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The fastest growing online Muslim community. Transparent, supportive and welcoming to people of all faiths and backgrounds.
Welcome to Interfaith Dialogue, a discord server where we conduct debates and talks between proponents of different religions and beliefs. Here you can argue for your beliefs or learn more from other members.
Hello everyone and welcome to Truth In Plain Sight! We are a real Christian server, we accept everyone though, as much as no one preaches their own religion of men. We are looking for new members to build an active and welcoming comunity. We talk about the deceptions/lies/ilusions of the Adversary, and we preach the Gospel of our King Jesus Christ, the only God and Creator of all. We hope you will join, our staff will do its best to make sure that you will enjoy your stay here!
Prayer Fort is a dedicated Christian prayer group with emphasis on deliverance and gifts of the Holy Spirit. We want to see a mighty move of God, we do group fasting, intercession, women's ministry, and frequent group prayer sometimes set to music, or check out the religious debate channel and get in on the discussion!
PGC, Providence Group Chapel, a community with the desire to grow and a family friendly server to meet new people! Discuss anything from video games, what you created whether it be art or music! If life hits you hard, we also have a Faith section that you can send prayer requests, be apart of our bible study and share your testimonials!
Welcome to Contend for the Faith Outreach Ministry. We are here to answer questions about God, the Bible, Christianity, and much more. Come join us to have your questions answered, and we will give you resources and scripture, as well as show you our sister server for you to join if you like. You may also come here to help out to help answer any questions there is. As well as to help talk to people outside of the server, and to help it grow by bringing people to us to have their questions answered. Or just come here to have a Christian community you can talk to, that shares your beliefs and values you can fellowship with. Come join us.

A Christian community focused on sharing Christ!

Open to anyone who wants to learn about Christianity or hang out with other Christians.
Welcome to UNITED Walk of Faith, we are a server deticated to helping fellow Christians walk in their faith, All Faiths Are Welcome!
Emmaus was a town mentioned in the New Testament. It was whilst on the road to Emmaus that Jesus appeared to two of his disciples. This server exists to help people find Jesus on their walk and help them continue walking in his light.

You can use the various channels for different aspects of your walk.
This is a uniquely organized, highly visual, and heavily vetted forum for mature discourse and content sharing by practicing Catholics ages 18 and up (a person who can demonstrate restraint will be accepted, in addition to other Christians with an expressed interest in better understanding the faith). The server emphasizes tradition, prayerful learning, affirmation, celebration, and love. We offer multiple roles and ranks and members include several people discerning religious vocations.

The server is comprised of various member channels in addition to a substantial number of online resources and findings, categorized and divided into numerous library channels. These collections continue to develop and include articles, books, documentaries, documents, images, lectures, links, movies, teachings, testimonies, etc.

New users will want to review the rules, choose a role, (referring to all information pinned at the top of the channels), and then follow the instructions in the lobby.
Join our server!, we are a Christian server focused on fellowship, worship, bible study, helping each other grow in Christ, and helping each other learn more about Christ.
We accept Christians solely, however all are welcome. If you have come to debate, you are welcome, however discussions are to remain civil or you will be removed. Trolls are not welcome here.
Welcome to the Church of Scientology Discord Server! This server is for followers of the Church and Supporters to Discuss their ideals!

Walking In Faith In Christ (WIFIC) is a fellowship based server. We encourage anyone that feels led, to join.
If you want a server where the disability are welcome and ppl of different peaceful faiths can come to together and just talk and you are always treated like family then come and join the fun
The Temple of Æ (The Absolute Eternal) is dedicated to building a community around exploring the truth of the Absolute Eternal, and developing methodologies by which we can realize our fundamental unity consciousness sometimes referred to as Moksha, Nirvana, Gnosis, Apotheosis or Enlightenment.

The Absolute Eternal has been known by many names, Brahman, Buddha Nature, Vaheguru, Ahura Mazda, Monad and The Tao.

We make no claim to special knowledge and require no adherence to dogma, we are a community of seekers and artists working towards a common goal, to know our true nature, through direct experience of self as Æ.
1 Timothy 5:1-2

"Do not rebuke an older man but encourage him as you would a father, younger men as brothers, 2 older women as mothers, younger women as sisters, in all purity."

Are you looking for truth and love in your life?
Want to know more about Jesus?
Craving fellowship and want to meet more Christians?

Look no further! Join us, and experience the love of God in our server!

*Active staff
*Friendly members
*Bible study

Bless you!
We are a new virtual worship place for discord. We welcome all here with open arms. We love Christ and want everyone to experience His love for us. So please, come on by and get to know us and hang out for a bit.
🛡We are a new Christian discord server. -- Get in NOW and meet everyone as new people join! -- We would love if you joined the brotherhood! --We are NOT just for guys, all believers are welcome! 🛡
💎Easy verification process
💎💎 Meet other Christians
💎💎💎 Make new friends
💎💎💎💎 Grow closer to the Lord
💎💎💎💎💎 Learn new things

"Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor." 1 Peter 2:17 ESV
Come join the LIGHT (Living In God's Historical Truth) Community!

We are a Christian community, but all beliefs are welcome. Come for friendly discussion, debate, bible study, and much more!
We are a welcoming server dedicated to interfaith discussion and promotion, and the gathering and discussion of people from all different faiths, beliefs, and walks of life.

We are happy to have you here, and hope you'll have an enjoyable time here learning about other religions, discussion religions, and sharing your beliefs with others. Let's all work to foster more understanding and learning in the world!
A welcoming, all-inclusive community server for people of all different religious faiths. Please feel free to make yourself at home - everyone is welcome! (Except trolls, of course.)