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Depression Squad is a server for people who are going through a rough time in life. Come chat with people who understand, and maybe we can all make one another a little better, if only for a moment. Also, memes.
LGBT + Mental Care is a server for both those in the LGBT community or just looking for a community to be a part of and get support when needed. We are an 18 + Server so please respect that if you are not the required age you will be removed. We want this server to be a home for people. we are a new server
The Island of Misfit Toys is a welcoming place for supporting you through your struggles with mental health, diagnosed or not. In addition, we are focused around socializing, making friends and more. We are a growing, active, and friendly community! :)
Do you suffer from mental illness or believe that you might, or have friends/loved ones who do? Are you looking for a chill community of others with mental illness that has a peer support system?

Well, Appreciation Station, a 13+ peer support server, is just that! All aboard!

We have...
» A super cute train theme! ^-^
» Roles for pronouns, age groups, location, disorders, and more!
» A peer support system in which you can have 1-on-1 or group sessions with our Carebears to vent, get advice, and/or receive validation or encouragement.
» Channels for pretty much every topic, as well as private channels for females, males, minors, and adults!
» A main lobby and a SFW lobby for chatter!
» Kind, patient staff members who will listen to your concerns and never shoot you down or patronize you.
» An Events Team that holds fun events such as, ASMR, CAH, and more!
» A bot with a currency module and store where you can buy cool roles!
» Wonderful members who will make everyone feel welcome!
» Cute panda and blob emotes!

συя ƒαмιℓу ωιℓℓ α¢¢єρт уσυ σρєη αямѕ♡

Kiyo's Burrow is a multi server dedicated to making friends and supporting mental health on With what first started as a simple mental health server is now a home for all, no matter what shape, language or size. Come for one on one support or simply to chat, we are open and ready.

ɯҽ αɾҽ αƈƚιʋҽʅყ ʂҽҽƙιɳɠ ραɾƚɳҽɾʂԋιρʂ♡

We are seeking members who are ready to be active and support other members who may be in need. Our server's contents include self roles, one on one support any member cam give, bots that include Mee6 and Waifubot, activities such as qotd and trivia, etc. We care for our members so we give daily non ping able announcements to eat, take your meds, excercise, etc. We love our members because they are our family.

Other Features Include:
♡Incoming React Roles
♡Official Website
♡Server Shop
♡Level Roles
♡Meditation/Subliminal Sessions

ƈσɱҽ ʝσιɳ υʂ ϝσɾ ʂσɱҽ ϝυɳ♡

Welcome to our friendly and caring mental health community! We're always here to help you get the love and care you need!

We are open to everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other arbitrary category. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, and any other type of discrimination have no place on our server.

Here's what we offer:
➺Peer-to-peer support
➺Venting channels
➺An emergency system
➺Self-assignable roles
➺Serverwide events
➺An additional gaming server
➺1,000+ members
➺Love and support!
This server is for anyone who have mental problems of all kinds. We love to help others. Join today and get some help from awesome people.

➠ Awesome Community
➠ Support Channels
➠ Emergency System
➠ Self-assignable roles
Sweet City is a new, safe, community driven server focused on making new friends and supporting each other through life's many endeavors with a pixel city/kawaii aesthetic!

Sweet City is mostly centered around mental health; we have peer support/advice rooms, community supporters and a safe environment for those who are struggling or know someone who is. If you need a hand up or a point in the right direction feel free to drop by for some advice!

There's also several channels for interests/hobbies like anime, art, memes, dark humour, music etc etc, as well as NSFW and 18+ Adult channels.

Our community is very accepting and friendly so please don't feel shy about making some new friends!
Welcome to Finding Happiness. We are a mental health support server that was created after we found a need for a loving community of people after wanting a fresh start. We created this as a safe space for those that need us; and we are a lovely, growing community. We created us as a space where people can create friends, support each other and also have fun. We specialise for those with mental health and / or physical health issues however everyone is free to enter here.
Elysium Support Mental Health server is a place for the emotionally unstable to heal by taking as many chances as they require to heal. We invite all those who have mental health problems as well as those who don't to come and heal together in a pro recovery environment. We also host awareness events for everyone, so that people can understand different disorders better as well as each other better.
We also offer
➡A unique levelling system
➡A pro recovery environment
➡A unique mentorship program
➡Peer to peer support
➡Almost 500 members
➡Loads of events
➡Loads of clubs
come chill in a server for people who dont fit in and struggle with mental health and chat.
We're a mental health server aimed to educate people on DiD, anyone can join and make friends!
Interested in making new friends? Want some help regarding physical, mental, or problems? You've come to the right ad! Here in Chill Camp we have:
~An awesome support system and help channels
~truth or dare and round robins
~lots of fun bots
~some of the coolest mods ;)
~Pokèmon and pokèmon battles
~Talent channels (includes writing, art, photography, makeup, and music)
~Self assignable roles
~debate and argument channels
~lots of venting channels
~tech channel
~meme channel
~and more!
Come join us for tons of fun and all the love you need
[psych, security, and advertising teams are open!]
Mainly for those with mental illness. You can still join if you don't have any. This is a safe place, no judgement.
- LGBTQ+ Supportive
- Self-assignable roles & colors
- Vent channel
- Music bot
- Lots of bots to play with
- Movie nights! (beta phase)
Hello! We're an 18+ server for those diagnosed on the bipolar spectrum. We provide a community of those who know your daily struggles, and can celebrate your daily victories! We aren't able to provide an actual therapeutic support system, but we can be friends who know what you're going through, and who care about how you feel! Check us out! We do require an introduction before being allowed in the server, but we let in everyone we meet!
A simple small server for Android gamers. It is brand new server so don't forget to bring your friends in too.
⚜️ 💖 Hi Loves 💖⚜️

