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×,.·´¨'°÷·..§ mystical §.·´¨'°÷·..×
- a server run by the MEMBERS -
- advertising channels, shitposting channels, many a bot -
- an active welcoming community ( if you are subbed to pewdiepie) -
- a unique leveling system & decent distribution of roles -
- would love to see you here :), a 300 role is being given out so join for it if you can -

A place where furry pets can come hang out, meet other pets, try and find a new master.
The official support server for the Purity discord bot.

Purity Bot is a community focused multi-purpose bot that allows for a new and exciting way for server owners to engage their communities.

If you have an idea for the bot, come check out this support discord and leave feedback, add suggestions, and reports bugs! Love hearing from the community!
this is server to talk about games Art pets and Everything

post your art
put quality memes? you can even steal from the internet meme :3
you could put all of your favourite music

you could put anything thing you want oh wait you can't porn
oh yeah you're getting banned if you did that lolz

you could climb the ranks every time you do something nice or something amazing
you get to climb the ranks soooooo
come in and join :)
a server where you can talk about dogs games and more (I don't mind if you talk about cats)
A small social discord server. Come in and post your art, share your pets, deal some memes, etc. The server was made recently, so we are very small. Join us if you’d like to chill
^permanent invite
A fun server, don't be afraid to join if you wanna chill around with new people!
We are a friendly community of animal lovers/owners. Come join if you like animals or need some animal advice. We hope you enjoy your time st the hyacinth!
This is a discord server where parrot owners can discuss about their wonderful pets, and where you can ask for tips about caring for these beautiful creatures and other information.
This is the unofficial discord server of /r/parrots
💚🐢 Hi there! 🐢💚

This server is kind of like a huge Inn. There’s plenty of room for different topics. We’re very friendly and have some rules set in place. We listen to feedback from members and will work on a safe environment.

Come take a look, I bet you won’t regret it!

You’re most definitely welcome! 💚🐢
This is a chat about playing and having fun, We mainly use bots to claim people to help us females and males find waifus or senpais.

Apple pear group - A small server for talking about anything and voice chatting. Huge respect for pet pics.

We are an very active discord server and you should join us cause we are pretty cool and like you :D
this is another rp server made by a friend of mine!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* !~Pet's Paradise~! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Welcome to Pet's Paradise where you can adopt others and be 16+ This is a Sfw server
With some nsfw involved but you have to be verified 18+ And put on our #verified-members List.
We hope you have a great day! Have fun~ ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ
What we offer.

✨ : Pet's Looking for owners to own them~ And Owners looking for cute pets~
✨ : Roleplay Channels to play around with, with other members!
✨ : Venting and Meme channels for you to enjoy~
✨ : Active, Friendly and non Power abusing staff!
✨ : Self assignable roles in #self-assignable-roles
✨ : Music Channels To listen to your favorite music!
✨ : Bots To play around with in #bot-channel ~
✨: Nsfw channels for our verified members!
✨: : And much more!!

**Owner :** @💐 Jasmine~ 💐#4037 **Co Owner :** @FrozenTiger21#1112
Just a small social group of doggo lovers looking for new, friendly and active members.
A hot server with plenty of bots to play around with!
A new growing community, a café corner where you can order a cat-puccino, chill and meet new people! You can share any content you like such as art, music, memes, games, videos etc.
We also love pets! If you own one or many it will be great! This server is for pets lovers!
Join our friendly, fun community to chill, chat and talk with us! We have game bots as well as music bots.
A new server but one focused around animals.

*Small Pets
*and all other pets (fins, feathers, scales etc...)

Welcome all pet lovers!
We're a pets & animals community! Post pictures of your fur babies, find adoption listings, lost/found, ask questions - Anything pet related!
A fun Roleplay Dragon server, Tame and Hunt Dragons as you explore the world! Find and take down dragon nests and destroy the ‘Queen’ dragons.
A safe space for littles of all shapes and sizes!! No caregivers or punishments here~ eat all of the candy you could possibly want!!!~ ♡
Hellooo~ We are a new server looking for new members! We have games, art, music, friends you name it! Not a very big server at the moment but everyone here is super friendly and looking forward to meeting you ^^

We have game nights as well ~ Every Sunday & Thursdays!
Movie Nights are Friday & Saturdays!
Please try speaking English here! If you can't speak it that well I will make a personal channel for different languages but only certain ones.

We also have a #real_talk channel. That is basically were you can open up about your problems and get things off your chest. Memes, Jokes and Trolling are NOT allowed in that channel. You always keep your problems in real_talk no where else.

So join now and make friends! ^^ (More Info in Server.)