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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Witch-Hunt

Welcome to a rather fresh rp server based around JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! The first and current part takes place in 15th century Europe after the great plague, set in the fictional land of Counaton. Society has steadily reformed with help from the church, which has now set its eyes on witches: people gifted with stands, viewed as miracles bestowed by God by the church.

The church has made it its mission to find any and all witches, either converting them to their cause as Witch Hunters, or killing them. Witches live suppressing their abilities in the city, or exile themselves to live a more free life in the outskirts of Counaton. However, nowhere is truly safe as Witch Hunters and other church members are everywhere, looking for them. Many witches seek safety in the moving bogs, this universe's devil's palms.

You enter this server as a witch or a standless human (perhaps one who has mastered Hamon or the Spin?), and you pick your own side in the story: from dedicated church member to exiled stand user, martial arts master to just a citizen trying to live in this mad world, the choice is yours!
Welcome to the small town of Tierra Congelada, California! Located northwest of Los Angeles, the town is home to a curious landmark, a scar in the Earth, believed to be caused by DIO's recent awakening. From the Gash, numerous people awoke Stands and curious latent techniques, amongst them Spin and Hamon!

The RP takes place in an AU 1985, two years prior to the events of Stardust Crusaders! Canon and Custom Stands are welcome, we don't allow Canon characters/families though.

With a planned story to keep the action going, make your mark in Tierra Congelada and potentially the world, in JJBA: Midnight Calls!
A rp server with a developing community, where you can make your own stand, use hamon, or spin! There's a gang system as well, where you can make or join gangs.
Where a server based off of Eyes Of Heaven. We are a Cannon only rp you should know that before joining and we like to creat and improve character relationships. So please try to do your best in the rp. We have 5 fill time bots including rythrm and some JoJo bots
Welcome to JoJo RP: The Alternate World! This server takes place in modern day Italy!
- Some things we have to offer are:
- Active community! 🤠
- Family names! 😱
- Action-packed and fun story arcs! 😎
- Stand FFAs! We sometimes have tournaments where you can use any stand! 😈
- Multiple areas for roleplay; such as a Colosseum, a gym, gang hideouts, plaza, and many more! 👌
- Gangs! Create your own gang and rise to the top, or join a strong gang.
- A friendly and open community with people you can talk to, relax with, or just post whatever your heart desires; like memes! ❤
- Occasional canon stand applications! 🔥
- Stand fights! ✊
If you want to have a stand battle, rise to the top, or just have a great time, join today!
The year is 2002, the year after Giorno becomes King of Italy.

Crime has reduced in Italy after Giorno has proved he has these supernatural abilities, so crime should stay gone. However people have started to gain these abilities too and finding about what's given him the power to reset anything he wants. The Requiem Arrow. Everyone's trying to take it from him. Whoever does... Will become the next King of Italy.

Can you become the next king? Ruling over all? By achieving the Requiem Arrow you may get whatever wish you desire. This is the games main quest-line.
Welcome to Blue Horizons!If you are looking to join a friendly JoJo rp with active staff,then you have found the right place!
No cannon stands or characters
Hamon,Stands,and Spin are allowed!
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure rp, based off part 7 steel ball run, set in 1900s California!
- OC stands allowed.
- no canon characters.
- Most canon stands allowed.
- spin allowed
So this is basically a crossover of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Danganronpa, to put it simply, it's just a killing game with stands, but I think that's just what makes it more interesting. This killing game takes place in what seems to be a giant theatre. So what are you waiting for? Why not join right now?
Hello! We’re a JoJo RP server, and we use canon stands! The RP is based in Paris, France. Here’s what we have to offer:

- Canon stands, original characters
- Rolling system for Stands (you will be satisfied with your choice!)
- Fun bots
- Nice staff
- Gang system
- Cool emotes
- Many channels
- OCs and original Stands as well!
- Many RP channels
- Helpful community

We hope you join! We have much to offer, and you can learn more by joining!
Welcome to Red Goldfish St. Jail, a high-security type jail with a bundle of shady secrets to uncover.

-Set in an alternate universe that would be happening around the same time as Stone Ocean.
-(Most) canon stands are allowed, although creation of a custom stand is favored.
-Abilities such as the spin, hamon and others are allowed.
-A couple of events planned ahead of time.
-Staff as active as can be.
-Always open to suggestions.

Make sure to read the rules and lore before roleplaying!
Ever wanted to rp your JJBA OCs with canon characters? Well, now you can, at Gateways of Heaven!

