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An active RP server in a mythological setting, with powerful items spread across the world, called the 'artifacts', giving the user additional abilities. This world would be filled with many races and other unique beings, such as Demons, Angels, Demi-Gods, Dragons, Superhumans, Tamers, Wizards, Cyborgs and so on!

Be sure to check out the rules, bonus info, lore, and etc. when joining the server! RPing styles vary from people to people and our events are frequent here! Admins are active and are able to easily guide stories if there are any problems! Have fun!
hi welcome to church we're we pray

~ release ur sins

~ pray with us

~this is kind of a joke server idk lol
Only GODS chosen may enter this hall.
(new server, nearly no one in it) join >:(
Hello! This is the official page for Sharlanity. Please join our religion, and pray to Carl. Other information will be added soon as we discuss this being more public, better in the meetings. :D thx
~Head Priest
Just a small gaggle of folks who let the bible alone be our guide, along with those who find such a viewpoint to be interesting. You'll find us quite different from normal christian servers etc., but I assure you, if you find anything wrong with our beliefs, we are happy to discuss them. Messiah almost never turned down a challenge, after all.
Welcome to the Oh My Gods server! This is a hot, fresh, out of the oven RP server with a hint of a twist; It's all via social media!
When you join, you create your character, who is then able to communicate with the other Gods using various (in-server) social media outlets and secret chats divided by realm- One of which you can make!

Looking for mods.
This is a great server to join and have fun with your friends we accept all types of games and have a channel for them all
We are the camp Jupiter role play server join if you want some community and fun
This server has everything one can only dream of, we offer new members to meet other members from all around the world, you can roleplay as gods and demigods, have your own companion for example a Pegasus, go on epic quests, make your own weapon of power, talk to your godly parents and much much more.

We maybe small but all big things start of small, help you grown the server and the fun will become endless!!
Join in the godly fun. You will be randomly given a god/goddes depending on your gender, battle other gods, fall in love with fellow god/goddeses and roleplay your heart out.
This is a friendly rp server we hope multiple people will join now let me tell you some things we offer:
Many friends
A owner who wants to rp with you
Many admins
And we don’t discriminate or disrespect people
So just please ... please come down to hell and see the hounds , come join us and say hi and rp with us
Here all Christians are welcome. If you are not sure you want to be one you can still join.
A discord for discussing Neon Genesis Evangelion / EoE / The Rebuilds, but it includes other things as well.
This server runs with biblical stuff that I randomly pulled, the Call of Cthulu story by H.P. Lovecraft, medieval superstition, and magic. There’s alchemy, cults, companies, guns, and all kinds of other things that make this medieval period interesting.

Sound fascinating? There’s even more to check out! Come look around!
Welcome to The God Squad discord this server is going to have fun events and more. The server is also PG-13 and active, Join now for some fun!
Hello from Noragami | Aftermath! A dedicated role-play server that will hopefully allow you to live out all of your shinki/god stories! We have the following, and are always open to adding more!

☪ An open-minded environment! You can suggest anything you want, or even role-play how you want so long as it isn't ruining the fun for others!

☪ We will offer a series of tasks/storylines that will all be made custom, so you can join in as your own God of Calamity if you want!

☪ So you wanna be a Shinki (Regalia) or Half-Phantom (Hybrid)? Well then why don't you?! We are even open to normal school going students if you want!

☪ We will remain a toxic free community, going as far as to do our very best in removing those who would cause any problems!

☪ We offer a rebirth system, that is hard to abuse! Meaning, although you can rebirth, you can still lose that domain if you mess up too many time!

☪ Finally, we will be hosting polls on large decisions for you to influence the servers direction! It can even be custom polls supported by the community as a poll option!

So what are you waiting for? Hop on in and take the domain you want before it's gone!