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We're an 18+ server centered around the art's, including traditional arts, music, photography, abstract and contemporary, graphics arts and more.
We welcome you to Genesis, an art discord created to reinforce a positive environment between artists and art lovers alike.

Come see artwork of all styles and forms!
Here in Genesis, you can share and view artwork ranging from:
traditional, digital, photography, and writing!
There’s more sure to come!

Not only do we offer a positive environment, but we also offer ways to help you as an artist grow with monetary rewards or exposure by offering contests and those of the like!

The moderators take time for their members, making sure they constantly test and motivate members daily and weekly with challenges.
We care about our members’ work and encourage improvement!!

Come join us!
We are an 18+ (SFW) friendly, chill and active social media, creative community (Digital & Traditional Art / Singer-songwriter / Music Producer / Writers / Photographers / 3D Art / Cosplay / Comic Artists). A creative guild where you can chill and make friends with the others who have the same interest as you! Our goal is to create a supportive and positive environment for all members with different interests/hobbies and to make friends. We throw random game sessions/karaoke sessions/art challenges and google hangout sessions.
- ꁝꏂ꒒꒒ꄲ ꓄ꁝꏂꋪꏂ!
- The server is REALLY new and because of that, we re hiring mods. Feel free to apply !! ☆
- This server is for all the photographers as well as those who love aesthetics. (*Not the place for commissions* ✗ ).
- You can also post your aesthetics, express how you give a "𝓎𝑜𝓊" to the things you do.
- We don't have NSFW channels. ✗
Just that one server on discord, nothing special, really. But we are some art fanatics who like what they do.

So come on in! Give us a try! :D
An open sever for artists of all kinds.

No NSFW. We're open to commissioners.
-Do you like editing?
-Do you like art?
-Do you want to be part of a kind, fun, and accepting community?
If you answered yes, editing bois is the place for you! Editing bois is a place for editors and artists alike to chat and have fun!
We have:
-An lgbtq+ accepting community
- A kind staff team
- Fun bots
- + More!
We are still in our early stages but don't let that scare you! So, what are you waiting for! Come join our community!
A place for writers to write, musicians play, photographers to photograph, and artists to draw! Every artistic category has a drop off channel and critique channel for those looking for advice. We have a writing bot for sprints and prompts, and a music chatroom to listen to as you indulge in whatever artistic activity you wish. All ages welcome. Please note all mature content must be clearly labeled and put in the correct channel
Welcome to the **city**, **PRXJECT.2**. This is our sociable haven for everyone, talk about whatever you desire, share art or photography or maybe even a face reveal if you're brave enough 👀.we even have a story well either way welcome to project 2 the city of the future :'). (yes we have nsfw)
Want to hangout with open minded people? We at Rosefall Empire🌻, are a community of anime fans, furs, and LGBT peeps!

We have channels for all kinds of needs such as anime, photography, music lovers, and more!

come & join us!😊
A small community that is working on growing. We are based on photography and editing. Come join us to see our life through a lens ;)
We are a friendly and colourful community focused on photography! We have many custom-made emojis and self-assignable roles!
WELCOME to Croissant Con !
Croissant Con offers a whole lot for everyone who is intrested in or even talented in these areas!
Such as in Croissant Con we have
~ Fashion
~ Modeling
~ Weeb
~ Photography
~ Art
~ Music

Our owners and co-owners created this environment for you to chat or meet people with similar intrests!
We provide the following
~ Roles
~ Announcements
~ Memes
~ Social Media
~ Selfies
~ Music-sharing
~ Mixtapes
~ Soundcloud
~ Voice chats
So join us and check us out!
Come and explore something different!
Pieria is a community-based server, where all are welcomed.
From sharing art with other artists, to chatting about various topics (Life is Strange, Minecraft, YouTubers, Animal Jam, photography, life), to just meeting some genuine people.
Join and become friends with people all around the world! Weekly contests including photography and art contests.
Some things included are:
Voice Chats
Music Bots
Truth or Dare

Hope to see you there!
A server which includes channels for:
◆ Art
◆ Music
◆ Writing
◆ Partnerships (read below for details)
◆ Autoroles
◆ Polls
◆ Gaming
◆ Memes

We welcome anyone to this server no matter who
they are, and we try to provide as much flexibility
as possible to who joins (meaning many varieties
of channels for interests of members). The only
exclusion includes foreign languages being used;
this is an English-speaking server.
You can promote your work here, whether it be art,
music, writing, or social media. However, if you want
to promote a server, dm a staff member in the server.
If you have any further questions, please dm me or any
staff member in the server.
Enjoy your time at CYBΞRCФRD!
Need to join more servers? Like photography? Do you want good staff?, Then join This server!

What to notice:

1.Safe server

2. Places to post your AMAZING pictures!

3. Good staff (goes along with safe server)

4. Active Members

Other things to know:

1. Weekly Updates

2. Neat Server

3. Cool comands

4. Report memmber function.

5. Good rules.


If this is the server for you, join now at
We’re a photography server! Join to learn tips on capturing the best pictures, share your work, and meet others like you.
Hey there! Are you into photography or film? Then this is the server for you! We're a growing photography discord server. we're looking for new members of all levels to share their work or just chat with other photographers.
Hi, welcome to Need Friends (: (16+ server)

I'm not very good at advertising my server so I'm gonna just say what we have.
- Voice channels both English and non-English
- English and Non-English rooms
- Lots of artsy stuff
- Random things like food, memes, pet selfies
- A section for roleplay
- Music room
- I may make a vocal room too so that you can sing and people can listen if people are interested in it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a wonderful time (:
Do you like Photography and Graphic design? Well good! We do to! Check out our server! It's free to join! We have a great community, easy to apply roles, a great community, and channels for every category you can think of!
As you can tell from the name, this is an art server and we welcome all kind of artists here! Photographers, filmers, musicians, all of them!
We also encourage in helping artist to get noticed out there through supporting them in the support center. Please consider joining, we allow anyone no matter what race, gender, fandom they’re in, etc !
We're a friendly art discord with all kind of artists! Feel free to join our friendly community <3
A place to discuss movies, cinema, photography, videography, cinematography and anything to do with the industry of film.