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Bird server with 300+ members and a warm, welcoming, knowledgeable community! There is many channels for the discussion of bird care, housing and training as well as for bird memes and bird watching as well as offtopic chats. We have many experts that are willing to answer any of your questions! Additionally we also have self assignable roles for bird owners, bird watchers or just general bird fans. Feel free to join and see for yourself!
A server for bird lovers and owners! This server has a friendly community always happy for new members!

This server features:
- Channels for pics of your birbs!
- Advice channels for help with your feathered friends!
- Meme channels for birb related and non-birb memes!
- Members experienced in aviculture and bird breeding!
With a close-knit family of people and cute bird emotes, The Bird Nest is a nice little haven of wholesomeness. Take a break from the craziness of other servers.

- Birbs.
- One of the most friendly servers probably ever. Staff don't even need to moderate much because everyone is just so darn nice???
- Choose your own name color.
- You're treated like an actual human being. Crazy, right?
Hello, we're a small bird-themed server that prides itself in being a very friendly place to hang out. We have bird memes, personalized bird roles and occasionally an online game night. We can't wait for you to join us! We're a pretty quiet server, so not many notifications. But we're tight-knit and very welcoming :>
We're a LGBT+ server aimed for avian (bird) furries, but anybody and everybody is accepted! We have...
🐦 - Self-roles
🌈 - Colour roles (Hex)
🅾 - Little pings
📝 - Art channels
👙 - Roleplay channels
🤖 - Bots
🐱👓 - 𝔐emez
🎭 - Support
💣 - Raid protection
🚯 - Easy verification
🤣 - Easy-to-follow rules
💞 - An accepting community
➕ - And more!
We're open to suggestions and recommendations! Helper and moderator applications are also open! We hope to see our developing server grow from your contribution!😅

◇•——• :dove: •——•◇
Hello there, and welcome to The Budgie Basket (TBB). We are a small Discord server that is all about birds. Whether it's pictures, sounds, or simply bird owning advice, we are a safe haven for birds and bird owners everywhere, whether you own a sweet budgie, a loud cockatiel, a pretty canary, or a glorious macaw!!

Some things we offer in our server are...

‣ Advice for any bird owners (or soon-to-be ones!)
‣ A channel to share pictures/videos of your adorable feathered friends
‣ Lots of voice chats for all different purposes
‣ A custom ranking system based on activity
‣ A friendly community & friendly staff
‣ Entirely SFW
‣ LGBTQ+ accepting
‣ And much more!

Join our community today so you can start chatting, sharing pictures, and chirping along with the rest of us! We’d love to have you as a part of our server.
◇•——• :dove: •——•◇
The birb tribe is a small group of people who just like to hang out and do fun stuff with eachother. We welcome everyone from everywhere all over the world! We got self-assignable roles!
A fun server to play lots of games like economy bot,pokecord,very...MEMEY games and to talk with lots of fun people.Also....we love birbs
Aves. is a newly created community where bird-lovers all across Discord come to be associated as one. We're quite new, so we don't mind if you come along the ride as we still develop throughout the time-being on our bird-themed server.

~ We got birds, people. Birds. You know you can't resist the birds!

~ We also got bird roles, so people will know which ones you love - unless you love all birds!

~ And we do now have bird emotes!


Please be aware that you will have to be verified upon joining.
A bird roleplay with a special plot. 6 kingdoms you can roleplay in:
-The Tropics
-The Dunes
-The Caldera
-The Tundra
-The Jungle
👋 Welcome to birbcord we try our best to make our place fun for you!
What do we have? 😕
Idea center 💡
House (roleplay) 🏚
Art 🎨
Memes 😄
Bots 🤖
Shop 💰
Polls 🗳
And more! ➕
So what you waiting for come down to birbcord today! 😁
We promise Your stay will be fun!
We are a friendly community of parrot-loving animal enthusiasts. We are open & welcome to anyone who has an avid love for these birds, regardless of whether or not you currently own one. This is the perfect place to start if you want to get an idea of what owning a parrot entails!
Birding International is a server for bird enthusiasts from all over the world, at all levels of interest to share sightings, tips, and passion for our fine feathered friends!
A server for birb lovers and birbs, a small community of awesome people, don't be discouraged if you don't like birds, they're not the only thing we talk about ;p
A server with a hilarious judge system. We have amazing bots and channels. There's a channel for applying for staff. I'm certain you'll love it here, even if you don't like birds.I am assuring you, this server is like no other! ;D
Our bots include: pokébot, Dank memer,Yggdrasil/Telephone bot and more!
Hello! This is BirdTalk!

A place to talk about birds, share images of birds, look at bird memes, bird care etc.. !

As of now the server is small and new.
Any new members will be appreciated, have a good day!


server for avian furries (aka featheries)
we have:
- birb pics
- art
- birb memes
- optional NSFW and RP channels
- species roles
- birbs!
come join, we don't peck!
Сервер ещё совсем новый и пустой но надеемся вырасти в большое ,уютное и дружелюбное гнездо для всех пернатых обитателей фурри фэндома.
Мы одобряем любые дискуссий и споры на сервере до тех пор пока участники ведут себя вежливо и адекватно.
Также приветствуем ваши идеи по развитию ещё сырого сервера и будем очень рады вас выслушать.

Hello, it seems as though you have found this random server on disboard. So, ... what are we? Good question! Here at the Seagull Nest, we have tons of fun activities, active people, and more for you to feel in a nice community. So why should you join? Because this place has many things as well as nice and fun people! So why wait when you can join now! Plus we're birds, seagulls to be specific, so yeah, who doesn't like birds?! and Yeah maybe you might find some bird special for your type!
1. Game nights 🌃
2. Active Chats 🗨
3. Cool and fun Bots 🤖
4. Widely chosen partner servers 🎰
5. Amazing staff 📊
6. Nearly NO pings 🔕
7. Used to have over 200 people 👱
8. An ordering area to get any food you like 🍕
9. Daily news articles so you never miss a thing 🗞
10. Prizes every 1-3 hours 🎁
11. Many emojis to choose from. :D
And more that good take over the whole thing if i listed it.
Join The Seagull Nest today! (On 3/19/19 we got raided, and 200 of our users were kicked)
🐦 Henllo Birb Lovers 🐦
- Birb staff
- Help of the birds
- Leveling Roles
- International community
- English language
- Tips
- Contests
- Events
- Pokémon Tournaments
- And lots of other
🌊Hello! Would you like to own one of the most illegal games on the markets! Of course you do!🌊

🏳It is very easy to obtain this game through the server! Just follow the instructions and claim the game!🏳

A friendly, welcoming community based on the facebook group with the same name. Most users have at least one thing in common: liking birds to some degree.