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mystical 🤠
~ a server where there's no hierarchy, everyone's opinion matters & is taken into consideration ~

~ minimal rules and moderation ~

~ chill staff and members, with achievable ranks ~

~ advertising, cursed images, pet channels all available ~

~ frick ton of events, and looking for new ideas ~

~~ a sense of community and support ~~

why not join broski ;)
we all hope to see ya around 🤠
This a server for chilling and meeting new people.
We do our best to incude all and this is a new server so things will change and we'd love for you to be apart of that change.
HI and welcome to Degenerates !

- On this server we are a gaming Community with Rainbow Six 6 and Fortnite being our two most played games, We feature a weekly event called Top Contributor.
- Some of our channels consist of NSFW (18+ warning) , Fortnite dedicated and Rainbow Six dedicated, with memes, general and more! We are always looking for suggestions and ways of improvement! :heartbunny~1:

We hope you come join us today! is a highly active browser mmorpg that is completely free!
No downloads, no P2W system and a helpful child friendly community!

Here at our discord, there's a variety of things to do!
-Need help or want advice? Ask away! Everyone's always ready to help!
-Got suggestions? Post 'em! We listen to all ideas!
-Want to listen to music with your friends? We've got Rythm bot!
-Want to share your art with others? We have an art sharing channel!

A Fun Sever To Meet New People With The Same Interests As You!
Welcome to the kingdom of all things mammals: cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, cows, and more. If you want to blogpost your heart's content about your favorite fur creatures, or need help with them in anyway, we're a dedicated community for all things fur.
Welcome to life of pets a newly made and growing erp server. our server is based around a city with a pet shop full of humanoid animals, people can buy or sell and use them for whatever they need.
we have plenty of channels
memes and a NSFW channel
a welcoming group as well who would like you to join us!
Welcome to Rainbow's Pet Camp! Home to many pets, Masters, Mistresses and more!! Here you can RP how ever you like. With no character approval, no character limits and loads of fun just waiting to be explored!!

We've currently have a recent change and are now looking for a few helping hands. Here's what we have available to you.
Moderators (Open, looking for at least 10 (now 9))
Helpers (Open, looking for at least 5)
Advertisers (Open, looking for at least 7)
Welcomers (Open, looking for at least 4)
Partnership managers (Open, looking for at least 5)
We're working on the applications.

Calling all pets and caretakers!!
We need active and friendly members (and staff) and will welcome any and all you beautiful RP'ers!!
Hello! Welcome to our server. We'd appreciate some members and staff to help our server grow. We have care guides and other things to help you keep your crabs happy, or stick around and learn new things. Happy crabbing!
A fun server, don't be afraid to join if you wanna chill around with new people!
The official support server for the Purity discord bot.

Purity Bot is a community focused multi-purpose bot that allows for a new and exciting way for server owners to engage their communities.

If you have an idea for the bot, come check out this support discord and leave feedback, add suggestions, and reports bugs! Love hearing from the community!
This server is dedicated to the creatures that made the internet, cats (meows)! All meow (cat) lovers are encouraged to join!
We are a friendly community of animal lovers/owners. Come join if you like animals or need some animal advice. We hope you enjoy your time st the hyacinth!
This is a discord server where parrot owners can discuss about their wonderful pets, and where you can ask for tips about caring for these beautiful creatures and other information.
This is the unofficial discord server of /r/parrots
Hello! This is a small community for dog lovers and breeders alike! We have channels for all and even a general channel for talk other than our furry babies.
Here in this community we are a family and will help eachother through anything. Please take this seriously as its for dog lovers and breeders. Even if you don't own a dog you can join and just talk about dog behavior, training, dog society and so on! We have channels for any and everything!
we also listen to our members and have a channel for recommendations to help improve the server!
The PM counterpart to AM™
A lighthearted SFW server for animal lovers to join and discuss any topics they please as long as they follow the server rules. Feel free to drop in and say hello!
Join our server! We are fairly new and are just starting out, anyways we have lots of things here!
Kind staff!
People with no social skills!
A rule less "Hell" Channel
Non Toxic Community

And more! I know the emojis are cringy
Welcome to Kuro’s Paradise. Hope you enjoy your time in the server and follow the rules. Also the server has a vareity of channels, you have to be 18+ for nsfw access.
the pet appreciation discord is a small group of people to share picturesque of our pets, and if your animal isn’t listed yet we are more than glad to add a channel for the pets we’d forgotten about! no nsfw stuff or whatever its just. appreciating other people’s pets and sharing your pets so they can also be appreciated thanks for coming to my ted talk
Our Server Is A Joyful Fun Server
And A Bunch Of Weirdo's
✨🎶🎈Join And Have Fun!🎈🎶✨
This is a community server, no specific category applies. We do NOT allow NSFW PERIOD. We discuss games, technology, coffee, religion, politics and much more, but it is all based on what YOU want to talk about and select. We have roles for most various server sections, so you can pick what you do and don't want to see.
Many more features in the works or out already, so pull up a chair, grab a coffee and enjoy the community.
Hai! Welcome to my Server! This is Strictly a place for anyone who is a pet owner or a animal Lover to post anything they want, I Strictly want No Drama please, and I hope you enjoy this Server ^^
This server is based around Pets and Animals!

Pet owners get special ranks! eg : Dog owner (if you have more then one kind of pet you get roles for them too!)
✨U • T • O • P • I • A✨

Hello everyone! Come on by and check us out in Utopia, play some games, gamble in our Casino, find love, get married, start a family! While you're at it, adopt a pet! Take a stroll in our park, join the Music Hall; where you can sing or listen to any music of your choosing! Speaking of singing, join us in epic rap battles, pvp!

Currently open to any and all suggestions, just drop them in our #suggestions room. Open to adding rooms/bots, just DM the U•Creator.

Lastly, I hope to see you guys there amd i absolutely can not wait to meet you all!