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Aquatic Affinity is a medium-sized community which focuses on answering questions about the aquarium hobby, discussing fishkeeping, and celebrating our shared love of fish.
This server is about a Minecraft KingVampyre made, it makes the Minecraft overworld deeper, including the oceans, it also adds a new ocean dimension, but it also revamps some parts of the overworld.

This is the support & community server for the discord bot 'Fish n Economy'!

Here you can meet many new friends, get rich with bot currency and find a new discord bot.
Exotics Plaza is a new server where you can chat about your pets and make friends. We advocate for high standards when it comes to pet care and are always open to discussions and education about animal husbandry. All types of pets are welcome, not just exotics.
Welcome to My Aquarium. An international server for open to all interested in fish and fish keeping. Aquascaping or underwater plant life. Whatever floats your boat we're here to provide you with a friendly and open community to dive right into.
A server for all fisherman to chat, and have fun! Server includes: Bots, specialized Roles, a large selection of channels, and more!
Upcoming Reptile server just opened, it’s a small tight knit community for most exotics including lizards, snakes, fish, scorpions, spiders, etc; pretty much everything is accepted including dogs and just those interested and don’t own any exotics yet!
A community for people who keep nano aquariums 10 gallons and smaller. This is a place to discuss nano fish care,general aquarium maintenance, aquascaping and plant care.
This discord is for the beginner or advanced angler, fly fishing or conventional, freshwater or saltwater, its all here! Talk about gear, fly tying, strategies for fish, cooking fish and filleting them, and about the sport in general. Post some of your favorite fishing photos and share your big fish! Talk about your favorite youtubers and fishing vloggers as well! This discord server is open to all fishermen and women of all ages from all over the world!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Server Info*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
♡ Self Assignable Roles
♡ Friendly Community
♡ Non-Toxic Environment
♡ Active Staff and Support
♡ New, Growing Community
♡ LGBTQ+ Friendly
♡ Chill Conversations
♡ Staff Needed
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Hey there!

Do you love aquariums, or fishing in general?

Here at aquarium advisors we are trying to help each and every person with their aquatic questions!

We offer:

Fish Chats

Fish Memes

A variety of Bots

Great staff team

...And so much more!

Join the family today, and have a great, fishy, day!
We are a small discord server hoping to get some people, so come on and join don't be scared, we are accepting and will teach you how to be cool and great like us. We have partners but our submissions for partners are closed.
Greetings from under the sea! Mooshy's Aquarium is an Ocean themed server! Channels include Art, Social media, Streaming, Games, Music, etc. I want this server to be fun and friendly! Any valid suggestions to improve are welcomed! If you're interested, feel free to stop by and check it out! :)
The Wild Room is a community of people who share a passion for the love and care of animals. Our discord provides a space were like minded people can talk about wide range of pets, how to care for them and share there passion for them with other people.
Welcome to Squeezy's Home,
A community place where you can talk about technology, video games and random things,

We offer:
Meme channel aka randomness,
A phone system,
Assignable roles,
And tons of other things.
Aquarium Community is an international server open to all. We welcome anyone who has a passion for fish keeping & aquariums. This is a server for all things related to fish and even semi-aquatic creature keeping. All water parameters are allowed freshwater, saltwater and brackish (Terrariums, paludariums, and vivariums welcome as well). Just no snakes or dry land reptiles please. We are the largest discord server in the hobby with over 1000 members and counting. This is a friendly and judgement free area which we have an admin/mod team which makes sure it stays this way, please feel welcome to join us!
this server is epic and i also have a youtube channel called FantasticFish go subscribe. On my channel i make videos about roblox and some other things so ya ihope u enjoy my server!
Welcome to Feeesh! We're a community server that encourages nice and friendly interactions with people that enjoy the same fish hobby as you! We ensure that everyone is welcome and that your voice will be heard in this wonderful group we call home. Our goal is to have a fish community that's welcoming for beginners and experts in the hobby. We liked to keep the atmosphere relaxed and welcoming around here, so please try and keep it that way. With that being said, enjoy your stay!