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Just a casual RP about a group of high school students, all varying in age and social groups, who deal with love, drama, heartbreak, friendships and rivalries, as well as other personal means. I've been doing so many serious fantasy RPs, I thought it'd be nice to just chill out with a real-life drama RP. The characters, all different ages and grades, will come together through some means to be thought of later. For now? Just imagine a high school student in your head ready for friends, drama, romance, and chaos from High School. Interested?
▬▬ Truskawkowe Królestwo ▬▬

Zapraszamy na nas serwer! Oferujemy:
• Ciągły rozwój
• Miłe community
• Walutę serwerową
• Pomocną administrację
• Dużo kanałów
• Częste giveawaye
• Wybór pingów
• Kanał z pokemonami
• Wiele botów

Serwer powstał 21.05.2020
(This is strictly a NSFW, and non-furry server.)

| You also need to be 18+|
Upon being verified you will be asked for ID.

A server for people who are into belly related kinks!
Come help "fill up" our server~

We offer:
-Friendly chat
-Role playing
-Vore Bot/Stuff Bot/Game Bots
-And more to come!
Hi and welcome to Azar Kingdom, AK is a very friendly server with a community willing to help others. Shiny raids hosted daily with prizes and giveaways too. We are a brand new server growing by the day. Hope to see you soon trainers especially with the DLC coming soon.

Our Server has things such as:

🔥Active/Friendly Owners, Mods & Shiny Hosts
🔥Shiny Raids daily
🔥Giveaways/Competitions daily
🔥Pokémon Battle Arena
🔥Trading Channel
🔥Missingno Competitions weekly
🔥Pokémon Go Channel
🔥Isle of Armor Shiny Raids (DLC)
🔥and so much more...
A gaming community which a multitude of different personalities. also hosts servers in garrys mod and other games to come.
you can make lots of new friends!! we have music channels, gaming channels, pride channels, etc! we do not judge anyone. come join! we love everyone and we accept everyone. when you join, go to roles! thanks!!
♔ welcome to ˚✧₊⁎ ᷀ maja’s kingdom  ᷀⁎⁺˳✧༚ ˚ ♔

you must be 13+ to join, and if you are over 22 you should probably look elsewhere.


✿ if you are looking for a server that offers unique self roles and color roles, look no further!

✿ our emotes are only the most immaculate of their kind, specially prepared and crafted by our very own jester.

✿ fun bots, channels with a purpose to keep the general chats clean? you better believe we got those ;)

✿ the more active you are, the more cool perks you can get! not only will your title change in the server, but you will also unlock channels that are progressively more and more selective,

✿ but if you’re looking for a chill, accepting, fun and all around great group of people then you need to look no further! come and join us; let us help pass the time and make some awesome memories here in maja’s kingdom!

we hope you enjoy your stay with us.


owner: maja˚୨୧⋆#7732
✨ Welcome to Username Warriors! 'Username Warriors' is pretty much the name you get when you make an Account at We also like to call it 'Our Government Assigned Warrior name.' On here, we have all four clans! Roleplay as you please, but make sure to read the rules beforehand.✨
A wholesome, familial server for everyone. Weebs, artists, writers, memers, anyone is welcome! We have channels for art and singers, and therapy channels for comfort. We have userphone channels and a supportive art community. We vibe all day every day, and have very actuve staff. This server is just getting started as a re-start of another server (Pac's Delinquents), but we hope it can grow like the old one did.
Please consider coming to the Acropilis, we look forward to having you (:
⭐A friendly, welcoming, and accepting community
Coronavirus got you under quarantine? Join us and chat!
• You can find friends and love?!?!
• Active staff members✧
• Rules that keep the community safe✧
• We are awaiting players✧
• Fun games to interact with
• And you can chill with your friends here if you want to
⭐Come one, come all. Join us if you need support, or a friendly community to become apart of
Chillhub Chill Hub
🎉 Benvenuti su Project Isla! 🎉

Cosa puoi trovare:

▸ Staff sempre attivo e disponibile;
▸ Chat testuali attive;
▸ Chat vocali attive;
▸ Canali privati per ogni membro;
▸ Giveaway, eventi e tanto altro ogni settimana!

