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As the name implies, we are a safe space for people of all walks of life to come together and hang out with others without the worries of judgement or drama. We have channels for several topics including Gaming, Art, Anime, Roleplay, and much more, see for your self! We’re a very friendly community that will greet you with open arms. Come join us and make great friends! [not a dating server]
❄️💫Welcome to Winter Gacha💫❄️
I’m Local trash! Your owner on this server, feel free to join show off your edits and mad art skills, here’s what we offer:

•friendly staff ( looking for more 👀 )
• poke cord
• friendly people
• cute pets xD
Hello everyone! I dedicate this server to basically any fandom and any type of people. This server is very lgbt friendly. This is a place to make friends and to feel accepted.
The Midnight Tea Club is a global marketplace-centric server with a completly in-house built bot named Matcha, and a user point market!

We are a predominantly furry-based server, although not specifically for furries. We accommodate for anyone and everything, so feel free to join no matter who you are or what you identify as!

⤹⟲🙌Raise 1 for the Lonely One's🙌⟳⤸
⋆⋆⋆➢Hello Everyone! R1LOne is a server open to anyone! We are a server built around making friends and building relationships!🤝
→You're questions are answered today:

》Looking for a Partner to finish the last level of Halo: Reach on legendary??— Join the gaming chat!🎮

》Looking for someone to share your art with??— Join our Art chat!🎨

》Looking just to chill out to some 🔥 beats??— Join out music chat!🔈
Join us today, and we promise you'll fit in right away!
Gather your friends build your ship and explore the universe created by the community.Create your own faction,species weapons or even ships and join the Star League.
Heyo! This is the Art community server!
We offer a fun, and loving community, and cover most of the art spectrum!

We offer many things, such as:
-Reaction Roles
-Summerly Revamps based on the suggestions YOU give!
-Promotion of youtube channels
-Level roles
-And more!

You can come to show off your skills, and receive or give feedback whenever!

The sky has no limits when it comes to your art. I hope you join us, because we will all have some FUN!


We have revamped many things, hopefully if you have joined before, you could give this another go?
⊵〘Welcome to Strawberry Milk〙⊴

We are an up and coming community server with many perks and features! :

▣↬ø- Welcoming and Friendly community and Non Toxic Staff
▣↬ø- Manga book club
▣↬ø- Freedom of Speech
▣↬ø - 100s of Self Assignable Roles (personality & more)
▣↬ø - Thigh and Hand pics
▣↬ø - Community Activity Nights
▣↬ø - Qotd, wyr, truth or dare
▣↬ø- Vents and Advice
▣↬ø- Self Promotion, Aesthetic and Hobby Chats
▣↬ø - Gaming, Anime, Shitposting
▣↬ø - Growing Amount of Emotes!
▣↬ø - Art and Drawing support and critiques, taIent showcases


⍋ Hope you join us!! ⍋

⋰Owner: daddy sushi™#3777
⋰Pings: @ everyone or @ here
Welcome to Graphic Community! This is a server based on graphic design and visual effects everyone is welcomed to join from beginners to to experienced ones, we hope you enjoy your stay.
A fast growing furry server! We have tight security to make sure no raiders get through, we offer a kind and accepting community, and different chats for your entertainment! When you join say “disboard” for a surprise ;)
A (currently) small community of aspiring creators who assist and support each other in their artistic endeavors. We're all new to this game, and with any luck, we'll make it together! We have the grit, we have the dream, but what's more, we have:

-A welcoming and supportive clan
-A channel to share your ideas
-A jukebox bot
-A dedicated D&D channel
-A category for large, collaborative projects.
-Someone who is a part of your specific fanbase, I guarantee it!

My father always said: "It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know." So let's all get to know each other and chase that dream together!
this is a server that me and a few frends that I know in real life, made. it's a work in progress, but should be a fun place to hang around for those wanting to interact with others! feel free to share artwork, music, or simply life stories!
✷ H-Ero is a nude/semi-nude figure drawing and painting server that connects practicing artists and models together (all skill-levels welcome!). Fans and Patrons are welcome too! ✷

✷ What we currently offer: ✷
• Privacy & user protection - Users must be verified 18+ by photo I.D. to view or post in any nude channels.
• Verified model galleries by gender.
• A requests section to help artists struggling with challenging poses/perspectives.
• A tribute art gallery for our models.
• Weekly contests for both models and artists and a gallery exclusively for past winners.

"The best thing is to draw men and women from the nude and thus fix in the memory by constant exercise the muscles of the torso, back, legs, arms and, knees..."(Giorgio Vasari)
PenDemic Studio is a brand new Creative Agency who's aiming for today's gaming scene. Our slogan? "Want to stand out from the crowd? Want to be unique? Let us bring YOUR vision to LIFE!"
Welcome to the art dungeon! We're an active, social server meant for sharing and helping each other with art
-Writing, visual arts, and all other mediums are accepted.
-critique and nsfw channels are available.
-lots of friendly, active users.
-lots of skilled, helpful artists to help you learn and flex those art muscles.
-memes and shitposts are very important
Boo-Beam is a Mario/Mega Man hangout server that doubles as a place to help on improving each others levels in editor games! We're friendly, active, and growing super quick. Come join!
A community of mostly furry folks centered around chatting, art sharing and gaming that's looking to grow a little! We have designated categories and channels for art and gaming, regular movie nights streamed through, music channels, easy reaction roles, a timed member role (30 minutes!) and more.

We currently play host to Dyno, Pokecord, Groovy and Tatsumaki for all your bot needs
We would love to see your skills. We welcome both artists and writers.

Happy summer!
We're a laid back server that's focused on sharing art or ideas while hanging out and making some new friends! We are also open to those interested in photography, music, single-player/co-op games, sharing memes, or just some good real talk.
안녕、 よろしく、 你好
Welcome to The East。A server where east asians can come to talk and socialise。 We are about East Asian culture、 art、 memes and good times so please enjoy yourself here。
고마워、 ありがとう、謝謝

Looking to increase East Asian population。
All East Asians welcome。

*note* we are NOT an anime、kpop、language teaching or dating server。If you are looking for the following、 I suggest you find another server。Koreeaboos、'Kpop Stans'、Weeaboos、'Otakus'、those who want an east asian gf/bf and those with 'Yellow or Asian Fever' NOT wanted (UNLESS of at least 5o% east asian descent)。
We're a friendly Discord server dedicated to the cartoon Happy Tree Friends! Feel free to join us and talk mainly about the cartoon, share art, music and memes, play games, and much more! 😊
Ineffable is a server with many different categories and channels. Don't worry! With our multiple self-assignable roles, you can unlock certain channels so nothing gets too confusing. We offer general chats and vc, an art category, gaming category, sports and fitness category, and an animals category! We hope you join our community
A close-knit LGBTQ+ Friendly community. We have many roles and places to introduce yourself! Our mods are here to help you if you ever need anything, otherwise, sit back and chill! Hoping to meet you and make new friends!
Welcome to the YouTube Animator Community. Here's where you can learn more about drawing, animating and chat with others that have the same interest as you.