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join this fun gatted cummity we offer dating great mods cute girls and tons of fun come join our fucking edgy cummity
A Discord made by filmmakers and movie fans. We want anyone who loves movies or makes movies to join and discuss. We also welcome official filmmakers and critics to join in on the fun.
Social cafe is a laid back community with active VC with a dedicated minecraft server that we all play on (More servers coming soon), Roles/ Gaming/ Movie Nights/ Gaming nights/ Karaoke Nights/ Partnerships/ Patreon/ Join to find out more.
Arc's Angels is a hang out server that has music and level bots with over 20+ customization roles. So come on in and talk :))
A group for people interested in hacking, programming, and/or anime. We have a team that can help you with any questions you have and will try their best to satisfy your needs. And of course we got tons of anime stuff!
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join if ur active, if not then

et sur la plage,
entre la mer et les coquillage
sous le soleil d'hiver
Je te perd
Do you like roleplay? Do you like One Piece? Well then this is the place for you.

One Piece: The Future Pirate King is a server based around the worldwide hit One Piece. However, you do not need to know the series to roleplay here. Everything you need to know is already there.
Canon characters are not allowed. And canon things such as powers and abilities will be given away daily. And every milestone comes with a special giveaway for all our members.
Please come join us in our growing community!
OK so let me give you a backstory. One of my EX admins deleted all the channels and banned 2000+ people on my old server so i'm on here to regain those 2000 people so yeah if y'all wanna come hang out, chill, do whatever then yeah join this and also dear YouTubers *slurp* underage discord dating content *slurp*
We are a meme server. We only have a small community of people so far but we are hoping to make a fun meme community. (Rid of normies) We have 8 bots set up nicely. (If you join and no ones online you may have to wait a bit for a greeting.)

We have channels for meme-art/art shitposts. We have a cursed images channel. A meme channel. A music VC for rythym. A cursed images channel. We have a copypasta channel, bot commands channel and more!

We have lots of bots including: Dank memer, Pollux, Tatsumaki, Pokecord, Rythym, Dyno and Mee6.

We hope to see ya join! (Also don't mind the name it's a joke). We would likes suggestions on how to make it better aswell!
Welcome to Hell! A server with a devilish aesthetic. We are an active and growing community of heretics who post memes and like to have a good time. We have a variety of interest channels, karaoke, a music bot, and even opportunities to promote your own channel! Feel free to join and burn with us!
The Dead Lands! A fun Roleplay server for you to experience the zombie apocalypse! Create characters and use them to fight zombies even have a romantic relationship? There are many places to go. Including a safe area, The forest, and a category called “Zombie Infested Area”. There are unlimited possibilities, and even you, yes you could suggest ideas on the server. There will be more information about the Roleplay once you join!
The aim of this server is to preserve a free, open, and intellectual medium for members to discuss their political, philosophical, and religious positions, examine their worldview and to debate the most pressing questions. We hope to add even more features as the server grows larger & are always open to suggestions & love to hear feedback from our members about what they want, what they like & dislike.
a fun communinty for talking with friends and just having fun no realy mean rules join and have fun with us do some voice acting in one of the VC or just chat in one of our many text chats always adding new things to have fun with and fixing ones that break so everyone can keep doing what they do there are new channels that you gain access to by leveling up and more

For all of your gaming needs, as well as a nice place to hang out and meet new people while you look around the store. The staff is friendly and anything not found initially can easily become a staple to our ever growing selections.
Крупнейший русскоязычный ЛГБТ сервер для геймеров.
*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿ 3AM vibes ✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*

a new lil server, but is growing fast

we play games, watch movies, listen to music, meme around n all the good stuff

age is 15-21 bitches
a positive place for you to find nice people to talk to. no toxicity or drama allowed. small and new but trying to grow
A fun discord for ravage gaming youtube channel. There giveaways almost every week.
The server is about a youtuber call CyberWolf 47 on youtube and you can have fun within the sever.
Lore: The Blood Moon Academy was founded over 45 years ago by Honerva Sinclair, a safe haven for nonhumans, humans, and hybrids alike, the first integrated school to exist. 4 square miles of land have been provided for you to live, and learn the great willow tree the pride of the school stands at the center of it all. The school has seen many things in its years; war, depression, protesters, and famine. But it has survived and gone above and beyond making a proper safe haven for student and staff alike. Blood Moon Academy has an expansive learning archive with 4 buildings designated to the sciences, literature, maths, and magic’s, and two buildings for dorms, plus extra curricular activities are provided as well. So enjoy life at the academy, safe haven for all and shining star in the dark.

Here we welcome all to roleplay, chat, and overall have fun. We are a welcoming server with seasonal event's, along with fantastically accepting members, along with the freedom to roam and choose your own path and classes. So join in the fun and see how the academy treats you.

(please when joining take into account we are in the early stages of building the server, give it a chance and see how you like things in B.M.A)
Welcome to ஜ۩ Absolute Zero ۩ஜ

A server with a friendly community where you can game, talk about anime, and make new friends!

✼♡ •• ┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨˚୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈ •• ♡✼
❆ Gaming
❆ 24/7 VC
❆ Anime
❆ Bots
❆ Music
❆ 50 Custom emoji's
❆ Self Role System
✼♡ •• ┈┈┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨˚୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈┈┈ •• ♡✼

A way to have fun and trade on fortnite save the world and have fun and do stupid shit stuff my fellow gamers.