Here, we offer:
- Active and helpful staff
- Good community
- Amazing RPers
- Easy to follow rules

Come down and join us in Gateways of Heaven!
Friendly server that allows people to do what they want as long as it's not complete and utter BS.
The year is 1940. The Third Reich has occupied France and its capital, Paris. A few small groups of civilians have banded together in protest, known as the 'French Resistance Army', or simply The Resistance for short, fighting to disrupt Nazi operations and cause turmoil in the schemes of the Reich.
Within a river running from France to Germany, a mythical power lays dormant in the form of a 'Saint', and his ten 'rings'. These rings were said to be imbued with the power to turn mortal men to ash upon contact or reward them with something beyond this world.
Enjoy several qualities in this roleplay like:
-Quality control with character submissions administrated by highly experienced and professional staff
-The option to use canon Stands provided with some limits
-Character freedom. Utilize Spin, Hamon, Stands or maybe a combination?
-A unique setting that provides a constant sense of plot progression and stops the roleplay from getting boring and stagnant.
-Consistent Stand stats, provided by custom scaling.
-A highly experienced team of staff who do not mind DMs
-Roleplay events that reward competence and taking initiative in character
-A character balancing system that allows characters to get very powerful if one is willing to dedicate themselves.
Welcome to JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Golden Mist! We are a new growing with really active staff members and fun bots aswell! We can offer plenty of things such as

→ Active and Friendly staff members
→ Original Story!
→ Our own Custom Systems
→ Custom npcs!
→ Flexible abilities
→ A fun time overall!

So why not go ahead and join and be apart of it!
A JoJo's rp set in the city of Detroit, Michigan.
Custom characters and custom stands only!
We allow Spin, Hamon, and Vampire!
In a history like ours yet not like ours, forces beyond our comprehension were at play in the Caribbean. In 1718, a large number of people strangely started to collect around Cuba and the West Indies. A legendary cursed treasure was highly sought by multiple parties for the extraordinary abilities they were said to grant. Navies, pirates, bounty hunters, thrill seekers, everyone wanted it, everyone needed it. At what cost will you acquire your abilities, or 'Stands' as they're called.

It really is . . . quite bizarre.
Roleplay server for canon characters Make sure to read the Taken Canon characters before jumping to conclusions, we allow cussing and having fun! Love Jojo? We’ll talk about stuff and share art and etc etc have fun !! No ship wars please..please
-Welcome to JoJo, Lunar Legacy, in which the stardust crusaders, failed in their job, and everything went downhill

-We hope to build a friendly Community

-we have a requiem system

-Create your own stand, or attempt to get perms for a canon one

-endure through exiting battles with other RPers

-Attempt to join in with the main story and try to not donutted
Based Loosely on the the Steel Ball Run Part of Jojo. This rp is an Alternate Custom-one-oc-only-rp. You could become a stand User in time, or a Spin/Hamon Student or Maybe even a vampire! All up to you, our server is filled with plenty of friendly faces, though we don't tolerate too much bullshit here. (And you must be able to take a joke, elsewise you may end up gone.) Come Join and read the lore, see if you wanna stay- but beware, if you don't join the rp before a Spring break (Currently 2 weeks,) it will lock, and you'll only be able to spectate! So, choose wisely.
Welcome To JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Attitude City

In the countryside city of Zanesville, after the sudden resurgence of weird phenomenons occurring, the City was nicknamed the Attitude City because of the increase in gangs and syndicates who want to gain power in the city. In the recent years, things just continue get weirder and more bizarre. The fate of this small city lays in the hands of the people who live in it, in Attitude City.

-Explore the Countryside and The Forest
-Fight enemy gangs and create your own
-Have a chance to play as almost any Race or use any Power from JoJo
-Participate in server wide events
-Enter giveaways
-Be the one to conquer Attitude City

This server is also made to be player friendly to those who are the not the most well versed in JoJo
JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Monsters Among Men is a JoJo roleplay server that strongly revolves around quality in writing, character development and plot; do not join if you just want to show off a stand's power.

In the year 2026, a private company called Safe & Sound Inc. masked as a laboratory for chemical examination and testing. The roleplay and company are based in Finland inside the cold, rocky mountain known as the Kovddoskaisi. The true nature of this company is actually based around capturing stand users from around the world with remarkable abilities for experimentation and containment.

Hope to see you there!