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You ever wonder why we're here well that's easy to RP we're just the red versus blue RP server we got place to put art character discussion and a bunch of other things so come join us
Hey this server is pretty abnormal but hey the community is “welcoming” but hey what can I say also my server is basically a hangout to meet peeps and a art place too we need Art people but also warning sometimes we can get a little dark but hey you won’t know if you wanna join until you join so go ahead
Welcome to The Hangout! Meet new people, play games, win giveaways, and more!!!
A friendly, open furry community that's all about providing quality and quantity. We're the largest Furry Server on Discord with over 10k users!
This is a server where you can roleplay as your fav Character from your fav fandom! Have fun and enjoy!
Also: This is a Freeform roleplay,it basically means everything can happen,this roleplay dosent actually focus on stuff :^)
Another Thing!: when your character dies,he respawns and forgets the past few things he saw/did.

We have finished the server so now its freely to join it!

Now we have... ~ ~ ~ Cities! Towns! Guilds! We also can now fight against monsters and earn money owo!!!
Have fun-!
Server looking for more new friends to join in on the fun! We are a chill server, just enjoying good talks and good friends. You can really do anything, just not the things in the rules (which isn't a lot) , other than that; hope you join in on the fun! i really don't know what else to say my dude
Welcome to ʏᴏᴜᴛʜ.™
We have:
● Game Giveaways
● Active staff
● Friendly users
● Achievable Roles, XP-Levels, Self-Assignable Roles
● Music bots
● Easy and fun to use bots
● Variety of entertainments channels
● Gaming channels
● Partners
● Spam safe
● Idiot safe....ish

Owner: @RaMeTo#7454
Roleplaying is a way to travel to worlds we thought we could only dream of. Here in the world of New Eden, home to many races and classes, the possibilities are limited only by creativity.

We are a new and growing server, but we boast of realistic, complex, and engaging lore that will make you feel like you’ve actually teleported through your computer screen. We are highly literate, people-oriented, and plot-driven. We love to collaborate with members to bring about events that aim to satisfy your rp-needs.

Our story truly began in the 2nd millennium, when World War III brought about nuclear devastation. The elemental races of Dragons, Elves, Merfolk, and Dwarves, could no longer hide and waged war against humanity shortly after. Demons and Angels had gotten involved and it was the latter that prevented total annihilation of life on Earth.

Now, we live in an era of peace, in one of the sanctuary cities in Egypt, now known as New Eden. Or at least as much peace as possible given that conflict never truly dies. The mage, rogue, warrior, and citizen factions rule the city through a united council, but plots, dramas, issues and politics are alive and well.

So what needs to be done given the circumstances? Well, that’s for you to decide. Hope to see you soon here in New Eden.

A friendly, accepting DDLC roleplay server!
Create an OC and join in! Sometimes the Dokis might RP with you!
Come on and have fun~!
Horizon is a real start up rocket company, come join and watch us grow!
Our Goal is to Help others and be there for people that are in need of Pokémons or a group of people in wild Pursuit of Pokés. We never leave anyone out of anything and we always do our best to help our members grow and catch pokés.
Our Server is Different than any other Pokémon server on discord.

=====What Our Server Offers=====

✯ Custom Server Bot

✯ Pokecord and Music!

✯ 20 Gyms and Elite 4 [ Soon There gonna be 2nd Division for Gym Battles ]

✯ Active and Friendly Members!

✯ Rapid Giveaways and Fun Events!

✯ Leveling System!

✯ Custom Community Emojis!

✯ Custom Roles

✯ A Simplified but Unique Ranking Structure with Promotions Always Available for the Pokés you catch and your activeness meter!

✯ Lots of Gyms with Good Prizes

✯ 900+ Members and Growing!

✯ Fun lotteries that you don’t want to miss
Small server, starting out, about Paladins by Hi-Rez. Just to have fun, talk about the game, and meet new people. Accept both consoles and PC
Also have a no-rage zone, just in case.
Please feel free to join us
Open to everyone in the LGBT community as well as everyone not in the LGBT community!
Nation is an upcoming community with lots to offer from gaming, dating, fun bots like pokécord and mudae, good and entertaining times through many interactions, enjoy your time here and we hope you can be apart of this experience!
Server is 18+, lotta porn in here.

If you send creepy dms we'll humiliate you and ban you.
If you're looking for a wholesome and loving community, we'll welcome you!

-Verified Nudes section
-Custom Bot (has porn,anti-raid features and economy)
-Genuinely nice and caring people
-Active mod team
We are a community that tries to make this place the most comfortable and enjoyable place to be. We are mostly interested in the East Asian countries like China, Korea and Japan.
♡+:。.。Welcome to Foxy's Den~! 。.。:+♡
♡16+ friendly server with 18+ verification (with access to NSFW channels) and self assignable roles
♡Our server covers a wide variety of kinks including DDLG/B, MDLB/G, CGL, pet play, dom/sub, furries, etc
♡We have a place to look for that someone special, vent, ask for any type of advice, many VC channels (including private ones for two people) even a positivity board~!
Finitium Pokémon is a server where all Pokémon lovers come together!
We have -Pokecord, Pokemoin and Toasty!
Join for milestone events, gym battles more!
This is the Angels and Demons server, in which Angels and Demons have fought for centuries, the balance holding
The balance may tip in favor to one or the other, depending on YOUR choices
The owner is Neutral
However, I can become and Angel or a Demon
YOUR choices impact my decisions
Angel, Demon, or Neutral, fight for you side and have fun above all!
Join our hentai Discord server; a place to give in to lustful desires without consequences. We support various kinks such as ddlg, femdom, furry, cosplay and more!
Hello there everyone! We are a new server looking to meet some really bubbly people! We're a kind, friendly community where you're free to be yourself. Post selfies and IRL stuff, game achievements, discuss anime/manga, find people to play with or talk to if you're bored or just chill in one of our many channels.

# Server Seasonal/Special Events
# Rewards and Level ups for talking and doing server events.
# Anime Chat
# Games Chat
#League of Legends
#Maple Story 2
# Voice Chatting
# Music Channels

Click to join if you'd like, we'd be happy to have some new members :3
The Terraria Mobile Multiplayer Group (TMMG) is a Terraria Mobile Discord community dedicated specifically to mobile players who use iOS devices and own the MultiTerraria app. We have everything Terraria related, including community events, all item worlds, many channels for topics including PvP, building, and minigames. Check out our website at:!
We're a server that has many kind people. If you're looking for real friends, look no further because here, we open our arms to you. We're very welcoming and we are a group of people who just want to know more about other people and their lives.