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A fun and reasonably new server looking for active/semi-active members. We have a range of things for you to do and we take in suggestions to make this server better for you and everyone else in the community. We have an NSFW section for you, you just need to ask for access to that section since we don't want to upset people by letting them see it when they don't want to. We also have a roleplay zone for you roleplay lovers! There are also areas where you are allowed to post photos and art! And finally, there is a meme zone for all to enjoy! We hope you enjoy your time with us if you choose to join!
just now
Hey guys! If you like to create art or simply like to appreciate it, we have the right server for you. As long as you are okay with some gentle brainwashing and cult culture. At Art Cult(ure), we support many types of art, such as hand-drawn, digital, 3D, poetry and music! I have high hopes that we can create a strong community and family cult(ure). (Please don't mind that we are a cult, our overwhelming love for art shall bring us together). We welcome you and I hope you will love chatting with us.
1 minutes ago
🌈 ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★🌈
╔═══°.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.°═══╗
**»»———— +:。.。Gliding Brush 。.。:+ ————««**
╚═══°.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.°═══╝
( )
🌈 ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★🌈

`"Who are we?"`
Hello! We are a small, SFW community for the creative type!
The server is small but new and honestly cosy! Everyone is friends with each other and give off good vibes all together.
We have an arts section, along with lots and lots of fandoms to join! For those who are interested, there is an anime section too!!

We're all so excited for you to join!!

🌈 ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★🌈

`"What do we provide?"`

✨| » Loads of cool roles to choose from!! 💎

✨| » Absolutely **no NSFW**!! 🔞

✨| » A small and kind community!! 👋

✨| » Great staff!! 👍

✨| » Venting Channel!! 💗

✨| » Custom emojis!! 🍵

✨| » Music Bot!! 🎶

✨| » Roleplay!! 💭

✨| » Anime and Manga!! 🌸

🌈 ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★🌈

Owner | » @calmserendipity#2617

Banner | »

🌈 ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★🌈
6 minutes ago
A chill and friendly community! We are very active in voice chat and are usually quite nice but we give each other shit as well! We have dank ass memes, a NSFW section, a leveling system, lots of emotes and all kinds of channels such as photography, art, music including a bot, confessions and more.
8 minutes ago
Welcome to Shiney Hole! We welcome all kinds of people; Gamers, Artists and Roleplayers are everywhere in this community! We have a level system where you can enter art raffles and earn free art! Not too social? Feel free to chill in the general chat, or just post some nice memes. We have loads of different channels for anything ranging from oc-sharing to nsfw art!
Dive down into our Shiney hole today! c;
14 minutes ago
THIS SERVER IW WELCOME TO ALL SAIYAN AND POKEMON ALIKE........ PLEASE JOIN IF YOU WANT TO GET NOTICED BY OTHER OC'S AND ARTISTS AND WE ARE ALL VERY NICE AND PLEASE BE NICE AND HELP OUT AND WE WILL GET TO BE NUMBER ONE SERVER FOR POKEMON AND DRAGON BALL OC FANS(if you are cannon and want to complain then just leave........i dont like being fully cannon saiyan and we DO NOT allow raids and or bullying and if i see or hear about that then you will be reported and banned
18 minutes ago
Come hang out, roleplay, have some sexy fun, or all of the above - and more.
22 minutes ago
this place is pretty new and small at the moment. we all get pretty emotionally connected to eachother and just end up spending a lot of time talking. a pretty chill place, a lot more active at night, and plenty of channels and roles. we have thots and mature people and we r cool kids pls join
23 minutes ago
Greetings from under the sea! Mooshy's Aquarium is a new server! I'm currently in the process of adding updates. Any valid suggestions would be of welcome! Channels include Art, Social media, Streaming, Games, Music, etc. I want this server to be fun and friendly! If you're interested, feel free to stop by and check it out. :)
28 minutes ago
The Fur Citadel is a new furry-centered Discord server aiming to create a friendly, welcoming environment with something for everyone. Whether you're looking to meet new furs, partake in roleplay, share memes and art, participate in fun events, or just have a friendly conversation, we have it.
We are based on the idea of being accepting of everyone and retaining a positive vibe. No matter who you are, we will try our best to make the server as enjoyable, fun and friendly as possible for you.
Although small, we are growing quickly and have huge plans for the future. Come join us and become a part of our community!

