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A Jojo RP server currently in the making! Come on in and have fun! We offer:

-45+ RP Channels

-Friendly admins who will help you and solve any questions you have

-Rythm Bot, Paisley Park, Tatsumaki and Dank Memer bot to entertain you while not RPing

-A developing plot which offers you plenty chances to play a role

-We don't only allow Stand. We also allow you to be a Hamon or Spin user, a cyborg and even a Vampire, You choose!
Welcome to JoJo RP: The Alternate World! This server takes place in modern day Italy!
- Some things we have to offer are:
- Active community! 🤠
- Family names! 😱
- Action-packed and fun story arcs! 😎
- Stand FFAs! We sometimes have tournaments where you can use any stand! 😈
- Multiple areas for roleplay; such as a Colosseum, a gym, gang hideouts, plaza, and many more! 👌
- Gangs! Create your own gang and rise to the top, or join a strong gang.
- A friendly and open community with people you can talk to, relax with, or just post whatever your heart desires; like memes! ❤
- Occasional canon stand applications! 🔥
- Stand fights! ✊
If you want to have a stand battle, rise to the top, or just have a great time, join today!
Welcome to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Symphonies in Shirakawa!
~=Plot and Setting=~
Welcome to Shirakawa, Japan! A classical village with a slight modern touch, which you will be sure to feel at home at. The town has been dealing with a few hardships: Kids being shot by arrows at school and awakening mythical powers, or dying in the process, students getting involved with gangs, you know, normal high-school stuff. Beyond that, you’ve found yourself quite a lovely town! Enjoy your stay!
We offer-
-An active staff team that cares about their users, and aim to make SIS the best roleplay server it can be!
-A plot that everyone is able to participate and have a role in!
-A warm, growing, and welcoming community, hoping for you to become part of it!
I hope you enjoy your stay in SIS!
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Web of the World

The midst of 2037 in the coastal city San Victor, a recent discovery has shaken the criminal underbelly of the city. A parasitic organism named "Innuendo" which seems to awaken strange abilities in their hosts. This discovery comes alongside a far broader discovery, the creation of cybernetics for use by the general populace.


With a friendly staff, flexible rules for Stands, and the majority of canon Stands allowed in some way, hopefully we're the server for you!
If you re a Jojo fan and you want to join a Bizzare Adventure, Hop in. An roleplay based on server, Not too strict, Looking for people who can help with Lore ideas, gonna look over the ideas and try to build up something, thanks for looking over

Hey 👋🏻

This Server is still relatively new, so we would really appreciate it if you would take the time out of your day to check out the server!

If you need a “hook” of some kind, feel free to either read the lore posted below, or check out the #lore text channel in the server itself!

The time is 1965.

Back then, Vegas used to be just a desert. Untapped potential.
Now these days, Vegas is the entertainment capital of the United States, and frankly, it can be described as a hell-hole to some, or the adult's dream-land for others.

Organized crime sparked out everywhere within Las Vegas, and that also brought many other things. One could argue the mob during this time period ran Las Vegas, and frankly it was true. The few families with deep roots in Vegas grew in power from the organized crime they were participating in.

Hitman work, money laundering, kidnappings, you name it. These organized crime groups ran their own sectors of crime. It was where they shined.

Organized crime used to be about guns and weapons. Kidnapping targets just so you could take them out into the desert and load six rounds into their head.

Times have changed though.

Around 2 decades ago, some mysterious things have been going around. Specifically a few odd arrows were popping up around the grid. Nobody really paid any attention to them, as they looked like some stage props.

Until someone was almost murdered by it.

Back in 1947, A victim of a small 500 dollar hit was absolutely brutalized by one of these arrows. These weren't just stage props, they actually served well as a weapon. The victim was stabbed 6 times in the chest by it, somehow they had survived the whole ordeal and a few weeks later after they were discharged from the hospital, they noticed something odd. They had manifested this odd spirit, a fighting spirit. Nobody was able to see this so called spirit. People believed the victim had gone crazy...

Until more people were brutalized by them.

These people after being attacked also survived, and they had reported manifesting these odd spirits. Soon after all hell broke loose when the wrong person manifested one of these spirits.


They went on a murdering spree, murdering everyone in their path and nobody had no way to defend themselves. Eventually people came to their senses and started messing around with these arrows. The first people to get full possession on one of these arrows was a organized crime group, after poking, stabbing, even trying to kill themselves with it they all seemed to have manifested these spirits too. Soon after, these arrows were distributed everywhere, being sold, stolen, or used like a bong. Stab, pass, stab. Repeat.

Las Vegas was infested with these spirit wielding people. They were dubbed "stands" as some would call it.

