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This is a server for discussing and debating Christian theology and interpretation of scripture. In particular, we discuss theories of God and the Trinity, but all topics are open for discussion. Anyone is welcome here if they play nice and follow our rules.
Atheism & Theology - A place for atheists and theists to come together to learn about religion and different views, to discuss and debate about the Truth. People of all religions/views are welcome to participate. Bots available: Islambot + Biblebot + Translator/Dictionary for use in discussions and debates.
This server is to serve as a fellowship of believers, like a church. Any nonbelievers genuinely curious about Christianity are welcome as well!!! I want for this to be a friendly community that can trust one another and strengthen each other in the will of God.

What we believe (shortened version):
1. We are all born with a sinful nature and are completely evil
2. Those who die in sin will face eternal torment
3. God came as the man Jesus Christ and died on the cross as payment for our sins then rose again on the third day.
4. All we must do is choose to repent of our evil ways and turn our heart to Him, then we are a part of Christ’s Body, the Church, and saved through our faith.
5. The Church has spiritual gifts from God’s Holy Spirit within us along with God's righteousness in our spirits.
6. Israel is God's nation.
7. God will soon take up His Church and then administer judgement upon the entire earth, then Christ will return.
8. The entirety of the Bible is God’s word.
Welcome to Godly, a Christian server to talk and ask questions. Keep in mind the 10 commandments when you join.
Gods that appears in the tribal stage of mankind. It takes place in eden, a planet a mystical realm with beasts lingering there. We are a friendly community looking for rpers here. I value freedom when RPing, and you can pretty much do anything. So long as you do not "God Mod".
This is a server where you can roleplay about being a god, a mortal or an undead.
ShadowLands is a many gamemodes server featuring a separated factions. We expect you to Join and abide our laws thanks and bye.
A Server for Converts to Islam

Quite simple and to the point
Welcome to The Primordial Refuge! An RP server in which players have powers of their own choosing, there are 4 primordial gods who have split up an island into quadrants. Each quadrant has it's own atmosphere, weather and biomes. The server has many unique features and (soon) custom bots.
- Friendly atmosphere
- Helpful/ kind staff
- Freedom!
Join now to learn about the lore and begin your role play adventure!
Hello! This is the official page for Sharlanity. Please join our religion, and pray to Carl. Other information will be added soon as we discuss this being more public, better in the meetings. :D thx
~Head Priest
Welcome to the world of Gods! We focus on nearly every mythology including Greek/Roman, Egyptian, and others. Create your own character to be a new god, to replace gods like Zeus, Hades, Hera, Set, and more. You can even be Titans and mortals, but I doubt anyone would be those.
An active RP server in a mythological setting, with powerful items spread across the world, called the 'artifacts', giving the user additional abilities. This world would be filled with many races and other unique beings, such as Demons, Angels, Demi-Gods, Dragons, Superhumans, Tamers, Wizards, Cyborgs and so on!

Be sure to check out the rules, bonus info, lore, and etc. when joining the server! RPing styles vary from people to people and our events are frequent here! Admins are active and are able to easily guide stories if there are any problems! Have fun!
Join the Jim Halpert (Played by the one and only John Krasinski) Fanclub!
Do you like Jesus? Well I don't. I don't even know why I created this server.
Well please join, it will mean a lot to me and Jesus
Dedicated 2 the pursuit of gnostic consciousness & the esoteric awareness that we all spend our lives, knowingly or not, seeking or mourning the lack thereof...
(You can still join if ur christian tho we dont care)
just a little server to share some stuff and talk ig
Emmaus was a town mentioned in the New Testament. It was whilst on the road to Emmaus that Jesus appeared to two of his disciples. This server exists to help people find Jesus on their walk and help them continue walking in his light.

You can use the various channels for different aspects of your walk.
Hello from Noragami | Aftermath! A dedicated role-play server that will hopefully allow you to live out all of your shinki/god stories! We have the following, and are always open to adding more!

☪ An open-minded environment! You can suggest anything you want, or even role-play how you want so long as it isn't ruining the fun for others!

☪ We will offer a series of tasks/storylines that will all be made custom, so you can join in as your own God of Calamity if you want!

☪ So you wanna be a Shinki (Regalia) or Half-Phantom (Hybrid)? Well then why don't you?! We are even open to normal school going students if you want!

☪ We will remain a toxic free community, going as far as to do our very best in removing those who would cause any problems!

☪ We offer a rebirth system, that is hard to abuse! Meaning, although you can rebirth, you can still lose that domain if you mess up too many time!

☪ Finally, we will be hosting polls on large decisions for you to influence the servers direction! It can even be custom polls supported by the community as a poll option!

So what are you waiting for? Hop on in and take the domain you want before it's gone!
Only GODS chosen may enter this hall.
(new server, nearly no one in it) join >:(
Just a small gaggle of folks who let the bible alone be our guide, along with those who find such a viewpoint to be interesting. You'll find us quite different from normal christian servers etc., but I assure you, if you find anything wrong with our beliefs, we are happy to discuss them. Messiah almost never turned down a challenge, after all.
Welcome to the Oh My Gods server! This is a hot, fresh, out of the oven RP server with a hint of a twist; It's all via social media!
When you join, you create your character, who is then able to communicate with the other Gods using various (in-server) social media outlets and secret chats divided by realm- One of which you can make!

Looking for mods.
This is a great server to join and have fun with your friends we accept all types of games and have a channel for them all