❗ Minori di 13, raider e altre persone che infastidiscono verranno bannate ❗
Do you crave d&d? Playing, DMing, or maybe even just monitoring it? Well this is the place for you!
You can be a player, dungeon master, or a mod- or all three if you really want! Maybe you've never played or are interested? We have people who would gladly teach you how to play- or maybe you want to teach people how to play!
We don't have one Dungeon Master- everyone can be a Dungeon Master with the right criteria!
Some people like to be Moderaters, or some like to just be tech people- both are welcome! If you join and have any ways you think we could make the server better you can let us know, were always up for making the server better!
All in all this is a pretty fun place to be, you can play d&d, you can create and run d&d campaigns, you could make sure nobody is breaking the rules, or you could just make the server a better place and keep us running smoothly! So come on and join the fun- and make sure to bring your dice!!
· Moka's Coffee · ☕
》Somos un servidor de Café que se enfoca en crear una familia que reúna a las personas!
· Una comunidad cariñosa y cómoda
· Esquema de color lindo y estético
· Autoroles coloridos
· Nuestros propios emotes y propios dibujos hechos por nosotros!
· Servidor en progreso, habrán nuevas cosas pronto, aceptamos sugerencias!
· Buscamos alianzas y nuevos miembros del staff, si eres activo habrán posibilidades que seas futuro mod.
Come and join the Students of Hope's Peak Academy's New semester in a class group chat! come and make new friends, maybe even make some crackships! We love everyone no matter what, everyone is valid to join the server <3 We hope to see you there!!
PridelandsMC is a mostly active Minecraft 1.15.2 Java Multiplayer Server.

The current world is somewhat new and has several somewhat built up areas. It began on 23/04/20. The most active players have clocked around 100 hours in the first few weeks. Player numbers have varied from 5-10 active weekly players. There are already five established bases. There is no main settlement, although you are free to build a base anywhere that isn't claimed by someone else, or join a base where you have been given permission to settle or which is public.

The server is currently mainly vanilla however plugins are being discussed to catch griefers. Our two current data packs are multiplayer sleep and double shulker shells. There is no admin abuse on the server as only one user has OP. Rules are relatively relaxed in regards to technical farming so there is no worry that a resource farm would be rule breaking. AFK fish as much as you want. The server has a permanent vote to remove the current world and start from scratch on a new seed so people can get a new world when they are tired of the current one.

All are welcome ages 13+. The discord has a relaxed voice channel which anyone can use for anything.
Masz już dosyć bycia zbyt poważnym? Chcesz po prostu się zabawić? Zapraszamy na Plac Zabaw, gdzie życie wydaje się bardziej kolorowe i radosne!

Plac Zabaw to nowo utworzony serwer prowadzony przez 2 właścicielki z dużym doświadczeniem. Temat serwera kręci się wokół dobrej zabawy oraz ulubionych rzeczy właścicieli i użytkowników. Wasze zdanie jest tu najważniejsze, bo serwer jest tworzony dla was!

To jak? Dołączysz do naszej piaskownicy?
Welcome to KNIGHTS TEMPLAR 1307
A for honor knight faction only server JOIN US. {200 KNIGHTS} (3-year establishment)
We have our own unique Renown point-based ranking infrastructure to rank up in many ways possible to earn reputation and fame. We offer. Frequently Active community, an FH related RP & DnD Dedicated server, Historically Accurate Templar ranks, Creative in-game & discord events, Weekly tournaments, Frequent events, Templar Academy, Entertainment bots, Medieval Histories, legends, Music/Bard Hall, medieval stories, myths/lore's, Medieval Membership trial & many more.
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