What We Offer:
• 20+ channels for topics of all kinds, including art, roleplay, NSFW and more
• A growing, friendly community open to new people
• Fun events such as games, movies, giveaways and contests
• A helpful, understanding staff team who will try their best to assist you with whatever you need
• A plethora of self-assignable descriptive roles to tell a bit more about yourself
• Many, many plans for the future
• Coming soon: A custom multipurpose bot that can only be found here
31 minutes ago
Want to make friends? A-SS is the most social and friendliest place focused on forging relationships. Interests such as Games Anime Art and KPop. Daily Events
42 minutes ago
Fauna Colony is a friendly and growing furry colony with a lot to explore. We have channels for art, gaming, programming, roleplay and more! Anyone is welcome!
44 minutes ago
Tokyo Night is a small, friendly community. (SFW)

We try to accommodate everyone, having channels for anime, art, gaming, and music!
We host events on occasion, and are currently working on systems to allow you to host your own Events!
45 minutes ago
Pancake Palace!

A server, built to make new friends. With a memes channel, pics, gaming, music, venting, NSFW,... everyone can find their place on the server. There's still going to be a lot of changes, but the more members we get, the more suggestions they can give.
Join this small server to make it bigger and more active, and to meet new friends. I'd love to see you there soon!
- Economy & fun bots
- Different channels to suit everyone's needs (open for suggestions)

See you in Pancake Palace!
46 minutes ago
A discord server dedicated to sewing and crafting of all kinds. We're here to share you latest or ongoing creations with as well as just discuss sewing all together. Come here when you need a little extra help or just want to talk!
54 minutes ago
This server is coffee and astrology themed with a leveling system, but in general we're looking for league of legends players and art hoes, photography to anything artsy. Anything can be considered art as long as you use your own creativity. So if you'd like that join :)
only nsfw at night lol
1 hours ago
Welcome to the park grounds where we code, draw and strive. Perfect spot for making friends and sharing enthusiasm! :)
1 hours ago
Lucidity is an extremely active server with a welcoming community. We have channels for gamers, musicians, artists, and those who'd like to socialize. The server has a large NSFW~Porn section that is filled regularly.
1 hours ago
The Empyrean Brotherhood is a server that welcomes all, regardless of who you may be. Join the server and enjoy yourself, make new friends, and take part in the events organised by our hard-working staff team! We have channels that include but are not limited to:
❂ Art
❂ Literature
❂ Role accessed NSFW
❂ Tech-Support
❂ And much more to be added!
Everyone and anyone is welcome!
1 hours ago
Here at Fur Gully we have Friendly staff, Active but calm chats, Movie nights, Game nights, and anime nights and places for 18+ and under 18

Come and join the group!

also please be patient when you join, our staff is rather busy,
1 hours ago
We hope to create a non-toxic, anime, gaming environment with lots of memes, nsfw and a variety of activities.

・Anime/Manga discussion & watch-along channels
・Literate & Erotic Roleplay
・Sharing channels for Art/Animation/Design
・NSFW channels divided by Tags

・Overwatch category with latest news
・Dedicated Ark server
・League of Legends
・Blade & Soul

Technical Stuff:
・Self-assignable Roles & Colors
・Currency & Gambling
・Custom Leveling System
・Music/Radio Bots
・GIF interactions
1 hours ago
We have a ton of bots, and we're looking for new people to join! We're a welcoming community that has dumb rules and everyone here is pretty tame, but at the same time just the right amount of crazy. We goof around, we have fun, we're socially awkward! Come join! Make some new pals! We'd love to have you!
1 hours ago
✦ We welcome all forms of Creative Talent ✦
✦ Singing ✦ Art ✦ Writing ✦ Photography ✦
✦ Fun Events ✦ Auditions ✦ Talent Contests ✦
✦ Self-Promo ✦ Social ✦ Gaming ✦
1 hours ago
Hey there! Are you into photography or film? Then this is the server for you! We're a growing photography discord server. we're looking for new members of all levels to share their work or just chat with other photographers.
1 hours ago