☾☬☽ In this server, we support everyone ranging from trying to stop bad habits all the way to depression and anxiety ☾☬☽

💞We here love to help people and only invite positivity💞

🎉We are still working on this so please be patient🎉

❅ We include many things like ❅
➮ Music 🎼
➮ Lots of Chats 🌌
➮ Great Mods ⛩
➮ Support 🌠
➮ Mentoring 🎇
➮ Events 🏆
➮ General Talking 🏵
➮ So much more 🎆

♕ We are also ♕
↬ Welcoming ages between 13-100 💮
↬ LGBT safe community🏳️‍🌈
↬ Art/writing/music/gaming friendly 🎀
↬ Disorder friendly 💟
Lobster & Co is a server that focuses on gender related support.

We built Lobster & Co to be a place where you can explore all of your gender related issues, and get advice from others that are traveling the long path of gender discovery.
We are small for now, but hope to see you there as we grow ;P
We are 13+, but have NSFW channels for sharing the NSFW side of gender in an educational way, and there are no rules against simple swearing that doesn't trigger our slur filter.

+We have fun bots like:

+We have many interest and hobby related channels that you can opt in and out of, and are always open to new ideas to expand based on user interest!
+We love feedback, and listen to it! We have an open suggestions channel and are always excited to see new suggestions.

+We have GSRM and pronoun roles in case you're interested in identifying.
-You have the opportunity to suggest new roles if ours don't cover your experience well enough
-They're all easily assigned with emoji :D

+We have a number of self care groups you can opt into that use @mentions on a daily basis or more to check in with you, like:
-Fitness reminder/challenge
-Medication reminders
-Frequent hydration reminders
-And more!

+We have a well coordinated staff team and strict rules within the team that revolve around keeping the user base safe.
This includes:
-Reliance upon communication and trust
-Multiple specific commands to help alert each other to different types of situations, including:
- Several different user emergencies
- Broken rules
- Support help
- Trolls/TERFs
- Raids
-A lengthy training section for potential mods to learn how to moderate, including how to offer proactive support in serious situations.
-A double gate before gaining access to sensitive support channels, this is to prevent those with bad intentions from getting into vulnerable areas.

+Our support section offers multiple public support channels as well as private Peer to Peer support.
-Our 'Support' role is Addable/Removable by users over a certain level, and gives them access to a short training channel that tells them when to let staff know of a more serious issue than should be dealt with in a peer:peer manner.
-You are provided with a command that calls the staff team into your private support chat if you think your support person isn't able to help you.

Our goal with Lobster & Co is to reach a helping hand out to as many as possible, to offer support, community, and love to those that feel confused, isolated, or scared about how gender plays a role in their life. We hope to be a support network for those who may have none, and look forward to helping anyone at any stage of their journey.

Invite link:
Invite card:
Invite flyer:
Hi! Join FRENS. FRENS is a new server, but fleshing out to be pretty awesome! We have discussion channels on gaming, technology, roleplay, mental health, friend-making, 18+ SFW dating, music, and much more! We also are looking for server partners. Also x2, we have a music recommendations channel!, events like cards against humanity, and several bots!
Space-Bar is a fun and welcoming community, where everyone is welcome to come and make new friends. A fun and social community server where you can talk about anything. Wholesome and super friendly. Its a small but active community so far, so come on in and make some friends!
Welcome to Panthex's Kingdom! Where you can find King Panthex and his community playing a wide variety of games, including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Apex Legends, and more!

King Panthex is very involved with his community, looking to make others feel better about themselves, improve their days, and discuss mental health issues. Happiness is a priority in this channel. Come join if you would like to be a part of a channel of positivity!
This is a small, closely knit community for support around mental health. Everyone 18+ is certainly welcome!

We are a positive environment with a lot of experienced members in mental health. You'd be surprised to see how effective some of our ideas are! We love new members because it keeps our server healthy. We hope you find a home with us.
Welcome to I.S.M!
We are here to Inspire, Support and Motivate anyone that needs it!
Whether you suffer from depression or simply need some motivation, we will always listen.
Our support teams have experience, and know what they are talking about.
And our community will give you enough inspiration to keep on going!
composure is a brand new discord server in hopes of helping those in need, ever feeling down? One of our qualified counselors can help you out. Need some friends? Our community members would love to become friends.