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Welcome to Jungle Fun server. A discord server focused on the discussion of gardening, plants, trees, vegetables mushrooms, microbiology, animals, farming, environment, and ecology - basically all things nature.
Welcome to "Thrive with us ♡"!
We're a nature themed server for furries mainly. Though, everyone is welcome - from therianthropes over to simply interested ones and similar. We work as some kind of "second family" and so hold together and thrive to have a harmonious place to chill at. We have following to offer:

• self-assignable roles
• Hogwarts Houses to apply
• a roleplay section for your needs
• free art occassionally
• a friendly community
• pastel colors which don't hurt your eyes
• laid-back yet "orderly" staff

So, if you should be interested, don't hesitate to step in and make yourself comfy. We'd be happy to see you there!

Your friendly neighborhood badger
Bonjour / bonsoir,

Nous vous invitons à rejoindre Nature à la Loupe, un serveur Discord dédié à la nature (avec son petit penchant pour les animaux). Vous y trouverez différents passionnées issus de différents domaines (aquariophilie, botanique, chiens, chats, rongeurs, volatiles, insectes, autres) pour partager et apprendre!

Le serveur se divise en plusieurs catégories: poils&plumes / terrariophilie / aquariophilie / bestioles / plantes et d'autres catégories plus générales.

Au plaisir de vous voir parmi nous!
The destruction of the earth by human kind has led to the inevitable waking of the Goddess, Thrae: the creator of the earth and all life on it. Enraged by the state the world had been left in, the vengeful goddess sought to destroy human kind and unleash her fury on the world in the form of natural disasters, violent vines and plants, and her own dark creations called the creatures of night. Create your own character and enter a world where lost magic has returned to the earth, and where elves, dwarves and hidden creatures have come out of many years of hiding. In a world where human beings are hunted towards extinction, will the goddess's rage end?
Le serveur consiste a réunir écologistes, naturalistes... et des personnes qui souhaites en apprendre plus dans le domaine de la Nature, l'environnement, l'écologie notamment car oui beaucoup de personnes ne sont pas assez sensibilisés sur le sujets du réchauffement climatique et les différents problèmes qui nous entours et qui sont important a comprendre et le but est donc de trouver des solutions contres.
Sur le serveur les membres peuvent débattre, conseiller, partager leurs activités, les photos de leurs animaux et beaucoup d'autre choses.
🌍 Horizon 2030 🌎

Vous êtes jeune et convaincu qu'il faut agir maintenant pour la planète ?
Vous souhaitez rencontrer d'autres personnes aux mêmes préoccupations environnementales que vous? 🤔

Alors rejoignez-nous !


Ensemble, sauvons la planète 🌎
this server is for posting about things that relate to my WIP novella/comic, The Grotto, and for conversing with friends and followers. we aim for an understanding, expressive, and loving community and hope you enjoy your stay here !

we have:
art channels - for posting your music, drawings, pieces of writing, animation, etc.
fandom channels - if there are more than a few people who are in a specific fandom, we will add it !
gaming - play any type of game you want with your friends in the gaming voice channel.
events - art contests, voice chatting, games, etc.
voice channels - for music, people who want a peaceful and quiet conversation, and for people who want to have fun and just be loud !
nsfw/gore - separate art channels that require an 18+ role to access.

thank you for coming !
/an/cord is 4chan's largest animal and plant server. Here, you can enjoy sharing your plants and animals, asking questions about care, competing in contests all while enjoying the unique culture of 4chan.
Its the year 13000. All humans were wiped out by some unknown force 1000 years ago. Earth is restored to its former glory. Most poluted material is gone, and more citys are like ruins, with vines climbing up them. Whatever killed the humans, it wiped out alot of animals. So, the remaining few animals must learn how to live off of what remains, and that may be eachother, or what the humans left.

The remaining few is a server that allows all animals (besides humans) in a roleplay enviroment! We have alot of biomes, so all animal ecosystems are there! We are fairly new, and are looking for lots of new members so we can start an active roleplay!

❤️Self Assignable roles!❤️
🧡Plenty of chat rooms!🧡
💛No character limit!💛
💚Lots of interesting places to rp!💚
💙A welcoming enviroment!💙
💜Self promo allowed!💜
💖Lgbtq+ Friendly!💖
🖤A simple template!🖤

We are a mostly S.F.W. server that is for everyone we have factions to show your loyaltys and are always open for new members or factions
⋐▬ 🌲 ▬⋑ The Overgrowth ⋐▬ 🌲 ▬⋑

The Overgrowth is a studio headquartered on ROBLOX. Our goal is to create a flow of high quality products such as games, clothing, literature, music and other various content.

Our first official game will be based around a post-apocalyptic Canada ruined by fast-growing mutant plants. People have been forced to survive without the laws of humanity, but with the laws of the jungle. The key elements of the game will be roleplaying, gathering resources, gaining currency, PVE, PVP, joining factions and getting the best gear in order to survive in the harsh environment.

