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Salut toi x)

Alors je sais que sa peux paraître bizarres mais je vous propose de déménagé dans notre jolie ville du nom de Derry ^^

-serveur de rencontre👯‍♀️
-NSFW pour les plus coquins d’entre vous ❌
-pleins de bots a votre disposition ☺️
-serveur agréable et qui voudrait apporter du bonheur à tous 💕
-enfin un serveur comme les autres :’)

Un clown affreux et affamé par moment rôde dans la ville,nous avons besoin
pour le metrisé et qui c le tué 😏, si vous êtes dévoués au serveur vous
pourrez accéder a un club pour protéger la ville !

Le serveur est basé sur les film ça si vous voyez se que c, je vais pas blablater plus longtemps n’hésitez surtout pas à nous rejoindre cela fera plus de nourr...un bonbon ? Bon beusous on vous attend sur le serveur bande de plouque 💕
☆✼★ Welcome to the Pheuniverse, a world where you or others will constantly be serenaded. Here, you can show off your musical talents and maybe even find people to collaborate with! This server is not only a place for your musical skills, you can also feel free to lounge around and meet new people in the Pheuniverse! There will be events held by our administrator staff every month to make the place more exciting and fun for you guys! Some examples consist of singing/instrumental competitions, gaming events, movie events, etc. This server is a place for nothing but positive energy, so with all of that previously stated, enjoy your stay in the Pheuniverse! ★✼☆
[Update List] 10/9/19
>Under new ownership
>Sortie campaigns have begun, to join just show up, no sign up required~!
>Improved DnD system, with repair mechanics, this time
>XP and Item system are both out and rolling! Join in sorties versus the abyssal threat to earn XP and items to level up and receive even cooler upgrades and abilities!

War based ship girl server.

The year is 1946, the Abyssal threat was introduced late after World War Two. Imperial Japan was wracked by the two atomic bombs, and refused to surrender. Nazi Germany was in a several month long struggle for the battle of its capital, Berlin. Very shortly however, the threat of the Abyssals showed up in the Pacific and started to harass American supply vessels connected to Guam, Pearl Harbor, and Guadalcanal. Their presence marked an international ceasefire between nations and the assembly of a multi-national combined fleet. Though months earlier, these nations were at each other's throats, were forced to band together to fight this unknown threat that could potentially take over the Earth's oceans.

As a vessel newly assigned to the western-coast Japanese naval base, Sasebo, it is your duty to serve your nation, and to serve the multi-national combined fleet in their efforts to defeat the Abyssal threat. The loss of most major American airbases and Japanese port cities have proved to the world that if the Abyssals spread farther than the Pacific, it could sever the supply and trade lines connecting the world, ultimately destroying whole super power's and their economies. The situation is dire, but it's do or die. Completely surrounded, it is your job to support the combined fleet and break through the forming Abyssal blockade-line and save Japan, and the world, from annexation and destruction.

Lethal Sun Gaming is a growing gaming community that plays games competitively. We often joke around and have fun for the most part, we're here to enjoy ourselves :).
18+/NSFW gay furry server for the appreciation of muscle/bara/chubby. Males only. Non-furries welcome!

We have:
👉 Level 3 server boost
👉 18+ verification system to unlock active IRL nudes, ERP and yiff channels!
👉 Active 18+ verified section with dedicated chat, starboard, VCs and video chats
👉 Openly sexual and lewd chats
👉 Active, horny yet wholesome community. Come for the yiff, stay for the love and fun!
👉 MEE6 and Tatsumaki leveling systems, with furry bots like Furry Bot and owopup
👉 Tons of roles to describe yourself, including over 20 color roles
👉 Anti-raiding/gatekeeper system
👉 Almost 200 emotes!
Roblox & Roblox Studio (Not Official)

🛠️ - Creations
📜 - Script Help
📘 - Lessons every day!
💰 - Sell Models for Robux only
🔁 - Trade
🎉 - Giveaways
💬 - Chat + Private-Chat
🌐 - Advertise your Games
🌐 - Advertise your Models
🌐 - Advertise your Roblox Groups

Join now so you can get Free Robux by Selling your Models!
Got Heat is a growing community of rappers, producers, and anyone else into hip hop. Share your music, discover underground artists, chat, enter contests, and just chill.
Heaven Services is a place to buy money and rp for GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Services/Recoveries
∎ Extremely safe and cheap GTA 5 recoveries/services.
∎ GTA 5 Modded Accounts
∎ Giveaways for recoveries/services.
∎ Friendly communtiy.
✬ Our server is a kpop server for all fans!
✬ Play kpop games
✬ Talk with fellow kpop fans
✬ Hang out and have fun
✬ Fanclubs
⋆ Server theme : Mamamoo Gleam ⋆
“What is Kamen RIder Ichigo's favorite food? ~Rider Cake! And that’s Poppy folks!”


Anyways, this a discussion and roleplay server that was created on April 6th 2019 and still remains incredibly active, despite many, many trials.

If you wish to just join the server to discuss Toku, we’ve made the rp channels and discussion separated, so it should be more than easy to ignore the rp side of the server if you so wish. And if you want an active rp server, we also have big community rp events every two weeks with more individual rps on the side when that isn’t going on.

