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This is a 16+ community server, we invite all types of people. If you just want to chill and make some new friends you are welcome here. 😊We have bots and fun roles. We do VC nights as well as activities if you are into that type of thing. Our staff always has at least one active member, and there is room for promotion to staff as the server grows.
Come one come all to discuss art and share your work! 🎨
Fully customizable server with myriad roles, rss feeds from the art world, a channel for each creator type including photography, videography, illustration and even cooking!
Come share with the community, get constructive feedback, learn tips from masters of their craft. Challenge prizes, reputation awards, and fun bots. Enjoy your stay!
This is the Underverse/Glitchtale, a community official server of two Wiki sites. If you're a fan of Glitchtale and Underverse, it's a great place to hang out!

❥ This server is NC-17 and has a lot of entertaining and funny members! Feel free to chat with our beloved members and see if you share something in common with them!
❥ There are many different channels for a variety of many things!
❥ Fun and pleasurable entertainment bots such as Nadeko, Pokecord, and much more!
❥ MEE6 leveling system with cool fancy level roles! The more you chat, the more you gain EXP and level up!
❥ Friendly, helpful, honest and welcoming staff who are active to help you whenever it is needed!
❥ TupperBox, the roleplay bot! Roleplay all you like with it, and the setup is very easy too!
❥ Self-assignable roles such as: genders, ping roles and more!

In addition to many different bots such as Dyno, MEE6, Mantaro, Rythm, Tatsumaki, TruthOrDare, Yggdrasil, Pokecord, and more, you also have the opportunity to meet many new people from all over the world.

The Underverse/Glitchtale Wiki server is an official Wiki server with a variety of channels and people to chill with. Our server offers entertainment and enjoyment for all your hobbies! Don’t have any? That’s okay! The other members are more than entertaining. This server is directly connected to the actual Underverse/Glitchtale Wiki, so feel free to report any issues or make any edits. Join today to start your Wiki Adventure!

Our Wikis:

You can use this link to invite your friends:
Ember's Nook

We're a community based server for gamers, artists, and people looking for a good time! We've got channels for art, music, memes, and much more. Have art you want to share? Post in our art channel! Like to share and find new memes? We've got a ton! But beware of beans... No matter what you're looking for, you can find it in Ember's Nook.

We've got:
- Friendly and welcoming server
- A variety of channels
- Tons of bots
- Friendly staff
- Over 80+ members and growing!

So what are waiting for? Join now!
Welcome to the Sweetheart Center! We're all going to be an awesome community where we can support each other and help each other through hardships. This server is LGBTQ friendly and has many selections and clubs you're able to join, such as gaming, kin, environmental, and more! We have channels for almost everything you could want in a server like our own! Please don't join if you're a bigot of any kind, or looking for an nsfw experience
Hello! Tikko's Badland is a server for posting your Art as well as sharing any piece, or just have a casual talk every now and then. Enjoy your stay! This server is fairly new.
We're an 18+ server centered around the art's, including traditional arts, music, photography, abstract and contemporary, graphics arts and more.
A fast growing furry server! We have tight security to make sure no raiders get through, we offer a kind and accepting community, and different chats for your entertainment! When you join say “disboard” for a surprise ;)
We are a modern fantasy roleplay server! We are pretty small at the moment, but we only hope to get more friends to roleplay with!
Hello join the Strawberry Ridge club if your looking to make instant friends. Extremely welcoming brand new server here for people looking to make great friendships
HEY!! Disaster's drawn is a safe and friendly hangout for artists and animators! not an artist or animator? so what? come on in anyway! anyone is welcome!
this is also the official discord server for the drawing/animation website,
We also offer:
*art commissions
*contests and challenges
An artist-based discord server with a close community of just a WHOLE lot of worms.
We hope you can gain lots of new friends here, and maybe even improve on your abilities as an artist!

We have:
- Self assignable roles
- Worms
- Occasional art contests with rewards
- Various bots for your amusement
- Friendly staff
- Worms
- A non-discriminatory and lgbt friendly environment
- Critique and artist-specific channels
- Lotsa emojis
- Worms
And last but not least....
- More worms!!!!

