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The Catholic Community Chat or CCC is a Catholic discord community for Catholics and those seeking to find more about Catholicism and possibly come to Christ. If you are not planning to convert or if you are not a practicing Catholic this may not be the best server for you.
Welcome to The Church of Dorime, a friendly community of people who worship dorime, do you worship the almighty god dorime?

The Church of Dorime is a lgbtq+ friendly server, also you have to be 13+ to join our wonderful church. please follow all guidelines when you join The Church of Dorime, or otherwise you will be banned if you don't follow the guidelines. thank you and have a wonderful day!
Community focusing on the "high church" Christian traditions (Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, etc.) All are welcome, with roles for both Christians and non-Christians.

Topics include:
>Charity and Ministry
>Philosophical Theology
>Personal Piety
>Christian History and Ecclesiology
>Church-Specific Discussions

Working definition of “high church”: Strong emphasis on structured liturgy, the centrality of the eucharist, ritual, chanted or sung worship, etc.
Welcome To The Church of Shotgunism, after a small argument with MEKHANE, The 4th Sect was made. We are a new server which just got setup and is currently very empty so watch out for that when your joining. We will try or I will try to make the server grow.

When you join, you may ask: “What is this server about?”

The server is about just hanging out with people and spreading the word, that’s really it.

Praise The Shotgun and MEKHANE
Hello this is the official Church of Christ we made this server to connect with the youth while spreading our love for the Lord and his holy book. Amen please join if you LOVE Jesus
Looking for a christian server where you can engage with others and talk about logical validation of Christianity? Or looking for a christian server where you can ask your questions about Christianity?

Then this server is for you.
- Ranks to accommodate your positions
- Active staff & owner
- Bots to interact with
Catholicord is a Catholic community where one can express his opinion on diverse ecclesial affairs. We offer prayers, news, music, homilies, lectures. We are active daily and seek new catholic souls. We are professional, serious and dedicated. Join us !
Cool Creek Christian is a Roblox and Discord based ministry! We are a Christian community from all denominations and we love to have fun. We are family friendly and do not tolerate anything else. We would love for you to join us! God Bless!
I vetmi server shqiptar pa asnjë lloj moderimi!
Një vend për t'u argëtuar dhe rrëfyer në mënyrë anonime me njëri-tjetrin. Ne jemi një komunitet konstruktiv që gëzojmë shoqërinë e njëri-tjetrit. Ne e dimë që ti do të kënaqesh me këtë server.
This is a place where the believers and the non-believers can meet and have fun talking to each other! Any sexuality is welcome,if you are a Antheist that’s ok! Everyone is welcome here! :>
We are not too strict nor do we really take this this religious rule thing serious just chill and have fun meeting and chatting with the others
We are a religious Discord server for worshippers of Thanos. We believe that Thanos split himself between Shrek and Mike Wazowski to become perfectly balanced, and He created many other gods such as Shaggy, Joker, Garfield, Gru, Harambe, SpongeBob, Squidward, and many more. Join for biweekly church services, monthly movie nights, fun memes and more!
This is a server where believers of christ can share their knowledge on what they know, and if everyone's sharing then everyone's learning.
Welcome to the Church of Kaltenecker!

The Church of Kaltenecker is a joke religion that worships Kaltenecker.

We have friendly staff to help you all out

A variety of bots to play with

We have an amazing community

We have around 40 channels

Thank you for reading this, and I sincerely hope you have a nice stay here in the Church of Kaltenecker
We're friendly, the staff are kinda mean to each other but they vibe, we have popeyes, art,an optional nsfw section, gaming, and we have good music stuff
A place for bro’s to hangout and have fun with each other. We are a constructive community that enjoys the company of one another. We know that you will enjoy this server.
A diverse international community whose hobbies involve games, movies, and music. We also have started up a church for those who are interested in worship. This is a place where mature individuals meet and greet.
We are a Church That is in AltspaceVR, And Rec Room!


Email us at: [email protected]!!
This is a not a cult.
We are not responsible for the McDonalds Ballpit and music.

We have a whole system going here.
We love it here.
Cardinal Kaminari is making a Bible.
Cardinal Todoroki is making Art.
Pope Pink is just
Vibing, I guess.
So is Cardinal Sero
Wanna read the first scripture?
Uh, we got that in the altar.

We also have confessionals.

We also have a ton of shrines and VC a lot.

We don’t talk about the backroom

also join this server
Looking for a Christian community where you can engage in other believers and talk about God and Jesus Christ? Looking for somewhere to hang out and discuss things?

Then this server is just the place for YOU! There are bots and active people here willing to talk to you and help you with whatever questions you have!

- Ranks to accommodate your positions
- Active staff & owner
- Tons of bots to interact with
- A wonderful community
Enter EDEN!
1) sermons and teaching
2) live broadcasts and church services
3) testimonies, video and audio
4) fellowship
5) prayers
6) perfect for growing as strong christians
7) A safe haven for true believers and those that seek Christ
Discord Code: Kq5njHN
Hello there! We are a Roblox cult server that is looking for members. If you:

🙏Can show a full dedication to our Lord🙏
🙌Are willing to pray our Lord and attend our sessions (that usually end in disaster lol)🙌
✌Like having fun✌

Then what are you waiting for? Join us, confess your sins, be free!