1) For discussion and Minecraft (yes, essential), we have many dedicated channels to suit your needs:
- All of the latest episode links, promos, trailers, spoilers for upcoming Kamen Rider episodes, movies, etc.
- Plenty of resources for any of your friends who are new to Kamen Rider and might need help understanding the franchise!
- We also have many meme channels and the most notable one being “edgy memes” for truly cursed content... (you have been warned)
- A Minecraft server, where we’ve built many Kamen Rider themed locations and homes! Btw, I’m not against spawning in Minecraft cake...

“...most of the time on Kamen Rider servers, people are literal edgy teens, but not here...” - member

2) For rp, we specialize in creating arcs and storylines (from any Era) to give you the freedom you need to write a personal story, or to influence the entire universe of the server’s main story. And we have:
- An incredibly active and engaging event series that receives almost weekly updates with polls, announcements and even the chance to suggest ideas. This event rp is just like stepping into a Kamen Rider episode, or movie.
- We have an active staff that helps with character making and monitoring rp sessions for any issues.
- Plenty of canon characters still unclaimed! (pls we need a Hibiki ASAP ;-; )
- Non-event series rp that allows you to create your own individual stories on this server with as little or as many people as you like!
- The freedom to claim a canon character, or to create your own original character to rp as. [Be warned making an oc can be a bit more work than claiming a canon.]
- At the moment, our rp server is in the early stages of moving on from an event series about a Zero-One company war story to one about an apocalyptic story, involving the rise of Zaia Enterprise and Kamen Rider Thouser! Our upcoming event series is using content from Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation, Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease and many of the other shows!

“...this server is very well handled compared to some other RP servers and to that I give applause...” - member

While there are a lot of Kamen Rider servers, I like to think due to this server being a fair bit older than some and due the wonderful personalities we have on the server, that this server is something unique and I very much so hope you’d give us a shot!
- Poppy, Jin Takayama Fan #1

Hey! Seems like you discovered this server :).
This is a pretty chill anime / community server with dope people ngl theyre pretty cool fr.
It's a new server but we really want to grow a large community with alot of nice people!
I really hope you join and support this server ;)
Thank you and I hope you will find new friends here :D
Over 50 years ago, a school was founded by Crystal Rivers, a young woman with a passion, and a gift. She had a love for teaching, and devoted all her money and time to this passion project. Eventually, a war began, and the gifted fled for safety at Crystal Rivers Highschool. It eventually became a boarding school, to house the gifted who ran away from home, or were sent so they could learn to protect themselves.

The Korall dorm, for the elementals, the children with their gift based around the main elements in the world.

Roseflower, for the rare, the ones with powers that can't be categorized, they are very unique children, but they are all still treated the same. In the dorms, there is one Rare in each, and that Rare is basically the team leader. Teams are groups of people in the dorm who are together when it comes to events and activities.

Lightfire Dorm, Spacial The dorm for the people with ESP type gifts. Mind bending, telekinesis, you name it, one of them will have it! A peculiar bunch, not to be messed with when angered for the most part.

Julieee Dorm, Light For the stars in our lives! Just kidding. The Julieee dorm is dedicated to the ones who wield light magic!

Skylight Dork, Dark This dorm is dedicated to the ones with dark/shadow type abilities. Any type of gift that takes its energy/power from shadows would stay in here.
A server specifically designed for Smash Ultimate matchmaking!

Join today to level up your game

Over 1800 members!

