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Hello there, adventurer. Welcome to the game called 'Fractioned Memories'. A game where you can be anyone you want and everything that you wanted yourself to be. You can either be a merchant, a mage, a knight or even just a normal citizen.
**Welcome to 。・゚゚・ Mythical Ocean ・゚゚・。, a 200% sfw age regression server for anyone 14+!**

Down here in the ocean, we offer:
☁️ 50+ self assignable roles to choose from
⛅ Preschool, storytime and movie night
☁️ Media chats for selfies, art, food and more
⛅ Pingable babysitter and support role
☁️ Many fun bots for music, ranking system, economy and more
⛅ A safe and fun place for littles, switches and caregivers!
☁️ Looking for active staff!
This is NOT a RP server.

This server is made to heal the recent schism made by the "Pharaoh" of the Kemetic Orthodoxy denomination. This "Pharaoh" has bean clearly abusive to her followers and continues to use them for her own personal gain and not for the overall health of the faith. They also have discriminatory views to race and claim that blacks are superior to all, which is blatantly not true as the gods have created humans all equal. Historically and Religiously the Egyptian faith has been extremely tolerant of all people and unfortunately the "Pharaoh" of the faith has currently been destroying our beautiful reputation that was blessed by the gods. So now I must step forward and cease this destruction of our faith and declare myself Pharaoh.

Now that we have that out of the way we can get to some of the qualities of our faith for the new people.

-We are extremely tolerant.

-We love Science.

-We recognize that the universe around us changes independently.

-We see that the beauty of the universe is that the gods don't need to get involved with nature as it just works on it's own.

-We see science as the gateway to understanding the gods better.

-We see that the gods interact with humans either directly or indirectly.

-We see that the gods test us at our strongest and our weakest.

Hopefully this cleared somethings up. If you just came here to debate our faith with us, please do, we would enjoy some intellectual debate with other faiths or atheists.
This server is meant to be a place for any vocaloid fan to take a load off and just hang out and chill, make some a new friends and get to know vocaloid fans similar to you instead of other people who can ruin the experience. Any harassment or bullying will resort in a immediate ban. Join and make new vocaloid friends today! we offer a station to listen to your favorite songs, separate channels to share your love for your vocaloid and share songs you love and want others to enjoy. please be consider to joining, it would make my day. thanks!
Come and promote your Twitch,Youtube, and Discord. We Have Voice channels. And many bots.
◈────◈ Danny DeVito Fan Server ◈────◈

Welcome, Danny DeVito Lover's join this cool hip server!!

✯This server is full of Danny DeVito" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" fans.✯

❋What we have to offer!❋
↳ Fun And Loving Community
↳ No Toxicity
↳ Cool And Fair Staff
↳ Cool Members
↳ Epic Fan Fiction
↳ Partnerships
↳ Free Canned Wine
↳ Custom Danny DeVito Emojis

We got fried crabs dipped in liquid cheese with 10 extra layers of cheese!
Also, we need people that can draw Danny DeVito art, so if you can some good Danny DeVito art we'll add an extra layer of cheese on your deep fried crab FOR FREE!

Willkommen in der Wizarding World!
Dem Server für Hogwartsschüler in der Muggelwelt. Hier könnt ihr chatten, euch mit anderen Potterheads austauschen, philosophieren, spielen oder was auch immer ihr begehrt.
Hier einige Features, die der Server bietet:
✦ Fortschrittlichen Umgang mit Bots
✧ Info über neue Videos von magischen Muggelyoutubern
✦ Channels für fast jedes Thema
✧ Freundliche und aufgeschlossene Atmosphäre
✦ Mehrere Sprachchannels zum Quatschen über Flitwicks letzte Stunde
✧ Hohe technische Kompetenz
✦ Levelsystem mit Rollenvergabe
✧ Verdient euch Geld in der Winkelgasse für zusätzliche Rollen

und bald noch mehr!
Ergreift eure Chance und schwört uns, dass ihr ein Tunichtgut seid.
A nifty LGBT server for youth, come join and have a look around.
This is a Fortnite STW server. In the Save the world discord server you Can trade Play and just do whatever you want! No NSFW Is though allowed since we want all Ages to be comfortable in the server. We can not give back scammed items but report them to Us and we Will see what we can do.
Hang out with your friends and meet new people along the way!
We are just a stranger, we have never met before, but if you joined this server, we can be friends.

Welcome to Uhm Server, A place that random stuff may appear. It just a server to mess around, there is no many rules so you can do anything you want.

This server is designed to be like Classic, Not Complicated, Random and Funny.