Join us now!
NOTICE: The ARPG is currently under construction! Please excuse any missing or outdated information from the site! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the #help channel!

Dragora Grove is a free, virtual artist roleplaying game (ARPG) where players customize their characters using points they can earn by creating artwork.

The game allows you to interact with and explore the virtual world of Dragoria! Dragoras, the playable characters, are a fictional species of kobold-like creatures that can modify their bodies to the player's whim. Users can change almost everything about a character's design, and with time, the player will even have access other races of the species.

There's no shortage of things to do in Dragora Grove! The group is completely free-to-play, and there are no penalties for inactivity or a decrease in work quality/quantity!

For those who love creating artwork, there are several art challenges you can complete to gain rewards. There are Missions and Quests, which allow you to interact with NPCs and develop your characters, and group events where you can participate in various, random challenges!

If you like designing characters, you can purchase tickets that will allow you to create freestyle designs to sell to other players. The system is trial-and-error based, so you have plenty of opportunities to practice designing characters if that's to your fancy.

Tired of Dragoras? There are even more species to explore! The Bestiary is full of wonderful, unique creatures that your Dragora can interact with and even own as pets!

​Like Collecting? Check out the Draekins! They're little pet creatures your Dragora can own that can help you earn more rewards faster! You can breed them to get over 80+ different elemental combinations! Draekins can also collect items for you from any of the regions on the map!

In addition to all the features above, there's also in-depth lore on the culture and traditions of the species, and lots of worldbuilding information that will make you feel as though the world of Dragoria is really alive!
We are “The Teg Fan Club.” We are a discord community / fan group for the youtuber “ The Endangered Guest.”
We have self roles, giveaways.
Active community.
Friendly community.
Occasional game nights.
NSFW server, epic emoji’s.
All artists (and art lovers) are welcome. We have pronoun roles, organized channels, and a dedicated Spanish section!! We look forward to seeing your art!!! :)
World History is a Discord server for people who live and breathe history. 
The categories and channels move progressively along a timeline from emergence of early humans to the present day encouraging users to analyze historical events and develop a grasp of the chronology of human development. Find, analyze, share, discuss, critique, and improve your knowledge in this unique and friendly environment.
Do you like art/roleplay? And foxes? Well then zoops are just for you! We are a friendly community of a fox like creature. We come in many different breeds! Join the secret and make friends! Roleplay! Show off your art! And just have fun! We have helpful admins and a lot of nice people. Join our server! And your very own adventure will begin! Can't wait to see you there~
😎 c o o l k i d s c l a n 😎
in our server we have...
1. movie nights
2. game nights
3. art and photography
4. comedy B)
5. and tons of fun!
please join our server if you would want all these things
A discord community about all sorts of artists! We encourage making friends, learning, and having fun.
The Art broZ Discord server is THE place to share your work, get critique, and make new ART FRIENDS! Who doesn't want that? Every month we create a monthly challenge prompt, and at the end of the month I will do a critique / paintover video showcasing the work. We also have a bunch of other cool features set up, like an XP system for those of you who thrive on the rush of leveling up your skills!
Sit down, relax, and make yourself at home.
We're a friendly community of scales who enjoys all.

We would love it if you join us, so that we can become one of the best communities on Discord!
Floofy furries is a furry discord server designed by furries made by furries we have a growing community and lots of text channels to chat in and custom rank rewards for activity
Welcome everyone to World of GFX!!

Once a google+ community, this server has been made for a revival! Show us what you’ve got, no matter what type of graphics or style you make. This server is a place where you can share your work and give each other feedback.

- Self assigning roles for colour and type of creator
- Open to bot suggestions
- Giveaways, contests and events. Moderator and member run
Yaoi Dungeon

Owner: @Fufubari
18+ Server: YES

Hey there! Are you interested in Yaoi Dungeon (18+)? A few words to describe our community are: chill, easy going, and very kind! We are a growing community of nerds from across the world and are always happy to welcome new friends! Stop by to talk about anime, manga, movies, music, games, and of course, yaoi! And be sure to check out our many image dumps with juicy BL content. We are often told that we are an extremely friendly server, so come on by and make some friends! Thanks for reading!