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A room for people Awake and aware of the times.we share videos and truth.
follow me also on youtube as "truthflix". If you serve Jesus you are at the right place...............Acts 2:38
|◆Adonai◆| Is for anyone who wants to get in depth with the Bible. We have Bible studies, Bible study references and Christian music. Come join us today! You won’t regret coming here. We have a fun family-friendly community and we hold a weekly Bible study. You will more then likely enjoy our content here too!
Its been over 100,000 years since the gods agreed to abandon Earth and start a new attempt with what they've learned. That world was failing and they started splitting up. One group stayed, another left to start their own projects, and another group moved to Earth to check on it. They found the modern world we live in today. Some left and the remaining group raised an archipelago from the ocean. After naming it Pelag they claimed an island each and shared one as a neutral space. After working on the islands they began collecting people to place onto their islands and allow them to choose which god they would side with. The gods lived on the island with their people and gift them things or punish them as they wish.

Dm owner to partner.
Our main goal is to serve God through fellowship and worship. "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20
The afterlife is in shambles, the oldest gods have departed, and Firmament, the city of the divine, is an overpopulated mess. Left alone and unguided are the gods who ascended from humanity, awakening after their apotheosis to discover that they're the most powerful beings in the universe, the stewards of all creation- and they have no fucking clue what to do.
It’s the year 450XX and the world is in shambles. Small communities have formed across the globe, mutants wander the empty streets. All worship the bleeding sun, it is your god, your diety, your Holy Spirit. Some have been blessed with magic abilities, such as those of the mutants, but remain with their humanity. The mutants are highly dangerous and very cannibalistic, those caught without protection are eaten alive. Angels and demons walk the earth among the survivors, and hybrids have begun to spring up as well, gifted with various traits of their mystic blooded ancestors. Your job is to survive out here, and thrive as a species, to keep humans alive is your goal. And you will stop at nothing to achieve it.
**⊱ ────────────────────────────────── ⊰**
**⁺*・༓☾ The Divine Order ☽༓・*⁺**

▇ A high fantasy roleplay involving you, the roleplayer as a deity.
Forming alliances and deals with other gods and their factions
to assume power within the realm.

▇ You can lead an orderly life or a life of chaos, influencing those
around you to carry out similar deeds. Both mortals and Gods
alike will take your example.

▇ Be the child of one of the strongest gods or make your own way
the top, all based on your writing skill. We're very literate here.

▇ We have:
⊱ Maps and pictures to set the mood and improve understanding!
⊱ Self roles to fit your demographic and color preference!
⊱ Both a spirit world and real world to embark upon!
⊱ Story arcs that out-line the flow of roleplay!
⊱ Political and Fantastical qualities alike!
⊱ Rewards for those that are literate!
⊱ Involved staff members!
⊱ And so much more~

**⊱ ────────────────────────────────── ⊰**
**-We'll be expecting you in the realm-**
**⊱ ────────────────────────────────── ⊰**
Deisim is the first virtual reality god simulator. In that sandbox game you can create you own world and decide the faith of mankind.
Will you help them to progress from the stone age to the spatial conquest or will you make them suffer with disasters and live an hell on earth?

If you love virtual reality, god games or both you are very welcome on this server!

The game is currently in early access on steam and on the oculus store.
A free Oculus Quest version is also available on SideQuest
Steve fucking destroyed his account though we know he has an alt and sucks hiding it like a retard. Anyways join this for better experience, also on the bright side we don't have Bryce-Crispy.
We are just a few crusaders trying to have a laugh. Share memes, talk about games and just be a nice guy.
A new starting Unordinary roleplay server that I would like to open to the public, take your friends and fans of the webtoon comic and come visit the server.

Details: 10 years after Johns attacks, a random force roams the school, see if you can defeat it, ignore it, or join it. Come visit our server to see the story of Unordinary: Entity unfold.
This server is to serve as a fellowship of believers, like a church. Any nonbelievers genuinely curious about Christianity are welcome as well! This, however, is not a server for debate. I want for this to be a loving community that can trust one another and strengthen each other in the will of God. I do not tolerate false Christianity nor the promotion of false religion here.