We also have staff that are really funny. We really enjoy hearing jokes, so come on and join the server!

You can also find others to play games with.

We are really welcome you to US! Uhm Server.
Serveris skirtas lietuvos auditorijai, kuri žaidžia arba transliuoja kaip žaidžia įvairius žaidimus ir ne tik. Serveryje yra lygių sistema, daug konkursų, o dar daugiau pamatysi užsukęs į serverį. Šiuo metu turime ~ 1,900 narių!
Serverio pakvietimo nuoroda:

Server for Lithuanian audience who play games or stream them. Levels award, giveaways and more is waiting for you. Currently we have ~ 1,900 members!


Tag'ai: Lietuva Discord, Lietuvos Discord, Lietuviskas Discord, Lietuviškas Discord, Lietuviski Discord, Lietuviški Discord, Lithuania Discord, Lithuanian Discord.
Art server to improve your skills, share your own art, learn together with others, and most importantly have fun ! : )
Hey Welcome to the Server Buddy.
The server is mainly for interecting,Gaming and for Anime fans.
There are many ways to entertain yourself in the server.
You can use various bots for entertainment.
The server has several bots like AKINATOR, TRIVIABOT, POKEĆORD, Etc to keep you entertained.
•.¸♡ scυм ♡¸.• 18+!

NOT JUST A LEWD SERVER - and definitely not an edating server!
cum join us and find out!

- ̗̀♡ ̖́- Not an edating server but we have verified for people who would like to share personal content

-- verification is NOT required to share generic NSFW content (such as gifs or images) of known production companies or performers --

╰☆☆ spam chat ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ edgy memes ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ compliance and customs ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ low chat moderation! ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ tonnes of NSFW emotes! ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ fun interaction and currency bots ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ customised currency system ☆☆╮
╰☆☆ auto porn channels ☆☆╮fixed n all new!
╰☆☆ other fun stuff ☆☆╮

a constant work in progress!!! always adding new features :)
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ 3AM vibes ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

we meme around, listen to music, play games 'n whatever else
age is 15-21

join u losr
Welcome to my organization! Please read the rules and your ready to go!! Don’t make this Ultimate Supreme Leader get mad at ya if you don’t! Neeheehee!
A server made for Blinks that loves BLACKPINK~
We welcome anyone and we talk about anything you want
so do join us and make this group grow together!
Serveur NSFW pour les grands fans de Hentai. (+18)
Nous laissons les membres poster leurs propres images dans des channels dédiés. Une communauté amicale et un grand nombre de membres font de ce serveur un serveur idéal pour les discussions en tout genre. Rejoignez-nous maintenant!
Welcome to Club Desire!

A night club of dancers, some hungry, others for the pleasure of the hungry, all for the entertainment of the guests.

We just started our fine establishment, so feel free to come in and have a drink at our bar or a dance with our dancers.

We try to take any suggestion for improvement into account, so be sure to let us know, if you have any issues~
⇢ 🍵 b i e n v e n i d o
▹┅┅ ┅┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅
≡▸🍵 ◟¡Cookies & Tea! ◞

⇢ 🍵 i n t r o d u c c i ó n
▹┅┅ ┅┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅

≡▸ 🍪 ◟Dentro de esta comunidad, encontrarás personas agradables y un tanto extrañas, con las cuales podrás convivir, explorar y compartir todos tus gustos en: videojuegos, comida, pensamientos, música y muchas cosas más.◞

≡▸ 🥞 ◟En Cookies & Tea podrás crear tu propio ambiente libre de odio y toxicidad; además de un lugar de encuentro junto a tus amigos, en donde te divertirás con todos nosotros, que hacemos parte de esta linda familia.◞

≡▸🍞 ◟Sí todo esto no te convence, te ofrecemos también la oportunidad de ser el más rico de todo el servidor con nuestro sistema de economía, así mismo, la oportunidad de tener a tu propia mascota, cuidarla e incluso entrenarla para que sea la mejor en las peleas de pets. Además, contamos con el sistema Pokécord, para que seas el mejor entrenador de todo el pueblo.◞

⇢ 🍵 c o o k i e s & t e a
▹┅┅ ┅┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅
Welcome to Little Angels Kingdom!
Our old community had over 700 MEMBERS and Discord deleted it! Come on let's get the old LAK back!

We offer a wide range of things in our server for everyone to enjoy!

We are a ddlg server but we accept anyone into our server as it's one of the best servers out there!


- Little hangout
- Little looking adoption
- Dom looking
- Little pre-school
- Events
+ much more!