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Hey there, this is a small community which is friendly and small, we assure to protect people and we're all about the love ❤

×,.·´¨'°÷·..§ mystical §.·´¨'°÷·..×
- a server run by the MEMBERS -
- advertising channels, shitposting channels, many a bot -
- an active welcoming community ( if you are subbed to pewdiepie) -
- a unique leveling system & decent distribution of roles -
- would love to see you here :), a 300 role is being given out so join for it if you can -

A Loving server where people roleplay as Cute pets.

and also includes NSFW...
This is a discord server where parrot owners can discuss about their wonderful pets, and where you can ask for tips about caring for these beautiful creatures and other information.
This is the unofficial discord server of /r/parrots
Welcome to Rainbow's Pet Camp! Home to many pets, Masters, Mistresses and more!! Here you can RP how ever you like. With no character approval, no character limits and loads of fun just waiting to be explored!!

We've currently have a recent change and are now looking for a few helping hands. Here's what we have available to you.
Moderators (Open, looking for at least 10 (now 9))
Helpers (Open, looking for at least 5)
Advertisers (Open, looking for at least 7)
Welcomers (Open, looking for at least 4)
Partnership managers (Open, looking for at least 5)
We're working on the applications.

Calling all pets and caretakers!!
We need active and friendly members (and staff) and will welcome any and all you beautiful RP'ers!!
This ain’t no furry server, just a place where pet owners can gather together to talk about their precious. Even if you aren’t a proud owner, come and fawn over someone else’s child! Scientifically proven to have a healing effect on the soul. 🐾
Pets R Us is a very new server so we’re looking for admins and staff as well!
The official support server for the Purity discord bot.

Purity Bot is a community focused multi-purpose bot that allows for a new and exciting way for server owners to engage their communities.

If you have an idea for the bot, come check out this support discord and leave feedback, add suggestions, and reports bugs! Love hearing from the community!
Service Dogs Are Pawsome! Is a server for anyone with a service dog, (or service horse) has had a service dog, is looking to get a service dog, Or trains them. You may also just support them, that’s fine too! We’re a welcoming, supportive community. Thanks for reading, join to learn even more!
A server specifically for my cat. Join to admire him, share your wonderful pets, or just make some friends
Animal Planet is a wonderful community made for animal lovers. It's a place to share and view photos and videos of all types of animals, be it dogs, cats, birds, or reptiles. We love to see everyone's pets and Animal Planet is the perfect place to spread happiness. Love animals? This is the perfect community for you!
We are a friendly community of animal lovers/owners. Come join if you like animals or need some animal advice. We hope you enjoy your time st the hyacinth!
🌱 Welcome to Pet Lovers! 🌱
The place where pet parents can share their adorable children and everyone can gush about how cute they are. We welcome pets of all sorts! Whether you have an adorable buddy for life or not, there's a place for you.
A place where furry pets can come hang out, meet other pets, try and find a new master.
this is server to talk about games Art pets and Everything

post your art
put quality memes? you can even steal from the internet meme :3
you could put all of your favourite music

you could put anything thing you want oh wait you can't porn
oh yeah you're getting banned if you did that lolz

you could climb the ranks every time you do something nice or something amazing
you get to climb the ranks soooooo
come in and join :)
A fun server, don't be afraid to join if you wanna chill around with new people!
This server is a growing community focused more on fun and entertainment activities, We have fun bots and many active members you can socialize with. This server is all about being a family, as soon as you join there are going to be people welcoming you with open arms and the server is filled with happiness!

On this active server, you'll meet tonnes of beautiful, amazing, kind-hearted people who dedicate their time to having friendly conversations with you! Due to our diverse nationalities (AUS, EUROPE, USA), loneliness because of everyone sleeping is a thing of the past! there are usually active people online that are in the same position as you! Looking for someone to talk to!

Prepare for tonnes of friends!

And much much more!
Hello! Welcome to our server. We'd appreciate some members and staff to help our server grow. We have care guides and other things to help you keep your crabs happy, or stick around and learn new things. Happy crabbing!
We are a community and respect the full moon. Dog pics and support for cowboys and apple pears
A new friendly server for all animal lovers and pet owners! We have channels for things not related to animals as well and we are lgbt friendly! Very new and in need of members as well as staff!
This server is for all pet loves
Things we offer
A friendly chat
Vital pets
Vc chats
Pet talk
Feedback open
We support furrys weeabos and LGBT community ❤
Whether you like cats, or don't like cats, you're always welcome here! We've got a great moderation team to greet you! We are currently working on a welcoming committee, so if you join you can participate!
Welcome to our server! Here you can share your art, play forum games, chat about pets, and hang out.
A welcoming server where people can discuss pets/animals and get advice