What we believe (shortened version):
1. God is a Trinity
2. God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. He created mankind in His own image so we are also a trinity
3. Mankind was originally created good but after Adam fell we are now all born with a completely evil nature.
4. Jesus came and died on the cross for our sins. Now, with our free will, we can choose to either remain in bondage to our evil nature or repent and believe in Him to be saved. We are saved by God’s grace through our faith, not of our works. Once saved, always saved.
5. The Church is the Body and Bride of Christ, with His Holy Spirit dwelling within us and giving us spiritual gifts according to His will.
6. Israel is God’s nation
7. The Bible is the infallible word of God and is not up to private interpetation.
8. God will very soon take the rest of the Church and then initiate His 7-year judgement period upon the earth. Then Christ will physically return
9. Those who choose to reject God and remain in their evil nature will face eternal torment. Those who repent and turn to God will have eternal life.
-God is Love.
-Sin is selfish.
-Love is selfless.
-Love is other-centered and denies itself. Sin is self-centered and loves itself.
-Loving yourself is the basis for all evil.
-Self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem, and pride are all evil.
-Christians are called to deny themselves and follow God.
-Completely denying yourself and caring for others is love.
Come Join the Gods of the New Age!! Travel from Heaven to Hell to Earth experiences the power to be your own God!!
Emmaus was a town mentioned in the New Testament. It was whilst on the road to Emmaus that Jesus appeared to two of his disciples. This server exists to help people find Jesus on their walk and help them continue walking in his light.

You can use the various channels for different aspects of your walk.
City of The Gods RP

You might be Asking Yourself "What Makes this Server different" We are a Growing Community Of People with the same interests, same likes and same desire to please you all with a fun, active server.

Our Server is LGBTQ+ Friendly and We always Welcome You No Matter Race, Ethic Past, Sexuality or Gender.

A very active Helpful Staff Team that is always willing to pitch in and help you with anything you need

A Very Active Roleplay. We Always have some Event or Giveaway going on to help the community come closer as friends and members.



We Will Have Different Games Also Like Simon Says and 20 Questions with the Winner Getting Special Roles!!



A Cool Staff

Awesome Roleplayers

Awesome RP locations

The Chance to be a God

Self Roles!

A discord for discussing Neon Genesis Evangelion / EoE / The Rebuilds, but it includes other things as well.
Christian Server for Christian fellowship. We encourage other Christians to join so we can share testimony, ask questions, and grow in Christ!
Hello! This is the official page for Sharlanity. Please join our religion, and pray to Carl. Other information will be added soon as we discuss this being more public, better in the meetings. :D thx
~Head Priest
No, don't join. Please, I beg of you.

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A brand new Christian server with Bible quotes and Bible audiobook in VC.
All types of Christians are welcome!
God bless!
It's a roleplaying server where endless potential takes place: in an infinite Universe you can create your character with very few limitations and creative people are well accepted!
Hello, and welcome to Knights Tale : Three Adventures, we are a small server I understand but we're still very good, it's based on Greek things (Not really Greek-ish it's more like God RP) we contain a lot of nice things like:

-We offer a large versatile style of roleplay, to include everyone in.

-There will be ERP content, but limit it.

-Guilds in some kingdoms

-10+ Kingdoms!

-Including races! For example: (Demons, Devil, Vampire, Werewolf, Elf, Dwarf, Human, Orc, Centaur,Minotaur, Fairy!)

-We have many places that you can visit!

-Very Active/Helpful/Friendly (Can be) Founder!

-Quick OC Reviewing! (If the owner was online)


-Many Updates More!

-Create your OWN empire / kingdom!


-Organized Roles

-Welcoming People

-You can also become a God or Goddess!

-We're a new server so chill with us and help us grow!

-We're okay with people that are Gay etc, but I don't know if I'm okay with traps.. (People acting like girls, acting like guys) not gonna lie..
-We offer a large versatile style of roleplay, to include everyone in.

-Our Genres Are:Anime / Realistic (A bit) / Magical / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Mythology / Fairy tail You can also change the genre yourself! You're the one deciding not us!

For more info join the server!