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chill and shit with 40k+ members. bloody its a community of random dickheads who are trying to have some fun join our voice-chats and lit it up and be a MADLAD
Welcome to Goopy's Dungeon! A brand new Pokemon erp server on the rise! We don't have much at the moment, but we're growing! In this server, meet tons of other people who'll be happy to erp with you! There's tons to do! :3

Stuff in this server includes:
-Rp/Erp rooms
-A friendly welcome from people and a bot
-Movie nights
-Friendly community
-Special roles/Self assigned roles
-Character submission/approved room
-And more stuff to come as the server grows!
Anyone is welcome and you meet new people and very friendly, helpful staff

- Growing
- Helpful Staff
- Friendly people
- Anyone is allowed
- Gaming VC’s
- Roleplay
- Pg and Non PG channels and VC’s
- Music Bots
- Memes
- Role Abilities
-Always looking for new staff

**Thunder Advertising**

✅ **Advertise your servers**
✅ **Advertise your social network**
✅ **Chat**
✅ **Meet new people**
✅ **New Roles by leveling up**
✅ **Super cool staff**
✅ **Partnerships**
✅ **Giveaway Network bot**

**—•—A list of advertising websites—•—**

Everyone is welcome. Feel free to invite your friends.
For people who want to voice chat. Must be at least 13 years of age to join this server.
A zombie survival RolePlay, some supernatural characters are allowed, and if there are any questions about the Character creation just ask an admin or the Owner.
- 🔥 Huge giveaways 🎊
- 🔥 Specific sections and channels for all your needs
- 🔥 Tournaments (October Tournament RIGHT NOW!)
- 🔥 Friendly Owner 😃
- 🔥 Friendly community 👋
- 🔥 Anime themed but Pokécord and many other bots are present
- 🔥 Invite Giveaways 📧
- 🔥 NSFW channel (must have verified age) 🚧
- 🔥 Daycare service 🍼
- 🔥 Gyms that need filling🤞🏼

Active Admins, Owner and other members

- 🎆 Head Staff @Radiant#0494 @Litty#3476
✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
🌟 Pokéball Z** 🌟
Play Pokemon! Advertise! Chat with friends! Praise the Onion Doggo! These are all things you can do in this fun community server. We are looking for new members to join!
A roleplay server meant for the fun and joy of the Furry and/or Anime community. This server features general roleplay chats if you do not wanna follow rp guidelines, and then there is rps based of settings, like the modern and medieval places. The server is a bit small as of now, but the staff is nice and the people are nice aswell!
Gracemeria is a city of possibilities. A place where all kinds of folk mingle, where magic is very alive, even amidst the wonders of technology. Half a decade ago, the races fought in a global war for supremacy. As the losses grew exponentially, and the thirst for war lessened, Gracemeria arose as a testament to the ability of different species to live together in harmony. All manner of beasts and people roam the streets of Gracemeria, and peace came about as the world began to follow the city's example. Following the initial 'golden age' the city found after the end of the Great War, it has since fallen down the hierarchical latter, leading to the development of a darker side of the city. But one thing's for sure: no matter what you're looking for, you can find it in Gracemeria.
☁ Its about time there is a server made ☁
for maturity. If your tired of immature and obnoxious people. Join Arctic Paix. We promote aesthetics and maturity! So if you think your suited for the server or wanna see what its like to be apart of a mature and kind server, join!!!

🌨 What we have to offer 🌨
🔖 -Organized Rules With Order
🏵 -Aesthetics weekly & Discussion Of The Day
📚 -Character & Literature Help
🗳 -Voting Polls
🥇 🥈 🥉 -Ranks
☕ -Mature People
🌟 -Active Owner
🗣 -Active Community
🗃 - Growing Amount Of Unique Roles
🤝 -Open to Partnerships

Now come join us and help us grow together! We are inviting of all ages so long as you prove to be mature. We have bots to help keep order and aid our experience in Arctic Paix.
Have you ever wanted to join the Crystal Gems? Rebel against the order of the Diamonds and make Earth the first organic Colony? Then your in luck, because this server will let you do just that! You can create your own Gemsonas and have them become a full-fletched member of the Crystal Gems! I hope you do consider, and please read the rules when you join. Hope to see you all there!
a server that is full of fun and active people where we do naruto rp and talk bout anime and other stuff
This is a dating/chill server with an age range of 16-21+. A few things about us:
- We support any member of the LGBTQ+ community!
- We want to keep you safe in the dating world
- We want all to feel welcome on our server.
And some awesome features of this server!
- Self roles make it easier to identify yourself!
- Match-making compares tags to other people to find a possible match!
- Voice Channels for gaming, music, or just to chill!
- Bots with funny reactions!
- And more!

If you'd care to join, click the button below! :D
Bask in the affection of fans, enjoy harsh battles, and enjoy being a member of The Strong. This forum is an AU faithful to the core tenants of One Punch Man; no frills, no fuss. The rules are simple, newcomers are allowed to have an S-Class hero on arrival, and as many A, B, and C classers as they like. There are certain restrictions, but if you love OPM and want to RP, you'll like this place.
A breezy gaming, social, and anime community. We're social first.

Come join if you want to chill, have real conversations, and join our events if that's your thing.

2000+ members.

♡ Karaoke
♡ Anime / Movie nights
♡ Kdramas
♡ Raffles
♡ Give-aways (skins, loot boxes, amazon cards)
♡ Custom Roles that you can share with friends
♡ Custom Quotes
♡ Our own currency (integrated throughout the server)
♡ Elections... Become a club leader!

Gaming Events:
♡ League of Legends customs (inhouse bot)
♡ League of Legends tournaments (big prizes)
♡ Fortnite events
♡ Casual game nights
♡ Web-Based Games
♡ Maple Story 2 (Come join our guild!)
♡ Our own Minecraft server

Kill La Kill Of Nonon Server
You can chat any anime and Kill la Kill Nonon in my server, you can get your waifu. Hope you can join this server.
yoyoyoyo welcome to EPHEMERAL! We're an LGBTQ+ friendly server that's just starting out so come join and invite all of your friends! everyone here are lovely people and it's a fun community with self-assign roles, bot games and we host movie nights! Come join!
Hello! Welcome to our server! We are a friendly community that wants your support and love! We enjoy gaming and anime! Come join us today!

~Growing Community
~Awesome bots!
~Amazing people!
With over 1000 members! Very social hentai server! Come chill out with the hot chicks, you cool lads!
**WE DO HALLOWEEN EVENTS** Welcome to ROLEPLAY CAFE! Join as a member, stay as a friend. We have a currency system where you can buy roles, custom colours, and even custom roles! We have many different Rp's going on, just take your pick! Don't want to RP? then come chill out and talk about anything. We have loads of different channels like meme's, pokemon, gaming arcade and even a NSFW chamber ;)