! In this server we vibe, talk about life and stuff and just have fun :)