Sometimes these stands would be extremely dangerous and used for a multitude of tasks, or some simple, not too dangerous stands. Every stand was unique from user to user, and soon in the 50's, Las Vegas had become an organized crime city of stands and rarely, guns.

Though, like anything materialistic... the arrows lost their stand manifesting capabilities. They had gotten worn out from the extreme use on them, and with all the new stand users looking to prove dominance over others, a lot of stand users were killed in the process. Once the 60's hit, normal people to stand users was at a 4:1 ratio. Stand users had dwindled out, though the ones who had survived had reproduced. The reproduction was extremely prevalent within organized crime groups, and soon these stand wielding families were born. Extremely dangerous and powerful.

Now though, Vegas has returned to it's normal crime ways with the good ol' fashioned gun, though you might meet your end at the hands of a stand-wielding hitman. Who knows these days?

In a city full of gangs, crime, drugs, and hookers... where will you find your place? Only time will tell.
A rp server with a developing community, where you can make your own stand, use hamon, or spin! There's a gang system as well, where you can make or join gangs.
「There is no plot as of now, as is it will be made by the players and their actions. Most actions will have consequences and will be made to affect the plot. Who is your character? The malevolent boss of the greatest mafia? Just a baker trying to live his life? Or perhaps a power hungry hobo? The plot is in your hands!」
👀 A unique roleplay where only canon stands are allowed!
🥼 Create your own unique story!
👶🏻 A newly made server!
👐🏻 Friendly staff!
👩🏼‍🎓 Come and figure out the rest, in our bizarre adventure in Italy!
A new server that's starting from the ground up. I'm a new owner of a JoJo Server with a failed project of another server, so expect nothing of a high and good quality.
Currently, this server's lore is consisting of a 10th Crusade in the 1380's, during the Great Western Schism where there were 2 popes. However, I'm not a historian, so I'm not 100% sure if I have the history of what happened correct. Also considering this is a JoJo universe, nothing's 100% identical to our own universe, but I still wish to have some things correct.
Pitch in your ideas and hopefully this server can get a lift-off in the right direction.
Original Characters are encouraged, and you can have canon stands with your OCs. However, there's no canon characters no matter how they even arrived in the time period the roleplay is set in.
Welcome to Jojo's Eternal Battle
This is a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure shitpost and
roleplay server
Here we have:
Friendly members and admins
General chatting channels
Roleplay channels of parts 1-8
Admins online almost all the time
Self assignable roles
NSFW channels
Character claiming and OC submission
Original stand submission
Roleplay events
Battle recreations
No banned stands or abilities
16 fun bots
If you have any questions the owner's DM are always
Three years after the death of Yoshikage Kira, three years since Morioh has been at peace. Things seem to be at a calm state, however, that might not last for long.
While yes, the murderer of Morioh may be dead, stand users still run free. Some with malicious intents, some with uncontrollable, destructive powers. It's never a break from the reality of the power of Stands.

Will you help keep the streets of Morioh at peace, or will you be the one to disturb it?


This RP welcomes Canon characters and OCs!! More info in the server on how this works out, but rest assured we have this all planned out!
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Dead In The West

Welcome to our JJBA RP server, wanderer! As a follow-up to our previous Part as an RP server, Witch Hunt, this new Part takes place in 1899, Wyoming, in the end of the Wild West era. The Pinkerton and other Agencies are current modernizing the Wild West with amazing success!... to some degree, anyway. There are still a few states that remain infested with outlaws and other filth that lay waste across the western region of America. One state in particular happens to have it worse than the rest, Wyoming.

The state of Wyoming can be described as simply breathtaking when it comes to the geographic layout of the land. An abundance of resources and, most importantly, new land to take! However, as great as that would seem, the crime rate has been in an all time high. This would of course be due to the amount of attempted bank robberies, several massacres, and people disappearing in Yellowstone National Park by several gangs across the western state. Most of these crimes can be traced to a single group, ruling over Wyoming (or at least, in terms of crime) with no signs of stopping.

The leader of this dangerous gang has his eyes set on the two towns of Jackson and Cambria, the first being an mining town and the second having a rather large bank. The general public is reasonably fearful, hoping for someone, anyone, to put a stop to these people. Unless someone comes and Stands in, the commonfolk fear noone else will...
In the snowy and cold state of Canada.. the town, Green Day has a secret.. and within it lies stand users! A bizarre type of power with endless abilities, this town has unique and peculiar personalities that reside in this bizarre town!
Are you one of them?

Welcome to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's: Falling Snowflakes!
We're a small, yet still growing roleplay server!

