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God loves everyone! This is a safe space for all of you LGBTIQ+ and christians. Remeber even if you dont join this server that GOD LOVES YOU! And you are valid and beautiful ^^ If you want to find a loving and accepting family then join us <3
I am a content creator and researcher. I produce mini-documentaries in an attempt to not only educate others, but myself in the process. I pray to Yashua Hamashiach for all truth to be made known to me that pushes me in my purpose and assists me on the battlefield. We are dealing with dark forces that would have the truth eternally hidden in order to keep us from salvation . It is my intention to uncover and share the truth all the days of my life.
We are an interfaith server that are there for fellowship and discussing God. We have mostly Christians and Muslims currently, but we welcome all faiths and those unsure about faith.
|◆Adonai◆| Is for anyone who wants to get in depth with the Bible. We have Bible studies, Bible study references and Christian music. Come join us today! You won’t regret coming here. We have a fun family-friendly community and we hold a weekly Bible study. You will more then likely enjoy our content here too and now includes bible trivia bot!
Hello! And welcome to the official Adventures Of God discord server!
Here you can discuss episodes, characters, and have a chance at meeting the creators!
Talk to our lovely members, or participate in one of our events!
~Amazing community
~Competent staff team
~2 Factions
~Debates channel
~Special events
You can read Adventures Of God on webtoon featured!
Have fun!
Hi there! if you're interested in discussing or learning about Sunni Islam in a civilized, fun and beneficial environment. Look no further than the Ask-Muslims Discord Server. We warmly welcome people of all faiths, curious or educated.

💬 Knowledgeable Members well educated on dealing with questions from both the Muslim & Non-Muslim side.

📚 Daily educational posts in multiple channels, lectures, voicechats, wisdoms, teachings, debates, refutations.

🌙 Activities for the up-coming Ramadan!
Our main goal is to serve God through fellowship and worship. "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20
Welcome to our official Communist Zismo, our server us filled with amazing staff and fun bots, there are plenty of things to do in our communist environment so join now for the epic comrade experience!
Does the thought of death bother you? Do you want to learn how to be reconciled to your creator? Come and join a community of Christians ready to answer your questions and speak of the word of God with you! Our Ultimate goal is eternal life in heaven. The truth saves and Jesus Christ is that truth, you need to find the truth to enter in the heaven that the Lord Jesus is preparing for us! If you settle with false doctrine you settle for a false heaven. I've recently made this server come all who want to seek the truth! John 8:32
Welcome to Contend for the Faith Outreach Ministry. We are here to answer questions about God, the Bible, Christianity, and much more. Come join us to have your questions answered, and we will give you resources and scripture, as well as show you our sister server for you to join if you like. You may also come here to help out to help answer any questions there is. As well as to help talk to people outside of the server, and to help it grow by bringing people to us to have their questions answered. Or just come here to have a Christian community you can talk to, that shares your beliefs and values you can fellowship with. Come join us.
Cool Creek Christian is a Roblox and Discord based ministry! We are a Christian community from all denominations and we love to have fun. We are family friendly and do not tolerate anything else. We would love for you to join us! God Bless!
**We are a server of Truth seeker's and awake mind's please join us and share your mind**. We have prepping Information, Holistic medicine, links and documents for Alt News, Intel and information sharing. Ran by Christian Truthers.
Christian Server for Christian fellowship. We encourage other Christians to join so we can share testimony, ask questions, and grow in Christ!
Огромный мир с множеством приключений. Выбери любую расу которую ты только можешь представить! Также обсолютно любой класс. Похождения твоего героя войдут в летописи мира. А ты станешь легендой и умрёшь... ИЛИ НЕТ! На выбор абсолютно любые зелья, монстры, леса, города и многое другое! Главное напиши создателю сервера и ты сможешь хоть богом стать! Управляй любой стихией, уничтожай города, строй, защищай, убивай! GoD это мир безграничных возможностей и тайн! Присоединяйся!
Alight aims to be a server where everyone comes together, united in their love for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It is open to all Christians on their walks of faith.

Join Alight for encouragement in faith and guidance as a new Christian! Anyone who is interested in accepting Jesus as their Saviour is also welcome.

Ephesians 4:4-6 NIV
'There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. '
It starts exactly a year ago or so, where I was in a server my friend invited me to called body of Christ, I was new to Christian servers at the time so I didn't really know how to debate, I ended up getting it tons of debates and learning how to handle things, then my friend made a server, it was full of debates, so I sought to make a server for Christians only, named Shelter for Believers, I was new to owning a server so I was terrible, I ended up deleting it after so many trolls came in, I made friends and lost friends during this time, I grew in God, then I made another about a year later where it got ruined by a racist debate, I started the debate, so I repented of my ways and created this one, for people to grow in Christ and learn, and for it to be a Church for those in need So then through some personal trials in my life, with my mentor passing away, I have been using what he taught me to share Christ with others This is the story of this server
This Is a new server, looking for members. (ONLY CHRISTIANS) And people who are searching for God. This server you can learn about God, Jesus and the Bible. You can talk with other Christians and there are VC’s! We’ve got a prayer request room for anyone who needs prayer. God is Good, praise the lord! God bless.
A role-play server where you get to create and role-play as a god. You can create Myths, role-play with other people, and have a fun time.

❓ What is Christian Community?

Christian community is a family friendly Christian server that loves Jesus... this server is where we talk about Christ and make new friends! We belive Jesus is Lord and he died on the cross for our sins to take our punishment so we don't have to. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR US!!!

❓ What do we offer?



Verification system to help be sure we have real people and to slow down the trolls!!!

server feedback channel to give suggestions for the server or feedback on how you think we can improve!!!

Sunday services every Sunday you can come hear Pastor Sean read the word of GOD and describe it to have you better understand!!!

Daily verse to get your daily dose of scripture straight from GOD's word!!!

We accept everyone as a child of Christ, we don't care what religion you are because everyone is welcome... believer or nonbeliever!!!

We are a PG server and a welcoming bunch!!!

❓ Why should you join this server?

You should join this server because we offer so many other things that you will not find in other servers... we also deliver a FREE biblical education, so why not give our server a try today!!!
╠═════╣ OLYMPIA |DISCORD╠═════╣

|-Viens faire partie du serveur OLYMPIA !
|-Tu souhaites t'amuser et prendre du bon temps ou meme parler de Mythologie et de Percy Jackson ? Alors ce serveur est fait pour toi !
|- Rejoins une communauté grandissante et profite d'avant premieres sur le serveur !
|-Giveaways , Grade ,XP ,Système de roles , Jeux , Vocaux , Debats , Mythologie ... Tout ce qu'il te faut pour passer un Bon moment !
| - Le staff est compétent , il sera toujours présent pour t'aider en cas de problème !

| -

Votez Pour nous aider ! -->

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