🌲 ⋐▬▬⋑ Positions & Programs ⋐▬▬⋑ 🌲

We strive to be a point of interest for everyone. Builders, scripters, mesh designers, GUI artists, ROBLOX animators, authors, programmers, singers, rappers, SFX creators, voice actors, musicians, GFX artists, illustrators, graphic designers, animators, clothing designers, streamers, youtubers, come here together to show off their work and promote, or sell their products at our Service Program. Event managers, partner managers, marketers, sales associates and interns assure the welfare, entertainment, and growth of our community. Still didn't see a position that suits you? You can appeal to create a role that fits you, even a department!

Besides the various professions we offer, we have many programs too. One of our most successful, and enhanced programs is our 'Partnership Program'. Our Partnership Program offers servers to partner with us every 48 hours. Servers who partner with us every 48 hours for around a month will receive free premium partnership. More info about it can be found at our server.

⋐▬▬⋑ ⋐▬▬⋑ ⋐▬▬⋑

Cretus est ut supercreturus esse.
Grown to outgrow.
You like Nature? You like to preserve it? Well, then you're right!

We try to regrow nature as a community!
So humans have been damaging earth for a long time,somehow and some way earth started using something of a gas to kill humans but some governments were able to do something.what they did was cryo freeze groups of humans,these humans suddenly wake up 300 years later and when they step out of the pods.they see that there in some sort of underground laboratory,now it is set for these humans to repopulate earth or will they die?
The Amazon rainforest Discord server tries to spread awareness about the Amazon rainforests. We give tips on how you could help to save the rainforests. It is really important we save the lungs of the Earth before they disappear.
The Nest is a server that focuses on the aesthetic of rodentcore. Rodentcore focuses on nature, crafting, and comfort above all. We are a new server and hope for many members in the future! We offer support and help for art, crafts, and making our world a better place!
Nature Lovers is a server made to unite people who love the natural world to discuss and appreciate it together. We can work together to help the animals and nature with observing it and even help save it. We hope to achieve a nice healthy Earth while we still have it and hope you come and join us. We all look forwards to talking to new people to share plants, animals, etc and to all enjoy it.
Ce serveur est un serveur rp, il se passe dans un autre monde que le nôtre. La magie existe, ainsi que les créatures fantastiques. Dans ce monde, il y a longtemps, deux esprits puissants, la Nature et la Ville s'affrontèrent. La Nature gagna, la Ville fut exilée, la Nature s'est plongée dans une sorte d'hibernation... Juste avant que la Ville soit exilée, elle et la Nature donnèrent des pouvoirs à leurs fidèles, ce qui créa donc deux camps. Les partisans de la Nature doivent empêcher la Ville de revenir, et trouver un moyen de réveiller la Nature. Les partisans de la Ville doivent trouver un moyen de ramener la Ville, et semer le désordre parmi les partisans de la Nature. Entre les deux, se trouvent les humains, qui ne sont au courant de rien. Les détails de l'histoire sont précisés dans un channel, venez nous voir et venez rp avec nous ! ^^ (promis on mord pas ! (sauf certains))
server for discussing politics, anarchy, history, doomsday prepping, news, weapons, science and the outdoors.
This is a small but growing community for plant lovers of all kinds. Come and share your plants, talk to those with common interests and get advice on caring for your leafy friends. Even if you don't own any and simply have an interest you are welcome!
⋐════ ⁃ Lynthiary ⁃ ════⋑

❖ -"Bienvenue dans les contrées de Lynthiary jeune volant, usineur ou régulateur. Bienvenue dans le seul endroit encore fleurie et boisé. Endroit dont vous ne connaissez rien du tout et dont même la faune et la flore vous est inconnue. Bienvenue en 2053 où les usines recouvrent la totalité de la planète...Cependant, vous avez été "choisis", si on peut dire, pour vivre dans un espace inconnue recouvert de vert. Habitué du béton et de la rouille préparez vous à trembler ! À vous de survivre sans informations précises à votre arrivé. Bon jeu !"

❖- Lynthiary vous propose un rp centré autour d'un univers futuriste où des personnages habitués des usines et de la pollution, se retrouvent dans un univers complétement différents de ce qu'ils ont pu côtoyer. Un endroit bien boisé sertis de la couleur de la vie: le vert.

❖- Des évents réguliers feront bouger le rp de manière plutôt étrange et fun.

❖- Un nouveau server qui vient juste d'ouvrir. On vous attend sur Lynthiary !
Welcome to the Trash Den~

While this server has sections solely based around nature, animals, and wildlife, we're mostly here just to have fun! Though we've just gone public again and our numbers are small, we plan on creating an active community with a plethora of different events and exciting times. If you're interested any of this or are just looking for a new server to be a crackhead in, this is the server for you~

If not we'll just force you in at gunpoint