- OC-only!
- Canon stands! (with some nerfs and restrictions of course!)
- Laidback and friendly staff!
- Dank Memer, NotSoBot, Mudae, and Paisley Park!

Have fun and enjoy your stay!
The year is 1988, Morioh-Cho. Hundreds of years after the meteor that crashed in Greenland, which allowed a King of Kings to create a set of Arrows that force the mythical phenomenal of Stands out of people. And even longer ago where the Holy Corpse of Jesus Christ was discovered and passed around, all the pieces eventually making their way to Morioh-Cho.

Long ago existed the Pillar Men, which created the Tibetan Martial Arts Technique of Hamon. The Pillar Men themselves created the Vampire Masks which spread all across the world.

The Italian Family of the Zeppeli's had created their own technique named 'Spin' which has been taught to several families over the course of hundreds of years. Allowing the art of Cowboy's to continue to exist even when they should have died out int he 1800s, most of them existing in Countries like The United States and Japan.

Which all leads us to Morioh-Cho, a little town in northern Japan which has attracted *all* of these techniques, items and Stands all in one town. Morioh-Cho will change forever after the events of this story.
An RP group set in the same universe (the first one) of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!
The sleepy town of Rush, California is about as perfect as a little town can get. If you do your best to forget about the corrupt mayor, regular gang wars, disappearances, and psychic street fights that break out from time to time!
...but if you're into that, it's DEFINITELY the perfect town!
It’s a year after the event that nearly ended up destroying the Multi-Verse. A group of six people; four from one of the only Danganronpa universes to have ever conquered the Ultimate Despair, and two from a Golden Wind universe where the Virus known as Blurry once stayed. Ever since they protected the multi-verse from Blurry’s harm, people all over the multi-verse would show up in the group’s town, known as Zetsubo. However, some people lived in the town of Ketaboya, which resides in Blurry’s own universe. This is where your journey begins, as well as everyone else here.


This is a multi-universal roleplay, featuring aspects of many universes, including Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Homestuck, and Danganronpa! You can have a max of up to 3 characters, and you can even request a universal area [aka a chat category] from any universe you want! We are looking for active people (Yes, I know there is school...) who are willing to roleplay as OCs, canon characters, or even shipchildren if you wanna go that far!

In another Timeline, D4C got pierced by a Stand Arrow and got another ability: Time Travel. D4C then messed up the Timeline and Funny Valentine died during the process, most JoJo's are back and Jonathan and Joseph have stands and Johnny has ACT 3, Giorno also doesn't have Requiem. In this timeline, King Crimson achieved the Beetle Arrow. All the Main Villains are back, just Kars hasn't achieve his Ultimate form and he now has a Stand. Let the battle begin...
The year is 1890, in San Diego people are starting to hear word of a country wide race. Something called the Steel Ball Run, set up by the US president himself, Funny Valentine. The reward is a hefty 50 Million Dollars. People have also been hearing there’s some hidden motive behind it, either way. 50 Million is a lot of cash.

We have tons of canon character fights and rewarding loot!

Give it a try! There are tons of unclaimed canon standos and a fun story line!! Consider joining :)
Its 2025, Stand Users gradually started becoming more popular. Due to the powers that these people possessed, schools started being constructed for the said Stand Users all across the world. People were afraid of these stand users due to the insane abilities that some could have. Not to mention, ordinary people couldn’t see them. These Schools were ways to separate the Stand Users from ordinary people. Redwood High is one of these said schools that is located within a Medium-Sized Town in New York State, it is a mix of regular people and Stand Users however most of these Stand Users are students within Redwood or Redwood Teachers. However, some Stand Users are not apart of the school and lurk in the darkness of the small town able to use their abilities freely. In this RP there will be many events to take part in which will eventually shape the story of the Server.
Imagine that instead of the universe being reset, everyone from all times was brought back together? That includes things like Joseph and himself (but older) living at the same time, crazy huh? And there are new stand AND Hamon users appearing everywhere as well! The only bad point about that is the fact it also affects villains, which means there are 2 Dios living... Along with many others.. Will you join the heroes and stop evil? or will you side with the evildoers?
(I don't take partnerships, don't come in and ask for one.)
Hey 👋🏻Welcome to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Binds of Fate!

We’re an extremely new and upcoming JoJo Roleplay server, so joining and checking us out would mean a whole lot!

Sadly, I cannot put the lore here due to the 4,000 character limit for descriptions, but there’s a text channel in the server that has the whole thing there ready to read at your leisure!

Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated in the server!
A jojo’s roleplay based around the Steel ball run!
Custom and canon stands available
Spin is allowed!
Set in California and around the Steel Ball Run irp!
Enjoy yourself and be nice (: