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An avian server for all avian furries alike. We have seeds, corn, and a lot of other stuff.

Join to feel the featheriness.

btw we're a sfw server so be family friendly smh
❤️🦜 Hello! We are a friendly community of parrot-loving animal enthusiasts. We are open & welcome to anyone who has an avid love for these birds, regardless of whether or not you currently own one. This server is packed full of extensive helpful information & is the perfect place to start if you want to get an idea of what owning a parrot entails! Our members are inclusive, accepting and ready to help you with whatever you might need. We even have experienced owners that you can consult.
We also have a number of fun features available to our members, including self-assignable roles, original educational articles, partnerships, off topic/casual channels, periodic giveaways/raffles, and more.
This is a discord server where parrot owners can discuss about their wonderful pets, and where you can ask for tips about caring for these beautiful creatures and other information.
This is the unofficial discord server of /r/parrots
A server for bird lovers and owners! This server has a friendly community always happy for new members!

This server features:
- Channels for pics of your birbs!
- Advice channels for help with your feathered friends!
- Meme channels for birb related and non-birb memes!
- Members experienced in aviculture and bird breeding!
A nice little haven of wholesomeness. Take a break from the craziness and toxicity of other servers. Also birbs!

- You (yes you) ACTUALLY matter here. No dumb ranks, no confusing levels, no paywalls, just conversation as Discord was meant to be.
- You're treated like an actual human being. What a concept.
- Birbs included. Around 100 emotes if you'd like to brighten your life.
HomeCage is a fun Community server where you can chat have fun and use bots
We are all very friendly and supportive!

The server includes-
* Organized channels so no confusion.
* It's an active server too!
* Friendly community!
* Friendly and active staff to help you!
* Cool people to talk with!
* Promos and partnerships too!
* Level Roles themed around birds
* Section Dedicated to RP

And soo much more!! too many to list
We'd appreciate if you join our friendly, cool and fun server!
You wont miss out in all the good jokes and memes!

Birding International is a server for bird enthusiasts from all over the world, at all levels of interest to share sightings, tips, and passion for our fine feathered friends!
Its a server for animal lovers you can join if u want and do not forget to be friendly and not be toxic this is kinda family-friendly yes you are able to curse but not being that much rude hope you enjoy ur stay
◇•——• 🕊️ •——•◇
Hello there, new friend, and welcome to Parrot Paradise!
We are a safe place for bird owners to learn and talk about their feathered friends. Whether you are a parrot owner, an owner of a different kind of bird, or not a bird owner at all, everyone is welcome here!

Parrot Paradise includes:
-self-assignable roles
-sections focused on small parrots, medium parrots, large parrots, and other birds
-channels dedicated to research and advice
-channels to share pictures/videos of your feathered friends (as well a separate channel for any other pets you may have!)
-A friendly community & helpful staff that can assist you with bird owning or server questions/concerns. We have support teams that are also available to give out bird advice
-Entirely SFW
-LGBTQ+ accepting
-a safe place for everybody to share, learn, and grow.
and so much more!

We are all connected by one thing-- our love for these amazing avian creatures. We hope to see you soon!

◇•——• 🕊️ •——•◇
A wholesome server. Every day a brand new duck picture will be posted! Join if you like cute ducks :3
this is a CHILLLLLL server we like to do memes and other stuff like anime even borbs(birds) and we are a pfc channel so u know at certain times we’re not on.but we are going to start adding mods to keep it going when we aren’t online.We love talking to people and we are very kind (our mods) even though we may not be online at certain times because We need sleep too and will still try to talk and chill and help u guys out because some of us are still on (SOME OF US)we will love for you people to join. From ,Epix (diabetic🅱️ean) AKA the creator
This is the birds club, we are looking for new members this is a new server I made. I'm new to this so pls help out if you can. I hope you join and have fun!. Quarantine is kinda shit tbh
What is this server about? it's mainly about birds,
Birds are a group of warm-blooded vertebrates constituting the class Aves, characterized by feathers, toothless beaked jaws, the laying of hard-shelled eggs, a high metabolic rate, a four-chambered heart, and a strong yet lightweight skeleton.
There are some great servers for parrots, and they usually have a channel or two for “other birds”. But songbirds are pretty great, and they deserve their own server.
So welcome to those who own, owned, or are interested in
Open to suggestions :)

~Channels for species specific chats, advice, and pictures
~A sing-along channel (it’s a songbird server, only makes sense for there to be a section for songs!)
~Come join us~
The place where like-minded birds come and Honk till the sun goes down. (No Ducks Allowed. Bring Your Own Bread.)
Thank you for flying with Seagull Airlines! We hope to always provide the best in comfort and safety for our passengers. Enjoy our conveniences, such as, but not included to:
- Musician Bots
- Currency Exchange
- Frequent Flyers accounts
- In-flight duty-free products
- Guns
- Guns?
We hope you enjoy your flight! And remember: don't do anything stupid.
Bad server for okayish people, and artists ofc- we are bullies with offensive humor

Age limit is 16+ preferably older than that tho
Welcome to 𝔹𝕀ℝ𝔻𝕐 [ℍ𝔸ℕ𝔾𝕆𝕌𝕋], a place where people (mostly birds and ducks) just chill and hangout! Be sure to read the rules, verify yourself and have fun on the server!
We have :
15+ fun bots 🎮
Colourful roles🌈
Suggestions to improve the server😘
Vote for funny or nonsense things😆
Self advertise 👀
Vibe at Music or Music 2 as long as you wish😎
Q&As ❓
Post your memes😂
Continue the story using three words📗
Fun events🔰
Roblox leaked items😮
More thingy waiting you to discover them out! 👓
You must read and obey all of the rules
But most importantly,
Enjoy your stay :3
We are an exotic animal server with many knowledgeable and friendly people. We are welcoming to those who need help or just want to talk about animals.
Join this sever if you are a fellow appreciator of birds. if you dislike birds then join too, but don't expect to be liked
Birds is a community discord with the topic birds! Our server includes many things listed below and we hope you’ll join us! Our server was inspired by the server Dinosaurs

-Active Owner
-Role customization
-Fact of the day
-Bird fact of the day
-Weekly and daily newspaper
-Server boosting perks
-Roles for certain levels
-YouTuber role with certain perks
-Much More!
So what are you wating for? JOIN NOW! :D