Server events every week!
☕The Witcher Server, Junte-se a muitos membros em nosso servidor Discord da comunidade Kaer Morhen☕
☕ Chats ativos onde você pode conversar com muita gente e se divertir;
☕ sistema de nível engraçado;
☕ Vários cargos para se conseguir! Cargos de cores, cargos de evento, papéis de de RPG por nível etc;
☕ Muitos emojis anime / mangá de qualidade!
☕ O servidor adota um belo visual do anime The Witcher;
☕ Seção de Eventos: de onde você poderá obter novos rankings exclusivos ou outros prêmios e participar de vários eventos, teremos sorteios de jogos;
☕ No futuro, você pode se tornar um moderador e / ou administrador, exigimos apenas atividades e competência;
☕ Canais de música e voz com bots, nos quais você pode conversar com outros visitantes;
☕ Você também poderá, caso queira, ajudar o servidor com dinheiro e ser recompensado com cargos/
☕ Temos muitas outras redes sociais para nos seguir. Twitter, Instagram, Youtube ...;
☕ Nós temos uma equipe competente, estamos aqui para melhor atendê-lo, você pode brincar com os outros membros, desde que a pessoa não se ofenda. Mas seremos compreensivos nas punições
☕ Venha se divertir na nossa comunidade!☕
☕Brasil ☕Brazilian ☕Português ☕Portuguese ☕Anime ☕Mangá ☕Hyouka ☕Discord ☕Brasil server ☕Servidor Brasileiro Discord ☕Servidor Otaku ☕Servidor Gamer ☕Servidor Ecchi ☕Servidor Hentai ☕Servidor NSFW ☕
The official r/xcxheads Discord server. A friendly and welcoming place to discuss everything Charli XCX related, but we're also 100% open for other topics of discussion!
Zoek jij nog een leuke discord server? Dan ben je hier aan het juiste adres! Naast een leuke, gezellige en actieve chat zijn er ook nog een aantal events. namelijk : ChooseYourSide, GuessThePicture, BlackStories, KaraokeZondag en GameNight. In deze discord is ook een leuk rank systeem en is er een channel voor Pokecord!
Tucktropolis Discord Server
🗳 - *Customizable Ping Roles!*
⭐ - *XP with Role Rewards that Unlock things within the server!*
🎉 - *XP Giveaways every week or so!*
👥 - *Nice community with cool people!*
🏆 - *Fun Games and activities!*
😀 - *A variety of emotes!*
⭐ - *Role Rewards go up to level 1000!*
💎 - *Nitro Boosted!*
💵 - *Currency with Unbelievaboat!*
🤖 - *Bots like Pokecord, Rythm, MEE6 and GamesROB!*
Join Now!
We made this server to rebel against the e-girls who are taking over discord and other places? Well join this piece of shit server where we are toxic and edgy for no reason. We don't like e girls and simps in short and if your found being one of them you will be shunned and have corn thrown at you.
Um servidor Inútil onde pessoas inúteis falam sobre coisas inúteis.
▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █. Moon Love. █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃
Qu'est ce que c'est ?
- C'est un serveur plein de bonne humeur !
- Vous pouvez aussi y trouver plein de canaux intéressant !
- Moon Love est aussi remplit d'animation intéressante avec des giveaway et des events régulier etc ...
- Mais le plus important est que Moon Love est en développement donc les changements sont très fréquent et tous type de staff est accepté !
C'est pour cela que je vous conseille d'aller faire un tour sur Moon Love !
Under the care of the Sex Demoness Avianaria Lilium, the Somnium Tavern has become a growing Discord ERP Server.

As such, we would like to restrict all applicants to being 18+ IRL age. Currently we have our doors opening to invite more active members! We have a rather quiet place to hang out, but please don’t be fooled. Just about all Tavern areas are available to everyone to yiff or be lewd as they please, with exception of a couple SFW areas. Also, we do request that all the extreme kinks be kept to a minimum or taken to private messages. We’re happy to extend this invitation to all physical/psychological genders, orientations, and species. All we ask is that you be at the very least a decent role player that can be descriptive enough that your partners aren’t lost, even if it’s a line or two, but also not overboard, so much that you make a wall of text(as well as proficiency in English if it’s not your Primary Language).

There are some things that should be common sense if you’re going to apply, but some need it put forth so as to make it apparent that we will not tolerate it.


· JOINING REQUIRES A PROFILE! If it is not done, we will message you a warning at 24 hours and eventually kick you from the server by 48 hours.


· ANY profile that is blatantly bad (Gender of reference pic and profile info don't match/you didn't fill out all the information asked/is questionable in nature/OVERALL NEGATIVE AND SUSPICIOUS) we will not accept you and will therefore kick you by the 48 hours.

· Don’t be such a horny fuck that you can’t restrain yourself from trying to rut as soon as you get in the tavern. At least make an effort to start an actual role play before you make it erotic.

· Be aware that we all are either not in the same time zone (or country) as you, working adults, active students, or both, so we are not going to always be active online (hence the amount of time given to make your profile submission).

· Be respectful of others. If there are any issues of any kind please speak with the Admins first. Owner is the last resort if you feel the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction.

· Inactivity after approval is limited to 1 month (30days/4weeks) without an active role-playing message or chatting at all will result in a kick from the server. Picture/emote spamming are not included in activity as we are not wanting members to only be lurking within the server.

· You’re more than welcome to rejoin the server after being kicked, as we will not ban you for inactivity.

When you do apply, please keep in mind that we are all human. It would not be good to bring in real-life drama or negativity to the server as this place is our escape from the rest of the world. This is a place of acceptance of all sorts, as we all come from different mindsets and backgrounds. Once you come in, you’re your character unless in the OOC area, in which we still do ask that real-life drama stay in real-life and not in server. If we can help with it, please speak with an admin or the owner directly.


Above is a link to a list of what we consider ok within server (yes), questionable so needs clarification and approval from Admins (maybe) and restricted from the server (no) so are requested to stay within DM/Private messages between RP partners.
Сервер ютубера Erby. Данный сервер посещен игре от Supersell, Brawl Stars. Роли по кубкам, роли за достижения и многое другой можно получить просто зайдя на наш сервер. Мы всем рады!
♡ Big Dreams in a Little Space ♡
Welcome to Little Dreams! We are a new and welcoming server centered around DDLG/CGL and all things to do with it. We are a welcoming server with like minded and friendly staff. We have a range of different channels to explore and plenty of self assignable roles for you to choose. We really hope you chose to come and be apart of the community we are trying to build. (:
♡ 18+ DDLG Focused
♡ Healthy Living/Body Positivity
♡ Non Toxic/Drama Free Zone
♡ Voice chat for verified users only
♡ Fun bots!